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Yogas Named after Deities Yogas Named after Deities Yogas Named after Deities Yogas Named after


Race Across Americas, once in 1982, and again in 1983, in addition to
finishing second several times. One of the results of Guruda Yoga, strong
and feared by his enemies, holds true; the Race Across America is
considered by some to be one of the most demanding races in the world.
Mars being the significant yoga-forming planet supports his athletic success.
Mars forming the Guruda Yoga does not indicate the career; it simply
benefits the career due to the fact that the career is a Martial career, which is
indicated otherwise.

Kubera Tulya Raja Yoga
In the horoscope of criminal and
public enemy number one, John
Dillinger, the Moon is in its exaltation
rasi Taurus and in an angle, forming
Kubera Tulya Raja Yoga. Dillinger
gained his wealth by robbing banks. In
Rahu/Venus he robbed several banks
and raided three police stations in
order to free fellow criminals. This
yoga not only gave him wealth but also
made him the leader of a band of
criminals. The Dasa lord, Rahu, is in the Moons nakshatra, Hasta, and,
therefore, must give the results of the Moon and the Kubera Tulya Raja
Yoga. Hasta is the nakshatra that has the power to gain what one is seeking
and put it in ones hands. One if the things that Hasta rules, therefore, is
thieves, this thieving quality being brought out in Dillingers horoscope by
the presence of two malefics in Hasta. The antardasa lord, Venus, is
interchanged with the yoga-forming planet, the Moon. The 6
lord Moon in
exchange with the 4
lord of banks is the most important factor indicating
his robbing banks, especially since Venus is the 9
lord of law in the 6

house rasi aspected by the 6
lord Moon and 8
lord Mercury, supporting
his breaking the law. The association of Rahu with Mars in the 8
much to do with his making his career violent during Rahu dasa.
Rahu/Venus periods always indicate important events revolving around
relationships, and so it was with Dillinger: Dillinger had forced a plastic
surgeon to alter his face so that no one would recognize him, but was
betrayed to the authorities by a woman the woman in red at a theater
John Dillinger
Jun. 22, 1903
39N37, 86W22
Mooresville, IN
23:50 EST
Ke Me
m = M =