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Northern Virginia Community College

CSC 201 (COMPUTER SCIENCE – I), 4 credits

FALL 2009

Instructor: Pavani Gundamraju

E-mail: pgundamraju@nvcc.edu. Please include your name, course in the email.
Blog: http://nvcccsc2009.blogspot.com/
Office Hours: By Appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:00PM and 2:00PM


Tuesdays and Thursdays between 11:00AM and 12:50PM, A-Bisdorf /AA-0461.

Students MUST have successfully completed course MTH 173 or MUST be currently enrolled in
MTH 173 and CSC 185. Students who do not satisfy this criterion should meet me on the first
day of class.


This course introduces program design, algorithm and problem solving methods. Emphasizes
structured and Object-Oriented Programming, concepts, data types, I/O, Control Structures.

This is a 4 credit course and is designed for students who primarily want to major in Computer
Science. There will be good amount of programming involved and student is expected to put
individual efforts in their homework or assignments.

Introduction to Programming in Java – An Interdisciplinary Approach By Robert Sedgewick
Kevin Wayne.
We also have a website for this book http://www.cs.princeton.edu/introcs/home/.

ISBN-13: 978-0-321-4905-2
ISBN-10: 0-321-49805-4

In addition to the above mentioned there will be some web links that will be posted on
the blog.


Attendance and Class Participation: 10%

Homework and Programming Assignments: 25%
In-class quizzes: 15%
Midterm Exam: 25%
Final Exam: 25%
Extra Credit: 5%

90% and Above - A

75% - 90% - B
65% - 75% - C
55% - 65% - D
50% - 55% - S
Below 50% - F

Student has to score a minimum of 50% in ‘Homework and Programming Assignments’,

minimum of 45% in the midterm examination and a minimum of 45% in the Final Exam,
otherwise his/her Final grade is ‘F’.


Midterm examination will be conducted in the mid of October 2009. The exact date and
time to be announced later in class.

Final Examination will be conducted on December 15th 2009 between 11:00 AM and
12:50PM. The exam will be comprehensive – covering all the material which is covered
in sixteen weeks.


Programming assignments constitute of 30% of the grade and the student is expected to
submit both electronically And manually by submitting a print out of the homework at
my mailbox (No Exceptions). I will not be grading the assignments if either one is not
received. The program MUST execute on a designated IDE. There will be partial credit
for those programs if it is incomplete or part of it is correct. Therefore, I suggest you to
handover the assignments even if they are incomplete rather have a Zero in that

No audits are given in this class.


I will be updating the blog which can be found at http://nvcccsc2009.blogspot.com to

make any announcements or post assignments or materials for this class. It is the
student’s responsibility to check it on a regular basis.
Students are expected to have regular attendance with active class participation. Please
make sure to contact me by phone, email or in person if you were to miss any class. If
you miss a class it is your responsibility for finding the notes and assignments/homework
if any were given on that day.


Students coming late to the class will be marked as ‘Absent’ after 10 minutes from the
start of class. That is, if the class starts at 10:00 am, the students coming after 10:10am
will be marked as Absent.


Food and Drinks: No food and drinks are allowed during the class.

Cell phones/Pagers: In the interest of common courtesy, cell phones and pagers should be
turned off.

Headphones: Headphones will not be allowed in the class at any time.


Exams, Homework and Programming assignments are individual efforts. Any proof of
cheating will result in ‘F’ as the final grade in that course. You are allowed to do some
research on the Internet, but your program should not be a replica of the code on the
internet. When asked you should be able to give an explanation of your assignment.


09/10/2009 September 9th 2009

Last day to withdraw from the course with refund.

11/02/2009 November 2nd 2009

Last day to withdraw from the course without refund.


There will be special office hours conducted per student’s request before the midterm
examination and final examination. Day and time will be discussed as per student’s

Please address with me any special problems or needs at the beginning of the semester. If
you are seeking accommodations based on a disability, you must provide a disability data
sheet, which can be obtained from the counselor for special needs, who is located in
Bisdorf (AA) 229, with phone (703) 845-6301.