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Columbia Business School Format

Students are required to use the Columbia Business School format for rsums submitted to the rsum book: Resume should be one page Experiences and schools are listed in reverse chronological order (most recent first) Margins are adequate; recommend minimum of 0.75" Font is serif (Times New Roman recommended) and 10-12 point. Anything smaller is difficult to read Graphics should be kept to a minimum so as not to interfere with scanning Education and experience sections are formatted similarlyschools are listed in the same format as employers, degrees in the same format as positions Geographic locations are listed to the right of employer names and schools Date ranges are noted in years only, not months; the same format used throughout the resume The rsum includes four separate blocks of information: NAME SECTION: Place the name block in the top right corner of the page Make sure that your contact information is current and will be valid for one year and that you use your Columbia lifetime e-mail address. EDUCATION SECTION Columbia Business School is represented as such, not Graduate School of Business, Columbia University or otherwise An intended area of curriculum focus may be listed if you believe you will be able to meet the requirements for a given concentration Optional: include GMAT if over 700; undergraduate GPA of 3.5 + EXPERIENCE SECTION Convey key responsibilities and accomplishments relevant to your intended target rather than simply listing your job duties Use action verbs and target-appropriate key words so that hiring managers don't have to guess about your experience and qualifications Quantify results whenever possible, e.g., increased revenues 20%, saved $500,000. If you cannot quantify results, describe them in qualitative terms (e.g., improved customer service.) Use bullet points to make your rsum easier to read. Limit bullet points to six per job and list in order of relevance for the job you are currently pursuing If you are a career changer, make your experience relevant by highlighting the transferable skills you identified in the Self Assessment section If you are changing functions or industries, avoid jargon or buzz words specific to your current environment that may not be understood by a perspective employer ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

Only include information relevant to your target audience or which positions you as unique in some way Include professional associations or licenses, language fluency, permanent work authorization or visa status, volunteer activities and personal interests Do not include information about your age, marital status or health