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Rules for Argumentation and Debate

Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 "e!ate proper would !e as follows# Each side shall have 3 constructive spea ers and 1 re!uttal spea er. The House will consist of 2 sides, the Affirmative and the Negative.

$irst Affirmative %pea er & 'onstructive %peech (nterpellation of the $irst affirmative %pea er !) $irst Negative %pea er $irst Negative %pea er & 'onstructive %peech (nterpellation of the $irst Negative %pea er !) %econd Affirmative %pea er %econd Affirmative %pea er & 'onstructive %peech (nterpellation of the %econd Affirmative %pea er !) %econd Negative %pea er %econd Negative %pea er * 'onstructive %peech (nterpellation of the %econd Negative %pea er !) Third Affirmative %pea er Third Affirmative %pea er & 'onstructive %peech (nterpellation of the Third Affirmative %pea er !) Third Negative %pea er Third Negative %pea er & 'onstructive %peech (nterpellation of the Third Negative %pea er !) $irst Affirmative %pea er 7 minutes break "eliver) of Re!uttal speech of Negative %ide "eliver) of Re!uttal speech of Affirmative side

Rule + The 1st , 2nd and 3rd spea ers from !oth sides shall !e given , minutes to deliver their constructive speeches while re!uttal spea ers are given - minutes to deliver their counter arguments and prove their case.

Rule . Rule Rule , A , minute !rea shall !e o!served !efore the re!uttal spea ers deliver their speeches. %pea ers will !e given a one minute warning with the ringing of the !ell once !efore his/ her time is up.

Rule 1 Rule 4

Each spea er is given ma0imum of . minutes for interpellation of the succeeding spea er of the opposite side.

2nl) 3uestions primaril) focused on arguments developed in the speech of the opposite side and matters relevant to the proposition are admissi!le.

'ourtes) and professionalism must at all times !e o!served !etween !oth sides throughout the match.

Rule 15 2nce the interpellation has !egun, neither the 3uestioner nor his opponent ma) consult their colleagues.

Rule 11 6uestions and answers should !e !rief and concise. 'ategorical 3uestions answera!le !) )es or no is allowed, however, if an opponent chooses ma) 3ualif) his answer wh) )es or wh) no.

Rule 12 6uestioner ma) not cut off a reasona!le and 3ualif)ing answer, !ut he ma) cut off a nervous response with a statement such as 7than )ou8, 7that is enough information8, or 7)our point is 3uite clear8 or 7(9m satisfied8.

Rule 13 6uestioner should not comment on the response of his opponent

Rule 1+ Evidences presented are su!:ect to scrutin) and validation of :udges.

Rule 1. 'riteria for ;udging are as follows# A. Evidence & 2.< =. "eliver) & 35< '. (nterpellation & 35< ". Re!uttal & 1.<

Rule 1 The :udges, !ased on their discretion, shall have the authorit) to determine who will !e the =est %pea er and =est "e!ater. The winning team shall !e determined !) the ma:orit) decision of the =oard of ;udges.

Rule 1, ;udges9 decision is final and irrevoca!le.

Rule 11

The moderator shall see to it that the de!ate is orderl) and follows prescri!ed rules mentioned.

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