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Prefab vs Traditional

8uylng a prefab house and

gemng lL assembled on your
ploL of land, ls galnlng
popularlLy ln developlng
urchaslng a pre-made
modular klLchen or baLhroom
unlL, has become a sLandard
feaLure ln Lhe consLrucuon of
Lradluonal houses or
Across Lhe world, Lhe umely
consLrucuon of properues
beneL boLh Lhe consLrucLor
and homeowner.
lrom Lhe owner's polnL of vlew, early possesslon
of a home or aparLmenL allows Lhem Lhe
opporLunlLy Lo earn renLal lncome sooner and save
on Lhe lnLeresL on Lhe loan borrowed from Lhe
1he bullder, upon compleuon
of Lhe pro[ecL, can relnvesL Lhe
caplLal lnLo new pro[ecLs and
earn furLher lncome.
1he Lradluonal 'brlck and morLar' consLrucuon ls glvlng
way Lo prefab sLrucLures and maLerlals.
refab Lechnologles can be used Lo bulld homes qulckly
and cosL-eecuvely, especlally as Lradluonal consLrucuon
cosLs conunue Lo rlse.
As Lhe cosL of borrowlng
ls sLeep ln developlng
counLrles and land
developers are faclng a
llquldlLy crunch, ume ls
equal Lo money.
refab consLrucuon
meLhod ls qulcker and
adds Lo Lhe revenue
sLream of Lhe developer.
ln prefab Lechnology, Lhe
pro[ecL can be deslgned
uslng archlLecLure soware.
arLs such as sLeel frames,
wall, celllng panels are
1he componenLs are Lhen broughL Lo Lhe consLrucuon
slLe, Lhe sLrucLure ls assembled on-slLe, LogeLher wlLh
klLchen and baLhroom, doors and wlndows unlLs belng
ued lnLo place.
1he use of prefab Lechnlques can
also resulL ln beuer cosL emclencles
over Lhe llfe span of Lhe bulldlngs.
normally, pre-englneered homes show beuer
performance, as assembly-llne-produced homes are
manufacLured Lo sLrlcLer norms wlLh cumng edge
Lechnology and reduce Lhe number of manufacLurlng
uslng prefab meLhod ln bulldlngs also glves exlblllLy ln
Lerms of expanslon and modlcauons.
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