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Mary Cartwright Minister, Adults mary.cartwright@chaparral.org Dr. Larry Hostetler Founding Minister larry.hostetler@chaparral.org Dr.

Marion Hostetler Minister, Music Sanctuary marion.hostetler@chaparral.org Sharon Hostetler Min. Director: Women, Hospitality sharon.hostetler@chaparral.org Jackie Huber Ministry Asst., Worship Arts jackie.huber@chaparral.org Nicole Moran Preschool Director ccpk@chaparral.org Sara Perrine Minister, Discipleship & Missions sara.perrine@chaparral.org Frank Shirvinski Sr. Minister frank.shirvinski@chaparral.org Stacy Shirvinski Connections & Children stacy.shirvinski@chaparral.org Jenny Statler Ministry Asst., Children, Crosst jenny.statler@chaparral.org Katy Statler Ministry Director: Youth katy.statler@chaparral.org Nick Stavlund Executive Minister, Youth, Crosst nick.stavlund@chaparral.org Matt Vlahovich Worship Leader: Watermark matt.vlahovich@chaparral.org

8:00" ! Faithbuilders (E. Hall)! OK Corral (N. Forum)!

! !

9:00: Sanctuary Worship! Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)! Salt, Adult Class (N. Room)! Youth Bells: 8:45 (Bell Room)! Youth Choir: 9:20 (Choir Room)! 10:30: Watermark Worship! Childrens Classes (Info in Room 11)! Youth Classes: (N. Forum)! Pathnders, Adult Class (N. Room)! High Flight, Adult Class (E. Hall)!

Bell Canon - arr. Carver! Shelby Masson and Luke Poupore!

Make a Joyful Noise - Harlan!

! !

Opening Hymn!
I Sing the Mighty Power of God! (No. 59)!

Call to Prayer!
Always By Our Side - Burrows! Kathy Ducey, soloist!

! Praise Songs! !

We now return to our! Regularly Scheduled Programs

CoreFit & More! ..........Tu & Th, 5:00 p! Mens Bible Study! .......Wednesday, 6:30 a! Womens Bible Study! .Wednesday, 7:00 p! Bell Choir! ....................Wednesday, 6:00 p! Adult Choir! .................Wednesday, 7:00 p! Womens Bible Study! .Thursday, 6:45 a! Mens Bible Study! .......Thursday, 7:00 a! Roots (Young Adults)! .Thursday, 7:00 p! Womens Bible Study! .Friday, 9:30 a! ! KP Prayer Group! ........Saturday, 6:30 a! CrossFit! .......................crosstchaparral.com! Chain Gang (Craft) ! ...2nd Monday 10 a! Reap What You Sew ! .2nd & 4th Wed. 9 a

Call to Communion!
Peace In the Valley - Dorsey! Vern Herzer!

! Morning Prayer! !

Hymn of Commitment!
A Mighty Fortress ! (No. 26, vs. 4)! Acolytes:! Emma Schumacher & Kassidy Johns

! Frank Shirvinski! ! !

The Land Before TimeGenesis 1-11

January 12, 2014

Helpful Info
Communion/Lords Supper
All followers of Christ are welcome to participate in our Service of Communion. If you have prepared yourself for this very special moment with our Savior, you are invited to his table. (1 Corinthians 11:23-30) Please take the emblems as they are passed and partake when you are ready. Some prefer to take it before passing it along.

Feed My Starving Children Outing coming in February!

Adults will join our teens during the 30-Hour Famine for a mission project with Feed My Starving Childrenwhich is a non-prot Christian organization committed to feeding Gods children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults handpack meals specically formulated for#malnourished children, and we ship these meals to#nearly 70 countries around the world. Join us in making a di$erence!

Revive and Refresh our City

! SAVE THE DAY--The morning of Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014.! ! The more hands we have, the

CCC Service day for the City of Scottsdale

In all of our services, a special time for giving is set aside. Participation is an act of worship and voluntary.

Childrens Ministry
First & Second Grade Bible Presentation ! coming in this month! Parents look for more information to come as to date % and time! Each child will receive their own Bible!

lighter the work and the more we accomplish. Sign up on Facebook, call the Church office, or contact Sara Perrine.

We have a friendly, well-sta!ed and impeccably clean nursery located on the north side of the narthex. Please see an usher for directions.

A place to belong...
Welcome! !We are so glad you have joined us. !If you are new to Chaparral, please stop by the Welcome Center and pick up information about our Church. Getting connected is one of the most important ways to grow your faith and get to know others in meaningful ways.

15"...7:00p"......Jr. High Hoopla".........East Hall! 17"...4:00p"......Youth Ski Trip" ............Pinetop! 22"...7:00p ".....Sr. High Hoopla"........ East Hall!

The Road Less Traveled

Friday 1/17 - Leave Church for Sunrise Ski Resort at 4:00 p.m. Stop somewhere along the way for a quick dinner. Arrive at Executive Inn and Suites in Pinetop around 8:30 p.m.

25"..TBA".......Sage Service Day"..O$site! 25"..11:30a" ...Saguaro Club"........TBA!

Prayer: Jake Beebout, Ron Lee, Jean Schell! Sympathy: Ron & Chris Lee. Chriss father passed away. ! The family of Mike Kim. The service is here this afternoon at 3:30.

Saturday 1/18 - Stop at Skiers Edge for equipment before heading to Sunrise. Ski all day (from 9-4). Night skiing is available from 4:30-9:00.

Sunday 1/19 - Have breakfast, pack up, check out by 11:00 a.m. and hit the road back to Phoenix. Arrive at Church by 3:30 p.m.

Friday through Saturday, ! March 7-9, 2014 Cost is $265/ per couple. Includes a two-night stay at Springhill Suites Marriott plus breakfast and lunch at the Conference Center at UCYC.! Reservations must be made by January 19. Contact sara.perrine@chaparral.org for additional information.