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For low head and high discharge the hydraulic turbine used is a) Francis turbine b) Kaplan turbine c) Pelton wheel d) none of the above ans: b 2. A Kaplan turbine is a) In ward flow, impulse turbine b) Outward flow reaction turbine c) A high head mixed flow turbine d) Low head axial flow turbine ans: d 3. An hydro-graph indicates a) The discharge at any time during the period under consideration b) The max. and min. runoff during the period c) The average run off during the period d) all the above ans: d 4. As compared to steam-station ,hydroelectric stations have : a) More cost of installation b) Less maintenance and fuel cost c) both (a) and (b) d) Low depreciation charges. ans: c 5. The rotor used in alternators of hydroelectric station is a) Cylindrical rotor b) Salient pole rotor c) Non salient pole rotor d) Round rotor with ac excitation ans: b 6. The cost of fuel transportation is minimum in ______ plant. a) Thermal b) Nuclear c) Hydro d) Diesel ans: c 7. Which of the following generating stations has minimum running cost. a) Thermal b) Nuclear

c) Hydro d) none of these ans: c 8. Which of the following plants have the highest capital cost a) Nuclear b) Diesel c) Thermal d) none ans: a 9. For harnessing low variable water heads, the suitable hydraulic turbine with high percentage of reaction and runner adjustable vanes is a) Kaplan b) Francis c) Pelton d) Impeller ans: a 10. In a Thermal power plant, the feed water coming to the economizer is heated using a) H.P. steam b) L.P. steam c) direct heat in the furnace d) flue gases ans: d ANALOG ELECTRONICS 1 11. Notch is also called as a) band-pass filter b) low-pass filter c) high-pass filter d) narrow-band reject filter ans: d 12. The filter which exhibits ac equiripple in the pass-band and monotonic characteristic in stop band is a) Buttorworth b) Chebyshev c) Bessel d) Elliptic ans: a 13. A multiplier which can accept input voltages of either polarity and can produce output voltage of both polarities is called a) Bi-quadrant multiplier b) four quadrant multiplier c) two quadrant multiplier

d) one quadrant multiplier ans: c 14. A multiplier is derived using two logarithmic amplifiers and and antilog amplifier . One more section required is a) multiplier b) adder c) subtractor d) divider ans: b 15. A frequency multiplier usually operates in a) push-pull b) class A c) class B d) class C ans: d 16. FSK demodulation is an application of a) PLL b) timer c) BPF d) none of the above ans: a 17. An oscillator whose frequency is changed by a variable dc voltage is known as a) a crystal oscillator b) a VCO c) an Armstrong oscillator d) a piezoelectric device ans: b 18. The integrated circuit chip NE/SE 566 is a a) Schmitt trigger b) power amplifier c) video amplifier d) voltage controlled oscillator ans: d 19. For a step input , the output of an integrator is a) a pulse b) a triangular waveform c) a spike d) a ramp ans: d 20. The damping factor of a second order active low pass filter to give butterworth response is a) 1.732 b) 1.414 c) 0.707

d) none of the above ans: b ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS AND DEVICES 1 11. The depletion region or space charge region or transition region in a semiconductor P-N junction diode has a) electron and holes. b) positive ions and electrons. c) positive ions and negative ions. d) no ions, electron or holes. ans. c 12. In a p+ n junction diode under reverse bias, the magnitude of electric field is maximum at a) the edge of the depletion region on the p-side. b) the edge of the depletion region on the n-side. c) the p+n junction. d) the centre of the depletion region on the n-side. ans. c 13. A p-n junction has a built-in potential of 0.8 V. The depletion layer width at a reverse bias of 1.2V is the 2 micrometer. For a reverse bias of 7.2V , the depletion layer width will be a) 4 micrometer b) 4.9 micrometer c) 8 micrometer d) 12 micrometer ans. a 14. At 300 K for a diode current of 1mA , a certain germanium diode requires a forward bias of 0.1435 V, whereas a certain silicon diode requires a forward bias of 0.718 V, Under the conditions stated above , the closest approximation of the ratio of reverse saturation current in germanium diode to that in silicon diode is a) 1 b) 5 c) 4 x 10 d) 8 x 10 ans. c 15. A silicon PN junction at a temperature of 20 C has a reverse saturation current of 10 pico-Amperes (pA). The reverse saturation current at 40 C for same bias is approximately a) 30 pA b) 40 pA c) 50 pA

d) 60 pA ans. b 16. Which of the following is not associated with a p-n junction ? a) Junction Capacitance b) Charge Storage-Capacitance c) Depletion Capacitance d) Channel Length Modulation. ans. d 17. As the temperature is increased, the voltage across a diode carrying a constant current a) increases b) decreases c) remains constant. d) may increase or decrease depending on the doping levels in the junction. ans. b 18. Choose proper substitutes of X and Y to make the following statement correct. Tunnel diode and Avalanche diode are operated in X bias and Y bias respectively a) X- reverse ,Y-reverse b) X-reverse, Y -forward c) X-forward, Y- reverse d) X-forward, Y-forward ans. c 19. Consider the following assertions. S1- For zener effect to occur, a very abrupt junction is required. S2- For quantum tunneling to occur , a very narrow energy barrier is required. which of the following is correct? a) Only S2 is true. b) S1 and S2 are both true but S2 is not a reason for S1 c) S1 and S2 are both true and S2 is a reason for S1. d) Both S1 and S2 are false. ans. a 20. A dc power supply has a no-load voltage of 30 V, and a full-load voltage of 25 V at a full load-current of 1A. Its output resistance and load regulation , respectively are a) 5 ohm and 20 % b) 25 ohm and 20% c) 5 ohm and 16.7% d) 25 ohm and 16.7 % ans. b AC MACHINES 1

11. The core flux of a practical transformer with a resistance load a) is strictly constant with load changes b) increases linearly with load c) increases as the square root of the load d) decreases with increase of load ans: a 12. In a transformer , zero voltage regulation at full load is a) not possible b) possible at unity power factor load c) possible at leading power factor load d) possible at lagging power factor load ans: c 13. A single phase transformer has a maximum efficiency of 90% at full load and unity power factor. Efficiency at half load at the same power factor is a) 86.7% b) 88.26 % c) 88.9% d) 87.8% ans: d 14. The main purpose of performing open-circuit on a transformer is to measure its a) copper loss b) core loss c) total loss d) insulation resistance ans: b 15. The desirable properties of transformer core material are a) low permeability and low hysteresis loss b) high permeability and high hysteresis loss c) high permeability and low hysteresis loss d) low permeability and high hysteresis loss ans: c 16. The all -day efficiency of a transformer depends primarily on a) its copper loss b) the amount of load c) duration of load d) both b and c ans: d

17. The use of higher flux density in the transformer design a) reduces the weight per KVA b) increases the weight per KVA c) has no relation with the weight of transformer d) none of the above ans: a 18. What does the the use of higher flux density in the transformer design a) Increase the weight per KVA b) Decrease in weight per KVA c) Reduced iron losses d) Reduced copper losses ans. b 19. Cores of large power transformers are made from which one of the following ? a) Hot-rolled steel b) Cold-rolled non-grain oriented steel. c) Cold-rolled grain oriented steel d) Ferrite. ans. c 20. Grain oriented laminated sheel steel in transformer reduces a) copper loss b) eddy current loss c) hysteresis loss d) none of the above ans. c AC BASICS AND NETWORKS 1 11. Unit of reactive power is a) VA b) watt c) VAR d) ohm ans: c 12. An ac source of 200V rms supplies active power of 600 W and reactive power of 800 VAR. The rms current drawn from the source is a) 10 A b) 5 A c) 3.75 A d) 2.5 A ans: b 13. With the increase in applied frequency , the dielectric loss in a material will a) increase b) decrease c) remains constant d) becomes zero

ans: a 14. In a ac series RLC circuit , the voltage across R and L is 20 V, the voltage across L and C is 9 V and voltage and voltage across RLC is 15 V , What is the voltage across C? a) 7V b) 12 V c) 16 V d) 21 V ans: a 15. The quantity (2 + j9) represents the resistive and reactive components of current drawn by an ac circuit. The phase angle between the applied voltage and current is a) 41.4' b) 53.13' c) 36.87' d) 46.86' ans: c 16. Under the condition resonance in RL-C series circuit, the pf of the circuit is a) 0.5 lagging b) 0.5 leading c) unity d) zero ans: c 17. In a series RLC circuit at resonance , the magnitude of voltage developed across the capacitor a) is always zero b) can never be greater that the input voltage c) can be greater than the input voltage however, it is 90 degrees out of phase with the input voltage d) can be greater than the input voltage and is in phase with the input voltage. ans: c 18. A series R-L-C circuit , the maximum voltage across the capacitor occurs at a frequency a) double the resonant frequency b) equal to resonant frequency c) below the resonant frequency d) none of the above ans: c 19. In a series R-L-C circuit , the voltage across inductance will be maximum

a) at resonant frequency b) just after resonant frequency c) just before resonant frequency d) just before and after resonant frequency ans: b 20. For a series R-L-C circuit , the power factor at the lower power frequency is a) 0.5 lagging b) 0.5 leading c) unity d) 0.707 leading ans: d AC BASICS AND NETWORKS 2 21. Q-factor of as series R-LC circuit possessing resonant frequency of 10 Hz and bandwidth of 5 Hz is a) 0.5 b) 2 c) 2.5 d) 50 ans: b 22. When Q-factor of a circuit is high , then a) power factor of the circuit is high b) impedance of the circuit is high c) bandwidth is large d) none of the above ans: b 23. A high Q coil has a) large bandwidth b) high losses c) low losses d) flat response ans: c 24. A coil is tuned to resonance at 500 kHz with a resonating capacitor of 36 pf at 250 kHz , the resonance is obtained with resonating capacitor of 160 pf .What is the self-capacitance of the coil? a) 2.66 pf b) 5.33 pf c) 8 pf d) 10.66 pf ans: b DC MACHINES 1. The developed electromagnetic force and/or torque in electro mechanical energy conversion system act in a direction that tends

a) to increase the stored energy at constant flux b) to decrease the stored energy at constant flux c) to decrease the coenergy at constant mmf. d) to decrease the stored energy at constant mmf ans: b 2. For a linear electromagnetic circuit, the following statement is true a) Field energy is equal to the coenergy b) Field energy is greater than the coenergy c) Field energy is lesser than the coenergy d) Coenergy is zero ans: a 3. In an electromechanical energy conversion device, the developed torque depends upon a) stator field strength and torque angle b) stator field and rotor field strengths c) stator field and rotor field strengths and torque angle d) stator field only ans: c 4. In electro mechanical energy conversion devices , a small air gap is left between the stator and rotor in order to a) reduce the reluctance of the magnetic path b) increase flux density in the air gap c) permit mechanical clearance d) none of the above ans: c 5. A rotating electrical machine having its self inductance of both stator and rotor winding's, independent of rotor position will definitely not develop a) starting torque b) synchronizing torque c) hysteresis torque d) reluctance torque

ans: b 6. A circular metallic disc is placed in a vertical magnetic field of constant induction in the downward direction. If the disc is rotated in a horizontal plane , the emf induced will be a) zero b) constant independent of disc size c) increasing radically in the outward direction d) decreasing radically in the outward direction ans: a 7. The emf induced in a conductor rotating in a bipolar field is a) dc b) ac c) dc and ac both d) none of these ans: b 25. A R-L-C resonant circuit has a resonance frequency of 1.5 MHz and a bandwidth of 10kHz . If c= 150pf, then the effective resistance of the circuit will be a) 29.5 ohm b) 14.75 ohm c) 9.4 ohm d) 4.7ohm ans: d ELECTRICAL MACHINE DESIGN 1. For a soft magnetic material there will be a) steeply rising magnetization curve. b) relatively narrow and small hysteresis loop. c) less energy loss per cycle of magnetization. d) all the above. 2. Silicon content in iron lamination is kept within 5% as it a) increases hysteresis loss. b) increases cost. c) makes the material brittle. d) reduces the curie point. ans: c

3. For under frequency operation the eddy current loss a) decreases. b) increases. c) remains unchanged. d) cannot be predicted. ans: a. 4. What is the suitable shape of plunger magnet to give almost flat forcestroke characteristics? a) Flat faced . b) Conical. c) Stepped. d) Tapered. ans: d. 5. In a dc machine " contraction coefficient" is used to take into account the reduction of a) air-gap area due to armature slots. b) iron losses in the teeth due to lower tooth density. c) armature mmf due to armature slots. d) torque due to ventilating duets. ans: a 6. Carter's coefficient is applicable for estimating a) requirements of air-gap mmf. b) flux distribution in air gap. c) length of air gap. d) no-load loss. ans: a 7. A lap wound dc machine has 400 conductors and 8 poles. The voltage induced per conductor is 2 volts. The machine generates a voltage of a) 100 V b) 200 V c) 400 V d) 800 V ans: a 8. The yoke of a dc machine a) must be made of magnetic material. b) should preferably be made of magnetic material but can be of nonmagnetic material. c) must be made of non-magnetic material. d) is partially made of magnetic material

and partially made of non-magnetic material. ans: a. 9. The pole shoes of a dc machines a) are always laminated. b) are never laminated. c) are sometimes laminated. d) are partially laminated. ans: a 10. Poles of a dc machines are often laminated to a) reduce pulsation loss. b) reduce armature reaction. c) reduce iron weight. d) dissipate more heat. ans: a. 1. Mho relay is usually employed for the protection of a) Short lines only b) Medium lines only c) Long lines only

c) Full-controlled bridge, a > 90, source of e.m.f. in load d) Full-controlled bridge, a 90, source of e.m.f. in load 4. Which is the most suitable power device for high frequency ( more 100 kHz) switching application? a) Power MOSFET b) BJT c) SCR d) UJT Ans: Power MOSFET 5. In a thyristor Latching current is ________ than Holding current a) Equal b) Less c) Greater d) None Ans: Greater 6. The transfer function of a system is 10/(1+s) when operating as a unity feedback system, the steady state error to a step input will be a) 0 b) 1/11 c) 10 d) Infinity

d) Any line Ans: 1/11 Ans: Long lines only 2. A modern power semiconductor device IGBT is combines the characteristics of a) BJT and MOSFET b) FCT and GTO c) SCR and MOSFET d) SCR and BJT Ans: BJT and MOSFET 3. For a single-phase a.c. to d.c. controlled rectifier to operate in regenerative mode, which of the following conditions should be satisfied? a) Half controlled bridge, a 90, source of e.m.f. in load 7. Which one of the following statements for a dc machine which is provided with inter pole winding (IW) as well as compensating winding (CW) is correct a) Both IW and CW are connected in series with Armature winding b) Both IW and CW are connected in parallel with Armature winding c) IW connected in series but CW is connected in parallel with Armature winding d) CW connected in series but IW is connected in parallel with Armature winding Ans: Both IW and CW are connected in series with Armature winding

8. A 0-10 mA PMMC ammeter reads 5mA in a circuit; its bottom control spring snaps out suddenly the meter will now read. a) 5mA b) 10mA c) 2.5mA d) 0 Ans: 0 9. A dc cumulatively compounded motor delivers rated load torque at rated speed. If series field is short circuited, then the armature current and speed will a) Both increases b) Both decreases c) Increases and decreases d) Decreases and increases Ans: Both increases 10. Moving coil in dynamometer wattmeter connected a) In series with fixed coil b) Across supply c) In series with load d) Across load Ans: Across supply 11. In an induction machine, if the air gap increased a) Speed will be reduced b) Efficiency will be improved c) Power factor will be lowered d) Breakdown torque will be reduced Ans: Power factor will be lowered 12. A CRO screen has ten divisions on the horizontal scale. If a voltage signal 5 sin 314t+45 deg)is examined with a line base settings of 5 msec/div, the number of cycles of signal

displayed on the screen will be a) 0.5 cycles b) 2.5 cycles c) 5 cycles d) 10 cycles Ans: 2.5 cycles 13. A 3-phase 50HZ SCIM takes a power input of 30 KW at its full load speed of 1440 rpm. Total stator losses are 1 KW. The slip and rotor ohmic losses at full load are a) 0.02, 600 W b) 0.04, 580 W c) 0.04, 1160 W d) 0.04, 1200 W Ans: 0.04, 1160 W 14. Thermocouple is used to measure a) AC b) DC c) Both d) None Ans: Both 15. The two watt meters measurement the ratio of two meter readings is (1sqrt3):( 1+sqrt3) then the power factor is a) 1 b) 0.866 c) 0.707 d) 0 Ans: 0.707 16. Hays bridge is used to measure___________ and Schering bridge is used to measure____________ a) Inductance, Inductance b) Inductance, Capacitance c) Capacitance, Inductance d) Resistance, Capacitance Ans: Inductance, Capacitance 17. When sine wave is given as input to Schmitt trigger then its generates

a) Sine wave b) Saw tooth wave c) Triangle wave d) Square wave Ans: Square wave 18. In Gauss Seidel method the following factors are influenced for operation a) Acceleration factor b) Selection of slack buss c) Both d) None Ans: Selection of slack buss* 19. i. (X+Y) A. Low-pass filter function ii. (XY) B. Sum iii. (XY) C. NAND D. Carry E.NOR a) i-C, ii-E, iii-D b) i-C, ii-E, iii-B c) i-C, ii-B, iii-D d) i-C, ii-E, iii-A Ans: i-C, ii-E, iii-D 20. The phase lead compensation is used to a) Increase rise time and decrease overshoot b) Decrease both rise time and overshoot c) Increase both rise time and overshoot d) Decrease rise time and increase overshoot Ans: Decrease rise time and increase overshoot 21. Voltage feed back amplifier is a

a) Shunt-Shuntb) Shunt-Series c) Series-Shunt d) Series- Series Ans: Shunt-Shunt 22. In microprocessor the next instruction to be executed is stored in a) Program Counter b) Stack Pointer c) Memory Pointer d) Accumulator Ans: Program Counter 23. The following element retains it energy after source is disconnected a) Resister b) Inductor c) Capacitor d) Thermistor Ans: 24. In series RLC circuit at resonant a) Voltage is in phase with current b) Current is maximum c) Inductive reactance = Capacitive reactance d) All of the above Ans: All of the above 25.For RC low pass filter R=100 K ohms, C= 5 micro farads then lower cutt of frequency is a) 1 K HZ b) 0 HZ c) 381.3 HZ d) Infinity Ans: 26. V=100Sin (1000t+46 deg), I=2Sin (1000t+80 deg) what are the elements in the circuit a) R=30 ohm, L=30 mH b) R=30 ohm, C=33.3 micro farads

c) R=40 ohm, L=30 mH d) R=40 ohm, L=33.3 micro farads Ans: R=40 ohm, L=33.3 micro farads 27. L=10 mH, I=100Sin50t 0 a) b) c) d) Ans: 28. In dielectric measurement, the dielectric loss is proportional to a) F b) V c) I d) Vsqr Ans: Vsqr 29. G(s) = (1-s)/s(s+2) then closed loop transfer function is a) Unstableb) Stable c) Marginally stable d) All Ans: Stable 30. G(s) = (1+0.5s)/(1+s) find which type of net work it is a) Lead net work b) Lag net work c) Lag Lead net work d) Lead Lag net work Ans: Lag net work 31. Temperature of electrode in Arc furnace is a) 1000 deg b) 1500 deg c) 1500 deg to 3500 deg d) 4500 deg Ans:

32. In bode plot the point which separates the lower and upper frequencies is called a) Critical point b) Cut-off point c) d) Ans: 33. Nyquest stability is used to determine a) Absolute Stability b) Relative Stability c) Both d) None Ans: Both* 34. When 220V dc shunt alternator generating the voltage at rated value. If direction of rotation is reversed, then alternator will a) Build up its voltage with same polarity b) Build up its voltage with opposite polarity c) No build up of voltage d) None Ans: No build up of voltage 35. Over lap Angle depends on_________ a) Load inductance b) Loa capacitance c) Source inductance d) Source capacitance Ans: Source inductance 36. Area under speed time curve gives a) Time b) Speed c) Distance d) None Ans: Distance

37. The regulation of Short Transmission lines depends up ona) Distance of line b) Frequency c) Power factor d) All Ans: Power factor 38. Which of the following plant is having lowest load factor? a) Diesel Plant b) Pumped storage Plant c) Thermal Plant d) Nuclear Plant Ans: Diesel Plan 39. For SR latch whent the out put is undesirable a) 0, 0 b) 1, 0 c) 0, 1 d) 1, 1 Ans: 1, 1 40. For interrupting capacitive currents which Circuit Breaker (CB) is used a) SF6 CB b) Oil CB c) Vacuum CB d) Air blast CB Ans: Vacuum CB 41. For V/F control, when frequency is increased in transformer a) Core loss component current increases, Magnetizing component current decreases b) Core loss component current increases, Magnetizing component current increases

c) Core loss component current decreases, Magnetizing component current decreases d) Core loss component current decreases, Magnetizing component current increases Ans: Core loss component current decreases, Magnetizing component current decreases 42. In ceiling fan the angle between auxiliary winding a main winding is a) 0 deg b) 90 deg c) 180 deg d) 360 deg Ans: 90 deg 43. In a shaded pole motor, shaded rings are used to a) Field flux production b) c) d) Ans: Field flux production 44. Practical method of improving string efficiency a) Increasing crass arms length b) Using different size of insulators c) Using different insulator materials d) Using of guard rings Ans: Increasing crass arms length* 45. In which type of fault all 3-phase components are equala) L-G b) L-L c) L-L-G d) 3-Phase fault Ans: 3-Phase fault

46. 11/220 KV 100 MVA transformers, the primary base voltage rating is 10 KV then secondary base KV is a) 10 KV b) 220 KV c) 220/sqrt3 d) Ans: 220/sqrt3* 47. Water hamming effect is occurs in a) Surge tank b) Penstock c) Turbine d) Reservoir Ans: Penstock 48. Transient stability can be improved by a) By putting series capacitor b) By using dynamic resister c) Auto re-closers d) All of the above Ans: All of the above 49. If sending end voltage is Vs at noload in a transmission line then receiving end voltage is if ABCD parameters of line is given a) Vs b) Vs/A c) 0 d) Infinity Ans: Vs/A 50. Harmonics are eliminated by using a) Skewing of rotor b) Distribution winding c) Short pitch winding

d) All of the above Ans: All of the above 51. For parallel operation of transformer at no load, then load shared are equal when a) Impedance is proportional with respect to own KVA rating b) c) d) Ans: Impedance is proportional with respect to own KVA rating 52. In Induction motor Slip frequency of rotor current, when rotor speed is Nr. Then rotor producing slip field rotates with respect to stator is a) Slip frequency b) Nr c) Nsd) None Ans: Ns 53. Good regulation means a) Less fluctuations from no-load to fullload b) c) d) Ans: Less fluctuation from no-load to full-load 54. At dead short circuit at terminals of Alternator then the current I is a) ZPF Lag b) ZPF lead c) Unity power factor d) 0.8 Power factor lag Ans: ZPF Lag

55. Full scale Ammeter reading is 10 mA, Voltage across Ammeter is 100 mV. Then for 100 A measurements the power loss in the circuit is a) 1 W b) 10 W c) 100 W d) 1000 W Ans: 10 W* 56. When Alternator excitation increases and machine is operating at lagging power factor then a) I increase b) I decreases c) No effect on current d) None Ans: I increase 57. Flue gases coming out from furnace is first going through a) Turbine b) Economizer c) Air pre-heater d) Chimney Ans: Economizer 58. Two alternators rated are 200 KW at 4% regulation, 400 KW 5% regulation operating in parallel at 50HZ , when supply 600 KW the new frequency is a) 50 b) 49 c) 51.3 d) 47.7 Ans: 47.7

59. Va and Vb are negative sequence component voltages the difference angle between Va and Vb with respect to Va is a) 240 b) 120 c) 180 d) 360 Ans: 12060. 4-Quadrent operation of chopper I is positive but V is may be positive are negative operates in which quadrant a) 1 and 2 b) 2 and 3 c) 1 and 3 d) 1 and 4 Ans: 1 and 4 61. Heat convection, radiation, and conduction all are takes place in a) Ice b) Boiler c) Refrigerator d) Flue gases in pipe Ans: 62. When moving iron meter is used to measure d.c current what is the disadvantage a) It calibration in rms value b) c) d) Ans: 63. When maximum power transfer to load is a) 20 W b) 50 W c) 100W d) 0W Ans: 0W 64. Find Zbus Parameters a) Z11=Z12=Z21= j0.1 ohm, Z22=j0.3 ohm b)

c) d) Ans: Z11=Z12=Z21= j0.1 ohm, Z22=j0.3 ohm 65. Find Z11 and Z12 a) Z11=4 ohm, Z12= 2 ohm b) Z11=4 ohm, Z12= 5 ohm c) Z11=5 ohm, Z12= 2 ohm d) Z11=4 ohm, Z12= 3 ohm Ans: 66. Current in 5 ohm resister is a) 10 A b) -10 A c) 5 A d) -5 A Ans: -10 A 67. Find I in the circuit at t=0+ a) 2 A b) 5 A c) 7 A d) 10 AAns: 8. Find voltage across inductor at t=0+ a) 0 V b) 2.5 V c) 5 V d) 10 V Ans: 5 V 69. This wave is applied to the PMMC meter, meter reads a) 0 V b) 3 V c) 2 V d) 1 V Ans: 1 V 70. Find Vab a) Zero b) 50 at an angle of 90 deg c) 50 at an angle of 90 deg d) None Ans: 71. Find E in the circuit a) 5 V b) 10 V c) 20 V d) None Ans: None

72. Vab is reference then angle between Vab and Ib is a) -15 deg b) 240 deg c) 180 deg d) -45 deg Ans: -15 deg*