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What is Kenjutsu Kenjutsu is the collective term for all the schools of Japanese swordsmanship.

The term is particularly applicable to those which existed before the Meiji Restoration. The word Kenjutsu translates into the method or the technique of sword. Kenjutsu is well known for its use by the Samurai. They were considered the masters of the Japanese sword or Katana. The Samurai were experts in the use of the katana in a number of combat scenarios and this naturally made them great soldiers and strategists in wars. It is said that a few Samurai can kill their opponents with a single cut. The Kenjutsu is revered by samurais. Only a real samurai is able to master the art of Kenjutsu. The knowledge of kenjutsu is often used to separate the real samurais from ordinary ones. But in todays globalized world, the knowledge and use of Kenjutsu has spread far and wide from its origins in Japan. It is now available to anyone who wishes to practice it. There are many trainers who provide Kenjutsu training to prospective students. One cut, one kill In fact, the Samurai created a phrase one cut, one kill thus referring to the skill level of the swordsman as killing a person with a single cut is a very difficult thing to do. According to warrior lore, the katana also possessed a soul which is intrinsically connected with the sword wielder himself. This is why the Samurai were trained never to keep their swords in other places or throw it at the enemy. To do any one of these two means insulting the soul of the katana. Sword training was done with a bokken in place of a real katana. The bokken is a wooden replica of the real thing. It is said that a bokken in the right hands could be as dangerous as the sword itself. Prospective Samurais practiced the correct technique of grabbing the sword, the quick ways of sheathing and unsheathing the sword and also how to clean the katana. He also learnt how to respect the soul of the sword. The bokken is a very useful tool because it helps the samurai to gain the skills and practice that can be achieved with a katana but with less danger to himself and others. A samurai would train and improve his skills over a long time. After completing his training period, he would be ready to become a real samurai. About the Katana The Katana was the principal weapon of the Samurai. Having one is a honor in itself as not everybody had the permission to use or carry one. A skilled Samurai used the sword as an extension of his own body. They had superlative mastery of the blade and also honored the Bushido or the way or code of the warrior. They conducted their lives by the code. About Bushido Bushido is made up of seven principles or articles: 1. Gi-Rectitude

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Yu-Courage Jin-Benevolence Rei-Respect Makoto-Honesty Meiyo-Honor Chugi-Loyalty

Most important among the seven were Chugi and the Meiyo. The Samurai put loyalty and honor above everything else. He can sacrifice his life to the master he served and protect the master to make him a stronger warlord. Bushido was the most important aspect of the life of the Samurai. All Samurais were expected to abide by this code of conduct. Those who did not were ostracized or punished. A Samurai who strictly adhered to the code gained the respect and recognition of his peers. Kenjutsu Techniques The techniques of Kenjutsu is comparable to strategies used during wars and is dependent on the ground conditions, the source of light and the capability of the opponent. An effective Kenjutsu strike is a blend of a number of techniques like jabbing, feigning, thrusting, cutting, footwork, parrying and choice of weapon. Knowing the opponent's weapon also helps. According to Samurai fighting skill, any exposed part of the body of the opponent is a viable target. The footwork must be adopted to the purpose and the terrain. At Go2Karate we list a large amount and variety of martial art schools that will serve your needs in the Kenjutsu category of martial arts. You can learn the methods of swordsmanship at any of the training institutes mentioned in the website. Go2Karate has developed effective training strategies that can help you to quickly learn Kenjutsu and start applying it to real life situations. Most people benefit from as little as two months of training that Go2Karate provides.