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RESEARCHER PREDICTS RETURN OF THE ANCIENT WARRIORS By Sean Casteel W. Raymond Drake is little known these days, but his research into the ancient astronauts theory knows few equals. Read how the late British historian broke new ground in understanding the mysterious origins and development of humankind. Do you think ancient astronauts are only relevant to our past? Learn some of the connections between the gods of old and our present day UFO phenomenon. Prophecies from the Hopis and Incas are being fulfilled right before our eyes. How did the indigenous natives know the future? W. Raymond Drakes work preceded that of Erich von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin. Own the new reprints of two of Drakes classic works and see how it all began! One of the most popular shows on cable television these days is a weekly program on the History Channel. Ancient Aliens is partially the brainchild of the man with the wild hair: the editor of the publication Legendary Times, Giorgio Tsoukalos. He is also the U.S. representative for the writer and researcher who started it all in terms of public awareness, Erich von Daniken. Indeed, when one hears the words ancient astronauts or ancient aliens, most people think immediately of von Daniken and his breakthrough bestseller Chariots of the Gods? first published in the U.S. in 1968. While we do not seek to undervalue von Danikens work, it is still important for the student of the ancient astronauts theory to also factor in the work of W. Raymond Drake, the late British historian who was researching and publishing on the notion that the gods of old were visitors from outer space many years before von Daniken began to make his name for work along very similar lines. So who was W. BONUS FREE DVD WITH $30 + PURCHASE R. Drake? For one Everything You Wanted To Know About The Late Col Wendelle Stevens revealed to thing, he was a disTim Beckley by daughter Ce Ce.

ciple of Charles Fort and followed in that famed researchers footsteps by studying in exquisite detail the writings of ancient chroniclers of the times when man had no technology of his own to speak of and so greeted the UFOs and their occupants as gods come down from heaven. In his book about the ancient Mediterraneans strange relationship with the sky people, Drake utilized over fifty writers of antiquity and scrutinized their works through a UFO lens. He spent many years digging through huge archives of material, looking for anomalies that could support his theories of space aliens impacting human history. As Drake himself said, I aspired to collect as many facts as possible from ancient literature to chronicle for the past what Charles Fort has so brilliantly done for the present century. Drake wrote a dozen books on the Space Gods phenomenon, and Global Communications has recently reprinted and re-titled two of them, adding a good deal of updated material . The new books are Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome Revelations of the Oracle of Delphi and Ancient Secrets of Mysterious America. The contact between man and the visitors from space has left evidence of itself behind throughout the world and influenced every race and tribe on Earth, but these two new books being offered here deal specifically with, as the titles imply, the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean region and the Americas. But the new offerings from Global Communications provide more than just a reprinting of Drakes classic works. Publisher Timothy Green Beckley has also gathered a roster of writers to input new and updated material on the stories of the ancients as well as research that has taken place in the years since Drakes death in 1989. In Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome Revelations of the Oracle of Delphi, Beckley tells the story of his personal journey to see the Oracles ancient domicile in modern day Greece. With his good friend Penny Melis, a gifted psychic, Beckley, winded but determined, climbs the treacherous path to be right there on the scene of where the Oracle inhaled her magical vapors and Continued on Page 2 >

babbled stories of the future for her priestly attendants to translate. The question becomes, was the Oracle an instrument of the aliens in her time? Was she something we might call a trance channeler today? Is there a genuine relationship between ancient methods of prophecy and the prophets of the New Age movement? A single source of information that bridges all time and space? In any case, thats the wide-ranging idea. We must look not only to the past to see the contact between the aliens and earlier, more primitive cultures. We must also see how that same alien contact extends into our own present times and will affect our future as well. Which brings us to my contribution to Alien Space Gods of Ancient Greece and Rome. I began my chapter by talking about W. R. Drake and his contention that the gods of antiquity were not just illusionary but were instead real flesh and blood beings who emerged from the skies and made themselves right at home, as if they owned the place, which perhaps they did. The chapter also deals with UFO cases in the Greece and Rome of the present era, the point being to illustrate the parallel relationship between the gods of antiquity and the UFO phenomena of today. This is the primary idea that the author feels it is so urgent to bring forth, that we are not simply adrift in a sea of chaos and uncertainty but are instead standing on the cusp of a great deliverance. The ancient gods have not deserted us, but are as present and ubiquitous as ever, simply waiting their time to reveal themselves and offer us salvation. A GREAT TRIBULATION? But that salvation will not come without a price. As the Ancient Secrets Of America book so clearly states, the indigenous peoples of the Americas knew full well that the times they are achanging. I wrote a chapter for the book on the Americas in which I discuss the Incan word pachacuti in an interview with author Judith Bluestone Polich. They called the time preceding a world age shift pachacuti, she told me. Now, pacha means all of the physical manifestations, and cuti means to turn upside down. So a really tumultuous time, a time of overturning of time/ space reality, always preceded a world shift. Sometimes that would take the form of catastrophic physical events in which the threads to the past were broken and so a new understanding of reality emerged. Other times it might be more of a psychic event, something that happened at a deeper, structural level, that caused reality to shift. So certainly were in a time of pachacuti right now, a time of very rapid change, a change of our understanding of reality. AN ANCIENT SKULL My chapter also tells the story of the Star Child, a misshapen, child-sized skull found in Mexico in the late 20th century. The skull is structured to hold more cubic centimeters of brain than a normal human skull, and has other anomalous features as well. Its current caretaker is an expert on hominoids named Lloyd Pye, and he believes the skull may be evidence of the interbreeding between aliens and human females, a phenomenon mentioned in the Bible and also in the myths of Greece and Rome and other civilizations. Pyes story is a fascinating one and dovetails neatly with the idea of the gods returning to claim what is theirs. Another researcher, Angela Sangster, contributed a chapter on the Kachina masks worn by some Native Americans in many of their ceremonial dances. The masks are intended to pay tribute to the gods from the sky that have intervened on their peoples behalf down through the ages, rescuing the hapless natives from floods, drought and famine and keeping a watchful eye over their civilization even now. Joshua Shapiro, known as the Crystal Skull Explorer, explains how the centuries old crystal skulls found throughout Mexico and other locales south of the border are crucially important to our understanding of the ancient people Concludes on Page 15 >


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I first met Maria when I was director of the New York School of Occult Arts and Sciences back in the 1970s. In addition to working with some of the top psychics and metaphysical teachers on the east coast, I could also spot developing talent. After holding a seminar or psychic fair many of our clients would come to me and tell me of this amazing woman they had just had a reading with. Maria D Andreas reputation spread and she became quite busy. We published several of her books and people began to hear about her from all over the country. The tabloids were publishing her predictions and several large mail order firms were paying to use her endorsements. Moving on in our personal lives, we lost touch for a long while though I would think of her from time to time as I always enjoyed Marias fine wit and charming personality. We had been friends outside of the psychic social circuit. But life goes on. And than tragedy struck or at least I thought it did. Reading the New York Post one day I saw a small three or four paragraph news item about how a woman named Maria D Andrea had been killed by a hit and run driver early one AM while crossing a busy intersection on Long Island. I was very sad. But not to fear. As luck has it I heard through a mutual friend, author Peter Moon that Maria wanted to speak to me to say hello. Had she risen from the dead? No! Turns out the woman who was killed just had the exact same name (rather impossible I would think since it is an uncommon name and she also lived on Long Island in or around the same town as Maria did). We met. Had lunch and the rest is karmic history as we are in the process of reprinting some of those older books as well as adding some new ones by Maria to our extensive catalog. Making up for lost time we got together and had a chat which I am pleased to be able to reprint. Timothy Green Beckley, Publisher BECKLEY - When did you first discover you had a special gift and under what circumstances did this come to your attention? D ANDREA - As far as I know I have always had these abilities. When I was 6 years old, we left Hungary during the revolution. My mother and a few others were tired, and freezing in the snow and had gotten to the

point where she didnt know if she could go on. Apparently, I told her that God was with us and watching over us and that there were others with us to help so we should keep going and everyone would be safe. When we crossed the border, everyone was. BECKLEY - Your family is Hungarian, a nationality which is often associated with gypsies, witchcraft and occultism. Was anyone else psychically inclined in the family? D ANDREA - We are not connected to gypsies. However, my father was psychic. In fact, a year before he passed away, he said the other side was so beautiful that hed remain on earth one year more and then go, He was buried a year to the day on his 99th birthday. My mother, Maria Berde, was very intuitive. On my mothers side, both my grandparents were psychic. My grandfather also did automatic writing. My two sons are also very intuitive. BECKLEY - When did you start going pro with your talent? D ANDREA - Well, I already knew and was deeply aware that I had these gifts and abilities, so I began helping someone when I was in my early teens around age 16. I was working with people to help them to improve their daily lives prior to that. I was doing intuitive/psychic readings for others ever since I can remember. On a professional level though, I was 16. I feel truly blessed that I have helped thousands to find their spiritual path all these years. I feel really blessed that I can act as a messenger for spirit. BECKLEY - What exactly are your specialties? D ANDREA - I give spiritual / psychic readings without tools, such as clairvoyance, but I can also incorporate tools. Some of the tools I utilize include Rune casting. This is an ancient European technique that is very exhaustive. I find it assists people to make better decisions for themselves that will improve their lives. I also do creative business consulting, meditation facilitating and utilize a regular desk of playing cards, as well as the Tarot. I also teach how to scan and read auras. Psychometry, dowsing and psychic self-defense, are among my other disciplines. I do so much more, as the Founder of several organizations, such as The D Andrea Institute Of Esoteric Studies. BECKLEY - Do you talk to dead people? D ANDREA - Dead people are not really dead Continued on Page 6 >

Though virtually unknown today, the Congressman from Pennsylvania to those who know what he stood for has become a virtual champion of Constitutional Rights, a true patriot. McFadden was wise beyond his years when he boldly insisted that the Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression and World War II were events which were not desired by the American people, were not planned by the American people, and were not voluntarily entered into by the American people. But all of these events were instead the result of the planning of men who have no addresses, no fixed homes, and no substantial loyalties save only to their own criminal interests. These are men who in more honorable times were sent to the gibbet, but today we make them presidents of our banks and universities, and then we watch appalled at the chaos and destruction which ensues from their every act. McFadden used buzz words similar to those bandied about by conservative talk show hosts today words like foreign influences alien conspiracies and subterranean corridors of power. But keep in mind, the Congressman was NOT referring to some imminent extraterrestrial invasion, but instead was attempting to alert the American public to the evils of the Federal Reserve and a parasitic banking system which sought, in a deliberate and calculated way, to destroy America. Here presented by the mysterious Commander X a former military intelligence operative are (along with his own introductory remarks) McFaddens most important papers, detailing what he saw as a massive CONSPIRACY involving FRAUD and TREASONOUS ACTIONS that was formulated by power-hungry, evil individuals along with the additional contemporary thinking of Senator Ron Paul. SPEECH BEFORE CONGRESS On May 23, 1933, Congressman McFadden brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Banking system for CONSPIRACY, FRAUD, UNLAWFUL CONVERSION AND TREASON. McFadden did not hold back, but went right for the jugular stating: We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. . .The Fed has cheated the government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nations debt. This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it. Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a mans throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime. . . ASSASSINATION ATTEMPTS Not long after his public utterance against the Federal Reserve, two attempts were made on the Congressmans life. The first was an ambush outside a hotel in the District of Columbia. The bullets missed him by inches. And at a formal dinner sometime later a doctor had to be called to pump his stomach when he became violently ill due to a mysterious case of food poisoning, though no one else showed the same symptoms. Sold elsewhere for $29.95 you can order your copy of the massive 500+ page FIGHTING THE FEDERAL RESERVE THE CONTROVERSIAL LIFE AND WORKS OF CONGRESSMAN MCFADDEN presented by Commander X for just $25.00. Or spread the word about the wicked banking system and order 3 copies for $64.00 + $6.00 S/H Available From: Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903
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<Continued from Page 3 as their souls have simply transitioned from the current physical world into the spiritual world. None of us are separated from anything or anyone. It is an awareness of sorts. We can still communicate with our loved ones. It is a matter of becoming more sensitive to them as they are to us in this world. The two worlds do overlap. We are all energy. Hence, we are all connected to one another at all times. As a shaman, I find we can learn to see into both realities, not just the physical plane. BECKLEY - Some of your work seems to draw upon elements of WICCA, White Magick and even Christian Mysticism. It sounds like a mixed bag of psychic nuts. How do you manage to accomplished such marvelous diversity? D ANDREA - I am one who is always studying the old ways the ancient traditions but I enjoy bringing these traditions up to date with the most modern systems, which include my own original ones. It is very important that people understand that all civilizations past and present share these teachings and systems as a way of life. I utilize whatever technique with its methodology that works best for each situation, rather then utilizing only one. Each individual and each situation is different and unique and deserves to be treated accordingly. BECKLEY - Can you tell us a few of your best success stories? D ANDREA There are really so many, its hard to pick. One that comes to mind, is a client I have worked with for many years. Robert was pretty negative when we first started. Through a combination of applying metaphysics, psychic readings and spiritual counseling, hes become extremely positive and has changed his life. He considers himself lucky and is consistently winning the lottery, raffles and things such as baseball game tickets. Another one is a gentleman, again with me for many years, who didnt have a job when we met. Now, he not only owns several businesses and sold some, but has a great relationship, owns a house and drives a Hummer. BECKLEY - Is it really possible to materialize money out of thin air like you describe in your new book HEAVENLY MONEY SPELLS? D ANDREA - I always say there is more money in the world than any other commodity so whats so hard about getting some of it into your pocket? All we need to do is follow the spiritual laws of The Universal GodMind. You need to become very aware of your innate and deep connection to the Divine Mind as we have never been separated from it. We are an integral part of it. We are now coming into the 5th dimension which in Biblical terms is the word made flesh. What this means is that whatever you focus your attention on will manifest, so you should be consciously aware of your words and thoughts. Continued on Page 7 >

Nick Redfern Explores The Evidence, The Most Famous Cases, And Previously Unpublished TRUE Stories Of These Mysterious Men And Their Connection To The UFO Phenomena


Includes. . . The FBIs Involvement; Brad Steigers Tales; Mothman And The MIBs; Photographic Evidence; Mad Men And Monsters; Women In Black; Demons And The Occult; Possible Time Travelers; Tulpas And Vampires; Natural Born Tricksters; Meetings With Mr. X. Payment of $20 + $5.00 S/H includes Nick Redferns The Real Men In Black and our exclusive DVD of country western singer Johnny Sands kidnapped by MIBSnear Las Vegas.

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The most controversial work of its type. The author claims he has been a political prisoner for the last 20 years due to the publication of his censored book. WereFoo Fighters and German Made Flying Disks created by Nazi scientists and were they brought to the USA after the war, resulting with the crash at Roswell, NM? Large Format. - $29.95 + $5 S/H

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( ) No. 1 - A. Starwars Nightmares. B. NWO Secret Laser Weapons. C. Something Strange Happened On The Way To The Moon (did we even go?). D. Astronauts Gone Wild (moonwalkers kick and bitch slap producer for calling them liars and hoaxers). ( ) No. 2 A. Was Earth Made Through Intelligent Design? B. Secrets Beyond Matter. C. Scientific Proof God Is Real? D. Wilhelm Reich Orgone Man! ( ) No. 3 A. All Terrance McKenna Talks A. Dark Sea of Awareness. B. Psychedelics In The Age of Intelligent Machines. C. McKenna 2004. D. Cognitive Evolution (with brother Dennis McKenna). Greatest shamanic storyteller of all time. ( ) No. 4 A. Three Stages of Truth Inhuman Man Still Rules! B. Robert Beck, Unorthodox Medical Discoveries. C. The Rife Story. ( ) No. 5 A. World Without Cancer Story Of Laetrile. B. Diseases Just Dont Happen! C. AIDS Fact Or Fiction? ( ) No. 6 A. Tom Bearden AIDS As A Biological Weapon. B. Canadian Chemtrails. C. Chemtrails Lines In The Sky. D. Illuminati, Hitler, The Beast, 666. ( ) No. 7 A. God Who Wasnt There, Myths, Biblical Falsehoods And Other Savior Games. Dont Believe Your Sunday School Teacher! B. Disclosure UFO Top Secret Lengthy Conference With Steven Greer. ( ) No 8 A. Fastwalkers. Secret Vault Of Info. Opened by Jim Marrs, Stanton Friedman, others let loose. B. Ancient Of Days. NASA Provides Evidence Of Off-World Space Vehicles. C. Shamanic Approach To UFOs, With Terrance McKenna. ( ) No 9 A. Exposing The Illuminati From Within. B. Prophecy Club Exposes New World Order. C. Royal Bloodlines Here comes the King and Queen And Their Serpentine Cousins. ( ) No. 10 A. Dark Secrets Of Bohemian Grove. B. Inside Bohemian Grove. C. Alex Jones, David Icke Invade the Bilderberg Group. D. Bilderberg Group Undated Expose.

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BECKLEY - What do you suggest for people looking for love? D ANDREA - First it is essential to know you need to give love and be loving. The occult just means ancient hidden knowledge and ancient wisdom. Universal law states that like attracts like. You need to give to receive whatever it is that you desire. However, as ancient mystics, shamans and magi know, there are always ways to add power to situations to improve or enhance that power to make it even greater As an example, we have known for centuries that the use of herbs, oils, colors and gemstones can add much to a spell . You can consciously harness these unseen powers if you know the proper technique. BECKLEY - How does one attract a soul mate? D ANDREA - First you need to realize that there may be several soul mates for you in many different places and dimensions. However, its almost possible you may never run across any of them. Second, they may not have incarnated into this time line. Now, instead of searching the world for your significant other , the best approach is to focus and mentally or verbally there is power in the right words say: I now attract my right partner in a positive way thats best for both of us, through Divine Power After all, isnt that what you really want? Of course, this is only one of many methods. My books explain others! BECKLEY - Why do some people seem to go through life effortlessly and others have to struggle every minute of the day? D ANDREA - There are several reasons. Such as, environment growing up, parents, school, and peers. Consciously or not, we pick up on others. They influence our mind sets. Also, we cannot forget Karmic that influences us from a past life that is still working its way out. As an example, if someone grew up with parents who always said that abundance comes easily, the person will be focused, work on it and expect it. It will definitely come in. So, to create the situation of your choice, pick a goal, focus your intent, work on it and expect it to come in. I know this is harder to do then it sounds, but the results are worth it. There are other techniques, but this is one you can do on your own. Keep motivated. BECKLEY - Is there really a such a thing as a curse, and can you remove them? D ANDREA - Yes, unfortunately, curses can be replaced but they can also be removed. From ancient times on, we have had to deal with negative people. Some have conscious abilities, some not. It comes from a focus of power, energy and knowledge. One method I teach is called Psychic Self-Defense. It is powerful and always works. However, there are numerous methods due to all cultures have to deal with these situations. Sometimes you can use a certain stone, incense, herb or candle, among other methodology. Tested for vibration reasons, they work, a fact that mystics have known Continued on Page 11 >

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Gods? Does The Weird Misshapen Skull Of A Strange Star Child Serve As Proof That Hybrids Do Exist And That Interbreeding Between Their Race And Ours Was A Fact? According To The Indigenous Prophets, What Events Are About To Lead Up To The homecoming Of The Gods, And Who Will Be Accounted Worthy Of Reuniting With Them? Join Our Group Of Expert Researchers Lead By W. Raymond Drake along with Tim Beckley, Sean Casteel, Joshua Shapiro, Brent Raynes and Angela Sangster, As They Question The Reality Of The Universe As We Know It Things Are About To Change! ( ) Book Two ALIEN SPACE GODS OF ANCIENT GREECE AND ROME REVELATIONS OF THE ORACLE OF DELPHI $22.00 (Over 300 pages) WAS THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION OF OUR PLANET VISITED BY A RACE OF SUPER BEINGS IN ANCIENT TIMES? WAS THE ORACLE OF DELPHI A CONDUIT FOR PROPHETIC MESSAGES FROM OUTER SPACE PERHAPS THE FIRST TELEPATHIC CHANNELER? Did the giants of antiquity establish a UFO base atop picturesque Mount Olympus? Were they the gods and goddesses of mythology idolized and given names such as Apollo, Hades, Athena, Heda, Hermes, Zeus, Artemis, and Hestia? Did the powerful deities of Greece help save Athens from being invaded by the mighty armies of Atlantis in 10,000 BC? Did the gods intervene at Marathon and Salamis, sending flying shields to aid Alexander storming the walls of Tyre? Did a UFO encountered near Troy save the army of Loculus from destruction? Were omens observed in the sky just before the murder of Caesar? How does one explain the manifestation of mysterious voices and apparitions in the heavens as Hannibal ravaged Italy?


On Treasured Occasions Do Extraterrestrials Descend To Direct Through Chosen Initiates The Destinies Of Nations And Advance The Evolutionary Process? Did The Gods Mate With Virgins To Father Heroes Whose Wondrous Deeds Inspired Their People To New Glories? Does Tradition Tell Of Shadowy Figures, Not Born Of Woman, Flitting Down The Dusty Corridors Of Time To Preach Some New Philosophy Or Invent Some Novel Machine Revolutionizing Contemporary Culture? What Is The Evidence That The Mysterious Crystal Skulls Found Throughout Mexico And Central America Signify A Link With The Sky

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By Marie D. Jones Can You Choose Whats Meant To Be? You cant avoid it, its written in the stars. He was destined to be a success. Life is what you make it. Choose your thoughts and choose your life. Throughout our lives, we are bombarded with contradictory claims that our lives are predestined, that Fate deals us the cards we will play our entire lives with, that whatever happens, happens for a reason. OR that our lives are what we choose them to be, that what we focus on expands and manifests, that its all just one big crapshoot. Confused, many of us dont know if there is indeed a blueprint for our lives laid down before we are born, or we are entirely on our own and left to our own defenses making it up as we go along. The word destiny comes from the Middle English destinee, and simply refers to a predetermined course of events that are the result of an irresistible power or agency. In order for a life to be predestined, it had to be predetermined, and this is where science, philosophers and religious and spiritual leaders have long struggled to explain exactly who, or what, predetermined it. If we understand that all causes have a prior event, what was that first prior event? Which came first, the cause, or the event? While scientists might say it was just random, the result of the Big Bang and its resultant physical laws that fell into place by some kind of brilliant accident, philosophers and religious thinkers sensed that there was something that started the whole chain of cause and effect and without knowing first cause, we simply dont know who or what destined us to our roles in life. But we humans know we have free will. We know we have choicesdont we? DestinyFateor Free WillChoice? Which path will you choose to take? Destiny vs. Choice Available for $18.00 + $5.00 S/H from Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903 PayPal: MRUFO8@hotmail.com


Investigative journalist Lamont Wood reveals many strange things that appeared long before our history books say they should have in...Out of Place in Time and Space Such impossibilities as: Objects, beliefs, and practices that appeared long before they could have been invented. Items and art that were not yet created turning up in the paintings and artifactsand only now could we possibly have recognized what they are. Roman era war engines that were impossible to produce until hundreds of years later. UFOs that were never officially documented in any time period, yet showing up in medieval paintings. Out of Place in Time and Space explores anachronistic artifacts and looks for explanations. Sometimes we can understand from whence they came, and sometimes we cannot. And yet, taken together, these enigmas indicate that we are surrounded by evidence that historyand perhaps time itselfis not as straightforward as we have believed. Send $17.00 + $5.00 S/H for your copy today! Payment Please To: Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903


Tim Beckley a/k/a/ Mr. Creepo Hosts The Horror Movie Classic
SKIN EATING JUNGLE VAMPIRES - Shot On Location In Lush Costa Rica A group of lusty aliens who inhabit a Lost World inside a volcano thrive on the flesh, blood, and bones of tourists. Their latest conquest is the sweet young Tiffany, a beautiful sorority cheerleader who disappears into the thick Central American jungle during Spring break. Will her sister from Jersey City arrive to save her in time? Mr. UFO crash lands his space ship only to direct the making of a disgusting jungle stew. Will he get the tantalizing Jungle Vampires back to their home planet or will the rays of the sun destroy these soulless beings?

90 minutes - $15.00 plus $5.00 S/H

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THE CRYSTAL POWER ROD AS A WISH MACHINE Also Known Widely As The COSMIC GENERATOR this device is believed to have originated in Atlantis and supposedly operates with energy generated by the operators mind, amplified by emotions, feelings, desires. Once amplified, these wishes can be projected over vast distances to influence others. WISH MACHINES MIND MACHINES They come in various forms and are known as Radionics, Ociloclasts, or Hieronymous Machines, Detector Rods, Symbolic Machines or, put most simply, Black Boxes regardless of their appearance. SUPER SECRET DOSSIER INCLUDED WITH YOUR POWER ROD Your Crystal Power Rod (may vary slightly from illustration) and Mind Machine Study Guide is sold as a unit for $75.00 + $5.00 S/H and is obtainable only from: Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903

< Continued from Page 7 throughout history from Atlantis on down through the Egyptian and Chinese densities right to today. BECKLEY - How about the evil eye - do you believe it exists? What can you put out around the house to prevent its negativity? D ANDREA - Yes I do. The evil eye affects lots of people and you have to know how to deal with it. There are several techniques that work well. For example, you can put sea salt across each doorway into your house and put some sea salt into water, then wet your finger any one and trace around each window frame. Another way is to put clear quartz crystals within 3 feet of each entry way to your home. Focus at the time that you are working with this problem on sending out positive energy as we do not want to cancel positive opportunities in our lives. The incense you can use for this situation is Frankincense, Tobacco, Rose or Pine, among others. The gemstone would be just as an example Tiger Eye, Turquoise or Apache Tear. Use what you are comfortable with what you feel the best vibrations from. BECKLEY - Do each one of us have a lifes path? Do we have a destiny to fulfill? How can we find our way through the maze of negativity? D ANDREA - Thats asking a lot in one mouthful. But here goes. . . We all have a path in life. A destiny as its referred to. Yet, we still have free will. What this means is that we come into this world with a plan. A situation we will work on to heighten our spiritual levels, to enhance our higher selves. This goal is broad. Such as I want to be able to handle money. So here you come into this life time. Now, to handle learning lessons with dealing with money, it can go two ways. You can be broke and either stay that way or learn how to become rich. Or, you can be rich and learn to work correctly with it and prosper or not. The lesson you need to learn to work with by your previous choice is money. So money situations will come up. How you handle it and what decisions you make about it are part of Gods free will. To get through the maze, concentrate and telegraph your thoughts to the Divine Power or the Universe if you care to think of it in those terms that only positive things come to you and all negativity is be banished from your life. Do this often, and do it the first thing in the morning and the last at night, It can be a fight to avoid all negativity because there are many other people on the planet who do not think in such terms. Dont give up and good things will eventually come of your persistence. BECKLEY - What are you working on currently? D ANDREA - I am putting together a dynamic series of DVD mini workshops containing some really practical how-to information that almost anyone can apply in their daily lives. They are being released by Concludes on Page 14 >


( ) ASHTARREVEALING THE SECRET IDENTITY OF THE FORCES OF LIGHT AND THEIR SPIRITUAL PROGRAM FOR EARTH $21.95 Channeled And Compiled By Tuella ( ) NEW WORLD ORDER PROPHECIES FROM SPACE - REVISED EDITION$21.95 Update by Carol Ann Rodriguez Over two decades ago, a New York City businessman began to receive message from a being from outer space. The voice identified itself as Ashtar, Commander of a huge spaceship orbiting Earth. In a series of telepathic broadcasts, this highly-advanced being made many astounding predictions regarding future events that were to take place on Earth. Astoundingly, while it is common for prophecies made through channeled sources to fail, many of these forecasts came true over the thread of time. Others are yet to transpire as our planet moves into a new vibration. THE THRILLING SUBJECTS DISCUSSED IN THIS BOOK INCLUDE: The folly of our political systems. . .The TOP SECRET mission of the Space Brothers. . .Spiritual development of humankind. . .The selection of the Chosen Ones to be removed from the planet in the event of a global disaster. . .the inside of our planet is really inhabited. . .Physical changes to be undergone by our planet in the next decade. Meditation key to lifting our vibrations. . .Educational craft orbiting Earth. . .Negative beings have infiltrated the military and government. . .More assassination attempts to be made on world leaders. . .True meaning of The Beast whose number is 666. . .The antichrist. . .The Serpent Race. . .Earth as a living entity. NOTE: This is not the New World Order of the Illuminati nor that of the various soul sucking political administrations that have taken control of the U.S. government and military-industrial complex. The name Ashtar has become widely know in UFO channeling circles since the early l950s. It is said that his messages are being beamed from a colossal Starship or Space Station which is in orbit just beyond our atmosphere. According to his primary channel, Tuella (author of Project World Evacuation and On Earth Assignment), Ashtar is directly under the sponsorship of Lord Michael and is second in command to the Beloved Commander Sananda who was reincarnated on earth as Jesus the Christ. This volume contains the most important information channeled by the Ashtar Command and consists of vital data concerning world events. SPECIAL PRICE FOR BOTH VOLUMES $35.00 + $5 S/H
Have you missed these other channeled works? ( ) PROJECT WORLD EVACUATION Find out if you are among those to be lifted off into a giant space craft and taken elsewhere during a potential global disaster. - $21.95 ( ) ON EARTH ASSIGNMENT Were you born here for a purpose? What is your task in the Golden Age? - $21.95 ( ) SPACE GODS SPEAK A tribunal of messages from beings from each planet in our solar system - $12.00 ( ) A NEW BOOK OF REVELATIONS Times have changed. The Bible has been updated. Very controversial - $18.00

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Wars! Disasters! Personal Hardships - Death! We have to deal with such devastation on a daily basis while inhabiting our physical bodies whilst living on a very imperfect, materialistic, planet. But is there a better more superior way to an individual utopia? Is it possible that extraterrestrials have developed an inner cosmic wisdom that when shared with the human race could pave the way to establishing a virtual heaven on earth? Can they look into the true depths of our soul and see our imperfections and direct us along a more positive path in life? Here are two books-in-one originally published during the Golden Age Of Flying Saucers which reveal the true experiences of UFO contactees Cederic Allingham and Dino Kraspedon and their all-too-fantastic meetings with alien beings from far off worlds. Their stories are intriguing, controversial and full of awe, but in the end it is up to the reader to decide their validity. INCLUDES AUTHENTIC PHOTOS OF SPACE SHIPS AND ALIEN BEINGS Cederic Allingham and Dino Kraspedon are two of the most controversial authors of the Golden Age of Flying Saucers. A British astronomer, Allingham captured a photo of a being from another planet all be it as he walked back to his ship as well as a device which looks much like the photos of the space ships that George Adamski snapped a couple of years earlier. Some say that Allingham never really existed though he did speak before a local UFO group before disappearing. One of the original UFO contactees operating from Brazil, Kraspedon told of meetings with loving beings from outer space with a great knowledge of science and

technology which they were willing to share with humankind. Later, Dino was arrested for being a terrorist as his message of peace, love and universal brotherhood, took an alarming turn. This book is an exact report of these early UFO manuscripts with an extensive update by Beckley and Casteel, two well known researchers.

( ) SPECIAL OFFER: Published to sell at $27.00 (Just ask for Flying Saucer Contact Book and we will know what you mean).
Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903 PayPal Orders - MRUFO8@hotmail.com Also available. The most important UFO film of all time. UFO! Approx 90 minutes. Circa 1956. Real movies released with Pentagon approval! - Add $20 to order ($42 total plus $5 S/H) 13

<Concludes from Page 11 Inner Light asthe MARIA D ANDREAS SPIRITUAL LIFE COUNSELING SERIES. The first two sets consigning of 3 DVD lessons each have just been released and contain such one-on-one presentations as Attracting Relationships; Surrendering Yourself to A Positive Life; Developing The Healer Within; The Power of Planting Spiritual Seeds; and How You Can Live A Shamanic Life. I am also revising and expanding several printed

manuals and study guides which will be released by Tim Beckley and company over the next six months to a year. A couple of them are advertised in this issue. I also do individual readings, give private lessons and lectures and appear on radio and television from time to time. Look through my website at: www.mariadandrea.comto see what I am offering, or watch the pages of this publication.

( ) Man, Beast, Gods of Agharta by Ferdinand Ossendowsky Special Update by Dr Raymond Bernard - $22.00 A lot has been written on the secrets of Tibet as well as the mysteries surrounding the existence of a hollow or inner earth that is said to be teaming with life - huge, unknown, plants, strange animals and even human beings. In the mid 1960s Dr. Raymond Bernard shocked the world when he revealed the existence of a inhabited interior or hollow earth which could be entered through various vantage points such as the North and South Poles. Practically every ancient society had their own tales of magnificent realms, brave heroes and enlightened beings who lived in the inner spheres. Whether people considered the inner world to exist in a spiritual realm or to be an actual physical place, the beliefs, myths and legends all across the globe are all strangely similar.Many Native Americans believe that their ancestors originated from a beautiful subterranean realm, or took refuge in caverns to escape past cataclysms. The Cherokee Indians speak of a subterranean world much like our own, with mountains, rivers, trees, and people. This work tells in part the journey of the adventurer Ferdinand Ossendowsky who was attempting to escape his native Russia at the height of the communist take over and ends up hearing bizarre tales of Shangri La and the King of the World, who rules over the lost city of Agharta and millions of Buddhists with a wide-reaching, benevolent hand. Here is his astounding but TRUE! story of a grand trip to another realm whose inhabitants wish to keep their kingdom a closely guarded secret from a very aggressive humankind bent on expansionism and conquest. ( ) My Visit To Agharta by T. Lobsang Rampa $22.00 NEWS FLASH! SECRET LONG LOST MANUSCRIPT FOUND! FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY RAMPAS FASCINATING NARRATIVES HAVE BROUGHT GREAT JOY AND ENLIGHTENMENT TO MILLIONS WORLDWIDE Always at the center of controversy, T. Lobsang Rampa initialy came to the attention of the public in the l950s. THE THIRD EYE received wide acclaim by a public that was just beginning to awaken to diverse forms of spirituality. WHAT MADE RAMPA DIFFERENT from other teachers, is he did not push any of his experiences down the throats of others, but in a simple, humble fashion, told of a more peaceful, serene life style which had come to him after years of hardship in his homeland. Tibet had been invaded by the Chinese communists, and many monks and adepts had to flee for their lives. But Rampa was able to survive due to deep understanding and application of cosmic laws he had learned from several sources, including masters of the planet Venus, as well as beings from the Inner Earth. In this just recently released work, Rampa tells of both his positive inner earth contacts and his hellish encounters below the surface where most know nothing about the existence of entire cities and their both angelic and hideous dwellers. ( ) BOTH BOOKS JUST $38.00 (add $5 S/H to order) Ask for AGHARTA TWIN BOOK SPECIAL. Order From: Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903




<Concludes from Page 2 and their interaction with the aliens. The skulls could not have been carved using the primitive tools and skills of the people there and were most likely, at least at first, given as a gift to the people by the aliens. Today, the skulls continue to emit a palpable psychic energy that is felt by sensitives and even, at times, the uninitiated. Publisher Beckley comments on a recent UFO sightings flap in New York City Crystal Skull explorer that got considerable press Joshua Shapiro contribcoverage, but the media did not utes his concepts to W. R. Drakes Ancients Secrets mention a possible link beof Mysterious America. tween the sightings and the appearance of several Mayan elders who were in Manhattan visiting representative countries of the United Nations. They had journeyed from their homelands with 13 crystal skulls to focus on the phenomenon known as 2012. They declared that, while the world would not end as many doomsday seers predicted, a wave of renewed spiritual values could help move our planet into a Golden Age of Enlightenment. These elders came with their skulls to energize the populace. Some 500 truth seekers from the local Edgar Cayce society attended a seminar the day before the mass UFO sightings and within two blocks something the public and press remain unaware of. And then there is contributor Brent Raynes, who talks about a personal mystical encounter he had after participating in a Native American Sweat Lodge ceremony. He feels he had a vision of the interconnectedness of the gods of old and our modern-era UFOs, among other things. So that sums up the new material contained in the two W. R. Drake reprints. The thrust of the additional work is to help establish for the reader a continuum that links the ancient gods to our times in a joyful yet sober way. We are not alone, meaning we have help out there. The same gods who taught the ways of civilization to primitive man will also deliver that civilization from our inept misuse of it and our self-destructive ways. We as a race are not without hope, and whether we are rescued by a modern incarnation of the Greek god Zeus or a wrathful Jesus Christ, the end result of salvation will be the same. In short, if you enjoy the television show Ancient Aliens and the works of von Daniken, you will want to explore these two books by W. Raymond Drake and fellow ancient astronaut authorities. Drake is a skillful writer and researcher and his exhaustively detailed examination of the alien presence in the world of ancient man knows few equals. Nothing escapes his scrutinizing eyes as he fixes his gaze upon the evidence left to our era to examine. Read Drake for the sweep of history he moves over, and read him also to find your own place in the cosmic dance of mankind through the veils of time and space. Published to sell at $27 we are offering either volume for $22.00 or both for $39.95 plus $5.00 S/H. You can see the full page ad for both books on page nine. Order From: Timothy Beckley, Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903 Or through Pay Pal or our 24 hour order hot line at 732 602-3407


Ring the bell, light the candle and open the Book of Shadows this has long been the method for seeking arcane lore and delving into the mysterious powers that rule the universe.

Occultist Bon stands with Book Of Shadows author Tarostar, master metaphysician.

Wizards, Witches, Magicians and Students of the Occult Arts and Psychic Sciences have long sought out the Wisdom of the Ancients, found in the pages of dusty and neglected tomes of hidden and forgotten knowledge. Tarostar has been perform spells nearly half a century and now feels that it is time to share his work with deserving souls. These are unique positive and negative (right and left hand paths) as well as spells of a grey nature known as Gris Gris in the New Orleans tradition of spell casting. DOZENS OF UNIQUE SPELLS MAKE UP CONTENTS OF TAROSTARS A BOOK OF SHADOWS



INTERNATIONAL BANKERS ARE DEDICATED TO PUTTING YOU AND AMERICA INTO DEBTORS PRISON AND MAKE YOU THEIR HUMAN SLAVE! Guaranteed to take away your property, your retirement fund, your emergency nest egg in fact, EVERYTHING YOU OWN! Be blessed you are still alive after they get finished with us all. See page 4 to order the new book FIGHTING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and try to get some sleep!

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Two Items For Serious Students Of The Occult & Metaphysics Presented By A Master Teacher From The Atlantian Mystic Lodge


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( ) # 1. PERSONAL DESTINY READING AND BLESSINGS KIT Supercharged blessings for personal empowerment. Prepare to get your MOJO into high gear. Send birth information and two questions and Dragonstar will prepare a special blessing kit just for you and reveal your life's destiny. -- $100.00 ( ) # 2. LIFE STUDY COURSE Become a verified parapsychologist and receive a "degree" from Dragonstar after completing this exciting course that will reveal the inner workings of magick and universal wisdom. Course runs for a year. Diploma issued after "graduation." -- $100.00 Canadian & Foreign add $20 for shipping. Timothy Beckley Box 753 New Brunswick, NJ 08903


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