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I take this opportunity to thank and express my sincere gratitude to Mr. TDS Bhardwaj, Lecturer in Physics who guided me for this project and without whose efforts, this project would not have been completed. I put my sincere efforts to make this project interesting. I fully consulted all the available books on this subject and I am thankful to esteemed authors. I also want to mention the Physics Laboratory Assistant who also helped me a lot. In the end, I am thankful to all those who took interest in the successful completion of the project.

Yashveer II !"on#$edical% &oll "o '

(ertified that the investigatory project entitled M s!"a# Be##$ was carried out in Physics by Yashveer, a student of II !"on#$edical%,

)iandeep Public *chool, +urukshetra as a partial fulfillment of the practical work conducted by the ,oard of *econdary -ducation, "ew .elhi.

Mr. TDS Bhardwaj Lecturer in Physics,

/. Aim 0. &e1uirements 2. $ain 3unction of (omponents 4. 5heory 6 Procedure 7. (ircuit .iagram


A!)* 5o make a circuit for $usical ,ell. Bas!" Re+ !re)e,-s* &esistance /+ 8 &0,2 09:+ & 4,7 ; 22+ 8 .iode ./, 0 in 4::9 8 5ransistor 5/,0, ,-L /<9/ I( "=7:7 I( ,ase .P.5 *lide *witch *peaker (apacitors / 0 0 0


The/r0* 5his circuit produces a musical tone whenever someone touches the touch point designated as 5P in the circuit. 5he circuit works from two AA cells and produces enough sound. 5he circuit uses I( >$ 24</ commonly used in musical circuits. 5he I( contains a &?$ with 7/0 musical notes, tone generator, rhythm generator, modulator, run off control, oscillators, fre1uency divider and preamplifiers,. *o a very few number of components is re1uired for this circuit.(/ and &/ act as the timing components for the built in oscillator. 5he transistor @/ is used for driving the loud speaker. 5he base of the transistor @0 is used as the touch point to trigger the musical bell.

e1 Tra,s!s-/rs* 5wo transistors are used here. !,-L /<9%. A junction of transistor is obtained by growing a thin layer of one type of semi conductor in between two thick layers of other similar type of semi conductors. 5hese are two junctions and 2 terminals. 5hree terminals' emitter, base and collector. -mitter base junction is at low impudence and collector base junction base junction is at high impudence. 21 Ca3a"!-/r* (apacitors are of three types' electrolytic, paper and ceramic capacitor. In this circuit ceramic capacitor is used. An arrangement of the two capacitors separated by a dieleciric medium is said to form a ceramic capacitor.

(ircuit .iagram ?f $usical ,ell