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Afghans in Favour of Hangings Slug: Afghan criminals Date: 03/12/2012 Reporter: Ghayor Waziri !

"R# 1$ prisoners %ere hange& in Afghanistan last month' "hey %ere foun& guilty of serious offences inclu&ing rape an& chil& a(use' )*ecutions ha+e (een rare since the fall of the "ali(an more than 10 years ago' ,ut many people in Afghanistan %oul& li-e to see more as a %ay to re&uce the crime rate' .uman rights groups ha+e con&emne& the hangings as cruel an& inhuman' Ghayor Waziri has more from /a(ul' ")0" S10 2street soun&3 345year5ol& 6uhamma& ,aseer is a ta*i &ri+er in /a(ul' .e (elie+es the hanging of 1$ criminals last month has ma&e the country a safer place' 6uhamma& ,aseer clip126ale/7ersian3 8.anging these criminals is a +ery goo& step' f they 9ust arrest criminals an& lea+e them %ithout punishing them: they %ill (ecome stronger' 7eople might ha+e to lea+e their o%n homes an& mo+e else%here''' (ut no% they;+e (een punishe&: people feel safer'< "he Afghan go+ernment refuse& to re+eal the location of the e*ecutions' ,ut 245year ol& ,az Gool says they shoul&;+e (een hange& in pu(lic' ,az Gool clip12 6ale/7ersians3: 8 f they %ere e*ecute& pu(licly: no one %oul& e+er commit crimes in the future: (ecause they can see the conse=uences %ith their o%n eyes' thin- it;s (etter to hang them in pu(lic'< Accor&ing to the Afghanistan .uman Rights >ommission: the num(er of cases of se*ual a(use of %omen an& chil&ren has increase& in recent years' 6any of the criminals that %ere hange& %ere con+icte& of these crimes' "hat is %hy: as A&ela Amer-hil e*plains: the >ommission;s Women;s Department is in fa+our of the hangings'

A&ela Amer-hil clip121emale/7ersian3 8 n e+ery country in the %orl&: %hen a person is in+ol+e& in a crime: there;s a rule of la%' 1or this reason: the Afghanistan .uman Rights >ommission strongly supports the hanging of these criminals' "hey %ere +ery &angerous an& e*ecutions can &ecrease the num(er of crimes against %omen an& chil&ren'< "hey are not the first e*ecutions to ta-e place in Afghanistan: (ut hangings ha+e (een rare since the fall of the "ali(an more than 10 years ago' 7resi&ent .ami& /arzai has the po%er to stop the e*ecutions ? (ut he allo%e& them to go ahea&' "he mo+e is li-ely to please many Afghans %ho complain that serious crime is on the rise an& argue that the use of the &eath penalty is a necessary &eterrent' A(&ul Rashi& Arian: Afghan e*5@ustice 6inister: argues the case' A(&ul Rashi& Arian clip 1 26ale/7ashto3 8Afghanistan is a country %ith its o%n constitution an& la%' "he implementation of the la% an& slamic la% %ill (ring sta(ility to the country' ,ut the implementation shoul& (e in line %ith human rights' When criminals commit crimes: they must (e punishe&' t;s %rong to thin- that punishment is not goo& or goes against their human rights' ,ecause if you &on;t punish them: the num(er of crimes %ill increase an& other people might lose their rights'< Amnesty nternational con&emne& the e*ecution saying that hanging is a cruel an& inhuman form of punishment' "he )uropean Anion mission in Afghanistan has calle& on the go+ernment to commute all &eath sentences an& to reintro&uce a moratorium on e*ecutions' A9mal ,aluchza&a: a ci+il society acti+ist %ith the "ransitional @ustice >oor&ination Group: has (een campaigning against the &eath penalty in the country' A9mal ,aluchza&a clip 126ale/7ersian3 8We are against the e*ecutions (ecause: if years later they %ere foun& to (e innocent: they coul&n;t (e (ought (ac- to life again' nstea& of hanging them: they shoul& (e imprisone& for life' 7erhaps these people %ere 9ust part of a (igger group: they shoul& fin& the ringlea&ers (ehin& these crimes' We (elie+e that punishment li-e this %ill &o nothing to re&uce the le+el of crime'< 1or Asia >alling: this is Ghayor Waziri from /a(ul Afghanistan'