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Prophetic Fulfillments


Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether or not we are living in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramatic proof that these are the endtimes. The proofs below defy coincidence.

In Revelation 16:12, the Bible predicts that the Euphrates River will be dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the east to invade Israel. This will happen at the time of the Battle of Armageddon according to verse 16 of the same chapter. The Battle of Armageddon will be the final battle at which time Jesus will return and fight on the side of the nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will establish His kingdom and usher in His one thousand-year reign of peace. On January 13, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried the headline Turkey Will Cut Off Flow of Euphrates for One Month. The article stated that a huge reservoir had been built by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow of the Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a concrete plug for a diversion channel built. These things have now been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has the ability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditions for fulfilling this 1,900 year-old prophecy are now in place. the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million soldiers will launch a war which would kill the third part of men. Never in the history of the world until our present generation has there been a power on earth that could field 200 million soldiers. However, the late ruler of China, Mao Tse Tung, boasted in his diary that he could field an army of 200 million. The CIA World Factbook reports that in the year 2001, it is estimated that China has 200,886,946 men of military age, and this number is growing by 10 million per year.

Euphrates River to Be Dried Up

China Goes to War

In Revelation 9:15-16,

In Revelation 13, the Bible prophesies that a world dictator will soon rule over a world government. He will cause all people in the earth to receive a number without which they will be unable to buy or sell. We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in a most astonishing way. Nearly every human being in the world now has been assigned a number. In America it is our Social Security number. In the past few years, we have seen this number extended to newborns. A child without a Social Security number cannot be declared as a dependent on an income tax return. We have seen the emergence of electronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many people urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things could not possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Only after the invention of the computer could such a worldwide numbering system be administered. Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of a world government. The term New World Order has become a prevalent phrase in the worlds political culture. Mikhail Gorbachev made the term famous, and Pope John Paul II has referred to it repeatedly. In the September 12, 1990 issue of the Chicago Tribune, our former president George Bush said, Iraq is the first test for the New World Order. He emphatically stated that the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. The United Nations troops are continually referred to as the multi-national forces. The decision has been made to establish an interdependent community of nations that will rule the world under United Nations authority. The Bible says that this will lead us into a great world government. The formation of this government is at hand.

Worldwide Numbering System Predicted

The Emergence of a New World Order

Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertaining to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously?
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Coincidence or Divine Providence?


here are the two most exciting places on earth to travel during the year 2005? How about Israel, where Jesus lived, died and was raised 2,000 years ago. And Italy, home of the Vatican, which will play a very prominent role in endtime Bible prophecy. Add United Nations Headquarters in New York and the stunning beauty of Veniceand you have the trip of a lifetime! I want to personally invite you to join us for Prophecy Tour 2005. You wont want to miss it!

In Florence:

On our way to Florence we will drive through the hill towns of Tuscany and Umbria. Soak in the beauty of Florence at night. Tour two of the worlds top museums. See Michaelangelos David.

In Venice:

In New York:

First we will visit UN Headquarters, the seat of world government. Experience a private briefing from a UN official, followed by a Q & A session! From there, its on to Israel!

In Israel:

Built on a hundred islands, its exotic palaces are laced together by sun-speckled canals. By day, its a city of museums and churches, packed with great art, all within a half-hours walk. Cruise the canals on a vaporetto waterbus. Hop on a gondola at sunset. Plenty of free time to shop for local crafts, such as glass and lace, or for high fashions. Or just wander the car-free streets aimlessly pretending that the day will never end. Ah, Venice!

We will stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus will stand when He returns. Visit the Temple Mount itself where the Third Temple will soon be built. See the cornerstone intended for the rebuilding of the Third Temple. At the Temple Institute we will see the vessels and the garments already prepared for resumption of temple worship. Visit the Garden Tomb and the Garden of Gethsemane. See the site of the coming Battle of Armageddon. Visit Judean settlements where Jesus prophesied great tribulation will come in the near future (Matthew 24:15-21). Sing your way across the Sea of Galilee on a boat. Imagine yourself as Peter walking on the waterand much, much more! Then... the tour heads for Rome!

The cost for the entire UN, Israel, Italy tour will be $2,895 plus tips and taxes. You can ensure your place on the tour by sending a deposit of $300 as soon as possible. Total payment will need to be made 70 days before departure. If you have further questions, call Mary Beth Stigleman at 1-800ENDTIME.

In Rome:

In Rome tour Vatican City, St. Peters Square, the amazing Vatican Museum, the famous Roman Colosseum, and more if time allows.

Sign-up Deadline Approaching!

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EDITORIAL Irvin Baxter



Editor-in-Chief: Irvin Baxter Jr. Assistant Editor: Eddie Sax Editorial Assistants: Ginger Boerkircher, Liz Freeman Research: Kathy McKinney Product Sales/Subscriptions: David Robbins

s we enter the year 2005, the major tracks of prophetic fulfillment are moving ahead at full speed. This year will be pivotal for endtime events. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said of this year: And in 2005, we have the opportunity for an historic breakthrough in the relations between us and the Palestinians, a breakthrough for which we have waited many years. If the breakthrough that Mr. Sharon hopes for materializes, the final seven years to Armageddon prophesied about in scripture would most likely begin this year. Meanwhile, war continues in the Land of the Euphrates. The war in Iraq, that all of us thought was over a year and a half ago, is now escalating. Are we winning or losing the War on Terrorism? Right now, we dont know for sure. We do know this, however: The end is not in sight. The challenges ahead are much greater than those behind. Iran is determined to possess nuclear weapons. The United States and Israel are determined to prevent it. North Korea claims that she already has nukes and the ability to deliver them. The U.S. is insisting that she give them up. Taiwan wants to be free from the claims of ownership from Mainland China. China says she will go to war before allowing Taiwanese independence. Those of us who study Bible prophecy have a huge advantage as we peer into the future. We know the Bible plainly foretells a war that will kill one-third of mankind. And we know

that war will originate from the Land of the Euphrates.

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Now for the challenge

We at Endtime Ministries have been sounding the alarm for some time concerning the prophesied war that will kill 2 billion human beings. Recently, however, a new urgency has seized us. Does God really want us to merely announce that 2 billion souls will soon be annihilated from the earth, while doing nothing about their salvation? Obviously not! The question is notwill it happen? The only question iswhen? Knowing this to be true, we are determined to reach these 2 billion people with the only saving message on earththe gospel of Jesus Christ. Somehow, we intend to reach every one of them with the message of salvation before the prophesied destruction. We have launched a new effort to expand the reach of our daily radio broadcast, Politics & Religion. Through syndication, we have an opportunity to dramatically increase the number of stations carrying our program. We also desperately need to beef up our international shortwave coverage and the effectiveness of Endtimes Internet outreach. If you want to help finance these critical goals during 2005, simply call 1-800-ENDTIME with your donation. Can we reach every person on earth with the vital message of the endtime? By ourselvesno. Togetheryes! e


that the Bible is the inspired Word

of God, that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kindgom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel 2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) will have eternal life and rule as kings and priests with Christ forever.


In 1968, Irvin Baxter discovered the United States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, reuniting Germany, and that event would be the catalyst to spark an international movement called the New World Order. These things have now come to pass. Irvin Baxter, a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message For The President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulllment accelerated rapidly. The decision was made to launch ENDTIME. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show that they are now being fullled in intricate detail. Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation. ENDTIME does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as they may be. This will be left to other publications.


JAN / FEB VOL. 15 / NO. 1

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Clinton eyes UN post Closer ties between UN and business Leaders sign EUs rst constitution Big three in last ditch talks with Iran Israel will become pariah state in 10 years Religious hatred alive and well in Britain WCC and Rome collaborate



Though it was unnoticed by many, 2004 was a banner year for the fulllment of the prophecies of the Bible. Important developments took place in every major area of endtime prophecy.


Knowing what is going to happen and watching current events as they develop enables us to understand where we are on Gods time clock. Using these principles, lets consider what we may be able to anticipate for 2005.


Fact or ction, global warming takes the globalists where they want to go, with Russia signing the UNs Kyoto Protocol on global warming. How might this help usher in the prophesied endtime socialist oneworld government of the Antichrist?


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He was Israels most implacable foe. A look back and a look ahead.



A Chinese invasion of Taiwan is a commonly accepted probability that stretches far beyond the borders of Endtime. Its a view shared by the Council on Foreign Relations, the brain trust of world affairs.



Some people say you have! In this new era of political correctness and hate crime legislation, how do the architects of the emerging New World Order dene genocide? Not like we think! The Great Tribulation will arise when governments attempt to control what we say and what we believe.




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Arafats body for a temple

Do you think it is possible that Arafats body could be used as a bargaining chip for the Jews to rebuild the Third Temple? The Palestinians want Arafat buried on the Temple Mount. Israel wont allow it; yet they want to rebuild their temple. Is it out of the realm of possibility that some kind of compromise could be reached in which the Jews could allow Arafat to be buried in the outer court while the Arabs allow the Jews to build their temple? -J. Boswell
REPLY: The very possibility that you have mentioned has occurred to me. In order for the temple to be built and the Temple Mount placed under a sharing arrangement, considerable compromises will have to be made by both sides. Burying Arafat on the Temple Mount could be one of them.

to or worshiping the Antichrist and his world governmental system that we must never do. I have avoided cooperating with the moves toward the cashless society in order to do everything I can to slow it down.

against Kofi Annan. What might be the repercussions of this? Could it be the door that opens for the Antichrist to come to power? -Bonnie
REPLY: It was the workers union of the UN that was preparing a vote of no confidence. They were upset with Kofi Annans failure to discipline a UN official that had been accused of corruption and other improprieties. I think this has now been smoothed over. However, its still possible that Annan could be implicated in Iraqs oil-for-food scandal. His son appears to be a principal target of the investigation. Whether Annan leaves early or serves the remainder of his term until 2006, he doesnt have much longer to hold the job. We dont know for certain that the Antichrist will actually hold the ofce of Secretary general of the UN. However, the person that is in this position will undoubtedly play a key role during the reign of the Antichrist.

Angel Quartet

Do you think that the Quartet (U.S., EU, UN, and Russia) could be the four angels from Revelation 9:14 that are loosed as part of the 6th Trumpet war? I ask this with Ephesians 6:12 stuck in my head, especially the part about spiritual wickedness in high places. God bless you for what you are doing. The truth has set me free. -B.Bentley
REPLY: I dont think this could be the right explanation for the four angels since the EU, UN and Russia really have no connection to the Euphrates that I know of. Hebrews 1:13-14 says that angels are ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation. Of course, this refers to good angels. We know from the scriptures that onethird of the angels rebelled against God. These angels would also be ministering spirits, but they would be evil in their activity. The four angels of the Euphrates would come from these evil angels. We know this because these angels have been dwelling in bondage.

Drawing the line

I really enjoyed your prophecy conference in Indianapolis. My question is... what will you do when confronted with banks requesting thumbprints in order to have a checking account? When my bank requested it I refused, but was told that eventually all banks will require it. Where does one draw the line? -Irene
REPLY: I have never given my thumbprint or any other biomorphic identification to anyone for any reason. However, I dont believe it is sinful to do so. Its not the technology that is sinful. It will be pledging allegiance

The Gorbachev report

No confidence in Kofi

I heard that the UN was going to give a vote of No Confidence

Thought youd appreciate this. My company sent me to the Living Leadership conference today telecasted out of Atlanta to over 90 cities worldwide. Among the speakers was Mikhail Gorbachev. (Very pompous; made it a point to say that he was extremely pressed for time and could only speak to us for a few minutes before he had to leave for a global conference in Italy on important world affairs.) Key points of his speech:




The United States acted unilaterally in Iraq The United States is the sole nation that has fostered a growth in terrorism as a result of Iraq The United States has undermined World Law and the World Court and must be accountable for its actions The world needs a global charter on the environment The world cannot sustain itself at its present course of consumption The United States is the chief benefactor of the worlds resources His speech was extreme and way off topic. It was a qualities of effective leadership conference. At any rate, his message dovetails into everything that you have been citing over the years. -A. Moede

when we were touring the Vatican in 1993. He off-handedly said, The word Vatican means the hill of the sorcerers and the soothsayers. The place was named Vatican before it became the property of the Roman Catholic Church. When they acquired it, they thought to change its name, because of the meaning. However, they never did. This fact takes on tremendous importance when we realize that Rome is the Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17-18; and when we see that Revelation 18:23 says of Roman Catholicism: for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

Physical Israel, the chosen

Beyond Gorbachev

Some thought Arafat might have been the Antichrist. You have stated that Gorbachev is a likely candidate. What happens when Gorbachev dies? Any new likely candidates waiting in the wings? -R. Blanchette
REPLY: I have never claimed to know for sure who the Antichrist will be. As you mention, I have felt that Gorbachev was one of the most likely candidates. If he is to actually become the endtime world leader, events must develop almost immediately, since the age factor will soon eliminate him. Among others that bear watching is Javier Solana, the EUs High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security.

Vaticans sorcerer

You have really helped me to organize my thinking on Revelation. Its finally clicking. Question: How do we know the word Vatican means sorcerer? Where can I find that information? You mentioned it in one of your videos. -B. Wiser
REPLY: I received this information from our Roman Catholic guide

James 1:1 reads, James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes which are scattered abroad, greeting. Question: If this epistle is addressed Christians, why does it say to the twelve tribes? According to what you teach, the twelve tribes are from physical Israel. (See the mention of the 144,000 at asp). The epistle of James certainly wouldnt be addressed to the physical Jews. It would be addressed to Christians! Furthermore in Acts 26:7, Paul distinguishes our twelve tribes from the Jews! My second question is along the same lines. I Peter 2:9 reads, But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Question: How is it that the Christians addressed here were the chosen (people), the holy nation (Israel), if the holy nation according to you is made up of the physical Jews in Israel? -Jeff
REPLY: The early Christian church of James time was predominantly Jewish. History states that James was the overseer of the very large Jewish church at Jerusalem, perhaps numbering as high as 80,000 members. When he wrote to the twelve tribes, he was writing to people who were

Jews, as well as being Christians. The apostles ministered only to the Jews until Peter was sent to the house of Cornelius to open the door of salvation to the Gentiles. Most of the apostles ministered mainly to Jews. The Apostle Paul called himself the apostle to the Gentiles. In Acts 26:7, Paul is defending himself against charges that he has blasphemed the Jewish religion by believing in Jesus as the Messiah. He reiterates his lineage before Agrippa and identies himself with the twelve tribes of Israel. I dont see any differentiation in this passage between the twelve tribes and the Jews. It appears from your last question that you may have misunderstood what we are saying. I do believe that the church of Jesus Christ is the holy nation referred to in this passage. I do believe that God has turned to the Gentiles to take out a people for His names sake. However, this does not eliminate the teaching of Romans 11 in which Paul teaches that there is a natural olive tree and a wild olive tree. He depicts the natural olive branch as the nation of Israel and the wild olive branch as the Gentiles who have been grafted in because of the Jewish rejection of Jesus as Messiah. However, Paul carefully explains in Romans 11:25 that we should not be ignorant of the mystery that blindness in part has happened to Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in. He obviously is stating that the blindness will not be forever. He goes on to say that all Israel shall be saved. In verse 30, Paul explains that the Gentiles have obtained mercy through the unbelief of Israel. Then he states in verse 31 that Israel will in the end obtain mercy through our mercy. Finally, he states in verse 32 that God concluded both Jew and Gentile in unbelief so that He might have e mercy upon all.
ENDTIME thanks you for your letters. The letters we use do not necessarily reect the viewseof ENDTIME and/or its staff. ENDTIME reserves the right to edit letters according to space and style.




the Millennium Development Goals agreed to four years ago by world leaders, she told the United States Council for International Business. She emphasized that businesses should work with the UN in the spirit of enlightened self-interest. The ideologies of extremism that pose such a grave threat to people of many nations are often the desperate refuge of frustrated young people - people whose lives are devoid of hope or opportunity, and who feel excluded and alienated from society, she said, adding that ...when business looks to play its part in making this world a better place, the United Nations is open for business, and open to business. >> EUWATCH

Ginger Boerkircher


and witnessed the reunication of Europe. >> ISRAEL&THEMIDDLEEAST


Clinton eyes UN post

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has set his sights on becoming UN Secretary-General. A Clinton insider and a senior UN source have said that he would like to be named UN leader when Kofi Annans term ends early in 2006. Clinton is likely to receive overwhelming support from UN member states, particularly Third World nations. Washington diplomats say Clinton would stimulate the United Nations and give an enormous boost to its reputation. However, he would need the support of the U.S. government, which is a prerequisite for nomination. The idea of Clinton looming large in the international arena would be insupportable to the Bush White House. No American has ever served as UN Secretary-General, although the United States is its host country and major nancial contributor. It was the Clinton administration that negotiated a payment plan for Washingtons outstanding dues.

PM Qurei calls for an end to international silence over Israeli war crimes

Leaders sign EUs first constitution

Frchette calls for closer ties between UN and business

UN Deputy Secretary-General Louise Frchette has called for stronger ties between the UN and businesses in order to reach global anti-poverty targets and ensure that globalizations benefits are more fairly distributed. The private sector is needed to create jobs and wealth, to promote trade, investment and stable markets, and to develop new technologies that benefit poor people all of which, if done in the right way, will help achieve progress towards

European Unions rst constitution, an ambitious charter that aims to raise the unions prole on the world stage, was signed by the member nations leaders amidst a crisis over the nominee for justice minister, Rocco Buttiglione, who called homosexuality a sin and said women belong at home. The product of 28 months of bitter debate between EU governments, the treaty must be approved by the national parliaments of the 25 EU nations. Spain will be the rst of at least nine EU nations to put it to a referendum beginning on February 20. All it will take to stop the constitution in its tracks is a single no. Jan Peter Balkenende, the Dutch leader whose nation holds the EU presidency, said, We have seen former dictatorships turn into democracies

Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei called on the international community to break its silence over the Israeli occupation crimes against the Palestinians, adding that words are no longer sufcient. Qurei, during a cabinet meeting in the West Bank city of Ramallah, emphasized the need for actions rather than words by the international community, stating that Israel is acting as if it were above the law. He called on all concerned parties around the world, including the Quartet (UN, U.S., EU and Russia), to act on Palestinian casualties at the hands of Israeli soldiers, pointing out that Palestinian children are no less precious than other children of the world.

Israel will become pariah state in 10 years

Israels Foreign Ministry warned that Israel is set on a collision course with the EU and could turn into a pariah state, like South Africa during the apartheid years, if the Mideast conict is not resolved. A condential 25-page document, released by the ministrys Center for Political Research, says the EU is pushing to become a major global player in the next decade, and that as a result, the U.S., Israels main ally, could lose international inuence. The analysts wrote that the EU, if united, would increase its global




inuence and be more in line with its powerful economy. In the past, Europe has rarely been able to unite on major foreign policy issues. The document stated that Israel might have to pay a price for growing competition between the EU and America. Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom has repeatedly warned that Israel has to strengthen ties with Europe. However, Israel also accuses the Europeans of pro-Palestinian bias and complains of a rising wave of antiSemitism in parts of Europe. The EU says Israels planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip next year must be followed by major troop withdrawals in the West Bank, and pave the way for Palestinian statehood. >> 6THTRUMPETWATCH

religion has increased to such an extent that the two forms of discrimination have tended to become synonymous. Racial discrimination was outlawed in Britain, but religious discrimination has continued unchecked. In addition to the conict in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics, the Muslim community has suffered the effects of religious hatred. Many Asians living in the UK are Muslims. Asian and Muslim have become synonymous in the collective minds of the police. Police stop-andsearch gures showed a 302 percent increase in the number of Asians being targeted.

restrict the wearing of a less severe symbol of Islam, the headscarf, in schools. In June, the European Court of Human Rights rejected an appeal by a Turkish student, saying such laws can be justied to prevent fundamentalist groups from pressuring women to wear such symbols.

Churchs social doctrine must be known, lived, propagated

Italian womans veil stirs fashion feud

Big three in last ditch talks with Iran

France, Germany and the UK met with Iranian officials in an attempt to persuade Tehran to give up its nuclear enrichment plans or face possible UN sanctions. Tehran agreed last year to suspend its uranium enrichment plans, but has yet to honor the deal. German foreign minister Joschka Fischer said Iran should fulfill its commitments andavoid miscalculation that will lead us into a very serious situation. Iranian officials responded by saying that they would not give up their right to enrich uranium but insisted that they had no plans to build nuclear weapons. However, the U.S. is convinced that Iran fully intends to develop nuclear capabilities and has pushed for a tougher line with Iran. >> WORLDRELIGION

Religious hatred alive and well in Britain

British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that there is to be legislation passed outlawing religious hatred. In recent years, antagonism toward people due to their race or

Sabrina Varroni, a Muslim woman from the town of Drezzo near the Swiss border, was ned 80 euros (about $100) for appearing in public wearing a veil that completely covered her face. Her punishment, while winning cheers from some Italians, has horried others. Its a question of respect for the convictions and culture of others, Giorgio Armani, the fashion designer, said in a statement. We need to live with these ideas. These questions are facing much of Europe over its uneasy relationship with Islam. Varronis case is not a simple one about religious freedom. It has been viewed by some as a telling clash of two ideologies: Islam versus Italian xenophobia. However, Varroni, 34, a mother of four, is not one of the thousands of poor Muslims who have immigrated to Italy in recent years to seek a better life. She is a native Italian who grew up in Drezzo and married a Tunisian over 10 years ago, converting to Islam. In an impassioned letter to the Italian president, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, she wrote, Im scared of the violence that this unwanted publicity will seek out. Ive never tried to proselytize or use my veil as a provocation. What harm am I doing? I am not masked. Im simply wearing a veil that is obligated by my faith. Similar situations have arisen in France, Germany and Turkey, which

Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Pontical Council for Justice and Peace, presented the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church. Martino said the Churchs social doctrine must be known, lived and propagated. The council president stressed that the Compendium is made available to allCatholics, other Christians and people of good will. It is an instrument for the moral and pastoral discernment of the complex events that mark our time, a guide to inspire, ... and an aid to the faithful concerning the Churchs teaching in the area of social morality. It is also, he said, an instrument for fostering ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue on the part of Catholics with all who sincerely seek the good of mankind.

WCC and Rome collaborate

The preparation of the 2005 edition of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity has led to a new period of collaboration between the World Council of Churches (WCC) and the Roman Catholic Church. For the first time, the Week of Prayers inspirational text has been jointly prepared and published by the WCC Faith and Order commission and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity. WCC general secretary Rev. Dr. Samuel Kobia called the collaboration a further, small step in the direction of Christian unity, and the secretary of the Pontifical Council, Bishop Brian Farrell, suggested in the foreword that he hopes the joint publication of the liturgical resources will usher in the anticipated birth of a new era of collaboration between the two bodies. e




Prophetic o
hough it was unnoticed by many, 2004 was a banner year for the fulllment of the prophecies of the Bible. Important developments took place in every major area of endtime prophecy. Lets review the major prophecies concerning the endtime and analyze how events of the last year contributed to the fulllment of these prophecies.

Rebirth of Holy Roman Empire

The most important prophetic fulfillment of 2004 by far was the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire. Not only were ten new members brought into the European Union, bringing the number of member states to 25 and its population to 455 million, but even more importantly, a European constitution was adopted. In all of European history, a European constitution has never before existed. But on October 29, 2004, the twenty-five member states of the EU gathered in Rome to officially sign the long-dreamed-of constitution. It was highly symbolic that the signing ceremony was held in the exact same building where the Treaty of Rome was signed in 1957. It was the Treaty of Rome that initiated the unification process that is now culminating in the creation of a virtual United States of Europe. It is also extremely significant that the signing of the constitution for the revived Holy Roman Empire took place on Capitoline Hill, one of the famous seven hills of Rome referred

to in Revelation 17:9. During its 1,200-year existence, the Holy Roman Empire has always been ruled by two leadersa political leader and a spiritual leader. The political leader has always been the dominant leader of Europe at the time, and the spiritual leader has always been the pope from Italy. The Bible states that a political leader (the Antichrist) and a spiritual leader (the False Prophet) will again rule in the last-day revival of the Holy Roman Empire. The constitution has now been signed. Can the Antichrist and the False Prophet be far behind?

2 0
kings and presidents. Each week, the Economist has a page dedicated to the latest developments contributing to the unication of Europe. That feature page is called the Charlemagne page. When a nation wants to apply for membership in the EU, negotiations are held in Brussels, Belgium in the headquarters of the European Commission. The building is called the Charlemagne Building. A special prize is given annually to the individual in the world that has contributed the most to European unification during the past year. This prestigious prize is called the Charlemagne Prize. Is all this coincidence, or do the leaders of Europe know what they are doing? They obviously know exactly what they are doing. They are presiding over the rebirth of the empire

Is the EU really the rebirth of the Holy Roman Empire?

The European Union minted its first coin in 1987. For the inscription on the coin, Europes leaders chose the picture of a man that lived 1,200 years ago. Why would they Pope receives Charlemagne Prize choose a 1,200-year-old On March 24, 2004, the Charlemagne Prize image for their first coin? was awarded to Pope John Paul II. One of The image was that of Europes highest honors, the Charlemagne Prize Charlemagne, the found- is given to the person that has contributed the er and the first emperor of most to European unification during the past the Holy Roman Empire. year. The award is distributed annually and Europes leaders know is named after the first emperor of the Holy that they are participat- Roman Empire. ing in the rebirth of the Pope John Paul II has been an avid advocate Holy Roman Empire. of European unification during the entirety of The most inuential his papacy. He has also persistently asserted magazine in Europe is that the historic role of the Roman Catholic the Economist. It is known Church in Europe must not be ignored in the as the periodical of unification process.




Fulfillments f
of Charlemagnethe Holy Roman Empire. It is this power that will be dominant when Jesus returns.


0 4

By Irvin Baxter Jr.

Global Security Conference in Paris, France. They introduced a computer chip that could be injected under the skin and used for economic transactions. Think of it! An invisible mark

666The mark of the beast

In early 2004, WalMart, the worlds largest retailer, announced that every skid or carton received on its loading docks after December 31, 2004, must be tagged with an RFID chip. Wal-Mart, along with 100 other major retailers, also let it be known that the barcodes on every product would soon Pay by chipApplied Digitals Veripay chip is injected into a patron at Barcelona, Spains Baja Beach Club, a be replaced nightclub where customers beach attire makes carrying a wallet inconvenient. (Photo courtesy of Katherine with a com- Albrecht, puter chip about the size of a grain of sand. would develop so fast! We should permanently injected into the body Every item manufactured on the plan- have known when Applied Digital that enables a person to buy or sell. et would contain one of these embed- Solutions of Florida made its shocking Then on October 13, 2004, the e ded RFID chips. This will make each announcement at the November 2003 U.S. Food and Drug Administration

item scanable by a radio frequency reader enabling technology to track everything, everywhere. We knew the next step was coming, but most of us didnt think things




(the FDA) announced that it had in 2004, would you have believed it? not! approved the injection of an RFID I wouldnt have either. In the meantime, the homosexual chip under the skin for the purpose of In November of 2003, the agenda marched on around the world. maintaining an individuals medical Massachusetts Supreme Judicial On April 29, 2004, a new Canadian records. If the injection of computer Court ruled that homosexuals had hate crime bill was passed and chips under the skin for medical pur- the right to marry and mandated that signed. This new bill forbids anyone poses becomes accepted practice, it is same-sex marriage be written into from speaking or publishing materieasy to foresee this same chip being Massachusetts law by May of 2004. als that could bring incitement of used for financial transactions. Since May, 3,000 homosexual couples hatred and genocide against listed The ultimate wake-up call came have been married in Massachusetts. groups. By adding sexual orientawhen the Baja Beach Club in On November 29, 2004, the U.S. tion, lawmakers may have created the Barcelona, Spain implegrounds for mented RFID technology. prosecuting It was not convenient for anyone who scantily clad beach vacacriticizes tioners to carry wallets in homosexuorder to make purchases. ality. The Club offered guests T h i s the option of having a bill is the computer chip injected first step in under the skin. By merely censorship waving the chip in front in Canada of a radio frequency readagainst those er, the vacationer can now of faith, pay for all purchases. said Jim Doesnt the Bible say Blake, busisomething about a time ness chairwhen people will need a man of the mark in the hand or foreConcerned head in order to buy or Christian sell? With the amazing Iranian women chant slogans during a protest to denounce Irans pledge to open C o a l i t i o n technological advances of its nuclear program to unfettered inspections and suspend uranium enrichment. Inc. (CCC) 2004, how far away can (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi) in a press such a system actually be? release. Supreme Court declined to hear an Christians woke up to a country that Oh, by the way appeal to overturn the Massachusetts resembles Russia in the Cold War era. On July 22, 2004, the National High Court ruling. Canadians have now been set up to be Commission on Terrorist Attacks In an attempt to reverse the action law breakers for uttering their deeply released its long-awaited report on by the Massachusetts Court, President held religious convictions in a public the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Trade Bush publicly endorsed a constitu- manner. Towers. One facet of the report was tional amendment that would define Many ridiculed the critics of not good news for Americans. The marriage as between one man and one Canadas new hate crime bill, accusing 9/11 Commission called for the cre- woman. Congress failed to pass the them of so much paranoia. However, ation of a national ID card. Through amendment. events in Sweden soon confirmed the years, Americans have resisted any The resistance against same-sex the fears of Canadas Christians. move toward a national ID because of marriage was so great that, during Ake Green, a Pentecostal pastor in its potential for abuse. If a national the November presidential campaign, Sweden, preached a sermon against ID would be implemented, it would eleven states placed referendums to the sin of homosexuality. He said be a huge step toward the prophesied adopt an amendment to their state that it was abnormal and a horrible mark of the beast. constitutions on their ballots. Every cancerous tumor in the body of sociFight the national ID! single amendment against same- ety. Green was sent to prison for a sex marriage was approved by large month under Swedens hate crime law Sodom & GomorrahU.S.A. margins. The message came through against incitement. style loud and clear. The liberal courts of Freedom of speech? Whats that? If someone would have told you Massachusetts might be ready for the And to think that a very similar hate in 2003 that people of the same sex official sanctioning of sodomy, but crime bill is presently under considerwould be getting married in America the American people were definitely ation in Americas Congress!






Zechariah 14:2 says that all nations will come against Jerusalem at the time of Armageddon. This depicts an action by the international community against the nation of Israel. The year of 2004 was punctuated by actions by the world community against Israel. In February, the World Court at The Hague ruled that Israels security fence was illegal. (They didnt bother to condemn or even mention the terrorist suicide bombings that made the security fence necessary.) This international dispute over the legitimate boundaries of the state of Israel will have everything to do with the events prophesied for the final seven years preceding Armageddon. Another key dispute between Israel and the world community was defined when Mohammed ElBaradei, head of the international Atomic Energy Agency, asserted that disarming Israel of its nuclear weapons is key to achieving lasting peace in the Middle East. He went on to say, This is not really sustainable, that you have Israel sitting with nuclear weapons capability there while everyone else is part of the non-proliferation regime. This thinking at the world government level is highly significant since Israels possession of nuclear weapons is one of the issues that are likely to trigger the prophesied invasion of Israel by the world community at the time of Armageddon.

live in peace and security. In order to encourage Sharon to proceed with disengagement, President George Bush gave Sharon a letter granting certain considerations to Israel. The letter stated that Palestinian refugees should have the right of return but only to the areas of the new Palestinian state that would be created. He also confirmed that Israel could not possibly be expected to return those areas captured in the 1967 War that had become heavily populated. These were two major areas of concession that Israel had long sought for.

would Israel launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranas she had done in Iraq in 1981? Israel let it be known that, under no circumstances would she countenance nukes in Iran. As we go to press, this problem is still unresolved.

Arafats death

Irans nuclear program

When it was discovered that Iran was enriching uranium, an international furor was immediately unleashed. Israels worse nightmare was to have the nation that has been her most implacable foe in possession of nuclear weapons. The political pundits speculated on the best way to settle this crisis. Would the U.S. expand its operation in Iraq to include Iran, solving Israels problem for her? Would the

The biggest news by far affecting Israel and her prophesied future was the death of archenemy Yasser Arafat. It is believed that his removal will open the way for the resumption of the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis. (For an in-depth explanation, see the feature article Prophetic Implications of Yasser Arafats Death on page 22.)

Unilateral disengagement

Early in 2004, rumors began to circulate that Ariel Sharon was considering unilateral disengagement from Gaza and other Palestinian territories. The United States and the world community immediately encouraged Sharon to pursue his plan. At the same time, Israel was proceeding with the building of its security fence. Many feared that Sharon would withdraw to the fence, and that this would become the de-facto boundaries of the state of Israel. Sharon denied that this was his intention. He stated that he simply wanted to find a way to separate the Palestinians from the Israelis so that both sides could

During 2004, events continued to move the world ominously toward the war that will kill one-third of mankind. Revelation 9:13-16 states that this war will emanate from the area of the Euphrates River, and most of the Euphrates is in Iraq. America has 150,000 troops engaged in Iraq at this time. The war that we thought was over has continued to escalate. In the meantime, other factors continue to contribute to the escalation of tensions between the Unites States and countries that oppose U.S. policy. Both Iran and North Korea, nations that were named in President Bushs Axis of Evil speech, have been moving aggressively to develop nuclear weapons. North Korea claims to already have six nukes, while the International Atomic Energy Agency detected a uranium enrichment program in Iran. Under international pressure, Iran has agreed to stop enrichment, but adamantly contends that it has just as Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian at an election much a right to a nuclear prorally in March 2004 (AP Photo/Vincent Yu) gram as any other nation. Adding to these pressures UN Security Council pass a resolution is the continuing confrontation in the e against Iran, triggering sanctions? Or Straits of Taiwan. This year Taiwanese

Moving toward World War III




President Chen Shui-bian won a second term to Taiwans presidency. Chen continually asserts that Taiwan is an independent and sovereign state. He has promised to adopt a Taiwanese constitution before the end of his second term in 2008. China has continually asserted that any declaration of independence by Taiwan would be a cause for war. In preparation for a possible invasion of Taiwan, China has built its missile forces across the Straits of Taiwan very rapidly. China had approximately 50 missiles aimed at Taiwan five years ago. Today she has 600. In order to counter this very real threat, Taiwan is moving to install anti-missile defenses and to acquire other modern weaponry that will enable her to retaliate in case of Chinese attack.

for this part of the world. In the meantime, the U.S. is building its anti-missile defense systems. These installations were started in Alaska during the last half of 2004 and are yet in their infancy. China knows that these systems will be much further advanced by this time next year. Consequently, if China plans to move against Taiwan, she knows that now is the most opportune time. In a worddangerous!

World Government

The world government crowd sees the formation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as one of the greatest leaps forward toward world government since the UN was formed in 1945. The ICC actually became operative on July 1, 2002. However, it has not yet tried its first case.

President Bush speaks with Kofi Annan by phone from the Bush Ranch in Crawford, Texas. (AP Photo/The White House, Eric Draper)

Adding to tensions in the Southeast Pacific region, the United States has taken the unprecedented step of moving seven of the United States aircraft carriers into this part of the world. When we consider that the United States only has a total of 12 aircraft carriers, placing over half of them in Southeast Asia signals an extreme focus of military might in the area of China, Taiwan and North Korea. Several China experts have stated that we are presently moving into the most dangerous era in recent times

During 2004 it began investigation of several potential war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some of these are expected to make their way to trial during 2005. President Clinton signed the ICC Treaty during his tenure in office. However, President Bush objected so strenuously to the treaty and its infringement on Unites States sovereignty that he officially withdrew Americas signature from the International Criminal Court statute. Furthermore, he insisted that

Americans would not be liable for prosecution by the ICC. The court claims jurisdiction over every person on the face of the earth, especially if their crimes are committed in nations that have signed on to the treaty. In 2002, President Bush insisted that the UN grant a waiver from prosecution for United States servicepersons and diplomats. He threatened to veto funding for every peacekeeping mission that came before the UN Security Council if that waiver was not granted. A compromise was struck between the UN and the Bush Administration. A waiver from prosecution for U.S. citizens was granted for one year. When that year expired at the end of June 2003, President Bush insisted on its renewal for another year. Again, it was granted. Then came 2004. President Bush found himself in the middle of a hotly contested presidential campaign. One of the big issues was the alienation of America from the International Community. In order for the waiver to be approved, nine out of 15 members on the UN Security Council had to vote in favor. It became obvious that the United States did not have the votes needed. President Bush could again threaten to veto the appropriation bills brought before the UN Security Council, precipitating an international crisis, or he could choose to not demand renewal of the waiver. Apparently he and his advisors decided that it wasnt worth the fight, both politically and internationally. The request for the waiver was withdrawn. United States citizens and military personnel are now subject to prosecution by the World Court. This was a frightening step into the murky waters of one-world government and the most drastic loss of United States sovereignty since the forming of the United Nations in 1945. The Bush administration has attempted to circumvent the effect of the ICC by signing bilateral agreements with nations. These agreements ensure that those nations will not deliver U.S. citizens to the ICC. Nations that will not sign these





agreements with the United States are losing the foreign aid dollars that they normally would have received. Nevertheless, the horrifying truth is that the world government forces now claim jurisdiction over the citizens of America.

authority of the United Nations. World government is much closer than we like to think.

Kyotoworld government master plan

Annan: Iraq War is illegal

The charter of the UN sets forth certain definitions of justified war. One of these is when a nation acts in self-defense. Another provision of the UN Charter states that a nation may act when it finds itself in imminent danger. Proponents of world government have contended that the UN Security Now for the problems Council should approve any miliThe industrialized nations quickly tary action other than that in which understood that Kyoto would cut an immediate response is mandatory. into their industrial base significantAdvocates of one-worldism contend ly, while costing the non-developed that military actions outside of these counties nothing. The worlds two guidelines are illegal. largest polluters, the United States In late 2004, UN Secretary-General and Russia, withheld their signaKofi Annan was asked if the United tures from the treaty. President Bush States war against Iraq was an illeannounced that the United States gal war. Annan attempted to side would not be signing on to Kyoto. step this sensitive question. However, Russia straddled the fence of indeciwhen pressed he said, Yes, if you sion for a number of years. wish. In order for Kyoto The term illegal means it to come into force, 55 is not legal, which means it is nations representing 55% against the law. If it is against of the worlds hydrocarthe law, then it is a crime. If bon emissions had to ratthe Iraq War is a crime, then ify the treaty. Without President George Bush is a war either the United States or criminal. Russia, Kyoto was dead on A mock trial of President Bush arrival. The International was recently held in Tokyo. He Community continued was tried in absentia and found to trumpet the dangers guilty of war crimes. Obviously, of global warming and none of this is enforceable at the how the future of manpresent time. However, there kind would be threatened is a category of crimes prosunless Kyoto was ratified. ecutable under the ICC statute UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan with Pope John Paul II during Never mind that global called Crimes of Aggression. a private audience at the Vatican.(AP Photo/Plinio Lepri) warming has yet to be Because the nations of the world proven and is disputed by could not agree on the definition very complex treaty providing for stiff many credible scientists. of crimes of aggression, prosecution penalties to those nations not meeting Since the United States had taken of these crimes has been placed on their quotas of environmental confor- a firm stand against becoming a part hold. We can be sure that crimes of mity. A very clever out was given to of Kyoto, the future of the treaty was aggression will ultimately be defined those industrial nations that would be in Russias hands. Understanding the as any military action not previous- unable to bring their emissions into international favor to be obtained ly approved by the UN. Once this compliance with the treatys require- by ratification, Russian President becomes a reality, every military on ments. They would be allowed to Vladimir Putin announced that Russia earth will end up being under the purchase emission credits from less would be joining Kyoto. Russias parENDTIME MAGAZINE JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2005

It was in 1992 that the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro was held designed to help the world save itself from deadly pollution. Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev were the leading lights at this Summit. Strong was the Under-Secretary-General for the Earth Summit. Several major actions were taken at this meeting. It was here that Green Cross International was born, the worlds foremost environmental organization of which Mikhail Gorbachev became the president. Agenda 21 was introduced to the world. It contained the plans that would be followed over the next decade in bringing the world to environmental responsibility. The darling of the Earth Summits children was the Kyoto Treaty. This was the treaty that would obligate the nations of the world to reduce hydrocarbons placed into the air by 7% from the 1990 levels. Kyoto was a

developed nations that were not using all of their allowances. This requirement would result in hundreds of millions of dollars being spent by the industrialized nations simply to make up for air pollution. The one-world crowd saw this as killing two birds with one stone. Number 1 You force the wealthy nations to move toward environmental compliance. Number 2 When those nations are unable to meet the criteria, then massive wealth redistribution would be the result. Thus, the socialist environmental utopians would be in a win-win situation.




liament has now approved the treaty, and Putin has placed his signature on it. It will become a valid global treaty within 60 days of Putins signature. Once again the United States finds itself as the odd-man-out in the world communityan uncomfortable place to be if you want to fit into the emerging system of world governmentbut a great place to be if you want to retain your national sovereignty.

Huge power shifts

As we move from 2004 to 2005, we find our world experiencing major changes of key leaders. It can be sure that the passing of Yasser Arafat will change the face of the Middle East

conflict forever. At the same time, UN Secretary Kofi Annan finds himself embroiled in a corruption scandal involving Iraqs oil-for-food program. Even the union of the UN staff has called for his resignation, as has U.S. Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota. Whether Annan resigns now or fills out his term until 2006, his influence is waning, and his days in office are numbered. Then there is Pope John Paul II. The pope has been in very ill health for some time. Everyone knows that his reign is nearing its end. As the head of the most powerful religious force on earth, a change at the top promises to have dramatic and far-

reaching consequences.

In summary

The year 2004 was quite a year in terms of prophetic fulfillment. Lets review the list: The re-birth of the Holy Roman Empire; the removal of the roadblock to the Roadmap for Peace; the rapid advancement in the use of injected computer chips under the skin for financial transactions; the empowerment of the International Criminal Court by removal of the waiver of jurisdiction towards the U.S.; and the coming of the Kyoto Treaty to power. All of these major developments sound the alarm that prophetic fulfillment is surging ahead e at a break-neck pace.

What to Expect in 2005

iming is sometimes the most difficult element when understanding the prophecies of the Bible. There are many things that we can know for sure are going to happen, but we cannot always say exactly when. There are times when events converge in such a way that it becomes obvious that certain things are about to occur. Knowing what is going to happen and watching current events as they develop enables us to understand where we are on Gods time clock. Using these principles, lets consider what we may be able to anticipate for 2005. the status of the Temple Mount. For the last year and a half, Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat has been the roadblock to the implementation of this international peace plan called the Roadmap for Peace. On November 11, 2004, he passed away. If everything proceeds as planned, a new Palestinian leader will be elected on January 9, 2005. We dont know at this time if that leader will be a peacemaker or a terrorist. We also cant tell from scripture if the confirmation of the covenant will be done with Palestinian cooperation or resistance. We do know that a Jewish Temple will be built on the Temple Mount and that the Temple Mount will be placed under a sharing arrangement between Jew and Muslim. It also appears from scripture that order on the Temple Mount will be maintained by an international peacekeeping force, probably belonging to the UN. The Roadmap for Peace calls for the birth of a Palestinian state by 2005. The leading candidate for the Palestinian presidency, Mahmoud Abbas, has already stated that this deadline should still be met. If that does happen, events will move very rapidly in the Middle East. If the Roadmap for Peace is successfully implemented, the odds are very high that this enactment will be the prophesied confirmation of the covenant. If it is the confirmation of the covenant, its implementation will mark the beginning of the final seven years to Armageddon.

What if chaos continues?

Could final seven years begin?

One of the major prophecies in scripture concerning the nation of Israel speaks of the confirmation of a covenant between Israel and the International Community. We know from the prophecy that this covenant will deal with the status of the Holy Land and the status of the Temple Mount. Never before in the history of the world have the conditions for the confirmation of the covenant converged as they seem to have done right now. The International Community has put forward a document that deals with the status of the Holy Land and

There is a very strong possibility that terrorism will not be held in check on the Palestinian side. This would prevent the Roadmap for Peace from being carried out. It would also cause the International Community to lose faith in the ability of the Palestinians to rule themselves. And it would lend support to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharons plan for unilateral disengagement. Sharon has announced that Israel will withdraw from Gaza and other areas beginning in May of 2005. This has produced considerable support for the Sharon administration amongst the International Community. The prophecy states that the Antichrist, the leader of the International Community, will confirm a covenant concerning the status of the Holy Land. It cannot necessarily be concluded that the Palestinians will be involved in this agreement. Whatever course the events in the





Middle East take, we know that the International Community will play an important role. Will we see the birth of a Palestinian state in 2005? We dont know for sure. Will we see the confirmation of the covenant in 2005? It appears to be a strong possibility; but again, we cant be certain that it will happen this year. This we do know there is going to be a confirmation of the covenant, there will be a temple built on the Temple Mount, and the Temple Mount will be shared between Muslims and Jews. The odds are quite high that some of this will come to pass in the coming year.

World War III?

Revelation 9:13-16 says that the worst war this world has ever seen will emanate from the area of the Euphrates River. Most of the Euphrates River is in Iraq. The United States has 150,000 troops in Iraq as this magazine goes to press. Controversy with Iran over its nuclear program is raging, and conflict between Iran and the U.S. is increasing. The U.S. has delivered an ultimatum to North Korea that she must surrender her nuclear weapons and dismantle her nuclear program. North Korea has countered that if the U.S. attacks, she will respond with a deadly nuclear strike. Chinas economy is growing by leaps and bounds. A large part of the financial surplus generated by this economic growth is being spent on military weaponry. China continues to threaten war against Taiwan on almost a weekly basis. The U.S. has said that it will defend Taiwan in the event that China launches an invasion against the island. Have the seeds of World War III been planted? Absolutely! Is the timing right for it? It certainly looks that way. Will we see World War III in 2005? We hope not, but the possibilities are quite high.

and his fellow neo-conservatives want to see a global democracy made in Americas image. The United Nations intends to implement a world government based on multilateralism. The key principle of this world government would be wealth redistribution, the central plank in the platform of international socialism. The finishing touches were put on the structure of the International Criminal Court in 2004. It is very likely that we will see the first case tried before the ICC in 2005showcasing the court system of the emerging world government. In February, the Kyoto Treaty will come into force. We can expect to see many headlines touting the implementation of Kyoto, the treaty that will save the future of mankind. At the same time, the press continues to beat the drums for American participation in the global warming treaty. If World War III would occur in 2005, it would set the stage for the total transition into world government. The prophecy states that onethird of mankind will die in this war. We have witnessed the cries for international security that were heard after 3,000 people died on 9/11. Can you imagine the deafening demand for structures of global security when the world awakes to the reality that 2 billion have been slaughtered? Will this happen in 2005? We dont know. Will it happen soon? Yes.

conscience will be ignored if at all possible. Liberal states in the U.S. and in other nations of the world will try to legalize same-sex marriage. However, expect the momentum against samesex marriage that became so evident in the November elections to cause the proliferation of state amendments defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Hate crime legislation is viewed as vital among the socialistic worldgovernment crowd. Control over what people say and even what they think is considered a necessary component of the planned New World Order.

Total control

Global spirituality

Interfaithism will be relentlessly promoted as the powers that be attempt to erase religious conflict. Expect to hear of meetings between Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians and Wiccans. Interfaithism and its promise of global spirituality is one of the central goals of one-world planners.

Hate crimes

World Government

The year 2005 will witness the continued struggle between two visions of New World Order. President Bush

Hate crime legislation will continue to be pushed aggressively in 2005. Attempts will be made to add sexual orientation to existing hate crime legislation. The fact that this infringes on freedom of religious

Fear is the biggest tool available to those who would herd us into the utopian society where the state takes care of everything for us. Since 9/11, governments around the world have used the need for security to justify passing laws and initiating policies that increasingly infringe upon the personal liberties of their citizenry. Total control is seen as the antidote to terrorism. In Fallujah, the citizens are being required to submit to eye scans and the giving of DNA samples. In this war setting, some of these extraordinary measures may be temporarily justifiable. However, implementing them tends to increase the danger that these same practices will find their way into ordinary life. The ever increasing security measures have left many people wondering Is life so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Patrick Henry, where are you when we need you? Expect the drive for a national ID to continue unabated in 2005. If this cannot be accomplished in one leap, be sure that the advocates of total government will chip awayone liberty at a time. Besides the fear factor, economic advantages are contributing mightily to the total surveillance society. Huge growth in the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology will undoubtedly lead us faster and farther into George Orwells world of 1984 than any of us ever wanted to go. e





n November, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the UNs Kyoto Protocol on global warming. This nally gave the 1997 international treaty, designed to save the planet from overheating, the required number of nations it needed to take effect, which it shall on February 16th. To appreciate how this development may help usher in the prophesied endtime socialist one-world govt. of the Antichrist, we will have to back up. Kyoto is an environmental treaty. Its premise, simply put, is that cars and industrial factories emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than nature intends. One of the properties of carbon dioxide is that it traps heat from the sun. Too much CO2 traps too much heat, causing Earths temperature to rise. Among the many environmental disasters this would supposedly trigger is the melting of the polar ice caps, which in turn would flood most of the planets inhabitable land. Whether or not it is true that manmade carbon dioxide emission will destroy the planet, we will leave to the expertswho, by the way, are quite divided on the issue. How will the Kyoto treaty reverse the trend? It seeks to reduce manmade CO2 greenhouse gas emissions by limiting the amount each country is allowed to release into the atmosphere. It allots, or credits each country with a certain amount of emissions. Who decides on how many credits each country will be allotted? Global planners associated with the

United Nations. How many emission credits will the United States be afforded? Not enough. What will the U.S. have to do about it? One of two things: Cripple its economy by shutting down enough industry to meet the treatys mandates or find nations that were allotted more emission credits than they need and buy them for a few billion dollars. The net effect for the U.S., should it ratify and become a willing part of the treaty, would be the massive transfer of its wealth to third world countries. Not everyone believes that scientic data shows Kyoto will work. Andrei Illarionov, an adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, echoes the sentiments of a large contingent of the worlds scientists. He warns that Kyoto is a scientically unsubstantiated propaganda smoke screen that will threaten human freedom, be damaging to science and the environment, public health and safety, economic growth and the international ght against hunger and poverty. Climate change is real, he stressed, but it is caused by forces of nature, not of humankind. That notwithstanding, there has been immense pressure for the U.S. to sign on to the treaty, and it is

not expected to let up. On Russias acceptance, UN Secretary-General Ko Annan said, I congratulate President Putin and the Russian Federation for their leadership in making it possible for the protocol to enter into force. This is a historic step forward in the worlds efforts to combat a truly global threat. Joke Waller-Hunter, head of the Climate Change Secretariat, which services the UN Climate Change Convention and its Kyoto Protocol, added, A period of uncertainty has closed. Climate change is ready to

take its place again at the top of the global agenda. Had it not been for a Republicancontrolled Congress during President Clintons second term, the United States might already have signed. The moment the White House reverts back to the Democrats and enough of the Congress is influenced by forces





that want to see it happen, it is highly probable that Washington will sign. Until then the U.S. will have to withstand daily reports, not to mention blockbuster Hollywood movies such as Waterworld and The Day After

to support Kyoto. For Enron, global warming may or may not have meant a safer planet.

then global warming is very bad. The people who are pushing this

Tomorrow, convincing the public that global warming is real and Kyoto is the cure. And dont underestimate the power of money. In the 1990s, a company called Enron stood at the brink of earning tens of billions of dollars as the brokers of CO2 emission credits that were to be traded between the have and have-not nations. To this end, the now-defunct Houston-based energy conglomerate spent millions in campaign contributions apparently in part to persuade the Clinton Administration and the U.S. Senate

This was not their concern. Their interest was in the alluring elevengure windfall prot. A few million to buy some inuence points seemed worth the effort. Again, the pressures have been and will continue to be enormous. It may just be a matter of time. If a buck can be made on global warming, another Enron will try it again. If global warming, fact or fiction, takes the one-worlders where they want to go,

know full well what will happen. It is the socialists dream of wealth redistributionthe central plank in the international communist platform. Its the coming socialist endtime one-world government, and e Russia has just given it life.


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Understanding the Endtime

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Yasser Arafats Death

he prophecy of the rebirth of the nation of Israel, which is recorded in Ezekiel 37, has been miraculously fulfilled. After 2,000 years of living in exile, the nation of Israel was reborn on May 14, 1948. Since then, the desert has indeed blossomed like a rose. Bible believers have watched this supernatural prophetic fulfillment with nothing short of awe. However, not everyone has appreciated the prophetic rebirth of the nation of Israel in her Abrahamic Promised Land. Yasser Arafat and his fellow Palestinians (Philistines) have fought the creation of the nation of Israel every step of the way. Arafat has been the worlds most fierce opponent of the modern nation of Israel. He has been personally responsible for more Jewish deaths than any single individual since Adolf Hitler. For the last thirty-ve years, Arafat talked peace while waging war. Even some American and Israeli leaders were fooled by Arafats duplicity. However, in the year 2000, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak offered Arafat the best peace proposal that any Palestinian leader could ever have hoped to obtain. Still, Arafat rejected the offer. When Arafat rejected Baraks proposal, it became obvious, even to President Bill Clinton, that he was not sincere about making peace. Shortly thereafter, new Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon declared Arafat irrelevant. Sharon served notice that Israel would not talk to Arafat or recognize his leadership of the Palestinians in any way. President Bush soon reached the same conclusions and adopted the same policy. Because of Arafats continued lying, the once hopeful Oslo Peace Process ended up in the dustbin of history. Middle East. But after the death of Oslo, the world community became convinced that the Israelis and the Palestinians were not capable of setting aside the animosities of the last 3,000 years and making peace. Consequently, the international community decided it was time to present an international peace plan to Israel and the Palestinians, and then use international pressure to insist that the plan be accepted. In June of 2002, a new entity was born. The United States, the European Union, the Russian Federation and the United Nations formed an inter-

Prophetic Implications of

By Irvin Baxter Jr.

tus of Jerusalem. This confirmation of the covenant will mark the beginning of the final seven years to the battle of Armageddon. The Quartets Roadmap for Peace deals with the status of the Promised Land and the status of Jerusalem. And it has the full force of the world community behind it. In the spring of 2003, the International Community presented its peace plan to Palestinians and Israelis.

The Roadmap for Peace

Israel and the Palestinians felt they really had no choice. To reject this

Arafat (wearing shades), circa 1970, anked on his left by PLA spokesman Kahal Nasser and Nayef Hawatmeh, leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. (AP photo)

national alliance called the Quartet. Its sole purpose was to formulate a world-endorsed peace plan for the Middle East. By December of 2002, the Quartet had crafted its plan. It was called the Roadmap for Peace.

Now things get interesting!

The Quartet

It is widely believed by world leaders that there can never be peace on earth until there is peace in the

The Bible prophesies that the Antichrist, who will be the leader of the International Community, will confirm a covenant affecting the status of the Promised Land and the sta-

peace plan would be to incur the ostracism of the entire world. Israel accepted the plan with fourteen reservations. The Palestinians accepted the Roadmap outright. The very first step to the Roadmap was that Palestinians were to stop all terrorism and to dismantle terrorist entities such as Hamas and the Al Aqsa Brigade. Israel did not believe that life-long terrorist Yasser Arafat would ever truly abandon terrorism. Therefore, Israel announced that it





would not enact Step Two until the Palestinians first implemented Step One. True to form, the Palestinian terrorism continued. Finally, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei announced that he could not dismantle the terrorist entities. The entire world understood that Arafat still held the reigns of power and would not permit the destruction of his terrorist capability. Yasser Arafat was the roadblock to the Roadmap. A year and a half after the Roadmap had been presented and accepted, no progress had been made and the terrorism continued.

Could Roadmap be confirmation of covenant?

Poisoning, AIDS, divine intervention?

In late October of 2004, stories began to surface that Yasser Arafat was ill. At first his sickness was explained away as the flu. When the illness persisted and worsened, it was intimated that perhaps he had been poisoned. Then rumors surfaced that perhaps Arafat had AIDS. When Arafats condition became critical, the Palestinian leadership sought permission to transport him to Paris where a higher quality of care was available. Permission was granted by the Israeli government. The doctors in Paris reported that Arafat had a blood disorder that they could not diagnose. This fanned the flames of speculation about the possibility of poisoning. Within a few days, the French doctors and Palestinian leaders publicly announced that Arafat had not been poisoned. However, Arafats wife Suha forbade the doctors from disclosing any other details about his sickness. They did let it be known that he was not expected to recover. This set in motion the process of shifting power to new Palestinian leaders. More importantly, world leaders began to discuss the possibility of reviving the Roadmap for Peace, once Arafat, the blockade to the Roadmap, was gone. British Prime Minister Tony Blair openly called for President Bush to make Middle East peace the top priority of his second term.

For 2,500 years, Bible students have studied Daniel 9:27. The passage states that the endtime world leader, called the Antichrist, will confirm a covenant for seven years. This covenant will deal with the status of the Promised Land and with the status of the Temple Mount. The confirmation will take place seven years prior to the battle of Armageddon. Since the Roadmap for Peace deals with the status of the Promised Land and the status of the Temple Mount, and since the peace plan is sponsored by the entire world community, the question simply begs to be asked: If the Roadmap is implemented, will this be the confirmation of the covenant? We cannot at this time answer this question with absolute certainty. However, the Roadmap is the only Middle East peace plan put forward by the world community. If it is actually implemented, and if a temple is then constructed on the Temple Mount within the following three and one-half years, we will then know that the Roadmap was almost certainly the confirmation of the covenant. At that point, we will be almost certain that the final seven years to Armageddon have begun. e

by John L. Bryant 1. The word of God is likened to a sharp two edged what? A. Hammer B. Sword C. Chisel D. Awl 2. Who was the youngest son of Jesse? A. Abinadab B. Shammah C. David D. Eliab 3. The name of Jacobs oldest son. A. Judah B. Levi C. Simeon D. Reuben 4. This stricken man said For I know that my Redeemer liveth. A. Naaman B. Saul C. Baalim D. Job 5. This Roman Magistrate could find no fault in Jesus. A. Pilate B. King Herod C. Felix D. Festus 6. The Lord told Moses to make two ________of silver. A. Cornets B. Saxophones C. Trumpets D. Harps 7. All unrighteousness is ___________. A. Holy B. Sin C. Permissible D. Joyous 8. This queen was banished by her husband. A. Vashti B. Esther C. Ruth D. Naomi 9. He was the king of Salem; Abraham gave him a tenth. A. Omri B. Menahem C. Amon D. Melchisedec 10. The truth shall make you what? A. Nervous B. Free C. Bashful D. Indifferent 11. The mother of all living. A. Rahab B. Miriam C. Eve D. Hannah 12. Hot, cold and lukewarm refers to which one of the seven churches. A. Smyrna B. Philadelphia C. Laodicea D. Sardis 13. One of the twelve tribes (sons) of Israel (Jacob). A. Judah B. Hittite C. Perizzite D. Girgashite 14. What color was the robe that the soldiers put on Jesus? A. Red B. White C. Green D. Purple 15. He leadeth me beside the ____________ waters. A. Turbulent B. Still C. Stagnant D. Rippling 16. The sons of Rachel; Benjamin and the dreamer. A. Gad B. Asher C. Joseph D. Issachar 17. The fourth book of the Old Testament. A. Genesis B. Numbers C. Ezra D. Nehemiah 18. Ham, Japheth and Shem: the three sons of whom? A. Noah B. Joshua C. Lot D. Aaron 19. The serpent beguiled this mother of all living. A. Leah B. Rebecca C. Rahab D. Eve 20. Now abideth faith, _________, charity, these three... A. Worry B. Hope C. Tumult D. Mercy Answers on page 30



>> >>


ovemberMicrosoft warns Asian governments that they could face patent lawsuits for using the Linux operating system instead of its Windows software. Prophetic? No. Cataclysmic? Hardly. That Linux allegedly violates a Microsoft patent, which is what is causing the threat of the lawsuit, is not of personal interest. That the Chinese government sees its reliance on Microsoft as a potential threat well, this is of great interest. CNN Technology reports that conspiracy theorists believe that certain patches in the Windows code might give U.S. authorities the power to access Chinese networks and disable them, possibly during a war over Taiwan. Interest level piquedThe Chinese government is abandoning its dependence on Microsoft, a radical move for anyone, no less an entire technologycentered government that reigns over one-fth of the worlds population. And for what reason? Possible war with Taiwan. The ultimate eventuality of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is a commonly accepted destiny that stretches far beyond the borders of Endtime Ministries. Conventional wisdom sees it as a future fact reported matter-offactly by the major news services. It is a view shared by the Council on Foreign Relations, the brain trust of world affairs. War is coming, they say. Its inevitable.

Global power shift

A global power shift in the making. So reads the title of a feature article by the editor of the official publication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Foreign Affairs Journal. What power shift do they see? The transfer of power from West to East is gathering pace, notes editor James Hoge, and soon will dramatically change the

context for dealing with international challenges, as well as the challenges themselves. When the global puppeteers of the CFR foresee a global shift in power, for most, its time to yawn. When the ultimate result of such a shift will result in a war between the United States and China, its time to duck. And thats what the worlds prognosticators see. Major shifts of power between states, not to mention regions, writes Hoge, occur infrequently and are rarely peaceful. He continues, In the early twentieth century, the imperial order and the aspiring states of Germany and Japan failed to adjust to each other. The conict that resulted devastated large parts of the globe. Today, the transformation of the international system will be even bigger and will require the assimilation of markedly different political and cultural traditions. This time, the populous states of Asia are the aspirants seeking to play a greater role. Like Japan and Germany back then, these rising powers are nationalistic, seek redress of past grievances, and want to claim their place in the sun. Truly, a power shift is in motion. Israel and the United States are in a joint venture to create the Arrow-2 AntiMissile Defense System. In response to Israels move to boost its anti-missile capability, Iran has tested the latest version of the Shahab-3 medium range ballistic missile, a missile capable of hitting any city in Israel and U.S. bases in the Gulf. There is speculation that Iran is really moving to the Shahab-4, which is supposed to have a range of 1700 miles, thus allowing it to reach all of Europe. They are calling it an improved Shahab-3 in order to veil how it will affect the balance of power. Iran contends that it should have a nuclear bomb because Israel has one. China has issued stern warnings to Pacic nations against siding with





Taiwan in their quest for independence. Russia has announced that she has a missile that can fool any anti-missile defense system that could be developed over the next 10 years. Todays world is not like yesterdays. Israel is concerned. So is everyone else. Hoge notes, Each of the Asian aspirants is involved in explosive territorial conicts, and each has varying internal stresses: dislocated populations, rigid political systems, ethnic strife, fragile nancial institutions and extensive corruption. As in the past, domestic crises could provoke international confrontations. Taiwan is the most dangerous example of this risk. Taiwan, however, is not the only dangerous potential ashpoint. Kashmir is still a divided province of contention between nuclear-armed India and nuclear-armed Pakistan. In the last 15 years of conict in this region, 40,000 have been killed. India and Pakistan have recently softened their hawkish rhetoric toward each other, observes the Foreign Affairs editor, but neither side appears ready for a mutually acceptable settlement. Economic or political instabilities within Pakistan could easily ignite the conict once more. Asia is the powerhouse of the future due, not only to its booming economy, but also because it has now become the population center of the world. China and India combined contain onethird of the worlds population and are actively seeking to play a greater role in world affairs, These rising powers are demanding a voice in global politics and are no longer willing to allow the United States to be the only superpower. The power shift is more than economic. With a stronger economy comes greater military power and political influence. This is the real shift in power. North KoreaHoge: North Korea is another potential flashpoint. Several recent rounds of six-party talks held under Chinese auspices have so far failed to persuade Kim Jong Il to scrap his nuclear weapons program in exchange for security guarantees and

economic aid. Instead, the talks have brought recriminations: toward the United States, for offering too little; toward North Korea, for remaining intransigent; and toward China, for applying insufficient pressure on its dependent neighbor. Now recently disclosed evidence suggests that North Koreas nuclear efforts are even more advanced than was previously believed. As Vice President Dick Cheney warned Chinas leaders during an April trip, Time may be running out for a negotiated resolution to the crisis.

War inevitable?
According to the CFR, war is inevitable. The Bible prophesies that a major war is coming. Yet, the thing that makes tomorrows conflict different from the wars of yesteryear, gruesome as they were, is the existence of nuclear weapons. Has the U.S. had its day in the sun? Forty years from now will China be dominating the course of the world? Will the U.S. sit idly by and lose control while allowing Chinas communist regime to become the worlds dominant power? Bible prophecy forecasts that two wars are coming (see Two Nuclear Wars Ahead in the previous edition of Endtime). The second will be Armageddon. It appears that the first, the 6th Trumpet War, will involve these Asian powers. We conclude this because the war will result in the death of one-third of mankind, two billion people (Revelation 9:15). A possible fulfillment of this prophecy could be the West vs. East scenario seen by the CFR, likely involving the U.S. and China over Taiwan or North Korea. Perhaps India and Pakistan will play a role. Perhaps U.S. involvement in Iraq opens the door for the spread of conflict. Time will soon tell. China considers it unsafe for its computers to be operating with MS in time of war. Consequently, she is leaving Microsoft for Linux. Its obvious that the possibility of war is on her mind. According to our global planners, global shifts in power are rarely peaceful. According to the Bible, the one we are experiencing now wont be either. e




hats right! Most of you reading this article have committed the crime called genocide, and in some countries, you would go to prison for ittoday. Genocide is one of the four crimes prosecutable before the newly formed world court called the International Criminal Court (ICC). Genocide will be the excuse used for the persecution of the saints during the great tribulation (Revelation 13:7), whoever those saints turn out to be. It is my opinion that the ICC will be the court used to justify these actions by the world government of the Antichrist.

What is genocide?

Normally, when we think of genocide, we think of Idi Amin, Slobodan Milosevic, Josef Stalin or Adolf Hitler. How could you and I be included in such despicable company? The Encyclopedia Britannica defines genocide as causing physical or mental harm to a minority, whether it be a racial, religious, or sexual minority. Most of us would agree that bringing physical harm to any group of people would be wrong and should be against the law. But what about mental harm? In this new era of political correctness and hate crime legislation, how do the architects of the emerging New World Order define mental harm? Speaking against a particular race, or against homosexuality, or against a persons religion is considered causing mental harm to that individual and to

members of that group. World planners contend that conflict between religious or ethnic groups is one of the main causes of war. Consequently, speaking against a religion or a particular sexual orientation is being included in those offenses covered by genocide (hate crime) laws. You dont have to pull a knife or a gun. You dont have to swing at someone with your fist. All you have to do is speak or write words. Americas strong protection of freedom of speech so far has warded off the efforts of those who wish to legislate what we can say, write or even think. Canada does not enjoy the protection of freedom of speech. As a result, our neighbor to the north finds itself leading the way into the treacherous waters of hate crime legislation.

For example

In Canada, Hugh Owens placed an ad in the Saskatchewan StarPhoenix newspaper listing four scriptures (Romans 1, Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13 and 1 Corinthians 6:9-10) against homosexuality. The scriptures were not written out. An equal sign was placed between the verse references and a drawing of two males holding hands overlaid with the universal nullification symbol, a red circle with a diagonal bar. The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission ruled that the ad was a human rights offense. Owens was ordered to pay $1500 to each of the three gay men who filed the objection. The newspaper was also found guilty of violating the human rights code.

One type of genocide: Jewish civilians rounded up in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1943. (photo courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration)



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The commission ruled that the rights code allows for expression of honestly held beliefs, but that the code can place reasonable restriction on Owens religious expression, because the ad exposed the complainants to hatred, ridicule, and their dignity was affronted on the basis of their sexual orientation. In British Columbia, a court upheld the one-month suspension of high school teacher Chris Kempling for writing letters to the local newspaper arguing that homosexuality is not a birth condition, but a choice. The teacher was penalized for expressing thoughts that the state defines as improper.

incite hatred against an identifiable group, in such a way that there will likely be a breach of the peace. Under section 319, communicating includes communicating by telephone, broadcasting or other audible or visible means; a public place is one to which the public has access by right or invitation, express or implied; and statements means words (spoken, written or recorded), gestures, and signs or other visible representations. All the above elements must be proven for a court to find an accused guilty of either: an indictable offence, for which the punishment is imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or an offence punishable on summary conviction. Defenders of Canadas hate crime law argue that Section 319(3) identifies acceptable defenses in hate crimes cases. If the statements in question: are established to be true

were relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which was for the public benefit, and if on reasonable grounds it was believed to be true were expressed in good faith, it was attempted to establish by argument and opinion on a religious subject were expressed in good faith, it was intended to point out, for the purpose of removal, matters tending to produce feelings of hatred toward an identifiable group in Canada. These listed defenses appear to allow exemption for religious beliefs. However, in practice it has not turned out that way. For example, the owner of a print shop in Canada declined to print literature for a homosexual group because it violated his religious beliefs to do so. The court ruled that, because he was in a business open to the public, he could not carry his private religious beliefs into his public business. The court ruled in favor of the homosexual group. A Swedish Pentecostal pastor Ake

What the law actually says

Canadas hate crime law is Section 319(1): Public Incitement of Hatred. It reads as follows: The crime of publicly inciting hatred has four main elements. To contravene the Code, a person must: communicate statements, in a public place,





Green preached a sermon in 2003 against homosexuality. Green was sent to prison for a month under Swedens law against incitement. Slovakias Interior Minister Vladimr Palko, protested Greens conviction to the Swedish ambassador in Slovakia. In Europe people are starting to be jailed for saying what they think, Palko said.

Religious exclusiveness is genocide

In his famous book Perestroika, Mikhail Gorbachev stated that we must extirpate (kill off) genocide, apartheid and religious exclusiveness. The most frightening thing about genocide laws is their insistence that all religions must be respected and viewed as valid. As these laws are

being enacted around the world, believing that your particular religion is the true way is being regarded as religious exclusiveness. The natural next step in this convoluted logic is to outlaw this religious bigotry by criminalizing religious proselytizing. That is exactly what has been done in France. In 2001, the French General Assembly adopted its Anti-Cult Law. Section I of the anti-cult law makes mental manipulation a crime. Anyone found guilty of causing: a state of psychological or physical subjection resulting from serious and repeated pressures or techniques (interpreted: witnessing) designed to alter judgment faces five years imprisonment. Courts can dissolve religious groups and impose heavy fines. Other elements of this new law

include a ban on advertising or opening religious centers near schools, hospitals or retirement homes. Churches that traditionally help the down and out run the risk of being criminally convicted. Targeting the youth is also illegal. Pastor Vince Easterman of Paris sees the developments in France this way, If something is not done in France you are going to see this law move across Europe I believe, and youll see a Europe that is united in its hostility to religion. In practical terms, what does all this mean? The advocates of hate crime legislation fully intend to criminalize holding beliefs other than those passed down to us by the global planners. The vehicle by which they

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intend to accomplish their goal is hate crime legislation. Most nations in the world now have hate crime laws in some form. Hate crime legislation has recently been introduced into the United States legislature. The U.S. Senate has passed it, and it presently is under consideration in the House of Representatives. Let me remind you that most of you reading this article have already committed genocide as defined in hate crime laws. If you have spoken against homosexuality, you have committed genocide. If you have attempted to convert someone to your religion, you have committed genocide. If you have stated that a religion is wrong or false, you are guilty of genocide.

Personal experience

I know what it feels like to come under the iron heel of hate crime legislation. I preached an open-air service in Papua, New Guinea in 1993. Certain religious leaders were in the crowd of around 5,000 people. Because I stated that the woman prophesied about in Revelation 17

was the Vatican, they had me arrested and put behind bars. I didnt hit anyone. I didnt touch anyone. All I did was preach a sermon. I was charged with Summary Offenses Act 7bSpeaking insulting words likely to result in disorder. No disorder resulted. Nothing negative happened except for about 100 people coming forward for salvation. Yet I was placed under arrest because of hate crime legislation. The global planners intend to control what every one of us says, and ultimately what everyone thinks. Genocide and hate crime legislation is exactly how they intend to do it. Genocide (including mental harm) is a crime in many nations right now. It is a crime at the International Criminal Court. And Hate crime legislation is pending right now in the U.S. Congress. The Bible prophesies that during the Great Tribulation people will be required to pledge allegiance to the teachings of

the Antichrist and his world government system or else they will come under serious persecution. The laws are being prepared right now, and the world court to enforce those laws is in place. Have you committed genocide yet? e

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. B., Sword, Revelation 1:16 C., David, Isaiah 16:11-13 D., Reuben, Genesis 29:32 D., Job, Job 19:25 A., Pilate, Luke 23:14 C., Trumpets, Numbers 10:2 B., Sin, I John 5:17 A., Vashti, Esther 1 D., Melchisedec, Hebrews 7:1,2 B., Free, John 8:32 C., Eve, Genesis 3:20 C., Laodicea, Revelation 3:15,16 A., Judah, Exodus 1:2 D., Purple, John 19:2 B., Still, Psalm 23:2 C., Joseph, Genesis 35:24 B., Numbers, Check Index A., Noah, Genesis 9:18,19 D., Eve, II Corinthians 11:3 B., Hope, I Corinthians 13:13

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Ft. Wayne, IN Fri., Feb. 4
7:30 P.M. Abundant Life Tabernacle, 2702 Spring St. across from the Univ. of St. Francis. Host: Pastor David Keller (260) 432-0014

Prophecy Tour 2005 May 2-14

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Spokane, WA Fri., Feb. 11

7:30 P.M. Mirabeau Park Hotel in Veradale. I-90, Sullivan Exit. Host: Pastor Rick Mayo (509) 921-1543

Popular Bluff, MO Thur., May 19

Portland, OR Thur., Feb. 24

7:30 P.M. Bluff City UPC, 501 South C (S. C & Walnut), at the east entrance to Clinton Park. Host: Pastor Ted Elledge (573) 785-7631

7:30 P.M. Palace of Praise, 6750 SW 198th Ave. at the corner of SW Farmington & 198th in Beaverton. Host: Pastor Barry King (503) 642-2347

St. Louis, MO Fri., May 20

Santa Maria, CA Fri., Feb. 25

7:30 P.M. Four Square Church, 709 N. Curryer (Alvin & Curryer). For more info call 1-800-Endtime

7:30 P.M. Florissant Valley Apostolic Church, 3465 Shackelford Rd. (I-270, McDonnell Rd. exit, 6 mi. north, 1/4 mi. before New Halls Ferry Road) Host: Pastors Timothy Dugas and Scott Graham (314) 831-5577



may be the greatest year of prophetic fulfillment since the crucifixion...

Confirmation of the Covenant......The Bible prophesies that the
International Community will confirm a covenant with Israel concerning the status of the Holy Land and the status of Jerusalem. When this covenant is confirmed it will mark the beginning of the final seven years to Armageddon. The Roadmap for Peace is an international covenant concerning the status of the Holy Land and the status of Jerusalem. This international peace plan has been presented to Israel and the Palestinians and has been accepted by both.


It appears that all the pieces to the Middle East puzzle may well converge in 2005!

RFID and the Mark of the BeastAs of December 31, 2004,

Wal-Mart is requiring all its vendors to have RFID tagging on all pallets that come across its loading docks. This is the first huge step in the plan for every item manufactured on earth to be embedded with an RFID chip less than the size of a grain of sand. The embedded RFID chip is projected to replace the bar codes that are presently found on almost all items. When RFID technology is fully implemented, it will allow the tracking of everything, everywhere. In 2004, an RFID chip implanted under the skin was used for cashless financial transactions for the first time.

This new technology is getting way too close to the biblical Mark of the Beast!!

Death from the EuphratesRevelation 9:13-16 clearly prophesies

that a war will begin in the area of the Euphrates River that will kill one-third of mankind. Most of the Euphrates River is in the nation of Iraq. The U.S. has 150,000 troops in Iraq at this present time. North Korea claims to have several nuclear weapons. Iran seems determined to acquire nuclear capability. The War on Terror is spreading, not reaching a conclusion.

We could very well be in the beginning of this war prophesied to kill 2 billion human beings.

We Must Reach 2 Billion as Fast as PossibleThe

question is not: Will one-third of mankind die? Or Will the confirmation of the covenant happen? Or Will there really be a mark of the beast? The only question is: When? Can we sit by, allowing 2 billion of our fellowmen to enter eternity without a chance to be saved? We must reach these 2 billion people with the gospel of Jesus Christ as quickly as possible! How much time do we have? We dont know for sure. It could be 1 year. It could be 3 or 4. But we know we dont have long.

None of us can accomplish a huge task like this alone. But together we can do it!

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Most people spend their entire lives trying to discover their purpose. Michael Arachev discovered his when he was only twelve years old: he was born to rule the world.

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