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IBS2 ENGLISH B INTRODUCTION TO THE ORAL PRESENTATION 20% of course marks linked to the option subjects in two parts

rts FORMAT Supervised Preparation You are given an two unseen photographs with a caption or title. 15 minutes Choose one to prepare. You have time to analyze the picture and prepare your presentation. You may write approximately 10 short, bullet point notes First, describe the photograph, then relate it to the option and Anglophone culture. Do not read your notes as they are for reference only. 3-4 minutes

Part 1: Presentation

Part 2: Discussion

You will discuss your presentation with an examiner. The examiner 5-6 minutes may introduce issues from your other option topic if this contributes to a better discussion.

PREPARATION Practice makes perfect, so the more you use the process suggested below, and practice it with a partner, the better you should be at oral presentation. Remember, your oral presentation is used by IB to moderate the overall oral marks awarded and oral assessments contribute 30% of your final mark. THE PROCESS Preparation Analysis: where is the setting? what is happening and is there an issue or main idea? who is involved? why are the people behaving this way? how does the photograph relate to the topic ? Note Making Set out your notes in a way that helps you organize your presentation Example: 1. introduce and map your presentation state your name and candidate number identify what you photograph is about map your presentation 2. body describe the photograph explain the caption and how it relates to the photograph relate the photograph to the topic and express an opinion 3. conclusion

sum up the photograph and your opinion Presentation Present in an organized way. This will happen automatically if you have organized your notes effectively map your presentation describe the photograph comment on the caption relate the photograph to the topic and communicate an opinion Interact with your examiner by: responding in detail with agreement or disagreement introducing a new idea or changing the direction of the discussion using eye contact and body language Expand your responses by: giving examples using personal anecdotes referring to things you have read, seen, discussed with others using current events making brief comparisons with your own culture


APPLICATION You will be shown a photograph about your current option topic. You have 15 minutes to make organized bullet point notes as if you were presenting on this photograph. Remember not more than 10 points. Now share your notes with students at the table and discuss who has the best notes and why Finally work in your group to prepare a model set of notes Someone needs to type up the notes so they can be shared with the class. PNM/IB/ENGLISHB