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RENTAL AGREEMENT This agreement of tenancy is made and executed at Bangalore on this 1st day of April2013 Between: Owner

Mr !!!!!!!! "oor #o:!!!!!$ %treet: !!!!!!!$ Area: !!!!!!!$ &ity and %tate:!!!!!!! '(#: )ereinafter referred to as the *+,%%-./ 0-wner1 of the -#, 'A.T: Tenant Mr !!!!!!!! "oor #o:!!!!!$ %treet: !!!!!!!$ Area: !!!!!!!$ &ity and %tate:!!!!!!! '(#: )ereinafter referred to as the *+,%%,,/ 0Tenant1 of the -T),. 'A.T 2hereas the first party is the a3solute owner of the )ouse$ consisting of one hall$ one 4itchen$ one 3edrooms and 3athroom 5 with electricity and water facility situated at "oor #o:!!!!!$ %treet: !!!!!!!$ Area: !!!!!!!$ &ity and %tate:!!!!!!! and the owner has decided to let out the same to the said tenant under the following terms and conditions &ontd6 2

:: 2 :: TERMS AND CONDITIONS: 11 This rental agreement is for a period of 11 months with effect from 1st April 2013 21 The +,%%,, has paid a sum of .s 70$00089 0.upees :ifty Thousand only1 towards security deposit to the +,%%-. The security deposit shall not carry any interest and shall 3e refunded 3ac4 to the +,%%,, at the time of ;acating the scheduled premises after deducting any arrears in rent$ electricity 3ills$ 3rea4ages$ cleaning and painting charges 31 The +,%%,, further agrees to pay a monthly rent of .s <$70089 0.upees %e;en Thousand :i;e )undred only1 The rent for each month shall 3e paid on or 3efore 7th of e;ery month 0after completion of the month1 =1 (n case the +,%%,, wants to ;acate the premises 3efore the period a;aila3le to them$ they should gi;e one month notice$ in writing$ or one month rent in lieu of the notice period The +,%%-. also shall gi;e one month notice to the +,%%,, for terminating the +ease period 71 The +,%%-. and +,%%,, on mutual agreement can renew this +,A%, for a further period of 11 month (n such e;ent the +,%%,, shall pay and enhance the rent 3y 10> upon renewal of this agreement ?1 The +,%%,, shall not ha;e any right to claim deduction of rent from the security deposit amount -n the other hand the +,%%,, shall 4eep paying the rent as agreed <1 (f the +,%%,, commits any default to pay the rent regularly on due dates or commit any default to o3ser;e or perform any of the terms here to agreed$ the +,%%-. here3y reser;es the right to terminate the +,A%, hereto granted and ta4e o;er possession of the schedule premises @1 The +,%%,, shall 3ear and pay the electricity consumed to the Aarnata4a 'ower Transmission &orporation +imited as per their monthly 3ill and pass on the copy of the 3ill along with the payment receipt to the +,%%-. 2ater charges will 3e in shared 3asis B1 The +,%%,, agrees not to su39let or under9let the schedule premises in whole or part to any third person8party 101 The +,%%,, shall 4eep and maintain the schedule premises clean and in good condition if any damage shall 3e 3orne 3y the +,%%,, 111 At the time of ;acating the schedule premises$ half month rent will 3e deducted towards painting charges of the scheduled premises 121 The +,%%-. shall ha;e the right to terminate the tenancy if the +,%%,, fails to pay the rents regularly for a consecuti;e period of two months or commits 3reach of any of the terms herein and ta4e possession of the scheduled premises 10 +ist of :ittings and :ixtures a;aila3le in the premises &eiling :ans Tu3e +ight &:+ Bul3 +ights : 2 #os : 1 #o : 2 #os : 2 #os

(n witness where of the +,%%-. and the +,%%,, ha;e signed the deed of rental agreement on the day month and year a3o;e written

Mr !!!!! LESSOR (OWNER) Witness: 11 21