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Isnt democracy grand?

A perspective essay on how the Muslim Brotherhood got into power by those whom they claim to resent the most and ultimately serve and fall to. Most global citizens by now know Americas soft power is projected by Hollywood movies. Films which more often than not, are fabricated and fantasized version of life; seldom does the good guy always win. Regrettably, as far as some downtrodden kids in the 3rd world are concerned, America really does have Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. Hence why the Ummah of prophet Mohamed wants Western Democracy even though the problems that plague Western Europe and the U.S. is due to too much liberal democracy given to the people as if it was in their best interest. Did you know that the founding fathers of the U.S. actually despised democracy? The only reason they chose democracy was because it was the only way to ensure that some deranged leader doesnt come into power and consider himself king. They knew that full democracy in the hands of the masses would lead to mob rule. In some U.S. states, a Muslim cant divide his will due to Shairah law, but is more than welcome to relinquish his entire worldly possessions and wealth to his pit Chihuahua all because 51 plus percent of that state voted against Shariah law. Coincidently, the U.S. senators were NOT chosen by the people, but appointed by legislature and only the house of reps where elected by the people of the state to represent them in congress. I find it ironic that this setup was very similar to the early political system of the rightly guided Caliphs. The people of the tribe would choose the best of their tribesmen to represent them. And the best (in knowledge and religion) of the tribe would put forth their peoples genuine interest before the Caliph. This is known as participatory democracy and is exactly how Gadhaffi kept peace and security in Libya for over 40 years. Unlike some news outlets and Rats who claim he kept peace by pitting one Libyan tribe against another. Back to Hollywood, the 6 founding fathers of Hollywood were all Jewish migrants from Eastern Europe. The (six) studios they founded 100 years ago are still operating and dominating the movie business to this day! Coincidently, Hollywood was founded the same year as the Federal Reserve was in 1913. This was also the same year that the constitution was amended so Senators can be elected by their States population. Rumor has it that the Hollywood Jews were funded by Henry Ford and the Rothchilds. There is a very nice and detailed book about the founding fathers of Hollywood and their rise to dominance from their early ages in Eastern Europe to their deaths in the mid 1950s. The book is called An empire of their own: How the Jews built Hollywood. They did a one hour documentary about this book in 1997 with the author providing some commentary. The episode of course doesnt do justice to the book. But the one thing they kept brining up was that these 6 Jews were born 500 miles within one another in Eastern Europe and ended up living within 15 miles of each other in Hollywood. I just couldnt help telling myself this is a perfect scenario for Sheikh Imran Hoseins Was this by accident? line! Some food for thought, the American Dream, which as we all know is a two-storey house, white picket fence, two point three beautiful children, a trophy wife and a two car garage, was actually invented by the Eastern European Jews of Hollywood in the 40s to give the common man an aspiration to strive for. Truth is, it was all a gimmick to sell movie tickets.

As for future predictions about Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood and the ultimate demise of the country - Some have mentioned scenarios that in order for Muslims to look like barbaric and backward savages under Shariah law, that the Zionists will bring forth two adulterers and request that they be punished according to Shariah law, which is stoning to death. This of course, will make Muslims look like barbaric backward fools and thus the Western world has a real threat and many moderate/liberal Muslims will abandon the religion. NOPE! The MB first and foremost is a business organization. Just like terrorists and rebels use Islam to justify their wanton destruction of property and killings, the MB uses Islam as a tool to force their business acumen over others. They have NO inclination to enforce or even apply Shariah law for the simple fact that they would be its biggest violators! How can the MB tell Egyptians to shun Western culture and lifestyle if they themselves got their higher education from the West. And their children are not only following in their footsteps, but living in the West with Western citizenships! How can the MB tell Egyptians to give up usury when they are enthusiastically begging world powers to loan them money! Im surprised the Morsi and his cronies who claim to be the best of Muslims and got their PHDs from top Western institutions dont know that: 1) The entire Western financial system that lends money to the 3rd world specifically calculate how much money that country would make from that loan so they can take back that profit in interest. And if a country misses a payment, theyll never again catch-up to the interest that keeps accruing no matter what. 2) Are they not aware of the verses in the Quran and Hadith that specifically warn Muslims to stay away from usury and that the prophet Muhammad and his God would declare war on those who deal with it, even they are just a witness to its transaction. Perhaps Mossad confiscated their religious texts and expunged those verses unbeknownst to them and Alazhar too! Here is my personal prediction for Egypt under the MB dear Sheikh. Only God knows the future, though. 1) Qatar will soon buy the Suez Canal on behalf of the Zionists and their cohorts. Arabs, in particular, Bedouin Arabs, who God himself cursed in the Quran, do not do any good deed unless theres an evil ulterior motive behind it. 2) Egypt will hand back to Israel the Sinai Peninsula and whatever lands they wish to posses in anticipation of the arrival of the Dajjal on a palladium (not silver) platter! Heres how. The MB is stupidly auctioning off their U.S. dollar cash reserves in a bid to keep the Pound stable. The international loans they are receiving are NOT greenbacks (cold hard cash), but electronic money. The problem with this is that electronic money is controlled by those who issue it. If they froze Gadhaffis money, you better believe they will do the same to Egypt. Egypt is the biggest importer of wheat in the world. Combine the above two predictions for Egypt, and you will have the worst case scenario. Egypt cannot afford to pay the interest on their loans, their cash reserves are depleted, and Zionist controlled Western powers threaten to freeze all Egyptian financial

assets lest the country declares bankruptcy. Millions will starve to death. Perhaps the bloodiest revolution in human history would occur. Theres no need for Washington and Israel to declare war on Egypt to weaken the nation and confiscate its lands and resources like many claim. The Muslim Brotherhood will furnish their enemy with whatever wish they demand. And all this dear Egyptians is because your sons and daughters have watched one too many Hollywood movies. Isnt democracy grand, folks?