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Technical and Financial Project Proposal Template1 Name of the Organization: Instituto Augusto Carneiro

Type of Organization:

Nonprofit, non-governmental association Brief Description of the Organization: The Augusto Carneiro Institute, host organization of the Divers for har!s campaign "###$face%oo!$com&'iversforshar!s, ###$'iversforshar!s$com$%r ( #as foun'e' %y long-time civil society activists to help promote %etter environmental policies, %oth through the proposition an' un'erta!ing of pro)ects an' the campaigning to#ar's the a'option of pu%lic policies in favor of conservation$ It is an *N-accre'ite' institution an' as such has participate' actively in the +io,-. process$ The Divers for har!s campaign, #hich the Institute helps operate, is an international initiative aiming at the mo%ilization of a 'iverse array of civil society sta!ehol'ers for shar! conservation, inclu'ing e'ucational, a#areness an' pu%lic policy initiatives$

Contact /erson: 0athia 1asconcellos 2onteiro Telephone: ,77 78 999-4:-9

A''ress: Av$ Ipiranga 3.4&5./orto Alegre, + 6 Brazil ;mail an' <e%site: Brazilian=#il'life>terra$com$%r

/ro)ect title: ;nglish 1ersion of the Boo! Actions to Conserve Sharks and Rays in Southern Brazil 6 haring Information for Conservation /ro)ect O%)ective an' ;?pecte' Outcomes: The %oo! Aes para a Conservao de Tubares e Raias no Sul do Brasil Actions to Conserve Sharks and Rays in Southern Brazil #as a lan'mar! pu%lication co-authore' %y some of the foremost shar! specialists in Brazil an' ma'e availa%le %y the Brazilian 2inistry of the ;nvironment in -..7, #ith its 'ata an' fin'ings remaining relevant for to'ay@s elasmo%ranch conservation an' management scenario$ The pu%lication of an ;nglish version for free 'istri%ution, %oth in printe' form an' electronic formats, #oul' greatly enhance the sharing of the invalua%le information containe' in this %oo!, allo#ing for further international un'erstan'ing of the situation of shar!s an' rays in one of the !ey areas for these species in Brazil an' also improving our prospects for international cooperation to a'vance management policies an' conservation action$

Target /opulation: ;nglish language policyma!ers, researchers, stu'ents, ocean-oriente' NAOs an' the pu%lic at large

The proposal can %e #ritten in ;nglish or panish


#ith an interest in Brazilian marine conservation issues an' elasmo%ranchs$

Amount +eBueste' in * D: 8.,4.. /ro)ect Duration in 2onths: .3 "si?( months !" Project Summar#$

Co-financing: 2INI T+C OD ;N1I+ON2;NT Country: B+AEIF

oun' 'ata an' policy recommen'ations for shar!s an' rays in Fatin America has %een generally confine' either to specialize' )ournals #ith rather limite' pu%lic availa%ility or to 'omestic pu%lications in /ortuguese or panish, thus greatly limiting the reach of its contents$ This is a pro%lem especially as there@s gro#ing a#areness of the nee' to a'opt a cooperative, multi-nation an' multi-region approach to#ar's elasmo%ranch conservation$ By offering a Bualifie', free ;nglish version of this %oo! it is the proponent@s intention an' that of its partner, the Brazilian 2inistry of the ;nvironment, to raise international a#areness a%out the plight of shar!s an' rays in outhern Brazil, ma!e 'ata an' recommen'ations arisen from such 'ata #i'ely availa%le for the intereste' international community, an' foster cooperation to#ar's their a'eBuate management$ Da'os fia%les y recomen'aciones 'e polGticas para la cosnervaciHn 'e ti%urones y rayas en FatinoamIrica en general estJn restrictos a periH'icos cientGficos especializa'os con pu%lico limita'o H a pu%licaciones nacionales en /ortuguIs o ;spaKol, limitan'o 'e esta manera el alcance 'e sus conteni'os$ ;sto es un pro%lema particularmente cuan'o se reconoce 'e manera creciente la necesi'a' 'e a'optar una visiHn cooperativa, multinacional y multi-regional para la conservaciHn 'e los elasmo%ranBuios$ Al ofrecer una versiHn califica'a 'e este li%ro en InglIs, es la intenciHn 'e la instituciHn proponente y 'e su parner, el 2inisterio 'e 2e'io Am%iente 'e Brasil, Bue se estimule la consciencia internacional acerca 'e lo Bue suce'e a los ti%urones y rayas en el ur 'e Brasil, se promueva el acceso amplio 'e la comuni'a' internacional interesa'a a los 'atos y a las recomen'aciones Bue surgen 'e los mismos, y se pro'uzca una mayor cooperaciHn para su mane)o a'ecua'o$ 5$ %r&ani'ation(s )*perience "5.. #or's or less( The Augusto Carneiro Institute has %een esta%lishe' %y several long-time conservation activists #ith esta%lishe' careers in Brazil, an' has strive' to cooperate #ith pu%lic policies 'irecte' to#ar's %io'iversity conservation$ Its recent participation at the +io,-. Conference as an *N-accre'ite' NAO o%server has focuse' on marine issues an' events, inclu'ing the participation, %y invitation from the Brazilian 2inistry of the ;nvironment, of Bio'iversity Dialogues in Brasilia aime' at recommen'ing %io'iversity conservation targets for Brazil in the ne?t couple of 'eca'es$ The Institute inten's to contract #ith a specialize' translator for the pro)ect, LosI Tru'a /alazzo, Lr$, Coor'inator of the Divers for har!s campaign an' alrea'y an Institute consultant an' a former mem%er of Brazilian 'elegations to international marine conservation treaties, #ith several marinerelate' %oo! an' article versions #ritten an' pu%lishe' over the last t#o 'eca'es$ Project +arrative ,escription -.a*imum 1/ pa&es0$


5$8$ Rationale$ The /ro)ect a''resses the information sharing nee's as i'entifie' throughout the C2 processes for enhancing shar! an' ray conservation at the regional an' international levels$ The propose' ;nglish version #oul' %uil' upon the )oint efforts un'erta!en %y Brazilian researchers an' the 2inistry of the ;nvironment to gather an' pu%licize relevant information on this !ey region " outhern Brazil( an' species$ The preparation of an ;nglish version #hich can %e #i'ely rea' #ill fill an information gap an' provi'e Brazilian sta!ehol'ers #ith an a''itional tool to inform partners "%oth e?isting an' potential( in the international scenario in relation to issues an' efforts in Brazil an' also to see! further international cooperation for the appropriate management of the species occurring in the region encompasse' %y the pu%lication$

5$-$ Baseline$

The Official Fist of Brazilian Threatene', Overe?ploite' or Threatene' %y Overe?ploitation pecies of Dishes an' ABuatic Inverte%rates "IN 22A No$ 7&-..:, rectifie' %y IN 22A No 7-&-..7( ran!e' M species of elasmo%ranchs as overe?ploite' or threatene' of overe?ploitation "Charcarias taurus, Charcharinus longimanus, Carcharinus porosus, Carcharinus signatus, Prionaceae glauca, Sphyrna lewini, Sphyrna tiburo an' Sphyrna zygaena( an' 8- species as threatene' "Isogomphodon oxyrhynchus, egaprion brevirostris, !aleorhinus galeus, "ustelus schmitti, Cetorhinus maximus, !inglymostoma cirratum, Rhincodon typus, Pristis perotteti, Pristis pectinata, Rhinobatus horkelii, S#uatina !uggenheim an' S#uatina occulta($ The A'visory Commission on Bio'iversity "COABIO( of the Chico 2en'es Institute for Bio'iversity Conservation "IC2Bio( organize' t#o <or!shops in Assessment of the tate of Conservation of Brazilian Chon'richthyes pecies$ The #or!shops counte' #ith the presence of Brazilian e?perts in elasmo%ranchs an' #ere hel' in Novem%er -.8. an' Lune -.88$ <e assesse' 839 species of elasmo%ranchs an' create' a technical proposal that significantly increases the num%er of threatene' species$ The National Action /lan for the conservation of en'angere' marine elasmo%ranchs, sche'ule' for implementation in De%ruary -.85, is %eing prepare' %y the Coor'ination of National Action /lans "CO/AN( of the IC2Bio The Brazilian Institute of ;nvironment an' +ene#a%le Natural +esources "IBA2A( has prepare' a 2anagement /lan for the ustaina%le *se of Brazilian Overe?ploite' or Threatene' %y Overe?ploitation ;lasmo%ranchs$ This proposal a''resses !ey issues for the sustaina%ility of shar!s capture fisheries, inclu'ing fishing e?clusion zones, minimum allo#e' size, perio's of prohi%ition an' allo#e' metho's in or'er to protect the en'angere' elasmo%ranchs an' manage stress on overfishe' species$ The 'evelopment of the management plan an' its implementation #ill ta!e place #ith the participation of %oth 2inistry of ;nvironment "22A( an' 2inistry of Disheries an' ABuaculture "2/A($ In -.88, Brazil has internalize' the recommen'ation of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas "ICCAT( to %an the capture an' tra'e of the %igeye thresher "Alopias superciliosus($ The 22A an' 2/A have %een #or!ing to internalize more recent recommen'ations of ICCAT to %an catches an' mar!eting of the 8.

sil!y shar! "Carcharhinus $alci$ormis(, of the oceanic #hitetip shar! "Carcharhinus longimanus( an' of the hammerhea' shar! " phyrni'ae($ The practice of finning is %anne' in Brazil since 899M$ 22A an' 2/A are in the process of pu%lishing an agreement esta%lishing the lan'ing of shar!s #ith fins attache' to the %o'y$ The monitoring of Brazilian populations of elasmo%ranchs an' its conservation #ill also %e promote' %y the +;1I2A+ pro)ect$ The +;1I2A+ is an iniciative of the ectoral /lan for ea +esources - /+ 2, #hich is an offshoot of the National /olicy for ea +esources "/N+2(, esta%lishe' %y the Brazilian Navy an' coor'inate' %y 22A, #hich aims to assess, monitor an' promote the conservation of marine %io'iversity, to esta%lish scientific an' integrate' actions capa%le of supporting conservation policies an' to create management strategies for sustaina%le use of share' living resources$ Dinally, Brazil is alrea'y co-proponent, along #ith Costa +ica an' Non'uras, of the insertion of three species of hammerhea' shar! "Sphyrna lewini% Sphyrna mokarran an' Sphyrna zygaena( in CIT; Appen'i? II$ The proposal #ill %e 'efen'e' in 2arch -.85 at CO/ 83 "Bang!o!($ Durthermore, three a'itional proposals for inclusion in Apen'i? II #ill %e co-sponsore' %y Brazil: the Aerman proposal for the por%eagle "&amna nasus(, the Colom%ian proposal for the oceanic #hitetip shar! "Charcarinus longimanus( an' the ;cua'orian proposal for manta rays ""anta spp($
The pro)ect inten's to a''ress the paucity of consoli'ate' 'ata an' management recommen'ations in the ;nglish language as relate' to Brazilian shar! an' ray conservation$ 5$5$ Project 1oals and Purpose$ This proposal inten's to 'evelop an' ma!e availa%le for all intereste' parties an ;nglish version of the %oo! Actions to Conserve Sharks and Rays in Southern Brazil $ It is foreseen that a printe' version of 7.. copies #ill %e ma'e, an' that a #e%-%ase' 'o#nloa'a%le version #ill %e availa%le, %oth provi'e' %y the Brazilian 2inistry of the ;nvironment, #hich #ill also host the #e% version$ Both formats #ill %e 'istri%ute' free of any charges$ Besi'es the aca'emic an' management community, it is foreseen that the pu%lication #ill also %e 'istri%ute' %y the Brazilian government 'elegations to relevant international treaties, aiming at reaching the #i'est possi%le au'ience among legitimate sta!ehol'ers in international shar! an' ray management an' conservation, an' also to help foster ne#, enhance' multi-national partnerships regar'ing the species mentione' in the %oo!$

5$:$ Project %utputs and 2ndicators$ The pro)ect #ill result in printe' an' electronic ;nglish versions of the %oo! as mentione'$ In'icators #ill %e measure' as "a( completion of the translation )o% 'uring the pro)ect agree' timeline an' "%( copies printe' an' 'o#nloa'e', %oth at the en' of the pro)ect timeline an' later on as the pu%lication remains availa%le for the general pu%lic$ 5$7$ Project Activities and .ethodolo&#$


The main activities of the propose' pro)ect #ill %e centere' in the preparation of the ;nglish version of the %oo! %y the Institute an' its pu%lication an' 'istri%ution %y the 2inistry of the ;nvironment$ 5$3$ 3o&ical Frame4or5$ Complete a Fogical Drame#or! for the pro)ect using the format %elo#: +arrative Summar# Goal 'o promote $urther exchange and cooperation at the international level towards shark and ray conservation by making in$ormation generated in Brazil available in (nglish Purpose +i$$usion o$ in$ormation on shark and ray status and conservation in Southern Brazil to an international audience Outputs (nglish version made available Per6ormance 2ndicators Improved international exchange and cooperation on the sub)ect involving Brazil .eans o6 7eri6ication umber o$ exchanges*pro)ects*opportu nities $or cooperation and policy development generated Assumptions8Ris5s

($$ective distribution o$ $inalized product and its use in international $ora

"inistry o$ the (nvironment ,s records

Activities 10 'ranslation service e$$ected 20 3$$ice0 other administrative support 40 Printing costs 50 "ail costs 60 -eb setup costs

(nglish version $inished Printed copies published -eb version available $or download at website 10 7S8 9%6::0:: 20 7S8 1%2::0:: 407S8 12%6::0:: 507S8 1:::0:: 607S8 6::0::

.inal text as prepared Sample copy o$ printed version and statement by publisher (lectronic address o$ web/ based version available Pro)ect receipts*report Partner ;""A< report

Condition $or success re#uired to achieve the purpose and within control o$ the pro)ect management0


5$4$ Time 6rame 8 4or5 plan$ Develop a #or! plan using the template %elo#$ In'icate #hen activities, milestones an' outputs #ill %e accomplishe', as #ell as responsi%le person an' in'icator$ The propose' #or! plan shoul' %e consistent #ith the technical approach an' metho'ology, sho#ing un'erstan'ing of the Terms of +eference an' a%ility to translate them into a feasi%le #or!ing plan$ A list of the final 'ocuments, inclu'ing reports, presentations, outreach material to %e 'elivere' as final output, shoul' %e inclu'e' here in the column OOutputP$
9or5 Plan Activit# %utpu t .onths 1 ! : ; < = > ? @ 1 / 1 1 1 ! Responsibl e 2ndicato r Bud&et 9A.S2 Funds Co Financin& Total -BSC0

1 'rans lation servi ce e$$ect ed



Pro)ec t receipt s*repo rt

7S8 9%6::0 ::

3$$ic e0 other admi nistra tive supp ort



Pro)ec t receipt s*repo rt Pro)e ct receipt s*repo rt Pro)e ct receipt s*repo rt Pro)e ct receipt s*repo rt

7S8 1%2::0 ::

Printi ng costs


7S8 12%6::0 :: 7S8 1:::0: :

"ail costs


7 -eb

setup costs

7S8 6::0:: 7S8 8,7..$..

7S8140 6::

7S 857,.

5$M$ .onitorin& and )valuation$ The translate' %oo! itself is a'eBuate to evaluate the success of the pro)ect$ The num%er of %oo! copies an' the range of their 'istri%ution are also parameters to measure the impact of the proposal after its conclusion$
5$9$ Team Composition and Tas5 Assi&nment$ As previously note' the main tas! of translating the %oo! #ill %e assigne' to LosI Tru'a /alazzo, Lr$ as e?ternal consultant specialize' in marine


conservation policy an' research, co-author an' translator to ;nglish of several %oo!s i an' papers on relate' su%)ects$<or! on the pro)ect #ill %e supervise' %y 0athia 1asconcellos 2onteiro, /resi'ent of the Institute, an' 2onica Bric! /eres, manager of aBuatic %io'iversity an fishing ressources of the 2inistry of ;nvironment, %oth responsi%le persons in charge of receiving an' 'is%ursing fun's an' signing interim an' final reports$ 5$8.$ C7s o6 Proposed Sta66$ DosE Truda Pala''o Dr"$ /resi'ent of the Augusto Carneiro Institute$ Doun'er of the Baleia Dranca pro)ect "89M-(, the ol'est Brazilian pro)ect for the conservation of #hales, #hich aims to protect the species ;u%alaena australis$ In 89M9, he assiste' IBA2A in creating the <il'life +escue Center of DlorianHpolis$ In 899- he #as one of the responsi%les for the enactment of the ;nvironmental /rotection Area of Anhatomirim in the North Bay of DlorianHpolis$ In 8994, he %ecame a regular mem%er of the official Brazilian 'elegation of the International <haling Commission "I<C($ Ne also coor'inate' the proposal of the #hale sanctuary in the outh Atlantic an' the creation of the National hrine of <hales an' Dolphins$ Ne #as also a mem%er of the IBA2A pecial <or!ing Aroup for ABuatic 2ammals$

Fathia 7asconcellos .onteiro$ 1ice /resi'ent of the non profit organization NRcleo Amigos 'a Terra Brasil since 89M9$ he is the foun'er of the non profit organisations: Ape'ema & + S +e'e /rH *ni'a'es 'e ConservaTUo'a an' +e'e 2ata AtlVntica$ he articipate' in various councils an' national, state an' municipal committees$ he is currently 'e'icate' to the fight against the installation of ne# coal-fire' po#er plants an' the protection of the Atlantic forest$ .onica Bric5 Peres$ Ara'uate' in 2arine Biology at *niversi'a'e anta Wrsula, 2asters an' /hD in Biological Oceanography at the De'eral *niversity of +io Aran'e, Brazil, pecialization in Inter'isciplinary 0no#le'ge at the *niversity of 0iel, Aermany$ <or!e' #ith research an' marine conservation, fisheries %iology, in'ustrial an' artisanal fisheries assessment an' management, tra'itional !no#le'ge research, marine protecte' area selection an' 'esign, re' list assessment an' action plan for marine populations recovery$ 2em%er of the ciani'ae +e' Fist Authority an' of the Aroupers an' <rasses pecialist Aroup "I*CN($ cientific /ro'uction: author of 9 articles "International cientific Lournals(, 8 %oo!, 85 %oo! chapters an' 8 soft#are "for fisheries assessment(, M master an' /hD Committee, 7 master an' /hD gui'ance as main a'visor$

:$ Bud&et -! pa&es0$

Expenses Description

Translation service effected Office. other administrative support Printin costs !ail costs "e# setup

BUDGET (US Dolar) WHMSI Co-Financin Funds US$ 9,500.00 No funds need


US$ 9,500.00 US$ 1,200.00 US$ 12,500.00 US$ 1000.00 US$ 500.00

US$ 1,200.00
No funds need No funds need No funds need

No funds need

US$ 12,500.00 US$ 1000.00 US$ 500.00




<" Anne* 1$ ,ocument provin& the le&al e*istence o6 #our %r&ani'ation


Among #hich see: http:&&lo)a$culturasu%$com&pro'uct$phpXi'=pro'uctY-5 http:&&###$mar'ecetaceos$net&me'ia=files&'o#nloa'& antuarioAtlantico ur$p'f http:&&%aleiafranca$org$%r&opro)eto&pu%licacoes&2amGferosZ-.2arinhosZ-.'oZ-. ulZ-.'oZ-.Brasil=8994$p'f http:&&%aleiafranca$org$%r&opro)eto&pu%licacoes& antuJrioZ-.'eZ-.%aleiasZ-.noZ-. ulZ-.'o Z-.Brasil=-..8$p'f http:&&lo)a$culturasu%$com&pro'uct$phpXi'=pro'uctY-9

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