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Daksh Gupta

44 Valley Wood Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873 U ited States 73!"##8"434#$ d%&408#'rit(edu

Seeking a full time in a workplace where my technical skills can be utili e! effecti"ely an! continue my learning with practical e#perience$ %&"ailable 'ay( )*++,

0ochester Institute of Technology )o*hester, Ne+ ,ork Master of Science in Computer Science -%pe*ted Graduatio Ju e( !0.. (Recipient of Graduate Scholarship) 12&: 3$456$* Relevant Completed Coursework: /arallel 0omputi & usi & Java, 0loud 0omputi & usi & 1ma2o We3 Servi*es, 4heory o5 0omputer 1l&orithm, 1dva *ed /ro&rammi & i Java, Data3ase Systems, 1*tive Data3ase Systems, Data 6i i &, Statisti*s i Data 6i i &, Data /reparatio a d 0lea i &, Data 0ommu i*atio a d Net+orks 7 8, 8 telli&e t Se*urity Systems, 9ou datio o5 0omputi & 4heory( Bharati Vi!yapeeth College of Engineering Ne+ Delhi, 8 dia Bachelor of Engineering in nformation technolog! "une# $%%& Se*ured 9irst Divisio +ith disti *tio 12&: 3$456$*

TEC7/IC&8 S9I88S
2rogramming 8anguages -atabases :eb Technologies : Java :."! years;, 0< (N-4 :."! years;, Graph4alk :. year;, V0== :. year;, 0==( : >ra*le ?& a d .0&, 6i*roso5t S@A Server !00B a d !008, 6ySCl( : D46A, DD46A, E6A, /D/, JS/, 1S/ (N-4, JavaS*ript( Operating Systems : Wi do+s ?8FE/FVista, UN8E( Others : Spri & !(B 7 JavaFJ!--, Di3er ate, 1ma2o We3 Servi*es, /arallel Java Ai3rary, >ra*le 4imes4e , 0as*adi & style sheets, J@uery, DW), -3o% 5rame+ork, 6i*roso5t Visual Studio !00B"08, -*lipse, Net3ea s, 4oad, 6i*roso5t >55i*e !003F!007, )atio al )ose, Weka 3(#, )"So5t+are, U6A, 1DE 06S(

:O09 E;2E0IE/CE
Vicor Corporation( &n!o"er( '& 1u&ust !0.0 " /rese t CI' %Computer Integrate! 'anufacturing, Intern < Software -e"eloper 6ai tai i & the @uality 0o trol Statisti*al 4ool G> li e S/0 :Statisti*al /ro*ess 0o trol;H3y developi & modules i Ja"a Spring =ramework( Oracle >g( ;'8( :eb ser"ices using SO&2( JS2 using JST8( &?a# using -:0( J@uery( @uart Sche!uler an! /:& tool( Some o5 the tasks i *luded i te&rati & the statisti*al tool +ith the third party NW1 statisti*al tool( 4he tasks i volved a aly2i &, reCuireme t &atheri &, desi& i & a d developi &Fmai tai i & a appli*atio ( Developed a > li e S/0 0o 5i&urator tool 5or the @uality 0o trol 4ool i Ja"a Spring =ramework( 7ibernate( Oracle >g( ;'8( JS2 using JST8( &?a# using -:0( J@uery +hi*h +ill a*t as a i ter5a*e 5or the @uality 0o trol Statisti*al 4ool 5or e teri & the data i to the Oracle >g data3ase$ 4he tasks i volved a aly2i &, reCuireme t &atheri &, desi& i & a d developi & a appli*atio as +ell as data3ase 5or 3usi ess 5u *tio alities$ Writi & pro*edures, tri&&ers, pa*ka&es, 5u *tio s a d data3ase Io3s i Oracle >g an! +*g( T12 &ssociates( 'anhattan( /A 2rogramming Intern < Software -e"eloper Septem3er !00? 7 9e3ruary !0.0

Desi& ed a d developed various modules 5or the G5isherma ma&a2i eH usi & &S2 $net 3$4 a d &-; C'S( Desi& ed a d developed various modules 5or the G5isherma su3s*riptio e &i eH usi & &S2 $net 3$4( Ja"aScript an! 'icrosoft SBl Ser"er )**C( Desi& ed a d developed the Aittle )iver 0asi o We3site G+++(littleriver*asi os(*omH a d its admi i ter5a*e as its 06S usi & 272( J@uery( css( Ja"aScript an! 'ySBl( Worked o GeJayusps a d eJayusps 1dmi H proIe*t +hi*h is 3ased o the J1V1 a d e3o% 5rame+ork 3y *ha &i & their +e3site 5rom asp( et to J&V& using the Debo#E framework an! 'ySBl ( Developed a GeJay 6aster0ardH proIe*t o Ja"a a d ebo# 5rame+ork( Developed a i ter al proIe*t 5or the *ompa y G0ale dar Wid&etH usi & Ja"a( 'ySBl a d ebo# 5rame+ork( 6ai tai ed the +e3site G+++(-milyAie3ert(*omH i 272 a d G+++(5resh3a3y(*omH i html 3y addi & e+ 5u *tio ality as reCuested 3y the *lie t(

'ahin!raFSatyam( 7y!eraba!( In!ia July !007 " 1u&ust !008 Software -e"eloper 8 +orked i 8 sura *e Domai 5or the SJ8"Ai5e 8 sura *e proIe*t i 1raphTalk technology %insurance !omain, at o55shore as +ell o site lo*atio ( Desi& ed a d developed various modules usi & 1raphTalk te*h olo&y( Developed various a5ter sales operatio a d *ha &e reCuest modules i 1raphTalk te*h olo&y(

Da dled various reCuest o5 the people 5rom all the 3ra *hes o5 8 dia 3y per5ormi & operatio s o them( U it testi & 5or all the a*tivities like poli*y issua *e, *a *ellatio 3y +orki & *losely +ith the 3usi ess a alysts(

Daksh Gupta
44 Valley Wood Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873 U ited States 73!"##8"434#$ d%&408#'rit(edu

1enpact %1$E,( 1urgaon( In!ia Ju e !00B 7 1u&ust !00B (Designation- Trainee) 8 +orked as a i ter i the *ompa y 5or 3 mo ths 5rom Ju e"1u&ust, !00B 3y +orki & o the >ra*le Aease 6a a&eme t proIe*t(

Clou! Base! 2ublish Subscribe System: 4his appli*atio allo+ed the user to vie+ the pu3lished sto*k Cuotes 3ased o the sto*ks heFshe has su3s*ri3ed 5or( 1ppli*atio is 3ased o the topi* 3ased pu3lish"su3s*ri3e system( 4e*h olo&ies usedK &ma on :eb Ser"ices 2ro!ucts %&ma on Simple-B( &ma on S@S( an! &ma on EC),( CG$ Searching 2ro!ucts using &:S: 4his appli*atio +as used to sear*h various 1ma2o produ*ts 3ased o the maIor item *ate&ories( 4e*h olo&ies usedK &ma on :eb Ser"ices( CG$ *5+ 9napSack &lgorithm: 4his al&orithm +as impleme ted usi & seCue tial versio usi & Ja"a a d the developed a parallel versio o5 the same usi & 2arallel Ja"a 8ibrary 5or 5ast *omputatio o5 a very lar&e dataset( 0eal Time Emergency System: Developed real time emer&e *y system usi & a*tive data system +hi*h 5ollo+s 2ublisher5Subscriber mo!el 1 d used i *a*he memory data3ase system to deliver hi&h per5orma *e( 4e*h olo&ies UsedK Ja"a( 0'I( Oracle TimesTen( Online 8ibrary Store: System +hi*h allo+s re t, addFmodi5yFdelete, shippi & 3ooks 5rom i ve tory( -mphasis +as do e o ho+ to have a usa3le data3ase system( 4e*h olo&ies usedK Ja"a( J-BC( Oracle +*g( 285S@8$ 1oBoar! 1ame: Developed a GoJoard et+ork &ame usi & 'VC %'o!elFViewFController, !esign para!igm ( 4e*h olo&ies UsedK Ja"a( &irline 0eser"ation website: System +hi*h allo+s to 3ook, modi5y, delete the ti*kets o5 the 5li&hts( Various 5li&ht deals +ere sho+ to the user( 4he We3 1ppli*atio +as made availa3le to the mo3ile devi*es( 8ma&e slidesho+ +as also used usi & 1Ia% toolkit( 4e*h olo&ies usedK &S2 $net using CG( S@8 ser"er )**4$ TC2 an! .-2 base! Client Ser"er Communication System %CHH, Developed a system usi & CHH *apa3le o5 passi & messa&es a d per5ormi & operatio s o *lie t as +ell server side( Business an! Sales 'onitoring System: Developed this proIe*t as the 5i al year proIe*t 5or my u der&raduate +hi*h +as used to mo itor the total sales that has 3ee do e 3y selli & various produ*ts to the users( 4his proIe*t +as developed usi & VJ a d 6S"1**ess(

>r&a i2ed a d *oordi ated various pro&rammi & *o test i 4e*h i*al 9estival( Bth ra k i Geo&raphy >lympiad *o du*ted 3y 1*ademy o5 Geo&raphy 4ea*hers( .3th i Se iors 6athemati*s Natio al >lympiad *o du*ted 3y 8 dia 6athemati*s Wo 9irst pri2e i 0ri*ket a d *arom i i tra 0olle&e Sports 6eet(

1vaila3le o )eCuest