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About Twitter

Twitter is a new social media that helps people connected to others. This media attracts everybody because it provides opportunity to share activities quickly and easily. People agree that twitter is interesting because it can be used easily. Besides that, on twitter we do not need to confirm someone who wants to be our follower. Another benefit of using twitter is we can follow many celebs that we like. We are able to know what they have done recently. People prefer twitter because it can be navigated easily. The twitter has only a few buttons to operate. Some people say that they dont like twitter. They feel that twitter is not interesting. There are only a few characters that can be posted on Twitter. It is only 140 characters. It makes people very difficult to express their idea freely. People seem to dislike Twitter because it is often over posted. They say that they are often disappointed when they cannot log into Twitter because of full tweeps. Twitter is good for someone who wants to tell something in short text. It seems more effective and efficient.

Group 13

Good and Bad Habit Watching Television

Television becomes part of our life. Everyday we watch television. We usually watch television after working, getting together with our family, even when we are working. As the part of our life, television has bad and good effects. People have different opinion about the negative and positive impacts of watching TV. The bad effects most people say are TV makes us lack of movement. We stay for a long time in our TV. It's not healthy life. They also say that TV influence our daily life. Sometimes we don't realize that we become more consuming after watching various ads. Some TV shows influence the way children act. The rudeness and violence come to our house without permission through television. But, the other people say that television has a good impact. We can get much information from TV. When there is something happened in another city, we know directly, fastly through the news on TV. TV also makes us relax. After working all day, we come home and turn on TV to watch funny and comedy videos. We can conclude that TV has a good and bad effects to our life. Our task is how to choose the good things and try to take away the bad one.

Group 10

Students Have Date, Pros Cons

In school, we always find some students have a date. They build a relationship with their friends in the school or the other schools. Students have different opinion about it. Some of them agree if students may have a date, but the others disagree. Some students agree if they may have special relationship. They think that dating is good to build a spirit of studying. They can be happy during the school hour because they can meet their love. Moreover, dating is good to prepare for a serious relationship before married. The other students disagree about dating whent they are still students. They say dating is annoying when they quarrel with their boyfriends or girlfriends. It can break our concentration to study. Moreove, dating can be an easy access to free sex. It may harm the students to reach their future dream.

Group 3

Convenience or Care?
When something issued by someone, we say it has been consumed. We as consumers use many things, both natural and processed. We consume more of the Earths resources than other animals do and, as a result, we cause problems for the environment. Like all animals, we need clean air and water, food and shelter for survival. Unlike other animals, however, we have certain want. These are items that are not necessary for our survival, but that we want because they make our lives easier or more enjoyable. Environments claims that a great deal of waste is created by both the production and the consumption of these items or product. Disposable products, such a pens, take away food containers, plates, shavers and cutlery, are made using the Earths resources. When these products are thrown away, the resources are lost. Another example of waste is the unnecessary packaging on many products. The material is often not recycled and used again. Throwing thing away also increases pollution. The amount of disposable plastic litter that ends up in waterways is a serious problem. When this waste reaches the oceans, it can kill marine life. Industrialist counter these arguments with their own point of view. They claim that consumers expect to be able to purchase food which is attractively presente d, prepackaged to extent its life and easy to store. In a busy society, convenience is a priority. Products which make life easier, era in demand. Industrialist argue that they cater to this perceived need. Packaging is also big business and provides jobs for many people who might otherwise be unemployed and a burden to society. Environmentalist declare that for thousands of year, people survived perfectly well with re-usable products. However, people of the twenty-first century have become used to wing in a thrown-away society. It is up to each one of us to dispose of waste products carefully, recycle as much as possible and to reduce the stress on our environment. Think when buying pre-packaged goods and consider whether the same products can be bought without the extra wrappings. Lets make the best of what we have.
Group 8

Pros and Cons of Listening to The Music when Studying

Music is something that important to our living . If in this world there is no music, the world will be felt quite. People usually listen to the music when they do the other activity. Instead, some students are listening to the music when they are studying. On the positive side, listening to the music when studying is very helpful. We can balance our brain, between left brain and right brain. When we get stress because we cant answer the question, like mathematics or physics lesson music will make our stress go away. And we will be not bored when studying if we are listening to the music too. On the negative side, listening to the music when studying can disturb our concentration. We will not focus with our studying. Instead, we will focus with the music. Every person has their own characteristics. Most of them like listening to the music when studying and others dislike listening to music when studying. It depends on our selves. Group 12

The Ban on Smoking in Public Places

Smoking ban in public places has been a hot issue these last months not only in Malta but also in various countries who are discussing the effects a ban would have. There have been several debates on smoking ban. Even though the harmful effects of smoking, both active and passive, are well known and undeniable smoking is far from being in decline; it is spreading among young people in particular quickly. Most controversial debate is going on public smoking ban. The reason is simple, smoking ban affects directly all people rapidly and we can see its effects in a shortterm period. There have been a lot of arguments brought up both in favour and against a public smoking ban. Some of the arguments in favour are the following. Smoking ban is one of the controversial ways for reducing smoking and recognizing non-smokers right to health protection. The health risks of smoking are clear. Passive smoking does carry risks. Many leading medical and scientific organizations recognize second hand smoke as a cause of a range of life-threatening conditions. The health situation could be drastically improved if one of the risk factors - tobacco - was eliminated. People have a right to protect themselves from smoke inhalation. People shouldnt have to inhale the ill-effects of other peoples smoking. The creation of smoke-free public places also improves air quality. Those opposing a smoking ban say that freedom of choice would be affected by such legislation. Some people against a ban say that smoking bans damage business. A smoking ban could lead to a significant fall in earnings from bars, restaurants and casinos. Another argument is that the smoker has a basic human right to smoke in public places, and the ban is a limitation for smokers rights. Businesses, smokers, publicans, tobacco industries, stars, and some of the non-smokers oppose public smoking ban. Smokers light a cigarette because they need to smoke, not because they want it, because nicotine is physically addictive. Therefore, some smokers think that the public smoking ban is oppressiveness. They see the ban as a treatment to smokers as second-class citizens. Smokers agree that the smoking ban benefits the world, but cannot support the ban, because effects of nicotine obstruct them. Public smoking ban needs to be measured and understood better. Smokers should not be made to look like outcasts, but smokers should respect non-smokers when sharing places. I agree that completely smoke-free places are the ideal, and some businesses have taken the decision to go completely smoke-free. However, everyone agrees that, it is a matter of rights - the right of smokers to smoke versus non-smokers to protect from

passive smoking and to breathe clean air.

Group 2
Giving Children Homework; Pro and Con There are a lot of discussion as to whether children should be given homework or not. Is it enough for children having time to study at school or needing additional time in home for study after school time? Some people claim that children do enough work in school already. They also argue that children have their hobbies which they want to do after school, such as sport or music. A further point they make is that a lot of homeworks are pointless and does not help the children learn at all. However, there are also strong arguments against this point of view. Parents and teachers argue that it is important to find out whether children can work on their own without the support from the teacher. They say that the evening is a good time for children to sit down and think about what they have learned in school. Furthermore they claim that the school day is too short to get anything done. It makes sense to send home tasks like independent reading or further writing task which do not need the teacher support. I think, on balance, that some homework is good idea but that should only given at the weekend when children have more time.

Group 9