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Basic Switch congurations commands | Switch...

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08/19/2013 04:49 AM

Basic Switch congurations commands | Switch...

Basic Switch configurations commands


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In this artic le I will introduc e the Cisc o Internetwork Operating System (IOS) c om m and line interfac e (CLI) for the 2960 series switc h. You will need to logon to a switc h and bec om e fam iliar with the different levels of ac c ess on the switc h. You will also bec om e fam iliar with the c om m ands available to you in eac h m ode (user or privileged) and the switc h help fac ility, history, and editing features.


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Us er vs . Privileged Mode
User m ode is indic ated with the > next to the switc h nam e. You c an look at settings but c an not m ake c hanges from user m ode. In Privilege m ode, indic ated by the #, you c an do anything. T o get into privilege m ode the keyword is enable.

T o view all c om m ands available from this m ode type: ?T his will give you the list of all available c om m ands for the switc h in your c urrent m ode. You c an also use the question m ark after you have started typing a c om m and. For exam ple if you want to use a show c om m and but you do not rem em ber whic h one it is, use the ? as this will output all c om m ands that you c an use with the show c om m and.

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Configuration Mode
From privilege m ode you c an enter c onfiguration m ode by typing config term c om m and you c an exit c onfiguration m ode type type end or <CTL>+z

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Configuration of Cis co 2960 Switch

T o prac tic ally im plem ent these c om m and either c reate a sim ple topology on pac ket trac er or download this topology. Ddownload T opology

Now c lic k on any switc h and c onfigure it as given below T o know all available c om m and on user exec m ode type ? and press enter

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08/19/2013 04:49 AM

Basic Switch congurations commands | Switch...

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08/19/2013 04:49 AM