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Motivational letter for Master degree

I completed my undergraduate program in Information Technology from Sikkim Manipal University. The emphasis of my study was to understand the fundamental Information Technology. In this previous education, Ive learned about the most principles that are used in nowadays Information technology. I intend to pursue my higher study in any renowned Institute abroad and aasa University is one of such Institute that ensures the high standard of education. There is an ample scope to prove ones ability, competence and intelligence in aasa University. The Telecommunication department of aasa University best suites me because it offers many courses that are specifically related to areas of my interest. !onducting "ost #raduation studies and research within the Science group would improve and increase my knowledge and practical e$perience, especially because I have very little research possibilities in my country. It will be my privilege to work, develop "ost #raduation thesis and learn from professors with grate e$perience in theory and practice. %asically, #hana is not a highly developed country. The higher study is not able to compete with the present world status. I intend to study in aasa University for gathering the high standard of technical knowledge so that I can contribute to the country development. &e have to face the challenges of '( st century. &e are passing a crucial time and competing with the global fellow in every respect. It is not wise to waste a single moment to prepare to meet the upcoming global challenges. I have gone through your institute website and gathered knowledge about your teaching patterns. I have an ardent desire to your teaching pattern. The achieved study patterns and methods provided by the aasa University, undoubtedly the knowledge will help me to develop my previous academic standard of the )epartment of Information Technology at Sikkim Manipal University. I also reali*e more and more that there is big gap between theory and practical. I hope this department is a useful addition to my current education that I can use for my later professional career. This department will definitely increase my opportunities to get a good +ob. To further my career aspirations of becoming part of an engineering section, I want to obtain a Master,s )egree in Telecommunication. -aving this knowledge will allow me to better understand technical principles. &ith all the uncertainty and changes in with technological, I believe that technology must have a solid understanding, supported by a strong academic foundation, of how to guide companies through these challenging times. .o education is complete without e$perience. /rmed with a solid understanding of academic principles, I can begin my career where I will add to my e$perience. %ecause I will be well versed in the theory, I will be able to adapt and modify the theoretical constructs as re0uired in order to meet my company,s needs. I fully recogni*e that our technological environments are constantly changing, and thus management needs

to be able to adapt 0uickly and accurately to the new conditions if the company is to survive, let alone prosper. I believe obtaining a Master,s )egree will provide the necessary background for me to be to anticipate and react to ever1changing environments. It is my pleasure, if I can engage my all labor and ability to achieve knowledge from your Institute. I am confident enough that I could be able to accomplish higher study in the proposed field that will contributes to my future professional interest as well as to the society as a whole. I firmly believe that if I could get a chance to cultivate my potentiality in aasa University that will definitely satisfy my thirst for higher study and its a uni0ue opportunity for me to get such kind of offer from an advanced country like 2inland. I look forward to launching my new career. Sincerely, /l234) 5-4.4 SMIT-