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Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2014.30 (PC Installation) Unlock ...


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Info Hash: )(*)(/00/$1$2BC&30$1$200100B/*.0A1330102

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Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2014.30 (PC Installation) Unlocked Navigate the streets with confidence. This product provides detailed road maps and points of interest for your device, so you can navigate with exact, turn-by-turn directions to any address or intersection. Includes more than 10.4 million km (6.5 million mi) of roads, including motorways, national and regional thoroughfares and local roads, in Western Europe and many countries in Eastern Europe. Displays more than 6 million points of interest throughout the region, including restaurants, lodging, border crossings, attractions, petrol stations, campsites and shopping. Gives turn-by-turn directions on compatible devices. Enhances pronunciation for compatible devices that speak street names (example: "Turn right on Main Street"). Includes navigational features, such as turn restrictions, roundabout guidance and speed categories. Contains traffic data for compatible devices that use traffic receivers. (DVD only) Includes computer software that lets you plan trips on your computer and transfer waypoints, routes and tracks between your computer and your device. HOW: 1. Unrar 2. install with CNEUNT2014_30Update.msi 3. Enjoy!


0N.N12.US D.3NL.0D

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Garmin City Navigator Europe NT 2014.30 (PC Installation) Unlock ...


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CodecPack is missin !

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