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Minimalist Workout by Rusty Moore

Minimalist Workout 1 by Rusty Moore

A Quick Intro
My name is Rusty Moore. I run the blog Fitness Black Book

I'm also the author of these 3 premium fitness courses. Visual Impact Muscle Building Visual Impact for Women Visual Impact ardio

My blog and 3 products are all geared to!ards staying slim !hile getting lean and muscular...allo!ing men and !omen to be able to rock stylish clothes and still look great on the beach. I ha"en't released a free report in a !hile...so here's one on ho! to stay in great shape !ith minimal time in the gym.

Minimalist Workout

by Rusty Moore

#he $oals of this Workout% &' Workout 3 times per !eek. (' ) e*ercises ma*imum each e*ercise session. 3' +rop body fat !ith diet alone...no cardio for 3 months I lo"e cardio for getting ultra,lean- but also like the idea of taking a break from it e"ery so often. ...then add back in strategic cardio to go from lean to ultra, lean in a matter of (,. months. #his is e*actly !hat I'm doing until /anuary and I figure I should share it !ith you. I'm going to keep this report short !ith actionable steps. I'm going to e*plain my e*act routine- but encourage a bit of t!eaking of this routine for each indi"idual. 0n1oy this 2minimalist3 approach %'

Minimalist Workout

by Rusty Moore

The Minimalist Diet

#his routine 1ust takes .) minutes 4or less' Mon- Wed- and Fri. I'm dropping all forms of cardio for 3 months. 5es...you heard it right no cardio6 I lo"e to use cardio as a tool to get ultra,lean- but !e are going minimal here. I !ill drop a bit of body fat at a slo! pace !ith a 2dialed in3 diet.

Why am I sho!ing you a plate of nachos7 My definition of 2dialed in diet3...is all about portion control and calories. It is fine to eat nachos if you maintain a !eekly calorie deficit. Read more about my dieting approach here% 8ybrid +ieting

Minimalist Workout

by Rusty Moore

9ince I'm not using strategic cardio to burn a bunch of calories throughout the !eek- I need to reduce the portion si:e of a lot of meals that I eat. (,. months of strategic cardio !ill be added back in leading up to summer. I !ill probably do cardio after that as !ell...as it gi"es me a little more 2!iggle room3 !ith the diet. For me the biggest differences in diet7 ; & drink limit...!hen coming home from !ork. ; smaller plate of food for dinner. <o late night snacks 4e*cept for maybe Fri and 9at night'. an't finish my girlfriend's plate !hen going out to eat. <o hardcore calorie counting or anything like that. /ust eat less and measure the results each !eek. 9ince I'"e trained for years and I'm mainly 1ust maintaining muscle- the scale !ill gi"e me an accurate idea of !hether I'm gaining or losing fat. For those of you trying to gain muscle- you may !ant to take skin fold measurements- but that isn't completely necessary. 8ere's the actual !orkout...
Minimalist Workout 5 by Rusty Moore

The Minimalist Workout

I !ant to keep this simple and easy to remember. I !ill e*plain !hy I ha"e set it up the !ay I ha"e...but feel free to t!eak for your specific needs. Monday% Friday% hest- Back- =egs hest- Backal"es

Wednesday% 9houlders- Biceps- #riceps- ;bs

Why only once per !eek for 9houlders- Biceps- and #riceps7 #hese muscles are indirectly getting !orked hard on on the t!o hest and Back days. 9o in reality they are getting !orked 3 times per !eek. In fact...e"en on their training day- I'm going to suggest you keep it to one e*ercise instead of t!o. Why only one day per !eek for abs7 >nce you de"elop good abs- you can maintain off of minimal direct ab !ork. Routines outlined in my free report- ;bs Blueprint...aren't necessarily meant to be used for a lifetime. 5ou can back off on abs for part of the year- to sa"e time and energy for muscles that re?uire more attention. #hen add back more ab !ork the 3,. months before summer.
Minimalist Workout 6 by Rusty Moore

My approach- and thoughts- about leg training I'm satisfied !ith the si:e of my legs- so I do "ery little direct leg training throughout the year. I rely on specific types of inter"al cardio to keep the legs dense and athletic.

...but since I am not including cardio in this routine- I'm going to need to include at least a fe! sets of direct leg training. If you !ant to add leg mass7 #ake ?uality creatine and do ),@ sets of s?uats to failure on both Monday and Friday. Want to a"oid adding si:e to your legs7

Minimalist Workout

by Rusty Moore

/ust !ork legs on Monday and do .,) sets of ) reps 4short of failure'. I prefer partial deadlifts done short of failure. I ha"e a post !ith "ideos about that here.

Ase Byramid 9ets 4or Re"erse Byramid' to gain muscle I'm a .CD year old guy- so I like to use pyramid sets to gi"e my 1oints a break. I fatigue my muscles by doing the higher rep sets first and don't need to lift as hea"y in the later sets. When should you use re"erse pyramids7 #he ad"antage of using re"erse pyramids is that you !ill gain !hen you are fresh and the lighter !eights after. Ase these
Minimalist Workout 8 by Rusty Moore

strength at a faster pace. 5ou do hea"y lo! rep strength stuff

!hen you !ant to push your strength and muscle si:e to the ne*t le"el. <ote% I'll probably s!itch o"er to re"erse pyramids for the last .,@ !eeks of (C&(. Right no! I'm !orking on 2cumulati"e fatigue3 !ith lighter !eights per set. I'm going to lay out the e*ercises I'm using !ith sets and reps. 9!ap out !ith the e*ercises that you prefer. Monday% hest Bench Bress% ) sets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD' Incline +umbbell Bress%. sets 4&C- E- @- &CD' =egs Bartial +eadlifts% . sets 4)- )- )- )' Back Bent >"er Ro!s% ) sets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD' =at Bulldo!ns% . sets 4&C- E- @- &CD' hest- Back- =egs

#uesday% 9houlders- Biceps- #riceps- ;bs 9houlders 9eated +umbbell Bress% ) 9ets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD' Biceps
Minimalist Workout 9 by Rusty Moore

9eated +umbbell #riceps

urls% ) 9ets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD'

Weighted +ips% ) 9ets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD' ;bs 8anging =eg Raises% ) 9ets 4each set close to failure'

Friday% hest

hest- Back-


Bench Bress% ) sets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD' Incline +umbbell Bress%. sets 4&C- E- @- &CD' Back able Ro!s% ) sets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD' =at Bulldo!ns% . sets 4&C- E- @- &CD' al"es 9tanding alf Raises% ) sets 4&(- &C- E- @- &CD'

For those !ho don't !ant to gain muscle7 /ust make sure and a"oid failure. 8ere's a post !here I e*plain a study that sho!s training failure is likely to build muscle!hether you lift high or lo! reps. ...In my Women's course- I also recommend a"oiding too many
Minimalist Workout 10 by Rusty Moore

sets and reps. 9o 1ust do the same amount of sets abo"e- but keep it to ) reps. 9top before you reach the point of fatigue in each set if you !ant to a"oid adding additional muscle mass. For those !ho !ant to gain muscle7 Bush to failure for most sets. +on't o"ereat e*tra calories to gain mass...1ust add in creatine from a reputable company. <ote% +on't assume that you are going to lose definition by doing less !ork. If your diet is dialed in and you are gaining strength !eek to !eek- your le"el of definition should increase. 8a"e a great oneRusty Moore >n Facebook My ourses My Blog

Minimalist Workout


by Rusty Moore