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Test Paper 1) Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present simple or present continuous.

(20 points) Karen: Do you live (you/live) in London? Maria: No, I (1)____________ (be) here on holiday. I (2)__________________(stay) with my sister for the summer. She and her husband (3)_______________ (live) near the university. Karen: (4)___________________ (you/stay) with them every summer? Maria: No, I usually (5)___________________ (go) on holiday with my friend, Anna. But she (6)___________________ (work) on a farm this summer. She (7)_____________________ (not/have) a holiday this year. What about you? Karen: I (8)______________ (do) a drama course at the moment and I (9)____________________ (live) in a student hostel. Its great because the students (10)_______________________ (come) from all over the world. 2) Match the two sentences. Then write one sentence using an infinitive of purpose. (10 points) d He got a taxi . He got a taxi to save time. a) He had to post a parcel. b) He wanted to keep fit. c) He needed to finish his project. d) He wanted to save time. e) He needed to get some extra money. f) He wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday. 3) Write the past simple of the following irregular verbs: (15 points) 0. become became 1. drink ___________ 6. begin ___________ 2. think ___________ 7. cost_____________ 3. eat _____________ 8. give ____________ 4. know___________ 9. teach ___________ 5. write____________ 10. learn ___________ 4) Write the names of the means of transport: ( 5 points) 1 2 3 4 5 He got a part-time job. He went to the post office. He stayed at college until 8 p.m. He telephoned Susan. He did some exercises.

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5) Complete the sentences with the correct time adverbial: (10 points) *ago *last *this *yesterday 1 He left two hours.. 2 Were going to a party .evening. 3 She started her new job a month 4 They were on holidayweek. 5 I went to see a film..afternoon.

6) Read the advertisements for summer jobs and Anitas postcard. Then, for questions 1-10 answer T (true), F (false) or DK (dont know). (30 points)

1. The three advertisements are for holiday jobs. 2. Students get free meals on the farm and in the hotel 3. All the tourists guides speak four languages 4. A lot of tourists go to York in the summer 5. The hotel workers live in the hotel. 6. The hotel has got more than one restaurant. 7. Anita is working on a fruit farm 8. Anitas mother is a good cook 9. Anita works on the farm in the evening.. 10. Anita is writing a postcard to her parents..