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I. Grammar: 1.

Verbal Tenses: a) The Present Tenses: Simple and Continuous b) The Past Tenses: Simple and Continuous 1. a) The Present Tenses: Prezentul continuu: Form: to be + ... ing Interogativ Am I working? Are !ou working? Is he working? Is she working? Is it working? Are we working? Are the! working?

Afirmativ Negativ I am working I am not working ou are working !ou are not working "e is working he is not working She is working she is not working It is working It is not working #e are working we are not working The! are working the! are not working

Utilizare: Pre$entul %ontinuu se &olose'te: a. pentru a%(iuni %are se petre% )n momentul *orbirii: +ate is at s%hool. She is reading a book. #here is Tom? "e is having a shower. b. pentru a%(iuni %are se petre% )n prea,ma momentului *orbirii- %u today, these days, this term, at the moment et%. .! boss is awa! on business this week. "e is wor ing in /ondon. 0ob isn!t st"dying 1nglish this !ear. "is tea%her is abroad. %. pentru a%(iuni )n s%himbare sau e*olu(ie )n momentul *orbirii: Is !our 1nglish im#roving$ The tra&&i% is getting worse and worse in our town. d. %u always pentru a e2prima iritarea: our %hildren are always r"nning on m! lawn. I %an3t stand him. "e3s always interr"#ting me. %e re&in"t' 4nele *erbe nu se &oloses% )n mod normal la aspe%tul %ontinuu 'i anume: agree, believe, belong, (are, disli e, forgive, forget, hate, hear, now, li e, love, matter, mean, mind, need, #osses, #refer, realize, re(ognize, own, remember, see, seem, smell, s"##ose, thin ) *opinie )- "nderstand, want, wish.

Prezentul simplu: Form: vb. + s+es ) la persoana a III5a singular- a&irmati* ) Aten&ie' Interogativ"l ,i negativ"l se formeaz (" a-"tor"l verb"l"i a".iliar to do . Afirmativ I work ou work #e work The! work "e works She works It works Negativ I do not work !ou do not work we do not work the! do not work he does not work she does not work it does not work Interogativ 6o I work? 6o !ou work? 6o we work? 6o the! work? 6oes he work? 6oes she work? 6oes it work?

Utilizare: Pre$entul simplu se &olose'te: a. pentru a%ti*it7(i sau obi'nuin(e generale sau repetate: 6o%tors ("re patients. I drin tea &or break&ast. Christine reads the newspaper be&ore she goes to bed. b. pentru a%(iuni %are sunt ade*7rate )n general: The sun rises in the 1ast. 0irds fly South in winter. %. pentru a indi%a o situa(ie permanent7: .! parents live in .an%hester. The Pope governs the Catholi% Chur%h. d. mai poate &i &olosit 'i ast&el: #hat do !ou do? 8 %e o%upa(ie ai? #h! don!t we go &or a walk? 8 o sugestie 1t%. Aminti&i/v' 4nele *erbe nu pot &i &olosite la timpuri %ontinue. 6on3t shout9 I hear !ou. I reall! li e these %ookies. Are the! home made? 0om#ara&i Pre$entul %ontinuu se &olose'te pentru re&eriri la situa(ii temporare. Pre$entul simplu se re&er7 la situa(ii permanente. I3m living with some &riends these da!s be%ause I3m rede(orating m! &lat. :ohn lives in a %om&ortable &lat in the heart o& /ondon.

Not Ad*erbele de &re%*en(7 sunt )ntotdeauna &olosite %u pre$entul simplu pentru a sublinia repetarea: "s"ally, always, never, often, sometimes, rarely. :a%k "s"ally pla!s tennis on%e a week. I always ha*e a shower in the morning. 6o !ou *isit them *er! often? 1<1=CI>II ?a) Translate: 1. 1l *ine la biroul meu )n &ie%are luni diminea(a. ;. 6e obi%ei )'i ia *a%an(a iarna pentru %@ )i pla%e s@ s%hie$e. A. PBinea %u unt )ntotdeauna %ade %u partea %u unt )n ,os. C. 6un@rea %urge prin mai multe t@ri. D. A%east@ sti%l@ %ontine al%ool. E. =abelais spune: FPo&ta *ine mBn%Bnd.G H. /umina %@l@toreste mult mai rapid %a sunetul. I. Celor mai multi oameni le displa%e s@ li se dea s&aturi. J. Ku m@ mis% de ai%i pBn@ %Bnd nu te *ei )ntoar%e. 1L. Maptele *orbes% mult mai tare de%Bt %u*intele. 11. Ai gri,@ de %opil %Bt *oi &i eu ple%at. 1;. Nl *@d pe Oeorge pe strad@. Spune5i s@ intre. 1A. 6eseori )i aud pe *e%ini %ertBndu5se. 1C. 6a%@ )l *oi )ntBlni )i *oi spune e2a%t %e gBndes% despre el. 1D. Ple%@m din /ondra martea a%easta la 1L si sosim la Paris la 1;. ?b) Put the *erbs in bra%kets into the present simple or %ontinuous: 1. "e ?li*e) in /ondon at present but he ?hope) to mo*e to 1dinburgh ne2t !ear. ;. I ?hope) the! ?reali$e) what a di&&i%ult ,ob the! ?undertake). A. .ike and :a%k ?spend) a &ortnight at the seasideP the! ?%ome) ba%k ne2t week. C. #ho ?talk) to the prett! girl in the blue dress? D. The tea%her ?sa!) that !ou usuall! ?make) a lot o& mistakes. E. An!bod! who ?look) at his passenger while he ?dri*e) is a danger on the roads. H. .ar! ?sleep) in the sitting room this week be%ause her bedroom ?be) rede%orated. I. The path ?lead) to the big house that !ou ?see) on the hill. J. .! son ?work) *er! hard. "e ?stud!) &or an e2amination now. 1L. F ou ?hear) an!thing?G FI ?listen) hard but I %an3t hear an!thing.G 11. 6add! ?lea*e) alwa!s lighted %igarettes all o*er the house. #e3ll burn down one da!. 1;. .ar! ?lea*e) &or /ondon in a &ortnight. 1A. The! ?%lean up) the whole town in preparation &or the summer. 1C. .r Oreen alwa!s ?get up) earl!. 1D. .! husband usuall! ?lea*e) his o&&i%e at A.LL p.m.- but this month he ?work) late.

1E. :a%k o&ten ?go) to the theatre but his wi&e ?not go) *er! o&ten. "e ?like) all sorts o& pla!s. She ?pre&er) %omedies. 1H. Pro&essor 0rown ?be) the per&e%t linguist. "e alread! ?speak) se*en &oreign languages. Kow he ?learn) an eighth. 1I. .! dog alwa!s ?bark) at the postman. 0ut look at that9 Mor on%e- he ?be) &riendl! to the poor man. 1J. The! le&t &or /ondon an hour ago. I ?wonder) whether the! ?tra*el) b! airplane or b! train. ;L. "e ?walk) *er! slowl! be%ause the bottle he ?%arr!) ?hold) nitro5gl!%erine and nitro5 gl!%erine ?e2plode) i& it ?be) shaken. ;1. /et me e2plain what !ou ha*e to do. Mirst !ou...?take) the photos and ?sort) them into %ategories. Then !ou ?&ile) them a%%ording to sub,e%t. ;;. The pla! is set in /ondon in 1IJL. The a%tion ?take) pla%e in .ar!3s li*ing5room. #hen the %urtain ?go) up - the hero and heroine?sit) down. The! ?argue). ;A. 6ear :ane- sorr! to hear about !our problem at work. I ?think) !ou ?do) the right thing- but I ?doubt) whether !our boss reall! ?know) his ,ob &rom what !ou ?tell) me. ;C. The house is a mess be%ause we3*e got the workmen in. The plumber ?put) in a new bath. The ele%tri%ians ?rewire) the s!stem and the %arpenter?build) us some new bookshel*es. )1ihai 1. 2drenghea, An(a 3. Greere A Practical English Grammar with Exercises.) 1. b) The Past Tenses Trecutul simplu Form: A&irmati*ul %onst7 din &orma a doua a *erbului de %on,ugat- iar interogati*ul 'i negati*ul se &ormea$7 %u did ? &orma a doua a *erbului to do ). 4e&ine&i' Verbele regulate primes% termina(ia Q ed la &orma a doua iar %ele neregulate au &orme distin%te. Infinitiv 5o wor 5o listen 5re("t sim#l" reg"lat wor ed listened

Infinitiv 5o do 5o slee# 5o eat

5re("t sim#l" nereg"lat did sle#t ate

Afirmativ: She wor ed here last !ear. Interogativ: %id + s"bie(t + infinitiv %id she wor here last !ear? Negativ: did not + infinitiv

She did not wor here last !ear. Afirmativ I worked ou worked She worked It worked #e worked The! worked Negativ I did not wor ou did not wor She did not wor It did not wor #e did not wor The! did not wor Interogativ %id I wor $ %id !ou wor ? %id she wor ? %id it wor ? %id we wor ? %id the! wor ?

Se &olose'te a%eea'i &orm7 pentru toate persoanele. Utilizare: Se &olose'te pentru: a. o a%(iune &inali$at7 )n tre%ut %Bnd este men(ionat momentul a%(iunii Tom arrived !esterda!. Columbus dis(overed Ameri%a in 1CJ;. Ad*erbele de timp sunt: last year+month+wee , two years+a month+ago, the day before yesterday et%. b. o a%(iune terminat7 sigur )n tre%ut %hiar da%7 timpul nu e men(ionat %id !ou e*er see :ohn /ennon in person? The game was won b! the other team. %. o obi'nuin(7 din tre%ut She alwa!s wo e "# earl! on s%hool da!s. Sarah ne*er ate li*er as a %hild. Ad*erbele de timp sunt: sometimes, always, often, rarely et%. d. o nara(iune )n tre%ut I sto##ed to bu! a newspaper and then sat down on a ben%h to read it.The news was depressing. So I got "# and too a walk and tried to think happ! thoughts. Trecutul continuu Form: &orma de tre%ut a lui to be + vb/ing Afirmativ I was wor ing ou were wor ing She was wor ing "e was wor ing It was wor ing #e were wor ing Negativ I was not wor ing ou were not wor ing She was not wor ing "e was not wor ing It was not wor ing #e were not wor ing Interogativ 6as I wor ing? 6ere !ou wor ing$ 6as she wor ing? 6as he wor ing? 6as it wor ing? 6ere we wor ing?

Aminti&i/v' 4nele *erbe nu pot &i &olosite la aspe%tul %ontinuu.


Utilizare: Se &olose'te pentru: a. a%(iuni )n %urs de des&7'urare la un moment dat din tre%ut I was ta ing a shower when !ou %ame in. The! were still fighting when the poli%e arri*ed. b. a%(iuni )n des&7'urare de5a lungul unei perioade de&inite )n tre%ut #e were #laying bridge &rom I p. m. till midnight. The! were 7"arrelling all last night. %. a%(iuni )n des&7'urare )n paralel )n tre%ut She was #eeling the potatoes while And! was (oo ing the &ish. "e was digging in the garden and singing to himsel& all da!. 0om#ara&i: Rbser*a(i di&eren(a de sens %reat7 de &olosirea a dou7 timpuri di&erite: #hen the bell rang- Sam was having break&ast.? Sam was in the middle o& break&ast when the bell rang.) #hen the door bell rang- Sam ran to open the door.? Sam ran to the door a&ter the door bell rang.) 1<1=CI>II ?a) Translate: 1. Am luat prBn$ul %u :err! ieri. ;. Albert 1instein a murit pe 1I aprilie 1JDD. A. CBti ani a durat %a s@ %onstruias%@ podul? C. /5am au$it pe &ratele meu %u prietenii lui lu%rBnd toat@ $iua ieri. D. I5am re%unos%ut &ata- dar nu mi5am amintiti numele lui. E. CBnd am a*ut un %Bine- )ntotdeauna )l du%eam la plimbare seara. H. Ieri sora mea a lu%rat dou@ ore peste programul ei obisnuit. I. Nmi pare r@u %@ am a,uns prea tBr$iu- dar %Bnd s@ *in la tine mi5am dat seama %a nu5ti stiu adresa. Nn%er%am s@ g@ses% %asa ta %Bnd m5am )ntBlnit %u :ohn %are *enea si el la tine si m5a %ondus. J. CBt am &ost la /ondra am lu%rat )n &ie%are $i patru5%in%i ore- iar dup@ amia$a m5am plimbat prin par%urile londone$e. 1L. A$i am terminat %ursul si am )n%eput s@ lu%re$ singur la proie%t. 11. A%um %Bte*a $ile a &ost $iua lui Paul. A dat o petre%ere reusit@. ?b) Put the *erbs in bra%kets in the simple or %ontinuous past tense a%%ording to the meaning. =emember9 there are *erbs that do not ha*e a %ontinuous &orm ?%he%k Sthe aspe%t3): 1. "e ?re%ogni$e) the *oi%e that ?shout) the loudest as that o& the landlad!.

;. I ?go) to ask !ou to help me- but !ou ?sleep) so pea%e&ull! when I ?look) into !our room that I ?de%ide) to do it alone. A. "e ?not keep) his appointment with !ou last Tuesda! morning be%ause at the time o& the appointment he ?be seen) b! the Personnel .anager about a new ,ob. C. I ?walk) down the street some minutes ago when I ?see) a %uriousl! dressed man. "e ?wear) a sports5%oat with bla%k trousers- and one o& his shoes ?be) bla%k and the other ?be) brown). D. #hen the! ?get married) he ?&ind) a ,ob as a %aretaker on a large estate. E. She ?wear) green and it ?suit) her *er! well. "er &a%e ?be) mildl! prett! but- be%ause she ?%r!) and mas%ara ?run) down her %heeks- she ?not seem) as attra%ti*e as I ?e2pe%t). H. The person who ?dri*e) the %ar on the da! o& the a%%ident ?no be) insured. I. #hile she ?wonder) whether to bu! the suit or not- someone else ?%ome) and ?bu!) it. J. Ann ?work) in the bran%h where the big robber! ?take) pla%e. She a%tuall! ?work) there at the time o& the raid? 1L. #hile the s%hoolmaster ?write) on the bla%kboard- he ?not noti%e) that the bo!s in the ba%k row ?steal out) o& the room on tiptoe. 11. "e ?%ome) into the room- ?light) a %igarette- ?open) the window and ?lean) out. 1;. A tra&&i% warden ,ust ?sti%k) a parking ti%ket to m! winds%reen when I ?%ome) ba%k to the %ar. I ?tr!) to persuade him to tear it up but he ?re&use). ?%) Translate: .ergeam spre Pi%%adil! %Bnd mi5am dat seama %@ un b@rbat %u barb@ ros%at@- pe %are5l *@$usem de,a de trei ori )n dup@ amia$a a%eea- m@ urm@rea. Ca s@ &iu sigur- am gr@bit pasulam luat5o la dreapta si apoi la stBnga si m5am oprit brus% )n &ata unei *itrine. CBte*a minute mai tBr$iu b@rbatul %u barb@ ap@ru si se opri la alt@ *itrin@. Am ple%at mai departe. Rri de %Bte ori m@ opream- se oprea si el si ori de %Bte ori )mi )ntor%eam %apul- el era a%olo. Ar@ta un tip respe%tabil- purta haine obisnuite si eu m@ )ntrebam da%@ este politist sau dete%ti* parti%ular. .5am hot@rBt s@ )n%er% s@ s%ap de el. 4n autobu$ HC era oprit )n statie %hiar lBng@ mine. Condu%torul a %oborBt si a sunat ple%areaP %hiar %Bnd s5a urnit din lo% autobu$ul- am sarit )n el. 1*ident- b@rbatul %u barb@ a pierdut autobu$ul- dar s5a suit )n alt HC %are *enise imediat )n statie. AmBndou@ autobu$ele se tBrau )n%et pe strada aglomerat@. 6e %Bte ori autobu$ele se opreau )ntr5o statie- urm@ritorul meu se uita alert s@ *ad@ da%@ nu %um*a %obor. Nn %ele din urm@- la un stop- a s%himbat autobu$ele si s5a ur%at )n %el )n %are eram si eu. /a statia de metrou de pe strada Olou%ester- am %oborBt si mi5am luat bilet de la un automat. Pe %Bnd asteptam pe peronul pentru trenul spre 1ast 1nd- l5am obser*at pe urm@ritorul meu %oborBnd s%@rile. A*ea un $iar si- dup@ %e ne5am suit )n a%elasi *agon- s5a ase$at )ntr5un %olt si a )n%eput s@5l %iteas%@. 1u %iteam re%lamele de pe peretii *agonului. /a &ie%are statie se uita pe deasupra $iarului s@ *ad@ da%@ nu %obor. A )n%eput s@ m@ irite &aptul de a &i urm@rit asa. .5am s%ulat de la lo%ul meu si m5am dus si m5am ase$at lBng@ el. /5am )ntrebat de %e m@ urm@reste. /a )n%eput a negat %@ m5ar urm@ri- dar apoi- %Bnd l5am amenintat %@5l lo*es%- a admis %@ m@ urm@rea. .i5a spus %@ e s%riitor de romane politiste si )n%er%a s@ *ad@ %Bt este de di&i%il s@ urm@resti pe %ine*a &@r@ s@ te obser*e. I5am spus %@ nu &usese dis%ret de lo% deoare%e l5am *@$ut de,a )n Pi%%adil! si l5am s&@tuit s@5si rad@ barba rosie da%@ nu dorea %a *i%tima s@5l obser*e. ?d) 4se the simple past and the past %ontinuous

1. #hen I ?hear) his kno%k I ?go) to the door and ?open) it- but I ?not re%ogni$e) him at &irst be%ause I ?not wear) m! glasses. ;. "ow !ou ?damage) !our %ar so badl!? I ?run) into a lamp5post !esterda!. I suppose !ou ?dri*e) Tui%kl! or were not looking where !ou ?go). A. I o&ten ?tell) her that she ?spend) too mu%h mone! but she ne*er ?listen). C. She said she ?not like) her present &lat and ?tr!) to &ind another. D. #hen I ?see) him he ?paint) a portrait o& his wi&e. ou ?like) it? "e onl! ,ust ?start) when I ?see) it- so I %ouldn3t ,udge. E. #hen I ?arri*e) at the station .ar! ?wait) &or me. She ?wear) a blue dress and ?look) *er! prett!. As soon as she ?see) me she ?wa*e) her umbrella and ?shout) something- but I %ouldn3t hear what she ?sa!) be%ause e*er!bod! ?make) su%h a noise. H. #hile he ?water) the &lowers it ?begin) to rain. "e ?put) up his umbrella and ?go) on watering. I. #hen I last ?see) her she ?hurr!) to the station. I ?ask) her where she ?go) and she ?sa!) S/ondon3- but I don3t think she ?speak) the truth be%ause there ?not be) an! train at that time. J. The tailor said3 This suit will be read! on .onda!.3 0ut when I ?%all) on .onda! he still ?work) on it. )1ihai 1. 2drenghea, An(a 3. Greere A Practical English Grammar with Exercises.)

;. Verbal Tenses: The Present Per&e%t Tense: Simple and Continuous Prezentul Perfect Simplu Form: have+has ) persoana a doua singular) U vb. III ) &orma a treia ) ) have+has + parti%ipiul tre%ut ) Negativ I have not wor ed ou have not wor ed She has not wor ed "e has not wor ed It has not wor ed #e have not wor ed The! have not wor ed Interogativ 8ave I wor ed? 8ave !ou wor ed? 8as she wor ed? 8as he wor ed? 8as it wor ed? 8ave we wor ed? 8ave the! wor ed?

Afirmativ I have wor ed ou have wor ed She has wor ed "e has wor ed It has wor ed #e have wor ed The! have wor ed Infinitiv 5o wor 5o listen Infinitiv 5o do

9arti(i#i" tre("t reg"lat wor ed listened 9arti(i#i" tre("t nereg"lat done


5o write


Utilizare: Se &olose'te pentru a e2prima: a. o a%ti*itate %are a )n%eput )n tre%ut 'i %ontinu7 pBn7 )n pre$ent I3ve been o&& work with the S&lu sin%e .onda!. Ad*erbe de timp: for, sin(e, lately, so far, "# to now. b. o a%ti*itate )n%heiat7 )n tre%ut %are are %onse%in(e *i$ibile )n pre$ent I3m a&raid he3s left the o&&i%e. ? 8 he3s not a*ailable to see !ou ) ou3ve r"ined the %arpet. ? 8 we3ll ha*e to repla%e it ) I3ve been to .e2i%o Cit!. ? 8 I ha*e some e2perien%e o& it ) Ad*erbe de timp: already, yet, ever, never, before. %. o a%(iune %are se petre%e de5a lungul unei perioade %e nu s5a )n%heiat #hat have !ou done today? .edi%ine has made great progress this (ent"ry. Ad*erbe de timp: today, this morning+afternoon, tonight, re(ently, in re(ent wee s, this month+year et%. Not: for : indi%7 durata )n timp sin(e: indi%7 pun%tul de )n%eput )n timp 4e&ine&i' 9rezent"l #erfe(t n" se &olose'te ni%iodat7 %u ad*erbe de timp %are se re&er7 la un moment pre%is tre%ut: last month, yesterday, two days ago et%. %i numai %u ad*erbe de timp relati*e ?nespe%i&i%e). Prezentul perfect continuu Form: have+has) pers. a III5a sg.) + been + vb./ ing Afirmativ Negativ I have been wor ing I have not been wor ing ou have been wor ing ou haven!t been wor ing She has been wor ing She hasn!t been wor ing "e has been wor ing "e hasn!t been wor ing It has been wor ing It hasn!t been wor ing #e have been wor ing #e haven!t been wor ing The! have been wor ing The! haven!t been wor ing Interogativ 8ave I been wor ing$ 8ave !ou been wor ing? 8as she been wor ing? 8as he been wor ing? 8as it been wor ing? 8ave we been wor ing? 8ave the! been wor ing?

Utilizare: Se &olose'te pentru: a. a%%entuarea pro%esului a%(iunii 'i nu a a%(iunii )n sine I3ve been waiting &or an hour. She has been #ra(ti(ing sin%e !ou le&t &or work. b. sugerarea &aptului %7 a%(iunea e temporar7 'i nu permanent7

"e3s been wor ing &or the Post R&&i%e &or the last ; weeks. The! have been seeing ea%h other &or a %ouple o& months now. %. o a%(iune )n tre%utul re%ent- )n%heiat7 dar %u %onse%in(e *i$ibile F our hands are dirt!.G F es- I3ve been (leaning the %ar.G Aminti&i/v' 12ist7 o %ategorie de *erbe numite verbe stati(e %are nu sunt &olosite de regul7 la aspe%tul %ontinuu. A%easta deoare%e ele des%riu o stare mai degrab7 de%Bt o a%(iuneVe*eniment. Iat7 o list7 %uprin$7toare )n &un%(ie de %e e2prim7 a%este *erbe: sim(uri: see, hear, noti(e, re(ognize, feel, so"nd: emo(ii: li e, disli e, love, hate, want, mind, (are, #refer: pro%ese ale gBndirii: thin , feel, now, believe, s"##ose, "nderstnd, realize, re(ognize, remember: posesie: own, #ossess, belong to, have: %alit7(i inerente: be, have, loo , a##ear, seem, so"nd, smell, taste, meas"re, hold, (ontain, fit, (ost: altele: owe, matter, tr"st, deserve, a##ly, de#end )on;: 1<1=CI>II ?a) Suppl! &or or sin%e in the &ollowing senten%esP 1. #e ha*en3t seen .ar! ...... ?the a%%identVthree months). ;. I ha*en3t spoken Italian ...... ?1JIDVthree !ears). A. #e ha*e had two breakdowns ...... ?we bought the %arVlast week) C. :ohn hasn3t paid an! bill.... ?he mo*ed hereV eighteen months). D. I3*e asked the same Tuestion....?a weekVthe beginning o& the !ear). E. 6r. 0rown has been here twi%e ...... ?!ou went outVlun%h5time). H. #e ha*en3t had su%h a lot o& snow here ...... ?the warVten !ears). I. The :amesons ha*e not been awa! &rom Crew ...... ?the! were marriedV longer than the! %an remember). J. The! ha*e known ea%h other ...... ?their %hildhoodVtwent! !ears). 1L. It hasn3t rained ...... ?a ?b) Put the *erbs in bra%kets in the present per&e%t: 1. "e ,ust ?bu!) a se%ond5hand %ar. ;. I alwa!s ?want) to meet Pro&essor /ee%h. A. #hat ?happen) to the ke!s o& the %ar? I %an3t &ind them an!where. C. I ?&inish) m! letters and am going to the post5o&&i%e. D. #e ?be) to 0righton twi%e this !ear. E. #e ?book) seats &or tomorrowP here the! are. H. This par%el ?arri*e) &or !ouP do !ou want me to take it into !our room.


I. Someone ?take) awa! the umbrella that used to hang behind the door. J. I ?get) a letter &rom m! brother toda!. 1L. Come and see the new &urniture I ?bu!). ?%) Put the *erbs in bra%kets into the %orre%t tense: present per&e%t or simple past: 1. Peter ?bu!) a new %ar last month- but he ?not sell) his old %ar !et- so at the moment he has two %ars. ;. #hen we ?mo*e) into our new &lat we ?ask) &or a telephone. The Telephone Compan! ?tell) us to wait- but we ?wait) a !ear now and our phone still ?not %ome). A. #hen I ?be) on m! wa! to the bus stop it ?start) to rain. I ?run) ba%k home &or m! umbrella- but this ?make) me late &or the o&&i%e. .! boss ?look) up as I ?enter) the o&&i%e. F ou ?be) late twi%e this weekG- he ?growl). C. Ann ?think) the garage ?be) empt! and ?turn) o&& the lights. F"e!G- ?shout) Paul &rom under the %ar. FI3m sorr!- PaulG-?sa!) Ann- FI ?not know) !ou ?be) there.G D. Tom ?meet) Paul at lun%h time and ?sa!): FI ?not see) !ou at the bus stop this morning. ou ?miss) the bus?G FI ?not miss) itG- ?repl!) Paul- FI ?not miss) a bus &or !ears. 0ut this morning Oeorge ?gi*e) me a li&t.G E. Peter ?tr!) to %ome in Tuietl! but his mother ?hear) him and ?%all) out: F#here !ou ?be)? our supper ?be) in the o*en &or an hour.G H. FI ,ust ?bu!) a %op! o& S6a*id Copper&ield3. ou ?read) it?G FAs it happens it is the onl! one o& 6i%kens3s books that I ?not read). I ?not e*en see) the &ilm.G I. F ou ?be) to S%otland?G F es- I ?be) there last summer.G J F ou ?be) to the theatre latel!?G F es- I ?go) to SRthello3 last week.G F ou ?like) it?GF es- but I ?not see) well. I ?be) right at the ba%k.G 1L. F"ow long !ou ?be) in !our present ,ob?G FI ?be) there &or si2 months.G FAnd what !ou ?do) be&ore that?G F0e&ore that I ?work) &or :ones and Compan!. 11. I ?smoke) &ort! %igarettes a da! till the do%tor?warn) me about the dangers. 1;. I ?work) as a %i*il ser*ant &rom 1JID till 1JIJ. Mor D !ears I ?work). Sin%e 1JIJ ?work) in a hospital. It is now 1JJD. This means I ?work) in a hospital &or E !ears. ?d) Suppl! present per&e%t simple or present per&e%t %ontinuous &orms: 1. #e ?garden) and we are Tuite e2hausted. ;. /ook at the beauti&ul &lowers that :ohn ,ust ?bring). A. ou ?run)? ou seem Tuite out o& breath. C. #hat !ou ?do) with the map? It ?disappear) &rom the usual pla%e. D. #hat the %hildren ?do)? Their room is in a &right&ul mess9 E. Somebod! ?use) m! &ountain5pen again. H. I ?not ha*e) time to work at m! translation !et. I Someone ?smoke) m! last %igarette


?e) Translate: 1. 0uni%a si5a pierdut o%helarii. I5am %@utat toat@ dup@5amia$a- dar )n%@ nu i5am g@sit. ;. Sunt moart@ de oboseal@P am alergat prin maga$ine toat@ $iua. A. Pr)n$ul nu5i )n%@ gata desi g@tes% de a$i dimineat@. C. To%mai mi5am amintit %@ nu am pl@tit )n%@ %hiria. Sunt surprins %@ proprietarul nu mi5a tele&onat )n%@ s@5mi reaminteas%@ asta. 1 prima dat@ )n %in%i ani %@ am )ntBr$iat %u plata %hiriei. D. .5am uitat prin albumul de &otogra&ii. 1 plin de &otogra&ii %u oameni %@rora le5am uitat %omplet numele. .@ )ntreb %e s5o &i ales de ei. E. F5 Ce5ai &@%ut %u &oar&e%a? 1 )ndoit@.G F5 Am &olosit5o s@ &a% g@uri )n %utia asta de tabl@.G H. F5 6eseori m5am )ntrebat de %e a ple%at 0ill pe neasteptate de la petre%ere.G F5 6e &apt- eu to%mai am a&lat asa %@ )ti pot spune se%retul.G I. Tom se uit@ la tele*i$or de %Bnd a *enit de la s%oal@. Cred %@ ar trebui s@5i spui s@ )n%ete$e %u asta deoare%e n5a )n*@tat nimi% luna a%easta. J. .ar! lo%uieste )n a%est oras de mai multi ani. A *enit ai%i s@ studie$e la 4ni*ersitate si a r@mas ai%i dup@ %e si5a terminat studiile. 1L. Sunt &oarte sup@rat@ pe ei. Au sosit de o s@pt@mBn@ din strain@tate si )n%@ nu ne5au tele&onat. 11. Ce i5ai &@%ut surorii tale de ai &@%ut5o s@ plBng@? 1;. Cine*a a &umat )n %amera a%easta. 1ste s%rum pe podea. ?&) 4se the present per&e%t or present per&e%t %ontinuous 1. The! ?pull) down most o& the houses in this street- but the! ?not tou%h) the old shop at the %orner !et. ;. #hat !ou ?do) with m! t!pewriter? I %an3t &ind it an!where. Tom ,ust ?go) o&& with it. "e sa!s he3ll bring it ba%k when he ?&inish). A. It was lo*el! at 11 o3%lo%k- but sin%e then the sk! ?get) steadil! darker and the wind ?rise). The &ine spell ?%ome) to an end. C. I ?do) housework all da! and ?not &inish) !et. I ?do) mine alread!. D. She ,ust ?sell) two o& her own paintings. She3s lu%k!. I ?paint) &or D !ears and I ?not sell) one pi%ture- !et. E. Someone ?use) m! umbrella9 It3s all wet9 H. That man ?stand) at the bus stop &or the last hal& hour. Shall I tell him that the last bus alread! ?go)? I. I wonder i& an!thing ?happen) to Tom. I ?wait) an hour now. "e o&ten ?keep) me waiting but he ne*er ?be) Tuite so late as this. )1ihai 1. 2drenghea, An(a 3. Greere A Practical English Grammar with Exercises.) <ibliografie: 3aszlo <"dai, Gramatica Englez, edit"ra 5eora, =>>?


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