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qubal Mail

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Computer Access

Anti-Tremor Mouse Joystick Mouse IntegraMouse Plus Simply Works Backpack i2 B.A. Bar Smooth Talker

Communication 12

Cognition 15
MEMOdayplanner MEMOmessenger Quarter Hour Watch II

Software 18

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Switches & Interfaces

Round Proximity Switch Muscular Switch IntegraSwitch SwitchMouse USB Multi 2 Switch Box Mouse Switch Box Key Switch Box

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Mounting Systems

Table-top Mounting Solutions Upright Mounting Solutions Device Adapters Monty Control Mounts (MCM)

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We Have More Products Listed on Our Website www.atnad.com. Wheelchair Mounts from REHAdapt many more available upon request. Environmental Control Units (ECUs) from Proteor, Abilia, and Sybility. Dynamic Screen AAC Device Spello from Proteor Page-Turning Device QiCare from Qidenus Technologies

Welcome to ATNAD
ATNAD is an international company, based in the United States, which provides innovative European assistive technology products to the North American marketplace fulfilling the unique requirements of children and adults with disabilities, and the aged population in helping them to lead productive and fulfilled lives. ATNAD serves as a conduit allowing quality assistive technology products to seamlessly integrate into the marketplace Your Assistive Technology Bridge.

Our goal is to make innovative European assistive technology products accessible to the North American market in order to fulfill the unique needs of its customers. We have developed a partnership with the following manufacturers:

ATNAD, Inc. 1900 West Loop South, Suite 1185 Houston, TX 77027 U.S.A. Phone (713) 228-0025 Fax (713) 715-6599 info@atnad.com www.atnad.com
Copyright 2012

qubal.net is a platform for simple and barrier free online communication. qubal.net connects communication worlds: allowing a person to use their preferred communication system or device to talk with their desired contact. The technical accessibility of qubal.net benefits everyone. For those who dont have experience with computers, or who have age related limitations such as bad vision or motor skills. For those with concentration problems or cognitive impairments, the right appli- cation for them can be found at qubal.net.

What is qubal?
The online platform addresses the principles of accessibility and has been designed with flexible customizable applications for different user groups. The structure provides easy to navigate screens that allow for sufficient time to orient and to trigger the desired command. For example, text or as an alternative, symbols are always available, which with their high contrast are distinguishable for people with visual impairments. Different input options such as touch screen, keyboard, etc. meet individual needs, allowing for independent online communication without assistance. It is not required to learn something new in order to send an e-mail. Any communication device can be connected, regardless of manufacturer or operating options. This also applies to electronic means for communication. All devices are connected to each other via qubal.net: Mail a text from one PC to another or send a sound file from a simple communica- tion device per e-mail to a common Outlook mailbox. Messages are sent to and fro between a tool and a cell phone, or if a text mes- sage has been written on a communicator to an e-mail it is converted for the PC - the online platform is familiar with all formats.

qubal Mail is a very simple to use e-mail system that offers only the most essential functions which are clearly available and can be entirely customized for specific abilities: User Interface Simplicity: (Only the most necessary functions are presented in both text and images) Speak Text function (coming soon) Input methods: Direct Select (depending on PC screen capabilities), Alternative Mice, Keyboard Record a reply and send it as sound file Communication device via: Cable connection to the PC (example: SuperTalker) and Direct sound transmission through sound recording (device sound output to qubal Mail recording feature) Send a previously stored response text Low Vision function: Control of font size, Black background yellow letters color option Phrase option: Customize phrases such as Dear Dad how are you doing E-mail recipient control: Add up to 5 e-mail addresses Spam filter: Optional selection of allowable e-mail address to be received

Innovation and Simplicity Meet On-Line Providing Barrier Free Communication

qubal Mail Pricing #75002 #75001 #75012 #75017 #75018 qubal Mail (2 years) qubal Mail subscription (per month) qubal Mail 10 User (2 years) (Incl. 1 Login Reader, 10 Login Keys) qubal Mail 1 Additional User (2 years) to #75012 qubal Mail 5 Additional User (2 years) to #75012 $89.00 $8.95 $498.00 $39.00 $158.00

qubal Mail - Hardware #75013 qubal Mail Login Reader #75014 qubal Mail Login Key #50578 Key-Switch Box (connects AAC devices to qubal)

$149.00 $5.95 $55.00


Computer Access

Anti-Tremor Mouse #50840 $149

The Anti-Tremor Mouses shape and functionally are especially designed for people with motor skill limitations. Unlike a traditional computer mouse, the Anti-Tremor Mouse is shaped to fit the curvature of your hand, ensuring a secure grip. Trembling is counterbalanced so uncontrollable movements do not affect the mouse pointer. The cursor holds its place even when you remove your hand from the mouse to use the mouse keys. Windows and Apple OS compatible. The shape of the Anti-Tremor Mouse ensures a secure grip. Trembling is counterbalanced so uncontrollable movements do not affect the mouse pointer. Cursor holds its place when the hand removed from the mouse to press the mouse button. Setup: Connect the Anti-Tremor Mouse to a USB port on your PC or laptop. No software or drivers need to be installed. The mouse will be automatically detected and ready for use.

Joystick Mouse

#50706 Right-handed #50707 Left-handed $398

The Joystick Mouse is a large joystick used to control the mouse. This joystick is ideal for people suffering from spastic paralysis. Speed and acceleration are adjustable. Buttons for the left and right mouse, as well as for click-and-drag and double-click features are integrated. Windows and Apple OS compatible. Connection: USB Plug & Play

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

With the IntegraMouse Plus you can operate the computer solely by your mouth. The slightest movement of your lips will control the mouthpiece and thus move the mouse pointer dynamically across the screen. By mere sipping and puffing through the mouthpiece, you can trigger left and right mouse clicks, double clicks as well as drag & drop actions as with any standard mouse. The IntegraMouse Plus was developed for people suffering from paralysis, progressive muscle diseases or arm amputations.

Product Features:

Wireless: Fully adequate computer mouse which can be operated with the mouth. It still operates with USB connection. More than a Mouse Device: Two additional operating modes: joystick mode and keyboard mode (arrow keys, Space, Enter) ideal for gaming. All-in-One: All the functions of a classical mouse device such as left and right click, double click and drag & drop. Usability: No restriction of the field of vision due to the new design. Plug & Play: Ease of Use Independent: Can be used with all standard operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, Linux, which support USB. Hygienic: Highest hygienic standard offered by the mouthpiece for office and home use as well as in rehabs and clinics. The mouthpiece can easily and cost-efficiently be replaced.

Long life: Long battery life due to an intelligent and efficient energy management (built-in rechargeable batteries). Stylish: Appealing design; does not look like a prosthetic device, but a stylish accessory for everyday use IntegraMouse Plus has been awarded a design award, May 2011. Certified: IntegraMouse Plus is, like its prede cessor, certified as a medical device class 1 product.

Mount for IntegraMouse Plus #14.1017 $295

Monty-Control-Mount (MCM) consists of SuperClamp, short rod 16/100, joint 16/16, rod 16/250, joint 16/10, rod10/200, end cap.

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

Computer Access

IntegraMouse Plus #L10857 $2,496

Simply Works Computer Access

For the first time you can have switches, joysticks, rollerballs, keyboards and toy control devices that simply work together, and without wires. The Simply Works system is a family of wireless receivers and associated access devices. Each connects wirelessly - no wires from your devices to the computer. With a range of 32 feet these can work from anywhere in the classroom ideal for including everyone in an interactive lesson. Up to 6 separate input devices can be used at one time, using a single receiver. it-Receive is the heart of the Simply Works family of computer access products. A receiver and computer interface in one - just plug one it-Receive into your computer (USB connection) and you can use up to 6 simply works devices (in any combination). Switches, joysticks, rollerballs and keyboards can work together in an inclusive classroom. 32 foot operating range. PC and MAC compatible. No additional drivers required

it-Receive #SW80 $82

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

9 it-Keys

A tough wireless keyboard which is clear and child friendly with large keys and lowercase letters. The simple layout and color coding makes it easy to find the keys: blue for letters, red for numbers and so on. A clear plastic keyguard is also available which clips firmly into place and is easily removed. Works directly with the it-Receive. 32 foot operating range. Requires 2 AA batteries. (batteries included)


#SW62 $242

A wireless rollerball ideal for those with motor skill difficulties. With an operating range in excess of 32 feet, it is ideal for use with groups or in the classroom to ensure that everyone can join in. Optical technology ensures precise cursor control and silky smooth ball movement, and the low profile design provides a natural hand rest for comfortable operation. Lightweight and robustly constructed with color coded left click, right click and drag lock buttons, mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental operation. It has built in sockets so you can operate the left and right click buttons with your own switches. 32 foot operating range. Requires a 9v battery (battery included)

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

Computer Access

#SW85 Keyboard $169 #SW86 Keyguard $109


Computer Access

A wireless joystick ideal for those with motor skill difficulties. With an operating range in excess of 32 feet, it is ideal for use with groups or in the classroom to ensure that everyone can join in. The joystick is specifically designed to respond to the lightest touch for precise targeting and cursor control, additionally there are 4 cursor speed settings to further tailor the device to an individuals needs. The color coded left click, right click and drag lock buttons are mounted sub-flush to prevent accidental operation. It has built in sockets so you can operate the left and right click buttons with your own switches. 32 foot operating range. Comes with alternate tops (T-bar and Soft Ball) Requires a 9v battery (battery included)

it-Stick #SW72 $377

it-Send #SW40 $110

This single channel wireless transmitter converts any wired single switch (fitted with a standard 3.5mm jack) into a wireless solution. it-Send can send a switch press to any of the Simply Works receivers to operate computer software (it-Receive) or toys (it-Control Lite, it-Control or it-Control Pro). Choose the relevant switch function using the built-in digital display. 32 foot operating range. Requires 2 AAA batteries. (batteries included)

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


it-Send Pro #SP45 $130

Brings many of the benefits of Simply Works to your existing wired switches. This 6 channel wireless transmitter takes up to six wired switches and enables them to operate with any of our wireless receivers, to work computer software or control toys. The supplied Switch Center software can recognise the particular switch software program you are using and choose the appropriate settings for your switches. Better still, it is kept up to date online so that it caters for new programs. If needed, the Switch Center software also allows you to program special switch functions for individual requirements. 32 foot operating range. Requires 2 AA batteries. (batteries included)

it-Switch #SW90 $105

A new wireless switch with a unique low slanted profile. Gives good tactile feedback with no protruding base and can be operated with the slightest movement. Works directly with the it-Receive computer interface and the toy control units. Large 5 operating area. Choice of red, blue, green or yellow (please specify when ordering). Easily mounted via industry standard fixing holes. Choose switch function using built-in digital display. 32 foot operating range. Requires 2 AAA batteries. (batteries included)

Simply Works Starter Packs

#SP82 it-Keys & it-Receive #SP90 it-Switch & it-Receive #SP60 it-Roll & it-Receive $225 $165 $290 #SP70 it-Stick & it-Receive $410 #SP40 it-Send & it-Receive $175 #SP45 it-Send Pro & it-Receive $190

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

Computer Access



The perfect accessory for anyone wanting to use standard hardware with communication software. The new Backpack i2 features include the following: The Backpack i2 can be connected to just one USB port of each notebook or tablet PC. The 12W amplifier and speakers guarantee excellent sound. (volume is controlled by 2 push buttons or windows). The integrated infrared transmitter supports TIRA IR module. The Backpack i2 includes a switch interface that can be connected to two switches. With the mounting interface VESA 75, you can connect the Backpack i2 to any device. Equipment / Related products: Tira module for Backpack i2 (#72011)

Backpack i2 #72010 $790


Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

13 B.A.Bar #50866 $1,380

A speech-generating barcode reader such as B.A.Bar opens up a multitude of applications for individuals with limitations in natural speech production. The device can be used as a direct communication tool, where the user produces pre-stored barcode messages, or can also be a powerful therapy tool that allows a person to practice and facilitate the connections between an idea (what to say) and how to actually say it. B.A.Bar is a useful tool for people suffering from autism, or language disorders, for example in those suffering from aphasia. The device enables rapid communication and further helps to identify objects, aid in word searching difficulties, learning the correct syntax and taking part in games without language skills.

Aachener B.A.Bar Lexikon Training

(Coming Soon Please call for Availability)

#50868 $150

Here are a few processes that can be beneficial from therapeutic use of the B.A.Bar bar code reader: Finding the word you have to say. Fast lexical access is often a key problem for individuals with developmental or acquired language limitations. Activating the motor pattern to say the word. Constructing an internal representation of the word.

Aachener B.A.Bar Dialog Training I

(Coming Soon Please call for Availability)

#50869 $150

Aachener B.A.Bar Dialog Training II

(Coming Soon Please call for Availability)

#50870 $150

Communication in the everyday life places special demands on people with Aphasia. In the dialogue, quick understanding and formulating is often not possible and must be practiced in therapy. In order to improve the dialogue capacity, frequent practice is necessary. The Aachener therapy materials were developed and clinically tested for this reason

Activity Manual for B.A.Bar #50010 $119

The B.A.Bar Activity manual provides practitioners and parents with a wide range of ready-to-do exercises and games to play. The manual comes with pre-programmed barcodes and contains speech articulation activities, general expressive language tasks, listening and auditory comprehension activities, functional communication ideas, child specific activities, and cognitive and academic activities.

Accessories for B.A.Bar

B.A.Bar Bag #50731 $109 Barcode Stickers #50759 $68 B.A.Bar Neckstrap #10732 $25

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


This portable therapy device is equipped with a digital voice. It can record and play back words as well as sounds programmed on barcodes.



Simply the most versatile 6-in-1 single switch communicator! Up to two minutes high quality recording time with the option of single message, sequential and random message playback. Add another switch (using a standard jack plug - or use a wireless it-Switch) for two message functionality as well as auditory scanning and a co-operative mode.

Smooth Talker #ST70 $165

Single Switch Message Modes 1. Single (works like traditional single message communicators) 2. Sequential (plays back a series of messages in the order they were recorded) 3. Random (plays back a series of messages in random order) Two Switch Message Modes 4. Choice (main switch plays message 1 - second switch plays message 2) 5. Converse (co-operative errorless turn-taking conversation for switch users) 6. Prompt (auditory scanning - second switch steps through messages in a hushed tone, main switch then plays the selected message at full volume) Smooth Talker also comes with built-in wireless technology ready to use with Simply Works toy controllers. Specifications Two minutes recording time. Two loud speakers. 1.4 watt amplifier. Fits standard Big Switch mounting plates. Built-in Simply Works wireless technology. 9v PP3 batteries required. Easy programming using LED mode indicators. Volume control with on/off button. 3.5mm switch input socket. 3.5mm toy control socket. Available in red, blue, yellow and green. Toy control cable supplied. Available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Please state color when ordering.
Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


MEMOdayplanner #AB452701 $815

MEMOdayplanner is an electronic 24hour chart that provides a clear view of the day.
Calendar and Reminders Memodayplanner shows the time of the day and the time remaining until the next activity/duty. A light bar, with one light point going out each quarter hour, or else a descending light point, allows the user to easily see how much of the day has passed. Different colored light bars make it easy to see whether it is day or night. An alarm can be set at any light point to emit a noise to alert the user to look at the board when something is going to be happening. User-Friendly Memodayplanner can be wallmounted, but it also comes with a tablestand as an accessory. The whiteboard is magnetic and it can be easily customized according to individual styles and requirements by the addition of text, images and symbols. Functions Memodayplanner is customized with alerts at desired times/light points. The alerts consist of a pulsating bleep lasting 15 seconds and/or a blinking light at the relevant time. Settings In addition to the timeline, a digital time display can also be shown at the bottom of the 24hour chart. Supplied Accessories The Memodayplanner is supplied with a set of accessories containing: magnets with and without glue, colored labels, a selection of PCS symbols, an ideas booklet, a screwdriver, a whiteboard pen a boardwiper and some cleaner.

Related Products

# AB432760 Table Stand $126 # AB43704 Cognitive - Adaptable Equipment $84

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com



MEMOmessenger #AB432570 $923
MEMOmessenger is a talking clock with many features.
MEMOmessenger reminds you of the right time Tells the time Tells the year, the month, the date and whether it is night or day You can choose between a female and a male voice Relays messages and reminders discretely via earphones. Simple to use and set The MEMOgo unit is convenient to bring along MEMOmessenger consists of one stationary unit (MEMObase) and one portable unit (MEMOgo). Large and clear touch display with settings directly on the display screen. Allows an unlimited number of reminders. The maximum recording time is 26 minutes and 20 seconds Reminders recorded into the clock are played at the correct time Says and shows the time and indicates if it is morning, afternoon, evening or night Tells and shows the day of the week, date, month and year The MEMOgo unit can be carried in your pocket so that you can receive your messages wherever you go Upcoming reminders can be accessed via MEMOgo or directly on the clock display The previous days reminders can be accessed via MEMOgo In the MEMOgo unit, reminders can be signalled by vibration Ability to record 10 memos on the MEMOgo unit Included with the clock Neck strap for MEMOgo Case for MEMOgo Decals for selflabelling the buttons on MEMOgo Earphones

#AB502529 External Vibration $202

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

Related Products


Quarter Hour Watch II #AB300100 $760

In society today time is essential. Most events in daily life take place at a specific time. Many persons with e.g. learning disabilities do not know how to use an ordinary clock. They can read the clock but do not understand how to use the information, above all they do not understand how long time remains until a certain event. How long before the bus arrives? When were we supposed to meet? When using the principle of the Quarter Hour Watch it becomes easier to understand and use time. When a picture card is put into the Quarter Hour Watch, the remaining time is shown as black dots where every dot corresponds to a quarter of an hour. If there are two hours or more remaining to a specific time all dots are black. A signal is heard when it is time for the event. The Quarter Hour Watch II has two functions: It can be used to show the remaining time to an event and it also has a timer function. The Quarter Hour Watch is a small, robust and battery operated aid which can always be carried around by the user. The picture cards are made of impact resistant plastic. The pictures might either be stickers (Pictogram or suchlike) or a picture drawn by the user. On the rear side of the picture cards there is a pattern of an ordinary clock. The wanted time is programmed on this pattern. Thus it becomes very easy to program a certain time, no difficult push-buttons needed. The Quarter Hour Watch is designed to give the user more confidence and independance.

Related Products #AB022310 Mini Bag #AB0225 Table Stand #AB0227 Cards for Symbols #AB0228 Disposable Watch Face #AB022710 Timer Card (set of 10) #AB0229 Picture Card Folder #AB022305 Carry Case

$53 $16 $21 $25 $21 $22 $27

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


18 Pablo
#L10083 Single Pack $95 #L10083-5 5 Pack $356
PABLO contains 6 exercises for coloring and copying with increasing levels of difficulty. In the first exercise only 1 key/button is needed, the exercises 2 to 4 can be played with 1 or 2 keys/buttons. Two exercises for creative coloring and copying can only be operated by using a mouse. The package contains 350 pictures of different levels of difficulty. Personally produced or scanned pictures can be imported. The aim of the exercises is to have fun and to enhance creativity. On the other hand, PABLO also offers psychological and educational aspects with regard to learning: The concept of cause and effect can be trained.


#L10485 Single Pack $99 #L10485-5 5 Pack $371

SwitchTrainer is a program for learning how to handle 2 switches in computer operation. It was mainly designed for physically impaired children with or without a learning disability. Apart from having fun, it is the object of the program to teach the use of 2 switches so that computer games operated via 2 Switch scanning mode can be handled. SwitchTrainer may generally be operated with one switch and the automatic scanning mode, the focus, however, is on 2-Switch operation. Initiative and learning by doing will be focused rather than reacting to preset answers and the solving of tasks.


#L10418 Single Pack $99 #L10418-5 5 Pack $371

PlayWithMe is a collection of entertaining animation games that can be operated with one switch or two switches. The complexity of the activities varies from game to game. If the player presses the switch, he/she may control the activities and collect points provided that he/she presses the switch at the right time. The object of the game, apart from having fun, is to reach a maximum number of points. PlayWithMe offers the possibility to play together with another person. In some of the games the two players will be opponents whereas in others they will have to collaborate to win the game.

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

19 PuzzelWorld
#L10334 Single Pack $79 #L10334-5 5 Pack $336
PuzzleWorld is a collection of well-known puzzle games and their implementation on the computer. Four different games are available Truck game, Wooden puzzles, Block puzzles and Jigsaw puzzles. Children that normally have difficulties to handle such puzzles due to their impairment can now play them on the computer. By default the program contains several hundred objects, drawings and pictures classified according to different topics. You can use your own pictures for the Block puzzles and Jigsaw puzzles.

Early Intervention Bundle #L10100 $317

Pablo SwitchTrainer PlayWithMe PuzzelWorld

Consist of the following titles:

Show Me AAC 2.0

#L10088 Single Pack $99 #L10088-5 5 Pack $371

ShowMe is a program that is used to learn and practice terms in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Turkish or Serbian, thus to learn PCS symbols for communication. It contains a great variety of beautiful cards that are presented very clearly. Apart from a great number of terms of everyday life (about 350) which are grouped according to special topics the program also offers material for the subjects Colors, Shapes, Size, Letters, Numbers, Sets and the clock. Four playing modes are available: 1. Practice: Click on a card and the name will be read out to you. 2. Find the computer: Find and click on a specific card. 3. Memorize the computer: Find several cards in a row. 4. Recall: Easy type of memory.

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


20 Flash Words AAC

#L10339 Single Pack $99 #L10339-5 5 Pack $371

Reading and writing are commonly regarded to be too difficult for impaired children (esp. Down Syndrome). But experiences made in English speaking countries, especially in Great Britain, the USA and in Australia showed different results. Early intervention measures for children with Down Syndrome clearly showed that these children gain much profit from early reading courses and that the positive effect on their language development is significant. The target groups are children with a delayed development that also affects speech abilities. The visualization of words helps to compensate auditory impairments. The Early Reading method for developmentally delayed children primarily aims at improving speech abilities. Reading skills are taught as a side effect.


KonZen 2.0

#L10981 Single Pack $99 #L10981-5 5 Pack $371

KonZen 2.0 is the follow-up of the successful visual training program Kon-Zen. With the three different playing modes available Quick Fit, Matching Pairs and Flash Figures the skills in optical differentiation, position in space, short-term memory, attention and concentration will be trained and eventually improved. KonZen 2.0 offers two additional game modes: the first one is a set of predefined levels that will automatically adjust to the skills of the player and the second one offers predefined levels of difficulty with graphical evaluation and high score lists. The program is designed for children, young people and adults who want to improve their visual and cognitive skills.

AAC Bundle #L10200 $252

ShowMeAAC 2.0 FlashWords AAC Kon-Zen 2.0

Consist of the following titles:

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

21 About Numbers

#L10980 Single Pack $99 #L10980-5 5 Pack $371

AboutNumbers is an early math game dealing with counting, sets, numbers and calculating in the number domain up to 10. An important feature throughout the entire program is the structured representation of sets (2 lines and 5 columns) to facilitate non-counting strategies of recognizing sets, the understanding of the relation among numbers and the notion of numbers in general. The program is designed for pre-school and elementary school children with or without impairments, for persons with math deficiencies, as well as young people and adults with learning disabilities.

Catch Me 2.0

#L10825 Single Pack $69 #L10825-5 5 Pack $259

CatchMe is an easy-to-handle program for learning how to use the mouse or an alternative mouse device. The many different options allow for a good overview on the monitor (eyemotor-monitor-coordination) as well as for a step-by-step approach to correct movements. The user practices to control the mouse and at the same time to match colors, shapes, letters and figures. Different games give an amusing overview of the progress. The aim is to teach the user the most important mouse activities needed in common Windows applications (movement, left click, double click, click-drag-click, drag and drop).

This program is mainly based on the psychological findings made by Jean Piaget in relation with learning how to calculate. Thus special attention is given to the pre-numeric range which is the basis of a thorough understanding of figures. The exercises in the section up to 10 offer basic operations with figures as well as other options such as addition/subtraction, twin numbers or completing the sum of 10. The exercises in the section 10 onwards contain calculations up to the value of 100. Animations on the screen used in the easier exercises facilitate learning. Graphs of the progress made may be drawn up and printed out.

The Archimedean Gate #L10572 Single Pack $99 #L10572-5 5 Pack $371

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


22 Wheel Sim

#L10344 Single Pack $99 #L10344-5 5 Pack $371

The basic idea behind WheelSim is to use the means of computer simulation to help persons gain the ability to operate a powered wheelchair via joystick or similar input devices. Therefore the program is primarily designed for children and adults who do still not have this ability or need perfection. The scheme of the four levels will allow for a gradual increase in the level of difficulty. WheelSim is a diagnostic tool since it gives a prognosis of operating skills in real life. On the other hand it is a training program since special exercises in a virtual environment might help to improve psychomotor skills.


Accessories for Wheel Sim Joystick Mouse

#50706 Right-handed #50707 Left-handed $398

The Joystick Mouse is a large joystick used to control the mouse. This joystick is ideal for people suffering from spastic paralysis. Speed and acceleration are adjustable. Buttons for the left and right mouse, as well as for click-and-drag and doubleclick features are integrated. Windows and Apple OS compatible. Connection: USB Plug & Play

Switch Interface for LifeTool Software #50578 Key Switch Box $55
The Key Switch Box connects two single switches for the Space and Enter keys to a PC. Numerous programs are supported. Simply plug into the USBPort and the device is ready to use. No drivers necessary. (more switch interfaces see page 25)

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

23 Round Proximity Switch #50600 $295

To activate this switch it is sufficient to come close to the switch with the head, a hand or another part of the body. At a set screw the distance sensitivity can be adjusted. Due to its small design the switch can ideally be mounted on rods or on a gooseneck mount.

Monty-Control-Mount (MCM) consists of SuperClamp, short rod 16/100, joint 16/16, rod 16/250, joint 16/10, rod 10/200, end cap.

#14,1010 $295

Mount for Round Proximity Switch

Muscular Switch #7N93 $983

This switch can easily activate with the smallest of muscle movement. The electronic box with adjustable sensitivity and timing reacts to the muscular contractions. This 15 mm sensor must be placed on the skin (wrist, forehead).

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

Switches & Interfaces


Switches & Interfaces


Environment control systems, communication devices, adapted toys, software programs or emergency call systems for people with severe physical impairments may be operated by the INTEGRASWITCH. It is the only sip-puff switch licensed according to the European Medical Device Regulation. The cleaning of the mouthpiece is easy and efficient (e.g. in the dishwasher). The mouthpiece is 100% hygienic , exchangeable, bio-compatible and latex-free. A mounting system can be chosen individually. There are 2 exits for dual function (1 exit for sipping, 1 exit for puffing). The sipping and puffing pressures can be adjusted separately. No power supply needed.

Mount for INTEGRASWITCH #14,1017 $295

Monty-Control-Mount (MCM) consists of SuperClamp, short rod 16/100, joint 16/16, rod 16/250, joint 16/10, rod 10/200, end cap.

SwitchMouse USB #50263 $119

The individual movements of a conventional mouse are simulated by either a joystick or several single switches, which are directly connected via ports. Instead of moving the mouse, the respective movement (up, down, left, right etc.) will be initiated. Single switches can also be connected for mouse buttons and special functions such as drag-and-drop and double click. The joysticks trigger contact can be assigned different functions. Speed and acceleration of the mouse pointer are adjustable via two controllers.

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com


Multi 2 Switch Box #13352 $69

This All-in-One multi switch box allows you to easily select the switch commands for switch software programs with just a turn of the dial.

An inexpensive interface ideal for use with many different soft ware programs that require switch input. Easy to use simply connect to a USB port on your computer (Mac or PC) and plug in one or two switches. A dial selector allows switch presses to send the most commonly used keystroke combinations or mouse clicks to the computer. Simply turn the dial to match the requirements of different software programs.

Mouse Switch Box #50491 $55

The Mouse Switch Box connects two single switches for the left and the right mouse buttons to a PC. Numerous programs are supported. Simply plug into the USB-Port and the device is ready to use. No drivers necessary.

Key Switch Box #50578 $55

The Key Switch Box connects two single switches for the Space and Enter keys to a PC. Numerous programs are supported. Simply plug into the USB-Port and the device is ready to use. No drivers necessary.

Phone (713) 228-0025 www.atnad.com

Switches & Interfaces


Table-top Mounting Solutions

Mounting Systems

Table mounts make it easy to mount communication devices on flat surfaces such as tables and desks and can be either clamped-on or simply placed on a table or desk. Table-top mounts are portable, sturdy, versatile and extremely easy to use. Every table mount has an UDS (Universal Device Socket), with a communication device is attached to, the UDS has a ball-joint which makes the UDS able to be turned 360, please refer to page 29 under Universal Device Sockets. To ensure proper fitting of your communication device onto the UDS please refer to the Device Adapters section on page 29.

TC Table Clamp #12.1700 $395

TC (Table Clamp) is used for mounting communication devices. The TC is secured to a flat surface via the included Manfrotto SuperClamp and is extremely sturdy. At every joint has a ratchet-style handle used to easily adjust its position without the use of tools. The TC is completely 3-Dimentionally adjustable making it possible to position the UDS anywhere it is needed within an approximate 12 range. Supports up to 12 lbs.

ClampOnMount #12.1760 $590

The ClampOnMount offers a longer accessibility range because of its extra tubing and joint. The ClampOnMount is secured to a flat surface via the included Manfrotto SuperClamp, and is extremely sturdy and versatile. The ClampOnMount is completely 3-Dimentionally adjustable making it possible to position the UDS anywhere it is needed. At every joint has a ratchet-style handle used to easily adjust its position without the use of tools. Supports up to 12 lbs.

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#12.1653 $395
The TS-DC table stand is for mounting small and medium communication devices on top of tables or desks. The DCs mounting plate (UDS-DC) has ratchet-style handles to easily adjust its position without the use of tools. Supports up to 9 lbs.


#12.1602 $590
The TS-XL table stand for secure and easy positioning of Eye Controlled devices on tables and desks with integrated anti-tip function and automatic alignment of feet for solid seating on even or uneven surfaces. Column folds down and slides through for minimized packing size. Includes UDS-DC and supports up to 18 lbs.

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Mounting Systems


Upright Mounting Solutions

Mounting Systems

The Floorstand is a mounting solution for the use of communication devices or notebooks where normal mounting accessibility is restricted such as in bed or on a sofa, recliner, armchair or wheelchair. The Floorstand makes it easy to position communication devices with greater mobility and versatility, especially Eye Controlled devices. The telescoping column is gas-spring loaded and reaches heights of 1.5 to 6.5 feet. The casters are lockable and rubber coated for easy, fixed positioning.

FS Floorstand #17.1000 $990

The Floorstand can be easily moved via wheels from one room every joint is a ratchet-style handle used to easily adjust its position without the use of tools. Telescoping Column, gas-spring loaded Reaches heights of 1.5 to 6.5 feet Lockable, rubber-coated castors Easy 5 minute set-up

Special edition for consultants #17.1002 $1,395

The Floorstand-Quickpack can be folded for easy transportation anywhere. At every joint is a ratchet-style handle used to easily adjust its position without the use of tools. Detachable column Foldable frame Folds within 2 minutes to a size of 0.5 x 1 x 3.5 inches Includes carry bag with shoulder strap Lightweight, only 20 lbs.

FS Quickpack

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Device Adapters (DA) are the counterpart to the UDS (Universal Device Sockets) and make it possible to mount nearly any existing communication device onto a REHAdapt Socket (UDS). We also carry other DAs for communication devices. Please contact us if you do not see the device listed we may have the DA.

DA-iPad2 #16.1133 $75

Adapter for iPad2


#16.1102 $75
Adapter for Dynavox DV4 and MightyMo communication devices.

DA-V/Vmax/M3/M3max #16.1118 $75

Adapter for Dynavox V, Vmax, M3, and M3max communication devices.

DA-Canadian #16.1120 $45

Adapter for devices coming prepared with a Canadian adapter.

DA-Tellus mobi #16.1121 $90

Adapter for the Tellus mobi communication device.

DA-AMDi #16.1119 $90

Adapter for AMDi communication devices.

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Mounting Systems

Device Adapters (DA)

30 Wheelchair Mounting

Mounting Systems

REHAdapt Engineering also offers a wide range of very versatile mounts for all makes and models of wheelchairs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for individualized offers.

Monty-Control-Mount (MCM)
The Monty-Control-Mount (MCM) system offers a large range of mounting possibilities due to its modularity and versatility. Each joint offers you fully 3-Dimensional, separately lockable adjustments without any restrictions. Below are some standard table clamp solutions for a few popular input units, some of which are shown throughout this catalog.

MCM-system for Buddy Button #14.1016 $295

MCM-system for AbleNet small triangular #14.1014 $295

MCM-system for AbleNet big triangular #14.1015 $295


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