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Annual Plan 2008-2009 English Society

Revised on 18th Sept., 08

Aims: To enhance students’ motivation in learning English
Part I Proposed Activities
D Activity Description Expected Methods of People Display
ate successful criteria evaluation Concern Board

Oct Audio Dubbing • English teachers as advisors for the • The activity • Count the Multi- Standard
Competition class only. improves number of media
students’ teams Learning
• Related to the school theme. speaking enrolled. Coordinat
• Work with Campus TV, possibly joining proficiency in or: Rei,
the Computer club. terms of • Evaluation S3
• The videos will be shown during clarity, intonation forms will English
Reading Periods. and emotion. be Teachers
• Curriculum integrated – Speak with completed
clarity and feeling, writing scripts • Students enjoy by the
related to the theme and the video. participating and teachers
watching the and
productions. students.
Nov Face-off • Express ideas on two argumentative • The forum • Count the S 4, 5, 6 Mobile
issues on English Society display succeeds in messages &7
boards. encouraging received. English
students to read teachers
• Curriculum integrated – Argumentative and write in • Evaluation
English critically.
Writing. forms will

• Junior students and teachers as judges be
by the
Dec Book Purchase • 20 S2 & S3 students only who have • Students borrow • Evaluation S2 & 3 In the
and Book done well in English Builder during the books frequently forms will English library
Recommendati summer. from school be teachers,
on library. completed
• Participants will have to write a review by the Miss Sin
to be put on the back of the book. • Junior students
• Encourage reading among peers. enjoyed the book students.
• Library funding may have to be recommendation
exercised. s (in a form of
• Books will be kept in the library. class
from F.4
Dec Language • Classroom Board Display and Game S4&6 Mobile
or Camp Booths in the classrooms. English
Jan teachers
• English teachers as advisors only.
• Work with St Paul’s Primary School and
Form One students.

Feb Writing Contest • Divided into junior and senior section, • The activity • Count the S1, 2, 3, Mobile
or (SPSS’s Next Curriculum integrated succeeds in number of 4&6
Mar Top Writer) - S1-S3: Short Script Writing encouraging entries we English
- S4,S6: Argumentative Writing on students to read receive. Teachers
current issues and write scripts
in English; and
• Each class selects two best pieces. • Evaluation
develop the habit
of critical thinking forms will
in writing the be
by the
Apr Film Show • Film type: Musical • Students enjoy • Evaluation S1, 2, 3, Standard
watching the forms will 4&6
musical because be English
• Film for the S4 SBA will be shown in the both visual and completed Teachers,
Hall or classroom. sound effects are by the mainly
good. teachers S4
and English
• Worksheets or stimulating questions will • Open-ended students. Teachers
be given to all English teachers to questions are
encourage higher-order thinking. given to students
to encourage
• Songs of the film can be used to let them to think
students to compose new lyrics. critically.

• We may hold this show jointly with Music

Society if time allows.

May Mother’s Day – • Curriculum integrated – Thank you notes • Good • Evaluation Mrs. Lui, Standard
Cookies Making writing. participation and forms will
and Song students wrote be
• Across curriculum – Home Economics. S1&2
Dedication meaningful completed
• Students with notes broadcast could messages for by the English
attend the cookies-making workshop their “mothers” - teachers Teachers
which is to be held before Mother’s Day. teachers. and
• Cookies made are sent to the teachers
(whom the students have chosen) to give
the students’ thanks for their love, care
and teaching throughout the school life.
May Upwords • Each form one class will be given a set • Students enjoy • Evaluation Form 1 Standard
Contest of Upwords for usage throughout the year. playing the game. forms will English
be Teachers
• Complete sets of board games will be completed
returned to school in June. by the
• A small-scale inter-class competition will
be carried out during lunch or reading students.
period in May.

• Language Camp Fund may be

1. Each student may take up a maximum of two posts in various clubs/ societies ie. One president / chairman & 1
other post.
2. School Prefect and Monitor are not considered as posts. Yet, students who have been elected for these responsibilities should
consider their workload seriously before they commit to other posts.
3. Each club should consist of not more than 5 committee members with the exception of the Editorial Board & the Prefect
Board. The whole committee should contain both students from the senior forms & the junior forms (F.4 & F.3)