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PHONE : (M) 0504832294
Email: ansarimohammed435@gmail.com


A strong 3 years of experience in the field of Telecom Testing and Networking.

Familiar with hardware tools like servers, printers, VoIP, networking and telecommunications devices.
Excellent troubleshooting skills in complex software and hardware problems
Support to CISCO for SIP Test Scenarios.
Have good debugging skills in set up related issue.
A quick learner with a positive attitude and an effective team player having innovative ideas and strong problem
solving abilities & dedicated for developing test plan, test procedure, preparing test report for Protocol Testing.
Tracking of Bugs and reporting of these bugs using Bug Tracking Tool like CDETS.


Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & communications Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological


Operating system: windows7, windows vista, windows XP and Linux, Mac.

Hardware and Networking able to understand computer hardware and other operating system's function.
Familiar with desktop imaging software.
Familiar with multiple models of desktops and laptops.
Having experience with help desk tracking systems.
Having experience with trouble shooting network printers.
Excellent communication and writing skills.
Able to install equipment, wiring, machines and software programs.
Able to work independently and under pressure also.
Responsible for other duties as assigned.


Installing & Configuring of I/O Devices, Operating Systems, and All Application Softwares.
Work as communicator between two teams.
Designing of LAN setup
Resolving the TCP/ IP Problem.
Cabling, Crimping, Punching, Patch coding & maintenance of LAN.
Troubleshooting scanning and printing.
Responsible for delivering support through telephone, desk-side visits and email
Worked as advisor for desktop support team to provide software and hardware break service and training requests
Solving troubleshooting the Internet Services, Hardware related problems, installing and configuring all types of
software, Device Drivers System related problems.
Analyze system requirements of the clients and provide overall specifications with estimated cost.
Perform maintenance and monitor system performances to provide upgrades accordingly.
Prepare detailed technical specifications for networking and other requirements as well.
Prepare recovery plans to recover lost or corrupted data.
Responsible for helping call center team starting in new center.
Troubleshooting of OS (Desktop and Network).
Done other duties as assigned.

Good Protocol knowledge of SIP and SDP

Good hands on test tool like- Sipp
Good hands on creating scenario files using Vim-editor for Sipp and use of Putty,VM-ware,Linux and Softphoes.

Operating System known

Protocols Known
Testing Tool
Bug Tracking Tool
Servers used
Soft phones used


Win (XP, NT, 2K), LINUX.

Asterisk, CUCM.
X-Lite, Eyebeam, SJ-Phone. Cisco IP Communicator, Jabber.


SIP/ISUP Interoperability Testing in BROADSOFT.

March 2011-April 2013
Team Member.

Project #

Project Title
Protocols Used

Project Description : This project revolves around the signaling part of interworking scenarios
between SIP, SS7 and ISDN. IP soft switch or VOIP server solution for large campus and geographically dispersed large
enterprises. Testing of all feature in a particular scenario and also the compatibility of features in interworking scenarios.

Roles and Responsibility

Soft switch provisioning.(e.g. Trunk group creation, Feature assignment to Subscribers ,Gateway Creation,
Creation of Routing Plans & Policies)
Test case designing, test case scripting
Writing Test cases for different calls.
Scripting test cases using SIPp.
Test bed [SUT/Testing Equipment] setup.
Debugging and analyzing the problem faced during regression and Feature test in various release cycles
Debugging of these scripts under regression testing to test different feature like CW, Call forwarding features
like CFU, CFB, CFNA, Call Hold & CT etc.

Skills And Abilities:

Accurate: Careful, precise, free from error.

Adaptable: Able to adapt oneself to new surroundings; to make suitable change so as to fit new conditions.
Alert: Watchful, wide awake, ready to act.
Ambitious: Full of ambition, strong desire "to do" something.
Amiable: Feeling and inspiring friendliness; lovable.
Analytical: Employing analytic methods; separating things into their parts of elements.
Articulate: Able to express oneself clearly, do not mumble.
Assertive: Insist on one's rights or opinions.
Attentive: To notice, pay attention to, careful attention.
Broad-minded: Being tolerant or liberal in thought or opinion.
Businesslike: Practical, systematic.
Calm: Stillness, serenity, peaceful, undisturbed.
Capable: Having the skills/ability or fitness for.

Careful: Watchful, cautious, concerned for.

Competent: Adequately qualified, ability.
Confident: Trusting, fully assured, belief, trust in yourself.
Conscientious: Good moral understanding of right and wrong.
Consistent: Constant to same principles, not changing.
Cooperative: Work well with others.
Dedicated: Devoted to aims or vocation.
Dependable: May be relied on.
Determined: To do, resolve, on a course of action.
Efficient: Competent, capable, and able to get results.
Energetic: Active, full of life, vigorous, an energetic worker.
Enterprising: Strong interest, great eagerness.
Flexible: Manageable, adaptable, and versatile.
Hardworking: Done with energy, industrious.
Honest: Not lying, cheating or stealing, sincere.
Independent: Ability to work on your own without being constantly supervised.
Industrious: Hardworking, diligent.

Personal Details:
Date of Birth


Marital Status


Passport No




Languages Known

English, Hindi, Urdu and Telugu

Visa Status


I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.