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Safety Auditing Courses in Hyderabad Government organizations as well as private industries have greatly recognized the benefits of conducting

environmental, health and safety audits at their regulated facilities. Especially, since 1970s, tremendous concern has been witnesses in this field. n general, the purpose of such safety audits are to ensure compliance with the myriad of environmental, health and safety regulations that have been promulgated by the !ccupational "ealth and #afety $dministration %!#"$&, the Environmental 'rotection $gency %E'$&, the (uclear )egulatory *ommission %()*&, and many other federal, state and local agencies. +oreover, not only these rather contemporary audits include many more things li,e the implementation of environmental health and safety management systems such as #! 1-001 and !"#$# 1.001 and adherence to corporate standards or guidelines. /here are many factors on which success of such audits depend li,e pre0audit planning, appointment of a lead auditor, assignment of the primary site contract to a person with similar responsibilities, discussion of on0site activities, ris, management, access to database, refining of the agenda, and ade1uate time. /hough many more critical factors could be there but it mostly depend on the type and industry and place of the audit. 'ersonnel involved in such ,ind of audit actually have a high priority responsibility and need to be aware, alert, well0 informed and technically sound to carry it flawlessly. #uch auditing training can be gained through proper training as well. /here are many safety auditing courses which ta,es care of each minute details of an auditing process and prepares programs that included everything necessary for a successful audit process. /here are foundation course, internal auditor course, lead auditor course, as well as auditor conversion course which can be opted by the candidates interested in auditing profession. /here is no 1uestioning the fact that training gained from a reputed organization will get added advantages for the candidates. 2ig organization and companies loo, for people who are properly trained and have practical s,ills as well. n training centers they not only put you to the details of auditing system rather give you on the spot training and real time e3perience. E3posure to different situations and sudden circumstances refines the s,ills of the candidates see,ing the training. $t ## Global, the prime focus is on training candidates on the latest auditing s,ills present in the industry. 4ith a team of highly 1ualified and e3perienced trainers, the company has successfully trained many batches who are e3celling in their respective fields. 5or more information on courses and fees please 6isit7 http788www.iissglobal.com8safety0auditing0courses.php 10090:9:8-818G1, *ity "eights *lassic, 6i;aya(agar *olony, "yderabad0 <00 0<7. ndia. E0mail 7 info=iissglobal.com 'h 7 >91 -0 :99-.0-1,>91 -0 :99-.0-: +obile 7 >91 99.9999<79,>91 909:-91.1?