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(90% OF THE WALK IS 2+ TO 3)

Emergency Phone #’s 503-805-5912 or 503-729-6774
Woc – Forests, Namesakes, Autumn, Yamhill County
Nat’l Programs: Native American Culture, Grand Ronde Indians; Authors and Literary landmarks, Sherwood: A Sense of Time
and Place by June Reynolds

1. Exit parking lot to gravel road. 25. At T-intersection go LEFT uphill on

2. Follow gravel road to path on RIGHT. Confession trail.
3. RIGHT into woods and continue downhill 26. RIGHT on Curtis Upper Loop.
on path passing through gate. 27. Stay RIGHT again at next intersection and
4. STAY on path as it twists and turns up and follow main path uphill.
down taking notice of summer home site and 28. EXIT forest to Dani’s field and turn LEFT .
the culturally modified trees (marked). 29. Re-enter forest to LEFT.
5. STAY straight uphill at “T” intersection. 30. Turn RIGHT on Willard’s Way to go up
6. Enter the Art Loop on LEFT follow Art hill.
Loop signs and walk clockwise. Look up, 31. Stay STRAIGHT at “T” intersection and
down and around and see if you can find all stay on Parrett’s Upper Loop.
of the art installations. 32. At “T” intersection go RIGHT on Kimball
7. Completing Art Loop follow the middle Creek.
trail to T-intersection and turn LEFT. Fence, 33. At “Y” intersection stay RIGHT on Kimball
field and Parrett House will be on your left. Creek.
8. At Y-intersection stay left going uphill. 34. Pause at the picnic table for water and
9. CONTINUE uphill passing entrances to snacks or your own lunch.
field. 35. At next intersection stay RIGHT at Kimball
10. Exit woods near top of hill. Creek.
11. Go through gate on RIGHT and CROSS 36. Stay STRAIGHT at Ed Casey Way.
paved road. 37. Go RIGHT at Dani’s Field Loop.
12. Go RIGHT along paved road to gravel 38. Go LEFT along Dani’s Field.
road. Turn LEFT. 39. Keep fence on LEFT.
13. STRAIGHT through gate and walk along 40. Walk through gate and turn RIGHT to
Dani’s Field keeping fence on right. gravel road.
14. (A) ENTER wooded path at Dani’s loop 41. CROSS paved road and turn RIGHT.
sign and veer RIGHT (B) on Ed Casey Way. 42. ENTER field through gate on LEFT.
15. At “Y” intersection stay RIGHT. 43. Turn RIGHT to follow along fence to exit at
16. Go STRAIGHT on Burt’s 80 Loop to circle gate.
the field CLOCKWISE. 44. Go LEFT into Bob’s Corner.
17. Stop and enjoy the view at the Native 45. Circle Bob’s Corner COUNTER
American Trail. CLOCKWISE.
18. Leaving Burt’s Loop 80, RETURN down 46. Exit Bob’s Corner Loop and turn LEFT.
hill on Ed Casey Way. 47. Cross paved road, go through gate, turn left
19. Veer RIGHT onto Forest Loop Lower. to walk along field.
(Very steep decline.) 48. Go through gate to cross paved road to
20. At next “Y” intersection veer RIGHT onto parking lot.
Kimball Creek. 49. Enter gate that leads to the gardens behind
21. At next intersection go RIGHT at Parrett’s the farmhouse to enjoy the arts and crafts
Upper Loop. show and partake in the Parrett Mountain
22. Trail curves LEFT. Stay on trail keeping BBQ.
fence on right. 50. EXIT gardens to FINISH.
23. Stay on trail as it curves LEFT uphill. (Very
steep incline-you may need a stick.)

24. At “Y” intersection stay RIGHT.