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The universe has a Creator, the Most Merciful God who provided
air and water so that life may flourish on this planet. Through the
periodic message He sent through messengers, God instructed us
how we should live and what should be the ultimate aim of our
lives. We are accountable to God for all our actions and after we
die, we shall be rewarded for our good deeds and punished for
our crimes. Hence, a man's only way to spiritual salvation is to
live according to the directions given by God Almighty, The Qur'an
is the last code of such revelations made by the Creator. It was
islam for human liberation through Prophet Muhammed that these invaluable instructions
second edition: december 2002 reached mankind. Amongst men there are some who have received
author: the supreme knowledge and others who have not It is the obliga-
m.m. akbar tory duty of everyone who has received the message to convey it
publishers: to others.
niche of truth,
NICHE OF TRUTH is an organization which makes dedicated
kalabhavan road,
efforts to convince Muslims of this duty and to enlighten others of
the excellence of Islam, its teachings and values.
cover page:
yoonus.k.k O' Lord! This is a humble venture intended forf the propagation
type setting: of the Religion of Truth, an earnest attempt to fulfil the responsi-
creative media bility that Thou hast entrusted us. I beseech Thee that this
printing: endeavour may be justly rewarded (Ameen).
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n-hm-Z-hpw- ISLAMJp¿-

hile the beginning of the present century marked the
rise of ideologies, its end witnessed their downfall.
We know that these ideologies which raised a lot of
hope have failed to deliver the goods. The philosophies proclaim-
ing Utopian dreams of a world of equality and the economic
system promising a brave new world have found its place in the
dustbin of history. Countries which once embraced these ideolo-
gies have started throwing them out fully convinced of their
unreal and impractical nature. Both Communism and Capitalism
have practically failed, and so man is in search of an ideology
which is hundred percent practical and which can lead to the lib-
eration of mankind.
Men seeking the path of liberation stray into different areas.
The ultra materialists begin to learn about religion from religions
based on priesthood. Infact materialism and priestly religions are
two extremes of degeneration. While the former considers man
as a mere animal, the latter claims to elevate him to an angel. Man
who is a special creation is brought down to the level of mere
animal in the studies made by such ideologies and this has invari-
ably led to the failure of these ideologies. On the other hand knows better about man than man himself. So the Creator who
priestly religions while claiming to take him to the high pedes- sustains the world and all its beings is the proper authority to
tals of angels destroy the human aspect in him. The question of show us the path of liberation.
liberation becomes quiet relevant here. No one now believes that
transfer of power from one to another will lead to liberation. All Islam, the Religion:
agree that transformation of the society and country can be Let us find out whether any philosophy which heralds libera-
effected through the individual. But the fact remains that most tion exists. There is only one philosophy that can hold its head
people fail to define the nature of changes to be brought about in aloft and proclaim that it is possible to liberate mankind. That
the individual. ideology is Islam.
As we have pointed out above it is neither correct nor feasi- Islam is the ideology of liberation. Liberation means freeing
ble to treat man as a mere animal or to make him an angel. What of the individual, the family, the society and the nation from evils.
is necessary is that he should transform himself to a real human This is complete and the most comprehensive liberation that comes
being, man should be able to differentiate himself from animal. from Islam.
He should be prepared to eschew evil thoughts. Basic evil char- What is Islam? Is it the life pattern of a section of people
acteristics consist of pride, selfishness, chicanery, badness, cru- treating the mosque and its surroundings as the only world? Is it
elty, hypocracy, petty mindedness etc. Evil actions originate from the religion of long shirts and head gears? Is it a system of wor-
all these. When the individuals are liberated from such evils the shipping myths borrowed from other religions giving them Ara-
society and the nation prosper. Fraternity, good behaviour, affec- bic names? Is it an army of soldiers wielding Qur’an in one hand
tion, helpfulness, mercy and such qualities trigger to social trans- and sword in the other hand and ordering to embrace Islam or to
formation which in turn liberates mankind. face death? Is it a system of law fabricated by Muhammed with a
It is a fact that an ideology which can liberate man from evil view of putting an end to social evils of the uncultured Arabs? Or
and which teaches righteousness and human values alone can be is it a philosophy of life with the more important air of ending
a liberating force in its true sense. The ideologies and philoso- miseries of this world? Islam is not any one of these. Then What
phies created by man will not be able to teach what is required is Islam?
for the success of man. This is proved by the failure of the mate- Islam is a religion, a religion in the full sense of the term.
rialistic ideologies. It means that some one who is not a man, but Islam is introduced by God as ``Deen’’. Qur’an introduces Islam
knows everything about man should show the path of liberation as Deen from God. The best translation of the Arabic word `Deen’
to mankind. It is the Creator, the Protector and the Almighty who is religion. The meaning of the term religion when applied to Is-
lam is to be clearly understood as it is different from what secu- dreams Islam basically calls for action to succeed in life hereafter.
larists and spokesmen of established religions call religion. The Islam is not merely the religion of Muslims, nor of mosques,
western secular concept of religion that it should be confined to or priests orassembly of priests, or of a nation. The Creator of the
the church and the rosary beads is foreign to Islam. The philoso- universe presented the ideology of Islam for the emancipation of
phy of established religions that it is the duty of religions to carry man. It consists of divine laws, orders, actions and beliefs. The
out orders of the church and the clergy does not agree with the individual who accepts this becomes a Muslim. Any one born of
precepts of Islam. What Islam does is the transformation of every Muslim parents does not become a Muslim by virtue of birth. If
field of human activity in consonance with the dictates of God. one follows the dictates of God one is in the circle of Islam and
Religion, in the sense of Islam, is all comprehensive and it covers out of it whenever one deviates. Similarly a person born out of
every aspects of human life the individual, family, society and nonmuslim parents becomes a muslim if he is prepared to go by
politics. Islam does not give license to do what ever one likes. In the tenets of Islam. No one is barred from getting divine protec-
other words it is improper to define Islam as a religion with its tion on account of birth. Any one who belongs to a Muslim fam-
casual meaning. ily will be a Muslim as long as he or she leads a life ordained by
It is also not correct to bring Islam down to the level of a God. A Scholar will be acceptable when he leads the society with
mere ideology in the sense of `a way of life’. Islam is not enam- the help of divine sources. A country or a nation when it decides
oured by such ideologies which raise hopes of charming and beau- on issues on the basis of divine ordinance will be islamic.
tiful world of utopian dreams. The foundation of Islam is laid on An ideology can be considered complete and an instrument
the belief in the world to come. The concept of life that the for transformation only when its philosophy becomes faultless
reward for the deeds should be available in this world itself is and practical. To bring forth a practical system is more difficult
entirely opposed to Islam. According to certain ideologies the idea than creating attractive ideologies. It is here that Islam succeeds.
of life after death is not only a myth but also reactionary. Accord- Its principles are faultless, attractive and practical.
ing to Marxism which was described by Freidrich Nietzche as the
philosophy of present century, the very concept of life after death Islamic Principles:
is a lethal narcotic administered on a society built on heaven on Islamic principles are generally represented by three techni-
earth. Islam views the world hereafter as a powerful instrument cal terms. ``Thouheed’’, ``Risalath’’ and ``Akhirath’’. Thouheed
capable of transforming the world and as the ultimate transforma- proclaims the unity of God which is the distinctive feature of
tion, answer to the entire question relating to the very existence of divine being. Risalath represents divine guidance through proph-
man. As distinct from secular ideologies which run after worthless ets. Akhirath deals with death and life hereafter.
Thouheed: modern physics. It is a fact that Einstein’s Theory or Relativity
Each and everything in this universe sees something beyond and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle have in effect broken the
it. Man is in the habit of trying to find out the cause behind every- spearhead of materialism.
thing he comes across. He wants to know about everything in the Creator & Creations:
universe, small or big, from atoms to stars. When the cause is
The God Islam introduces is not the one sitting in heaven
found he finds himself in a position to seek further and this proc-
enjoying the mischief of the universe and taking rest on the sev-
ess goes on and on. But this does not go on infinitely. He is thus
enth day after performing the Herculean task of creating the uni-
led to a cause which does not need any cause. That entity is the
verse in six days. Islam does not teach that everything, all ani-
end of all queries. All enquiry and prayers come to an end when
mate and inanimate things are hidden in the being called God. It
he reaches this be all and end all. We don’t find any phenomenon
is Allah who created the universe and He maintains it. The power
is this universe which does not need any cause. Big and small
of God is behind every phenomenon in the universe. He is behind
things alike search for cause. Then the Supreme being which does
the order and symmetry of all universal systems. The influence of
not need a cause should not be a part of the universe. This, is
His being extends to every thing from the movements in the atom
above matter, Islam calls this Supreme entity, Allah.
to the attraction between stars. But he is not hiding in any one of
Islam does not teach that Allah is a mere force without a real them. God is beyond the universe. But the power of God extends
being or just a form of energy. Divine being is beyond any expla- to the entire universe. According to Islam there are two kinds of
nation man can give. Things in the universe which owe their reality, the Creator and the creations. Allah is the Creator and all
existence to Allah can alone give information about Him. The others His creations. There is no one, nothing equal to God but
nature of His being can be understood only through divine revela- His creations are also real. Islam does not agree with the ``Advaida
tion. philosophy’’ that the universe is unreal and imaginary. The being
The view of Islam that there is something behind this uni- of Allah is complete and final. He is One, no one is like Him. He
verse makes it distinct from other secular ideologies. The preju- is Omnipotent, Infallible, Greatest and Creator of the entire uni-
dice of material ideology does not permit it to think of any world verse. He is most Gracious and most Merciful endowed with most
other than the universe. It rests heavily on the facile assumption a perfect qualities and absolute. His creations which are real de-
product of Newtonian physics that the universe is a machine. We pends upon him.
now know that the universe is not just a machine. If we want to According to the school of thought which treats the world as
explain it correctly or even to understand fully, we have to go `Maya’ (unreal) creation is an unfortunate incident emanated from
beyond the time-space continuum. This is the view held by `Brahmav’. If that had not happened, the world would not have
been here. In the opinion of Paul (Romer 5:12), Christianity is out divine orders man is the only creation who has been given the
founded on the assumption that all creations became sinful and freedom to accept or reject such orders. This is what is meant
evil due to the sin of the first man. If it is so all the efforts of man when man is described as the ``Khalifa’’ on earth having been
will lead him away from the straight path of God. given charge of certain responsibilities. Man gets the opportunity
Islam does not approve of these two theories. Universe is the to decide his own future through the constructive use of the skills
creation as well as a gift from God. It is the realization of divine which will ensure success in life or through destructive use which
law that is taking place in nature. The act of creation is neither a will result in failure in life.
mistake nor a mishap on the part of God. On the contrary it was Islam views man as one who makes history. It disagrees with
preplanned and with a great purpose. There is clear and definited the philosophy of Marx that history makes man. Man cannot be
divine purpose behind the creation of everything, be it a small treated as a two legged animal destined to lead a life merely on
rubble or giant cloud, smallest atom or biggest star, amoebae or the basis of the laws of nature. In the eyes of Islam man is capable
blue whale, animate or inanimate things. Qur’an declares that it of bringing about total change of history.
is not for nothing that these are created (Qur’an 21:16) Divine Guidance:
Man, a Special Creation: As we have already learnt man who is the only living being
capable of making use of nature needs divine guidance. Utiliza-
Islam teaches that among all the creations of God man has
tion of nature without divine guidance will only lead to the de-
distinctive and special characteristics. He has an individuality
struction of mankind. Only someone superior to human stature
which is absolutely different from that of any other animate or
can tell him how to lead a human life. He knows that except the
inanimate things. There is certainly a great purpose behind the
Creator nothing among the creations is superior to himself. We
creation of man. Man is the `Khalifa’ on earth, the only living
should then get guidance from the Creator. Islam teaches that all
being with necessary powers and independent judgement. He
the prophets were sent to achieve this goal ie to tell him how to
can make use of the universe and influence nature as well. Quite live like a man. All the prophets had come to the world for the
apart from other living beings whose existence is in accordance purpose of setting good examples for mankind by living a life on
with nature, man is the only creation endowed with the responsi- the basis of divine instructions. `Risalath’, the technical term rep-
bility of independent power of discrimination. Qur’an (33:72) resents this idea. The medium of contact between God and man
introduces man as having undertaken a great responsibility and between sky and earth is Risalath.
(Amanath) which the skies, the earth and the mountains refused.
Islam does not teach that prophets were gods and that they
While all others in nature fulfill their obligation and carry had any divinity in them. The concept of prophethood in Islam
goes against the Hindu theology of incarnation avatar according Mankind was waiting for the great personality who was destined
to which God comes down to the earth and becomes a model of to be model for the entire human race.
what man should be. The argument that God comes down with all
the trivialities of man runs counter to the purity of Almighty God. The Last Messenger:
It is quite meaningless to suppose that God takes the form of man Fortune smiled on Arabia, the fortune which witnessed the
and shows him how he should live. God is all powerful. He does birth of the last prophet. Mohammed was born on 29th August
not need food or sexual pleasures. Even if He comes down He 570 AD to Amina and Abdulla. He grew up as an ordinary lad of
can exist without food and human needs. It is not God who should Arabia. Orphaned at an early age Mohammed earned the reputa-
be a model to man. A representative from man should show the tion for being honest and simple. At the age of 25 he married 40
practical manner in which man should live in accordance with years old Khadeeja of a noble family, who was attracted by the
divine guidance. exemplary character of Mohammed. He was well known through-
Prophets were ordinary men in the sense that they had hun- out the land for the great qualities of his conduct and character and
ger and thirst, sleep and rest, happiness and sorrow, wives and became the darling of the family and the people till he was 40.
children. But when hungry they were not the ones to lay their He got prophetood of God at the age of 40. He proclaimed
hands on things belonging to others. They did not go for prostitu- the greatest universal truth: ``Worship the one and only God Al-
tion to satisfy sexual needs. They did not revel in joy, nor did they lah who created and sustains the world. I am his prophet. Obey
seek refuge in drug and liquor when sad. They did no injustice to me. Death which is the end of this life makes the beginning of
anyone for the sake of their wives. They did not earn wealth another life; Life hereafter. Rewards in full measure for what-
through crime to bring up their offspring. They were men. Perfect ever one does in this world are awarded there. Heaven for those
men who did good and hell for those who did evil. The ultimate aim
Prophets fulfilled their mission in different societies. With of man in this world is to achieve heaven in the other world. To
the development of the intellectual capabilities of man slight move close to that goal it is necessary to follow the precept and
changes were effected in the sphere of law. But basically what all practices of the prophet of God’’. This is the quintessence of his
the prophets said was the same thing. Worship only the Almighty advice.
who created and maintains the universe and obey the prophets For telling the truth Mohammed (Peace be upon Him) was
send by him. Society was growing. All the prophets without any insulted and beaten up. But the people who listened to the truth
exception through their exhortation, were predicting the advent were attracted. This infuriated those who stood against truth. They
of a great prophet who would be model for all the human beings. went ahead with oppression and many of Mohammed’s (PBUH)
followers were killed and other’s subjected to suppression. But ciples elaborated therein are not against the material progress of
his followers did not desist from the path of truth. The prophet man. But it contains guidelines needed for every field of human
and his followers were compelled to leave to leave their birthland. activity in order to prevent him from degenerating to the level of
They fled from their kith and kin and family to safeguard their mere animal. It is not possible to say that any of the laws of the
faith. They chose Medina as their second home. His enemies did Holy Book is impractical. It does not contain anything that is out-
not leave him alone there too. Finally the prophet and his follow- dated, Qur’an is the only book which gives right guidelines till
ers were forced to resort to arms to safeguard their faith. Finally the dooms day. No other book which assumes the mantle of pu-
truth triumphed. Whole Arabia lay at the feet of Islam. rity can claim to be holy. Such books are written by holy men or
priests or saints. Qur’an is the compilation of divine revelations.
The Ideal Man: There is not a single sentence written by Mohammed (PBUH) in
Mohammed (PBUH) is the prophet of all the people even the the Holy Qur’an. Each word and even each alphabet is revealed
last man on earth. His life, both private and public, is an open to him by God.
book. The life of no other leader is recorded as in the case of
Mohammed (PBUH). If recorded, many a great man will end up Qur’an, The Ultimate Miracle:
ignominiously. Look at the life of the prophet. His life from be- When prophet Moses down it became a serpent! Jesus gave
ginning to end from bathroom to bedroom sets good example for life to the dead! These were divine signs to them to prove that
us to follow. He was a Muslim in every sense of the term. In they were prophets. It ended with the fulfilment of their missions.
otherwords he was a perfect man in whom was embedded all the Their mission was of a limited nature. Contemporary people and
human qualities. He didn’t claim to be a god man or demigod. the lost sheeps of Israelite origin were their targets. But the divine
Neither did he claim to possess super human qualities. He stated signs, given to Mohammed (PBUH), the prophet of all the people
he was a Muslim. He completely submitted himself to God. It upto the end of the world like his mission will last on till this date
was possible for him to become the perfect man. Even Marx was has been able to produce even a small chapter equivalent to that
not a Marxist. But Mohammed (PBUH) was a Muslim. He was in Qur’an. Many anti Islamic Scholars who had deep knowledge
not the last Muslim. He was a great prophet who through his life of Arabic language and literature passed away, many are still liv-
set an example to other Muslims. ing. All of them are silent on the challenge thrown by Qur’an
fourteen centuries ago. The challenge of Qur’an is to write a chap-
Divine Revelation: ter equivalent to a small one in Qur’an and to prove that Qur’an is
The Holy book sent down to humanity through Mohammed not unique. As man reaches unfathomable heights in the progress
(SA) is both a revelation of guidelines and divine signs. The prin- of science and technology the infallibility, uniqueness and divin-
ity of Qur’an becomes more and more evident. The best way for I bear witness that there is no one who has right to be worshipped
emancipation is to lead a life in accordance with the Qur’an and except Allah and I bear witness that Mohammed is the Messen-
the Sunna. These two alone can enlighten and guide humanity. ger of God’’. This is the oath for entering into Islam.

Life After Death: `La Ilaha Illallah’:

There is a natural tendency in man to come down to the level La Ilaha Illallah (.........................) ``There is no one worthy
of lower animals-the longing to break divine ties and to follow of worship except Allah’’. The first half of the fundamental sen-
the footsteps of evil. Such a man does not take divine instruction tence of Islam is in the negative, La Ilaha, no one worthy of wor-
seriously. He asks, ``What purpose does it serve for a man to fol- ship. All animate and inanimate things which man worshipped
low divine instructions?’’. Yet every man dreams of a world with- are barred. The principle that is made clear is that no such things
out evil. They really wish to have such a world. We come across can be worshipped whether small or big ranging from stones, idols,
this idea in ``Utopia’’ of Thomas Moore, `City of the Sun’ of pillars, tombs, plants, trees, animals, devils, angels, saints, proph-
Campanalla and `Classless Society’’ of Karl Marx. Through the ets or any other thing. All these idols are removed and after puri-
belief in the life hereafter Islam combines the desire of human fication of the mind the second half of the sentence ``Illallah’’
soul for a world without evil and the utilitarian theory of man. If (Except Allah) is driven home. The all powerful God, the Creator
you do good in this transient world, you are rewarded with the and Sustainer of the entire universe alone deserves to be wor-
beautiful abode heaven after your death. If you do evil you get shipped and offered anything in obeisance.
the terrible hell. Here is the answer to the question raised by man We know that among the creations of God, no one is superior
about the usefulness of good deeds. The great desire of man to get to man. There is only one entity superior to him. It is the Creator,
the heavenly reward in the other world sans evils and difficulties the Allah. Man can see so many things in him and around him
is fulfilled through the belief of world hereafter. which are beyond the province of man. Man knows that his heart
beat, blood circulation or brain activity and things which sustain
Shahadath: his life and distinguish him from other creations are beyond his
One becomes a Muslim on accepting Allah as the only one control. He also knows that he has no power over life -sustaining
worthy of worship and Mohammed (PBUH) is His final messen- sun, revolution of earth or the set up of atmosphere. This knowl-
ger and on working hard for salvation in the other world. And on edge makes him seek the help of someone more powerful than
taking the Oath of entry into Islam he also becomes a member of and superior to him. This search for help is prayer. Patient’s re-
the group of `faithfuls’ ``Ashhadu An lailaha Illallah Va Ashhadu quest to the doctor for treatment and servant’s request to the rich
Anna Mohammed Rasoolulla’ ........................................................`` for financial help do not come under the purview of prayer. Such
things are based on the relationship of cause and effect. Prayer is and man. The prophet saved humanity from exploitation of priests
beyond the cause and effect relationship. This prayer is worship. who instigated one against the other in the name of gods.
Prayer is the essence of worship. That is why worship without
Universal Brotherhood:
prayer becomes mere ritual. Then whom should we worship? The
one who created and sustains man. This is the judgement of hu- The worship of the one and only God frees man from all
man intellect, the fundamental principle of Islam. The Islamic sorts of pettiness and parochialism. The entire human race native
belief of one and only God strikes at the root of the concept of or foreigners, upper caste or lower caste, white or black, those
many gods which creates a wedge between man and man. belonging to different castes or families, or those speaking differ-
ent languages are created and sustained by the same God, Who is
When we reach a stage in which the Greatest and the most
the only God and this thought does away with all sorts of
Superior Creator is worshipped man’s pride and abasement come
untouchability. When the above categories of people bow before
to an end. Western humanism and Marxism argued that man is the
the Highest and Greatest Entity the forces which divide them are
most exalted in the whole universe and that there is no power
shattered into smithereens. When the idea gets round that every
above him and no one exercises any control over him. This led to
one is equal before God the false supremacy inherited by differ-
the growth of a sense of pride which signalled his collapse. At the
ent sections of the society evaporates. The declaration of Islam
same time the objects of worship of established religions are
that all men and women are the creation of the one and only God
stones, tombs, plants, animal, saints etc. When man submits him-
and they are children of the same parents, transformed the people
self in worship to things which are inferior to him and do not even
of Arabia into a strong society at a time when they were fighting
see and hear it is natural that a sense of abasement develops in
against one another for tribal supremacy and superiority, ``O man-
him. It is this sense of abasement which drives him from one god
kind! We created you from a single (pair) of male and female and
to another if he does not find refuge in one. The Islamic principle
made you into nations and tribes that you may know each other.
of worshipping only the real Creator stands midway between the Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is the most
pride of atheists and abasement of pantheists. This makes him righteous of you and God has full knowledge and is well ac-
personally proud and at the same time humble. quainted’’ (Qur’an 49:13). This verse from the Qur’an shattered
It is not the idols, tombs, and false gods alone that crumbled all vainglorious based on tribe, language and colour. Prophet said:
when confronted with the fundamental Islamic principle of wor- ``An Arab is not superior to a non-Arab nor a white man to black
ship of one and only God. The priests who stood as intermediar- except in righteousness’’ (Muslim, Aboodawood). ``Your God is
ies between gods and men also met with the same fate. Islam clearly one and your father is one. All are from Adam. Adam is from
teaches that there is no need for any intermediary between God soil’’ (Muslim, Aboodawood).
Free Thinking: Good and Evil:
Worship of one God is a powerful tool which frees man from Any jurisprudence that does not relate good and evil to the
the bonds of pantheism; and the bondage of creating gods and life of Prophet is bound to fail. Nationalism, casteism or language
their intermediaries. Belief in one God persuades man to think cannot deal with universal good. Neither can rationalism. The
and act freely. The old concept that stars are gods and goddesses European rationalism does not see anything wrong in extra mari-
stood in the way of study of such phenomena. Those who realised tal relationship and homosexuality (Barbara Smoker: Humanism
that everything in the universe is created by God can conduct P. 82-84). Even Mr. Idamaruku who is supposed to be the most
detailed study on such phenomena knowing that this is the beauty progressive thinker in India is not in a position to approve this.
of the powerful acts of Gods. Qur’an encourages the study of the His son in law the European traveller, Yoran Scarner writes ``They
universe. ``Verily in the alternation of night and the day and in all (Idamaruku and his Wife) did not allow Geeta to come out with
that God has created in the skies and the earth are signs for those me until marriage was legally registered. Indian society does not
who fear Him’’ (Qur’an 10:6) allow premarital relationship. Even the most progressive Indian
cannot tolerate dating which is quite common in western coun-
Mohammed Rasoolullah: tries’’ (Yoran Scaner: Thousand faces of India P. 29). If rational-
When the second part of the oath is taken we confirm that ism is to distinguish between good and evil, the good in England
Mohammed (PBUH) is the messenger of God. We recognize him will become evil in India.
as the great one who spoke in accordance with the divine revela- As far as Islam is concerned the words and deeds of the
tion and led a life worthy of emulation. A Muslim who accepts prophet always remain as guidelines. We just need look into it to
this is bound to follow the footsteps of the prophet. For him the ascertain what is good in anything. If we wish to distinguish be-
line dividing good and evil is the one decided by the holy Prophet tween good and evil without the help of divine revelations we
(PBUH). Duties made obligatory by the prophet will be certainly will be forced to change their definition from time to time. This is
performed by a Muslim. He will do nothing which is prohibited what happened with regard to the concepts of Ahimsa and ration-
by the prophet. There is a difference in avoiding liquor by a Mus- alism.
lim and by a Gandhian. A Muslim does not take liquor because A clear and definited understanding of good and evil help us
the Prophet prohibited its use. A Gandhian does not take it be- to stand for good and to free ourselves from evil. This is what
cause it is harmful to mind and body. A definite dividing line is happened in the history of Islam. The fact that Muslims wish to
drawn between good and evil only in Islam. Everything permitted get reward for their deeds in the world hereafter also makes them
by the prophet is good and prohibited by him is evil. sincere and ready for service and then showmanship or exhibi-
tionism is practically eliminated. complete transformation of society there should be real change in
individual’s mind. Islam does not agree with the fundamental prin-
Existence of Religions:
ciple of some ideologies that change should first encompass the
The fundamental tenets of Islam consist of Thouheed, the ruling powers that be. Islam thinks that before the transformation
worship of one and the only God, the Creator of the universe un- of the system, transformation of the people should take place.
stinted obedience to His prophet and belief in the world hereafter. Change of mind alone will pave the way for the real transforma-
The fundamental ideologies of Thouheed, Risalath and Akhirath tion of the society. Islam lays emphasis first on the purification of
(belief in the unity of God, his messengers and life hereafter) go the individual. The basic building block of the family, society and
hand in hand with the belief in angels, and books of revelation the nation is the individual. The change in him means transforma-
and the belief that good and evil emanate from God. It is this tion of family, society and nation. The assessment of the
principle that all the prophets stood for. But some followers of the intellegentzia that Soviet Union’s collapse was due to their peo-
prophets acted against their teachings. Such followers were run- ple not becoming socialists along with the state confirms this line
ning after the tombs of saints and false gods for their favour. They of Islamic thinking.
even worshipped prophets who declared without any shadow of
Unquestionable belief in God, the resolve to prostrate only
doubt that no one except God should be worshipped. Prophet came
before Him, the thought that the way to salvation is to follow the
again and again to create an awareness against such tendencies
and to save humanity from the evil of polytheism. Those claimed footsteps of the prophet, that this world is merely a transient phase
to be the torch bearers of traditional belief went all out against and ultimate goal of life in this world is to work for peace in the
prophets and their followers. Two groups, believers and the non world hereafter create a very strong impact on the individual. The
believers, were formed. This is how different religions have come awareness that Allah knows all over and covert matters and the
to existence. We can find the roots of all religions in the teachings appropriate reward will be given in the world hereafter fot the
of the prophets due to this reason. The moral principles of many good and evil deeds of this world will have a salutary effect on
of the religions are similar. Followers of religions who deviated man from doing wrong. In case he is involved in doing wrong due
from the teachings of prophets should return to the divine Book to human weakness he will repent and pray God to forgive him.
and traditions of the prophet. His sense of submission and sincerity will increase through total
obedience to the prophet who was sent to distinguish between
Transformation of Mind and Society: good and evil. We see such an attitude on the part of the followers
As stated earlier Islam treats man as the only creation who is of the prophet. Worship of one and the only God, expectancy of
capable of creating history. Therefore Islam thinks that for the the world hereafter and obedience to the prophet make man really
great. There are innumerous examples. family ties. Islam does not recognize any sexual relationship ex-
We have Aboobacker (R.A), Umer (R.A) and Usman (R.A) cept through marriage. For martial relationship, in the view of
who spent their wealth for social needs; We have Yasir (R.A), Islam, moral character gets precedence over beauty, wealth and
Ammar (R.A) and Bilal (R.A), great men who never lost faith family.
even under extreme torture, Mais ibn Malik Aslami and the lady Islam believes that only couples of sound moral character
from Gamidiya tribe are shining examples of confessing their guilt can produce a strong family. Everybody agrees that for happy and
on their own and accepting punishment, and are incidents rare of peaceful family life sound moral character is a must. Loose moral
repentance; Anas Bin Nalr (R.A), Unai bin Hamam (R.A) and character and free sexual relationships, a contribution of western
Amri bin Jamooh (R.A), deserve special mention in the distin- culture have led that society to its ruin. Statistics show that more
guished gallery of prophet’s followers in the matter of selfless than half of the new born babies in big cities are illegitimate. The
service for the cause of Islam who jumped into the battle field family system is in it’s death bed in the west (Willian Frenkel.
and became martyrs enjoying the sweet smell of heaven. Abu The family in perspective, Chapter: 5). The position in commu-
Hudana (R.A) can be treated as a representative of affection of nist countries is in no way better. The ``Manifesto’’ declares that
the followers, towards the prophet-a great figure who shielded family and morality are prejudices of bourgeoisie. We can just
the prophet with his own body, arrows piercing through his flesh. imagine the moral characteristics of a nation built on such ideol-
ogy. Even before the ``Glassnost’’ the world knew that majority
How many such examples! Belief in God and the world here-
of the youth in Soviet Union were in the habit of involving them-
after, affection and the obedience to the prophet elevate men to
selves in extramarital or premarital sex. This accelerated the de-
heights of glory. These qualities made them courageous and torch-
struction of the family system there. This means that the dignity
bearers of selfless service. The habit of submission to God made of the family in its full sense is existing only in the Islamic world.
them proud. They were not enamoured of the worldly This is due to clear and sound Islamic laws of morality.
enchancements. They were not prepared to bow their heads be-
fore anybody. The words of Ja’far (R) to the priests who asked Marriage in Islam:
him to bow before Emperor Najjashi are significant. ``We the Marriage in Islam is the ceremony in which the father
Muslims never kneel before anyone, but God’’. entrusts his daughter with her consent to the bridegroom who
accepts her. Islam orders that man (bridegroom) should give
Muslim Family:
women (bride) the obligatory present (Mahr) at the time of mar-
The purification of the individual leads to progress and riage. Islam has nothing to do with the dowry system according to
strengthening of family. Marriage is the foundation of Islamic which bride’s father gives money and other valuables to the bride-
groom. Such a dowry system is unIslamic. that woman should confine herself in thin the four walls of the
Qur’an introduces the family relationship that is formed af- harem or of her house. It is just ridiculous to argue that her Is-
ter marriage as a sacred and a divine sign of God (Qur’an 80:21). lamic dress will isolate her from the society. The dress does not
The holy prophet used to exhort his followers to strengthen this stand in the way of her various social activities. Moreover there
relationship. But you will not find any provision in Islamic law are many examples of her great service during the last fourteen
banning dissolution of marriage under any circumstance. It is per- centuries. The young ladies among followers of the prophet were
mitted in unavoidable situations. The prophet said ``Dissolution the first set examples. Ayisha (R.A), Asma (R.A) and Fathima
of marriage is the most hated among matters permitted’’. (R.A) were members of that respectable society. Among them were
Islam delegates different but complimentary duties to man scholars, advisors and those who fought wars. Even now there
and woman. Maintaining the home and bringing up children come are several women working in various fields including science
under the purview of women while, protection of home and earn- and technology wearing Islamic dress and not the indecent attire
ing livelihood go to man. Islam which recognizes and respects of the society ladies.
motherhood gives the entire responsibility of subsistence of woman Dignity of Women:
to man. Both man and woman have rights and duties (Qur’an Islam supports woman’s dignified behaviour and shyness. It
2:228). Each one should fulfill his or her duties and recognize the is Islam which declared that woman like man has the right to live
rights of others. This is the way to have strong family ties. and recognized that she has not only duties but also rights. She
Islamic Dress: has right of inheritance from her father’s wealth. Islam gave op-
portunity for woman to acquire knowledge and to develop intel-
Islam gives top priority to morality. It despises extra marital
lectually. Being frail she needs protection which Islam provides.
relationship. Islam wants to eliminate the circumstances that lead
Sacredness of motherhood is recognized. Prophet said, ``Heaven
man to entertain bad thoughts. That is why Islam insists that woman
is at the feet of mother’’. Her beauty is not for sale. It should be
should not make her beauty an object of exhibition. She should
properly covered and can be displayed only to her husband. Islam
not show up any part of her body except face and forearms to
made her dignified and proud.
other men (Qur’an 33:33). Pornography, naked posters, cinemas
and other media in which woman is treated as a source of income Parents and Offsprings:
lead to degeneration of human values. There are clear laws governing parents and their children giv-
The verdict of the entire lot of social scientists makes the ing them proper guidance in moral values and health. During old
injuctions of Islam clearer and more valid. But Islam does not say age of the parents it is the duty of their offspring to treat them
n-hm-Z-hpw- 34 ISLAMJp¿-
n-hm-Z-hpw- 35
kindly and fulfill their life needs. Let us look into the deeds which Islam prohibits. There is no
difference of opinion on the point that alchoholism will result in
Emancipation of Society: the ruin of the individual, family and society. Prostitution, every-
Life on the basis of injunction of Islam is a sine qua non for body agrees will invite deadly diseases, destroy family ties and
the proper development of the individual and for the progress and eventually will become a thorn in the flesh of the society. The
emancipation of the society. No one including critics of Islam problem created by robbery and murder are too well known to
could prove that anything described as good by Qur’an and the need any elaboration. Scandals, false propaganda and attempt to
Sunnath could lead to deterioration. Honesty, affection, selfless malign others will cause social hiatus and degeneration will
service, respect, humility, Justice etc..... which are the qualities to affect the very foundation of the society. Nobody has so far been
be developed in the individual will have tremendous influence on able to prove that those things that Islam prohibited are necessary
man. These teachings of Islam and the consequent changes in man for the progress of human race.
will bring about the creation of an unblemished and pure social
order. Social Laws:

This is true with regard to the good deeds Islam teaches man Islam presents humanity with powerful social laws. Such laws
are based on the fundamental Islamic ideology of Thouheed. Man
to carryout. The individual, family, social and political life of a
obeys these laws in the light of his awareness that he is only one
Muslim who considers upholding justice an obligation will also
of the creation of the Greatest who created and sustains the entire
be founded on justice, Therefore the sense of justice of an indi-
universe. The awareness that humanity is the offspring of the same
vidual will bring about great changes in the society. If the people
parents inspires man to sacrifice his selfishness for the sake of
are taught that it is the responsibility of a Muslim to protect the
orphans and the poor, the society in which they live will do their
best to find a solution to problems of such helpless sections. There Islamic Science:
will be very little likehood of any family problem arising in a Right and wrong in the fields of science can be distinguished
society members of which were taught that women have rights with the help of Islamic teaching in respect of the universe and
and responsibilities as in the case of men. Members of a society the man. Man is the Khalifa on earth with freedom to manage
considering liberation of slaves a great thing will be sincere in things. The nature is the field where he can grow, progress and
their efforts to do away with slavery. Members of a society who enjoy the bounty of God. But Islam does not permit him to de-
are aware of the Islamic teaching of righteousness will rationally stroy or unscrupulously exploit nature leading to an irretrievably
be good cultured and liberated and good. collasping ecological balance. Islam permits man to utilize sun,
moon, stars, oceans, land and mountains for his needs and ever he earns does not belong to him has contributed to the de-
enjoyments and for thinking. It’s misuse over consumption and cline of production in communist countries. The basis of capital-
any attempt that harms the interests of the fellow beings are pro- ism is that the wealthy individual thinks that he can spend his
hibited. Islam encourages research and experiments. It tells him money which ever way he likes. Islam rejects both the approaches
also that the research and experiments should not lead to misuse but recognizes the right of the individual to earn and teaches him
or disfigurement of nature. that it is his responsibility to spend from his earnings in a digni-
fied manner.
Islamic Economics:
The bounties of earth were created for man. Qur’an exhorts Islam permits business but prohibits interest; recognizes profit,
man to scatter through lands and seek his bounty. Every man has bans hoarding excessive profit making and underhand dealings.
the right to seek the bounty of God and to use the products of There should be no ground for exploitation. It should be clean
nature. Islam does not limit this right to any particular section, and open. Islam prohibits capturing market by covering up prod-
nobody can deny the right of others to use nature. Everybody has uct defect. It discourages idle life. Only bad elements will mind-
equal right to work and earn. But the right to earn does not em- lessly spend from inherited wealth. The concept of `Zakath’ in
power any one to deny similar rights to others or to exploit others. Islam removes idleness from such people and persuades them to
Similarly when man is engaged in production using nature’s bounty invest in productive areas.
he should realize that it is the right of God and he can not exploit
in a harmful way. In the absence of such a realization those peo- Zakath:
ple into whose heads the responsibility of industrialization has It is the responsibility of the society to protect destitute and
gone too far are adopting the cheapest means to find outlet for the disabled who cannot support themselves. The idea of Zakath
disposing of industrial waste and this in turn creates environmen- was implemented by Islam for this purpose. The rule is that a
tal problems affecting the very existence of plants, animals and percentage of his wealth should be spent. This is an obligation.
even man himself. Zakath is not a favour of the right but the rich of the poor. Zakath
Islam inspires man to produce maximum. Individual has the is not the money thrown away to the poor by the rich. Zakath is
right to produce and also to earn wealth. His earnings belongs to what the nation, society or authorised body collects from the rich
him but it should be earned only through fair means and by obey- and distributes among the poor and deserving. If we come for-
ing moral laws. It does not belong to the society or the country. ward to implement the concept of Zakath in the way Islam stipu-
But he should be prepared to spend from his earning for the soci- lates the problem of poverty in the world will be resolved almost
ety and the nation. It is his responsibility. The thinking that what- entirely. History has recorded an instance in which there was no-
body in the Islamic states to revive Zakath and then it was distrib- be no deviation from the path shown by the Prophet, and it should
uted in the neighbouring countries. be based on the belief in God and the World hereafter. The secu-
Zakath is compulsory. Islam considers this as purification of lar view that politics has nothing to do with religions and moral
wealth and it is the responsibility of the rich to help the poor. values is foreign to Islam. The individual who is engaged in
Prophet had ordered to give alms. Such optional financial help is political activity either in Islamic or other States should not go
`Sadaqa’ in Islamic terminology. astray from religious and moral values. A muslim is not allowed
to resort to corruption, nepotism, treachery and exploitation
Employer-Employee Relationship: under this disguise of political activity.
Agriculture, industry and production go hand in hand with
employers and employees. Islam accepts this as natural. But it Islamic Nation:
does not say that employer-employee relationship should be one A country becomes Islamic not through coup deetat or ter-
of confrontation. Prophet emphasized sanctity of doing work. We rorism. On the countrary it is through the transformation of the
are taught that ``What the labourer gets by doing work is the best mind of the ruled. In the Islamic country the ruler and the ruled
of all earnings’’ (reported by Ahmed). ``God likes his slave who believe in the ultimate and final authority of the Almighty God
is a labourer and has affection for him. The labourer who gets and in the World hereafter. The guiding principle in their life is
tired on doing work for his family is like a man who fought in the the belief that any injustice done here will invite appropriate pun-
path of the Almighty and the Greatest Allah’’ (Ahmed). Islam ishment in the World hereafter. In such a society there is very
orders that labourer should be paid wages which he deserves. little likelihood of wrong being committed. Islam awards severe
Before commencing the work, there should be an understanding punishment to those indulging in wrong deeds even after all loop-
between the employer and the employee and the latter’s wages be holes for committing crimes have been closed.
paid before his sweat dries out. The employer who does not pay
It is necessary to obey the ruler as long as he does not violate
wages to his employee will be enemy of God on the Day of Reck-
divine injuctions. Prophet said ``Obedience is in righteousness,
oning (Bukhari). The prophet who gave such instructions was re-
not in evil’’ (Bukhari, Muslim). Islam does not teach that the in-
straining the employer from exploiting the employee. Similarly
justice of a ruler should be tolerated. History records so many
Islam wants the employee to be sincere in the work he does.
instances in which ordinary people questioned the rulers when
Islamic Politics: they found that the rulers were erring. The society of those times
Political activity is not taboo to a Muslim in a multi religious was taught that telling the truth in the face of the bad ruler is the
secular country if he observes the injuctions of Islam. There should greatest jihad.
Liberation through Islam:
This is Islam, complete submission before the Almighty Crea-
tor, the great ideology that renders possible social revolution
through the transformation of the individual. Its observances are
practical ways to achieve the goals. Five times prayer desists him
from doing wrong. Zakath makes him humane and hard working.
Fasting enhances his willingness to submit himself to God. Hajj
enthuses him to the divine path. Only such individuals can trans-
form family, society or nation. He frees these institutions from
the hold of the evil. When they are liberated, they reach true hu-
The One and Only Way to Liberation of Mankind is Islam.

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