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Public Speeking (UBE 2023) Lecture Name :Madam Azwani Binti Mansor Student Name: Wan MuhamadTaufik Bin

Wan Mustafa (12010246) Sem: 4(1)

The Negative Effects of Global Warming

Assalamualaikum and good evening to Mdm Hazwani and my fellow friends, I am Wan Muhamad Taufik Bin Wan Mustafa from Ijazah Usuluddin Group 1. Today I would like to talk about the negative effects of global warming. As we all know, global warming causes many negative results to the world and human health. Global warming is the rise in the average temperature of earth`s atmosphere and ocean. For your information, global warming is usually happens due to human-made activities. Have you realized that there are too many disasters that happen nowadays? We does not really feel the impact on us until they come. May be our new generation will not be able to see this world as we see now. There are too many serious negative effect of global warming that occurs as we all know from television, radio, newsletter and so on. Three of the negative effects of Global Warming are facing drought and floods, raising sea level and threatening weather.
The first of the three negtive effects is facing drought and floods. Based on Macmillan English dictionary, drought is a long period of time when there is little or no rain and crops die.When the temperature rise, water evaporates will also be quicker.The evaporated water is likely to condense to form clouds and fall as rain or snow. However, the rainfall will not be evenly distributed. In dry areas where water is scarce and the plant life depends on water from lakes and rivers, the increased evaporation is likely to worsen the dry conditions and a drought occurs. Therefore ,crops will die and famine might be the result as food production will decrease because of crops not be able to adapt to the extreme conditions. In wet areas, more water will be evaporated and will eventually fall in these areas as rain or snow. This might result floods. The second of the three negative effects is raising sea level. A rise in sea level is one of the bestknown consequences of global warming. As we all know, there is about 97% of earth`s water is in the oceans already. As global temperatures have risen, some of this ice has begun to melt. As land ice melts and the meltwater runs down to the sea, it obviously adds water to the oceans and raises sea levels. Furthermore, those who live at low-lying coastal areas will flood and maybe even be submerged. Base on a research of Geophysical Research letter by Georetski and K.P Kolterman (2007), All most 2/3 of the world`s population live within 150km of the coastline. Therefore, millions of homes and lives will be lost as coastal areas go underwater. Therefore, many small islands are also in danger. The sea water will flood farm areas and damage crops and we will lose our food supply.


The third of the negative effects is threatening weather. This extreme weather produced by the imbalanced of earth climate that was causes by global warming. Unfortunately, those imbalance climates have changed them into unpredictable weather. The heat up on certain areas could lead to forest burning and releases more CO2 to atmosphere. During storms or hurricane, we see bigger wave even worse. They could destroy every single thing on their way. Could you imagine what could happen if there were storm every day? Many home, farms, crops, nature forest, beach and recreation areas will lose. Finally, after hurricanes and storm occurred, bacteria and many kind of virus will easily spread. Many will suffer and get sick from bacteria and virus from water after storm or hurricanes such as cholera, malaria, and many more. In short, earth biological including agriculture biodiversity and human health are vulnerable to climate change that may be caused by global warming such as drought and floods, the raising of sea level and extremely weather. This reason show that the global warming was caused by human hands. This effect could last for centuries if we don`t change it now. That all from me for today, thanks for listening to my speech. I hope all of us will get many benefits and information from my speech. Assalamualaikum