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THIRD invisible and occupying a displace- ment space called the Major Groove which is located in between the two helical strands. Nature abhors a vacuum. This Major Groove is not empty but instead is where all information for the genetic coding of life exists. Groove of DNA exists a higher dimensional Bioaetheric Template (Morphogenetic Field) defined by the mathematical number pattern 3, 9; 6; 6, 9, 3 revealing the existence of an All Coherent higher intelli- gence guiding evolution.

Selective splicing of novel DNA sequence combinations are able to be performed at will for medical treatment and the elimination of all diseases by utilizing these higher dimensional Flux Fields to control DNA cleavage and receptor sites. Maxwell previously stated that there must needs to exist a Monopole to symmetrize all of his electri- cal equations. Rodins math is a blueprint that gives us the ability to observe this missing Monopole in the form of an Inertia Aether Flux represented by the number 9 and its associated Magnetic Field represented by the numbers 3 & 6 which are perfectly nested in unison within the Major Groove of DNA .

DNA seen wit hout t he Bioaet heric Template.

DNA Showing the B ioaetheri c Tem plat e nestled insi de of t he Major Groove.

DN A seen with the Mathem ati cal Fi ngerprint of God.

DNA trans parenc y wit h VBM n umerics .

*outlined number s den ote f ront of DNA double spi ral hel ix

DNA front view.

.weiv kc ab AND

It's all so beautiful how using the family number groups follow the Rodin symbol +1, -2, +4, -8, +7, -5.... INDEFINATELY. I also noticed how positive numbers start at the top (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) for the first ring. Then the second ring starts at the bottom (e.g. 2,4,6,8,1,3,5,7,9), etc. moving outwards. Also, the TRINARY PAIRS, 2,5,8, and 1,4,7 are grouped all around. And the 3,6,9's all MIRRORING each other beautifully.

I placed the Rodin symbol and it's mirror image as it's shown in the diagram, also I add equilateral triangals (or star of david) pointing at the 3,6,9's respectively.

6 9 3 714 825 family number groups separated by thirds Member group = 3 members shoot out of 0 (AYIN SOPH)

124875 numbers of matter +-+-+-+ or inverse ====polarity 9 positive 3 and 6 negative invisible 9 negative 3 6 positive! Always behind 124875 makes room for 396 1234 mirror 8765 mobius 9 DIAMOND never changes

Which 3D PLATONIC SOLID matches LSD as it rolls around like a sphere? SATOR = twistor string theory So which Platonic shape as it rolls around encased in a sphere resembles LSD?

oops did I say passes through a plane, sorry, I should get an editor?

3.141592...whole number 216? 218 124875

logarithmic spiral 0 inversion point (2 mirror of 5) sucks from above (9) black hole frrds a White hole Binary code Pyramid! Left = quality right = quantity top 1 First there was (sound) then there was Light (and shadows). Then there were shapes in the Light who spoke Later, there were Words and Numbers Then, at last, Lettersand the logics of their assembly into transports of communion. the translator

Geometry will draw the soul towards the truth. Plato

In many tales the Golem is inscribed with magic or religious words that keep it animated. Writing one of the names of God on its forehead, a slip of paper in its mouth, or inscribed on its body, or writing the word Emet (, truth in the Hebrew language) on its forehead are examples of such words. By erasing the first letter aleph in Emet to form Met (, dead in Hebrew, when the aleph letter is cancelled) the golem could be Another way is by writing a specific incantation in the owners blood on calfskin parchment, and placing it in the mouth. Removing the parchment will deactivate the golem.