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Continental Exchange Solutions, Inc.

dba Ria Financial Services

6565 Knott Avenue Buena Park, CA 90620 Tel: 1(800) 500-3994 Fax: 1(800) 281-7795


Ria Money Transfer.com (EW100) TEL: (877) 443-1399 AUTHORIZED AGENT

Order No.: US1777205886 Transaction Date: 1/9/2014 6:41:56 AM SENDER Nicole farulla 15 Arlington drive Howell, New Jersey 07731 - United States (732) 800-7642 Aika Di Shakhwat Hossain Shaon - Via San Bernardino 15 D - Ria Agent Money can be picked up at any location Transfer Amount 125.00 USD Transfer Fees 0.00 USD Transfer Taxes 0.00 USD Total 125.00 USD RECIPIENT Muhammad Riaz Bergamo Bergamo, Bergamo - Italy Date Available: 1/9/2014 (May be available sooner)

PIN No. 11835407324

Exchange Rate $1.00 USD = 0.74 EUR Transfer Amount Other Fees Total to Recipient 92.02 0.00 92.02 EUR EUR EUR

For questions or complaints about RIA, contact: Department of Banking and Insurance : (800) 446-7467, http://www.state.nj.us/dobi or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (855) 411-2372, (855) 729-2372 (TTY/TDD), www.consumerfinance.gov Recipient may receive less due to fees charged by the recipients bank and foreign taxes. CURRENCY EXCHANGE CHARGES: In the event that a sending customer requests payment to a beneficiary in non-US currency, RIA will also retain as revenue any difference between the retail currency exchange rate charged to the sending customer and the wholesale currency exchange rate paid by RIA. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: RIAs liability is limited to the U.S. dollar amount showing on the face of this receipt, including service charges placed by RIA. RIA shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from late delivery or non-delivery of your payment order, messages or refunds. No person is authorized to alter or waive the terms of this agreement on RIAs behalf. PRIVACY: RIA does not disclose any nonpublic personal or financial information about its customers to third parties, except as permitted by law and as necessary in processing and conducting the transaction you have requested and authorized. SENDER RIGHT OF CANCELLATION AND REFUND: You can cancel for a full refund within 30 minutes of payment, unless the funds have been picked up or deposited. ERROR RESOLUTION: You have the right to dispute errors in your transaction. If you think there is an error, contact us within 180 days at (888) 596-5487 or compliance@riafinancial.com. You can also contact us for a written explanation of your rights. WARNING: Wiring money is just like sending cash - once it's gone, you can't get it back. So don't wire money to a stranger or to someone you haven't met in person. If you believe you were involved in a scam, please contact our Consumer Fraud Department at (855) 355-2145.