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The Art of Social Media: What Businesses Need to Know

Raja Jesrina Arshad 18th March 2 1!

1" S#$%A& M'(%A TR'N(S ) S'TT%N* T+' B'ST ,RA$T%$'S %N S#$%A& M'(%A MARK'T%N*

Social Media is -oo.in/ in Asia

To6 Social Media Networ2s in Asia 7Acti8e users9

210 of 1ace-oo2 users are fro. Asia3 which is

only less than 4 percent of Asia's population.
(source: Uberly)

8 0 of social .edia users prefer to connect with

brands through 1ace-oo2.
(source: Business2Community)

A whopping 440 of B2C companies and 5!0 of B2B companies ac:uired custo.ers fro. 1ace-oo2. (source: Business2Community)

;<0 of online consumers who

T e !eds i"t !esearc 2#$2 study "ound t at %%& o" Asia'(aci"ic leisure tra)ellers used social media *lat"orms "or ad)ice and ins*iration regarding tra)el destinations+ more than double the percentage , o did t e same in t e U- and .M.A.
Source: Burson-Marsteller; Redshift Research 2012

isit ,interest ha e found an ite. the=>8e -ou/ht or wanted to -u=! compared with 4"# of $aceboo% users.
(source: All Facebook)

&n a si?@.onth s6an3 %nsta/ra.>s a8era/e dail= .o-ile 8isitors ju.6ed from ''(!""" to ).* million! which is a 4250 leap.
(source: Marketing Land)

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Social Networ2in/ is the No 1 #nline Acti8it= a.on/st Mala=sians

28 Million
; 0

810 ;B0
To6 Social Networ2s 70 of online Mala=sians who ha8e acti8e accounts9

1! Million Asers Monthl= 11 Million Asers Monthl= 8 Million Asers Monthl= 2 Million Asers Monthl=

B10 120

To6 #nline Acti8ities A.on/st Mala=sians

?isit<Participate &n +ocial .etwor%ing +ites /mail +earch $or &nformation ia +earch /ngine 7atch<0ownload ?ideo<2o ie &nstant 2essaging<Chat 0ownload +ongs<2usic<2p* ?isit<Participate &n 2icro1blogging +ites >istening To 2usic<=adio +treaming 7rite<=ead Blogs 0ownload $iles<+oftware<Applications Play :nline ;ames 3+ingle Player4

The A erage 2alaysians +ocial 2edia 5ser has 2!! friends 6 The highest in the 7orld8 1ace-oo23 Coutu-e3 Blo/s ) Twitter are most popular amongst +ocial .etwor%s
Source: Burson-Marsteller, Comscore, nternet !orld Stats 2012

*(# *4# *2# 29# 2'# 24# 22# 2-# 2-#



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+ource, com+core April 2"-2! .ielsen +/A 0igital Consumer &nsights 2"-"12"--! bar chart 1 2alaysia *0 2"-2 3base of ( 2illion4

K&M: The Must See Social Ma6 $ase Stud=

Ta66in/ into the -eha8iors of A,A$ leisure tra8ellersD

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Best ,ractices in Social Media Mar2etin/

Social .edia is an en/a/e.ent tool3 not a -roadcast .ediu.. @ou must get in ol ed in any con ersation you start if you eApect it to ha e a life.

$lai. =our -rand in e8er= new .ediu. that co.es alon/"

But 6la= where =ou find that =our su66orters dwell. @ou don't ha e to try to be e erywhere. ;o with big channels that wor% for you, $aceboo%! Twitter! @ouTube! >in%ed&n and ;oogleB are hot now.

$onnect =our social .ediu.s.

:n any gi en channel! create a place where supporters can clic% and connect to any of your other social channels! including your main site! blog! etc @ou want to ma%e sure they %now they can connect and communicate with you through the medium of their choice.

Ase each channel for it>s stren/ths ) #6ti.iEe $onsu.er 'n/a/e.ent across all 6latfor.s.
$aceboo% has the intimacy of close friends. &t's powerful for community building and landing olunteers. Twitter has immediacy. 5se it to start con ersations about cause news or to engage supporters with hashtags at li e e entsDetc.

Ma2e co..entin/ con8enient.

Buttons to li%e! fa orite and comment should be con eniently located on posts! pages and any public content.

Teach =our su66orters and staff =our cause>s stor=.

People are gonna tal%. And you want them to. 0on't worry about the eAact wording of the message, &f you teach e eryone your cause's story well! they'll ma%e it their story.

'n/a/e influencers on social .edia.

Anyone can clic% a button and follow. But most then forget you. &nfluencers! those well1connected power users! ha e big networ%s of a id followers. &dentify yours E nurture them as ad ocates

B'ST ,RA$T%$' $AS' STA(C: #+ MC 'N*&%S+ #6ti.iEin/ $onsu.er 'n/a/e.ent Across All 6latfor.s



Trendin/ To6ic


To6 2B

To6 1
Risin/ Searches


Total TF 8iewersH

Ani:ue 8isitors #n Radio $harts

Fiews Su-scri-ers

Role: Mass Awareness

1@WAC WAC T'A$+%N*

Bite@SiEe &earnin/ 71@!.in9

&earnin/ throu/h Readin/

Audio &earnin/ 7G1 .in9

$o.ic Stri6
&earnin/ throu/h +u.our

Social *a.es
&earnin/ throu/h ,la=

2@WAC &'ARN%N*

Red Button
Self Assess.ent

%nteracti8e &earnin/

Mo-ile (e8ices
&earnin/ #n@the@ *o

School Wor2sho6s
+ands@#nJ&i8e &earnin/

&earnin/ 8ia $o..unit= ) $on8ersations

B'C#N( &'ARN%N*

Awareness Builder

&i8e '8ents
&o=alt= J Reward


Re6ort $ard
Monitor ,ro/ress

#ut@#f@+o.e Tri//er

+ource, .ielsen 2edia =esearch! $aceboo%! Twitter! @outube! ;oogle! web analytics F Past -C minutes reach

Source: "stro 2012

B'ST ,RA$T%$' $AS' STA(C: #+ MC 'N*&%S+

A,,&C%N* S#$%A& M'(%A 1''(BA$K %N $#NT'NT

1ace-oo2 ,oll Reasons for not watchin/L

1ace-oo2 ,oll What should Mr" Middleton do for MMsia (a=L

1ace-oo2 ,oll Which cele-rit= would =ou li2e to see on #M'L

NRetweetM if =ouM8e watchedJ M1a8ouriteM if catchin/ re6eat

Ada6tation of TF Schedule
*au/e of first run audience 8s" re6eat audience

$#NT'NT $R'AT%#N 1&A%(%TC Ma2e the content creation 6rocess .ore fluid to incor6orate ) e8ol8e with feed-ac2 fro. consu.ers
$reate &isten Ada6t

Source: "stro 2012

B'ST ,RA$T%$' $AS' STA(C: #+ MC 'N*&%S+ Social Media %nte/ration ) 'n/a/e.ent %

T7//T15P :. T? G7e curated the best tweets about the show and made them part of the content to enhance the show. G/.g. a cle er tweet about 2r. 2iddleton would appear on a scene of 2r. 2iddleton. >/++:.+ ?&A $AC/B::H, G&ntroduced IA lesson of the dayJ E in ited people to guess the answer. $or those who needed further eAplanation would get it through our $aceboo%. T:P&CA> C:.?/=+AT&:.+, GTwitter helped us engage in con ersations that are topical. 7e tal%ed about >ee Chong 7ei and Pandalela =inong at the :lympics 3because :2/ had an :lympics episode4! =amadan and Kari =aya! 2erde%a! 5P+=! P2=! +P2 etcD

Source: "stro 2012

B'ST ,RA$T%$' $AS' STA(C: #+ MC 'N*&%S+ Social Media %nte/ration ) 'n/a/e.ent %%

>&+T/.&.; T: C:.+52/=+, G+ocial media was also used to monitor and listen to what consumers are doing. Kashtags are ery useful to do this. /LC>5+&?/ C:.T/.T, G7e offered eAclusi e behind the scenes and snea% pee%s only to our social media fans. G/.g. &nstagram carried the first images of Aaron AMiM as the surprise ;uest star on :2/ /.;A;/0 C/>/B=&T&/+ E CA+T 2/2B/=+ A+ &.$>5/.C/=+ GCast 2embers as well as any celebrity guest stars would spread buMM on :2/ encouraging their fans to engage with our show E tune1in

Source: "stro 2012

B'ST ,RA$T%$' $AS' STA(C: #+ MC 'N*&%S+

T+' R'SA&TL B'$#M%N* A ,#, $A&TAR' ,+'N#M'N#N ) A$+%'F%N* +%*+ F%'W'RS+%,D


International Celebs..

#h M= 'n/lish has s6ar2ed a nationwide .o8e.ent to s6ea2 -etter 'n/lish" The -rand is now 6art of 6o6ular lin/o ) culture"

Letters to the Editor..

Thousands pledged to improve their English On the streets! In Pasar alams! Copied b! pirates!

Trending on Twitter

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2" S#$%A& M'(%A %M,#RTAN$' B'C#N( MARK'T%N*

Social Media Be=ond Mar2etin/

Companies need to start embracing social media tools 1including internal networ%s E real1time chats and wi%is1for uses that go way beyond the familiar applications for mar%eting and community building.
%nternal Networ2in/ tools 3allow %nowledge sharing between different teams E +treamline internal communication4 Sales tea.s culti8atin/ leads and monitoring the sales funnel ia social channels %.6ro8e.ent of custo.er ser8ice ,redict 1uture Bu=in/ Tools ) Trainin/ are needed to analyMe the huge amounts of data flowing in from social media and how they then lin% to all the other touch points consumers ha e with your brand, 1 $rom Comments<Posts<tweets to >i%es to +entiments

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!" M'ASAR%N* SA$$'SS AS%N* '11'$T%F' M'TR%$S AN( TRA$K%N*

Social Media Mar2etin/ Measure.ent

.)eryone likes to be /liked.0 But "or com*anies using social media to ac ie)e real1 tangible1 measurable results1 t e real 2uestion is1 /3o, does t is gro, my business40

2easuring +ocial 2ar%eting =:& is a fi e1step process, -. 0&+C:?/=@ 2. &.T/=ACT&:. *. T=A.+ACT&:. 4. /.0:=+/2/.T C. 2APP&.; E C:==/>AT&:.
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Ma66in/ ) $orrelation

Ste6 1: (isco8er=
Closely monitor con ersations about your brand and interests similar to your brand offerings

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Ste6 2: %nteraction
.ow youN e heard your customers! /ngage with them.
Pro ide Coupons<Promotional offers for products in demand Pro ide solutions to any problems<issues they may ha e 2a%e it easy for them to purchase<consume your product /ncourage their interest in your brand<product

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Ste6 !: Transaction 7#6tional9

@ouN e loc%ed in their interest. .ow direct them to purchase<consume your product.
>in% them to a transactional page 3website4 Create a social media E mobile application that allows for

ease of transaction on a campaign basis 3special deals<contests4

0ell promote their sales ia twitter E Ka e sold : er O* 2illion in +ales 3All ia Twitter4
=ead more +ource, PeffBullas
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Ste6 5: 'ndorse.ent
&dentify E +egment Ad ocates who will influence different groups of customers to gain interest in E purchase<consume your products or simply support your cause
These influencers include your customers.

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Ste6 B: Ma66in/ ) $orrelation

1irstl=: Correlate business outcomes with +ocial 2edia Acti ity Secondl=: Based on learnings! +et business outcome benchmar%s for future social media acti ities

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Ste6 B: Ma66in/ ) $orrelation

Kow to Correlate business outcomes with +ocial 2edia +tatistics E Acti ity Reach: $ans E $ollowers Business #utco.es:
-. &ncrease in Brand Perception<satisfaction 3+entiment Trac%ing4 2. &ncrease in +ales -. : erall 2. 7ithin a +ocial 2edia Application *. &ncrease in producti ity 3internal4 4. &ncrease in Brand li%eability 3Customer /ngagement4 C. &ncrease in awareness E reach 3growth4
B# Mapping the social media statistics, insights $ acti%it# &ith #our business outcomes across a timeline, #ou &ill be able to determine the R' $ impact of social media on #our business(

Acti8ities : .o. of posts >e el of acti ity

'n/a/e.ent: 7hat are the actions around your postsQ /ndorsement by Ad ocates

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$ase Stud=: (ell

;rowing numbers of global organiMations are building multimillion1 dollar .ission control centers for social .edia: monitoring and responding to the torrent of social commentary and Rueries flooding in ia $aceboo%! Twitter and other channels 0ell's social media ground control and command center in =ound =oc%! TeAas! has a total of 4 e.6lo=ees .onitorin/ social con8ersations fro. around the /lo-e! 3+ource, =ead7rite7eb4 +canning 1ace-oo23 Twitter and other networ%s! the team processes 2B3 dail= social .edia e8ents a-out ('&& in 11 different lan/ua/es3 responding to most Rueries and complaints within 24 hours.

The :utcomeQ
Bac% in 0ecember! 0ell reported that offers from its 0ell :utlet Twitter Account has boo)ed more than *+ million in re%enue attributable to its ,&itter posts( &t might sound li%e a small percentage for a company that boo%s O-(B in re enue annually6but a nice number howe er! especially in a dreary economy.
Source: C-- 2012

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Ke= Ta2eawa=s:

0etermine your business goals supported by social media strategy E efforts &n est in +ocial 2edia C=2 tools /ngagement is Hey to =:& Confident! socially1engaged eAecuti es E employees are central to your success

5ltimately! there are far too many ariables to limit social media to a single fiAed point. @ou canNt pinpoint when a certain customer decided to ma%e this switch either. 7hat you should do instead is focus on findin/ out what =ou ha8e learned fro. =our custo.ers and stren/then =our -rand 6erce6tion ) satisfaction 7i.6ro8e on =our offerin/s ) thus o8erall senti.ent9
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Than2 Cou
Twitter: OJess6in2-err=