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Diaphragm Seals

Diaphragm Seal Mounting Options Diaphragm Seal Assembly with Cooling Element
WIKA Datasheet Cooling Element

Direct mounted system is required High: >212F Process Temperature Low: < -40F Process Temperature

Special Features
Specifically designed heat-sink Works in combination with diaphragm seal Dissipates temperatures up to 300F in normal conditions

Standard Features
Cooling Element Intended to protect the pressure instrument from high or low process temperature. Air flow across heat exchanging fins reduces or increases the temperature of the system fill fluid to protect the pressure measuring instrument. The cooling element is recommended for process temperatures above 212F. It is direct mounted between the pressure instrument and the diaphragm seal. Silicone fill is recommended. Effective temperature reductions of 300F depending upon ambient conditions. All stainless steel construction is back-welded to stainless steel upper housing or flange. Capillary line Stainless steel capillary with stainless steel armor provides a connection between the pressure instrument and the diaphragm seal. It protects the pressure instrument from high or low process temperatures and provides remote reading. The capillary should be selected as short as possible, since changes in ambient temperature conditions may considerably affect the accuracy and response time of the pressure instrument. Standard length is five feet; other lengths 2mm and 0.6mm are available upon request. Installation on mechanical gauges normally requires a gauge support and gauge adaptor or other surface mounting provisions.
WIKA Datasheet Cooling Element 12/2012

Shown with XSEL Process Gauge and M93X.D1 All-Welded System

Diaphragm Seal Assembly with Capillary Line, Gauge Support and Adaptor

Any level difference between pressure instrument and diaphragm seal will cause a pressure indication error. The level difference can be compensated for during calibration of the diaphragm seal assembly if level difference is known. Minor corrections can be made on site by means of an adjustable pointer or zero adjustment of the pressure instrument. Gauge Support and Adaptor Provides wall mounting of pressure instrument by clamping to gauge adaptor. Material: gauge support - aluminum or stainless steel, gauge adaptor - stainless steel.

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Diaphragm Seal Mounting Option Table

Field No. Code DZZ Description Instrument Mounting To Seal


Direct assembly


Cooling element

MK1 ??? ZZ F1 F2

Unarmored stainless steel capillary Armored stainless steel capillary Other - please specify PVC coated, armored stainless steel capillary Capillary Line Length


5 ft length

Direct Assembly or Cooling Element 10 ft length

F3 ??


15 ft length

20 ft length

Other - please specify " NPT female Connection to Seal

N4 WI 3 ?? A1 F1 E2


Weld-in connection (*offered only for capillary or cooling element mounting to 316 SS seal upper housings) (SS-to-SS only) Other - please specify (SS-to-SS only) KN2 - Silicone oil (50 cSt) KN7 - Glycerine (99.7%) KN8 - Fluorolube FS-5 System Fill Fluid

" NPT female

G1 B1 E1

KN12 - Glycerine/Water (86.5%/13.5%) KN21 - Halocarbon 6.3

KN17 - Low temperature silicone oil (4 cSt)


B2 J2 4 K3 ??


KN32 - High temperature silicone oil KN68 - Silicone oil (10 cSt) KN59 - NEOBEE M20

KN92 - Medicinal white mineral oil KN93 - Food grade silicone oil Other - please specify



Additional Mounting Options

Capillary Internal Diameter 0.079 (standard) Capillary Internal Diameter 0.039 Capillary Internal Diameter 0.024


Tack-weld instrument connection (SS-to-SS only)

Aluminum gauge support with stainless steel adaptor

Back-weld instrument connection (SS-to-SS only)

Stainless steel gauge support with stainless steel adaptor

Mounting Option Table - ___ __ __ __ - ____ ZZZ

Page 2 of 4 WIKA Datasheet Cooling Element 12/2012

4 Cooling Element T X X X weld X weld KEY in. in. in. mm mm mm in. mm A 4.68 119 119 119 119 4.68 4.68 4.68 B 4.05 103 98 3.86 4.05 103 98 3.86 P/N 1600885 1584510 1653512 2081849

4 Cooling Element

Cooling Performance

Gauge Sample
1 2

Transmitter Sample

Food grade fill fluids; for sanitary applications Inert fill fluids; for oxidizing process media applications

WIKA Datasheet Cooling Element 12/2012

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Typical Capillary

5 ft

1/4 NPT-F X 1/4 NPT-M 1632540 1030876

10 ft 15 ft



1/2 NPT-F X 1/2 NPT-M




Male weld nipple X Male weld nipple


Gauge Support

KEY in.

A 3.35

B 2.56

C 2.20

D 2.99

F 1.02

G .87

H .55

I 3.94



9091882 9091858


Gauge Adaptor KEY A B C T Y 1 1 1 P/N

2.95 2.35 2.35

1.18 1.18 1.18

1.02 X X



9091416 2084619 50183851

How to Order
Instrument: D/S: Mounting:

Add information

232.34 4.5 200 psi 1/2L DZZZZ-N2-ZZZZ-ZZZ Silicon oil KN2 N/A


Reference page* 57-67 229 228


System fill: *2013 Price List Additional:

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WIKA Datasheet Cooling Element 12/2012


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