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DEXTER C. CORRALES, RN, RM 1. Based from the report, what are the sig ifi!a t !

o tri"#tio s pro$ided "% the era of i t#iti$e, appre ti!e, ed#!ated a d !o temporar% #rsi g& 'eriod of ( t#iti$e N#rsi g)Medie$a* 'eriod In this era, nursing was purely based on instinct or gut feeling. There is no formal education or training. The human nature being compassionate fuelled the urged in helping others. Care is primarily evident through experience and observation. I can tell this is the trial and error period which contributed immensely to our existing medical and nursing processes and procedures in terms of identifying toxic against edible plants, herbal/medicinal plants among others. ince all ideas are basically primitive, beliefs to super natural beings were also entertained and hence the birth of faith. 'eriod of Appre ti!e N#rsi g)Midd*e Ages !ursing was led by the Catholic faith. This is when religious nursing orders sprung and hospitals were built as Catholics was more engaged in crusades and holy wars. This is also the lowest point of nursing in history. I can say the "ar# $ge of !ursing. !ursing became the wor# of the least desirable of women % prostitutes, alcoholics, prisoners etc. $s &rotestantism rose, many hospitals and schools were closed. !urses fled their lives and soon there was shortage of people to care for the sic#. 'n the contrary, this is also the conception of establishment of the ( st formal training for nurses where &astor Theodore )liedner and his wife, )rederi#a established the *aisserswerth Institute for the training of "eaconesses in +ermany. 'eriod of Ed#!ated N#rsi g)Nighti ga*e Era 1+ th,-.th !e t#r% The development of nursing during this period was strongly influenced by trends resulting from wars ,Crimean, civil war-, arousal of social consciousness, and increased educational opportunities offered to women. !ursing evolved as an art and science and formal nursing

education and nursing service begun. The !ightingale Training chool of !urses opened at t. Thomas .ospital in /ondon. It was the ( st school of nursing that provided both theory0based #nowledge and clinical s#ill building. !ightingale focus vision of nursing !ightingale system was more on developing the profession within hospitals. he believed that nurses should be taught in hospitals associated with medical schools and that the curriculum should include both theory and practice. 'eriod of Co temporar% N#rsi g)-.th Ce t#r% This is where !ursing achieved the milestone as a profession. /icensure examination for aspiring nurses has become a standard in addition to development of baccalaureate and advance degree programs. peciali1ation of hospital and diagnosis has given birth to expanded role of nurses in different fields. !urses begun to undergo training programs and nursing became more involved in community health. !urses also adapted the use of sophisticated e2uipment for diagnosis and therapy and computers were utili1ed0data collection, teaching, diagnosis, inventory, payrolls, record #eeping, and billing. -. (f %o# wi** "e gi$e the !ha !e to weigh the order of importa !e of the differe t e*eme ts i the #rsi g metaparadig , what e*eme t wi** %o# !o sider the most importa t o e& E/p*ai . I would consider the 0'erso 1 as the most important. The person ,being composed of physical, intellectual, biochemical and psychological needshas the ability to ta#e control over his environ, health, and performance of nursing care. 3ithout the person, no one will ta#e over or be responsible in relation to the other aspects/concepts. The person having the intellectual capacity can manipulate the other aspects in cogni1ant with what is deemed to important, valuable, and necessary.