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By Kenneth E.

Second Edition Twelfth Printing 1995 ISBN 0- 9!"#-005-! In the $.S. %rite& Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( P.). Bo* 501!# T+l(a, )K "-150-01!# In .anada write& Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie( P.). Bo* //5, Station 0 Eto1ico2e, )ntario .anada, '93 -4/

.o5yright 6 19 7HE'3 Bi1le .h+rch 3K3 Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(, Inc. 3ll 7ight( 7e(er8ed Printed in $S3

The 9aith Shield i( a trade:ar2 of 7HE'3 Bi1le .h+rch, a2a Kenneth Hagin 'ini(trie(, Inc., regi(tered with the $.S. Patent and Trade:ar2 )ffice and therefore :ay not 1e d+5licated.

1 The Prayer Secret of Praying 3ccording to ;od<( %ord......... ! The Prayer Secret of 3(2ing The 9ather in =e(+(< Na:e....... 11 / The Prayer Secret of Praying for 7e(+lt(............................... 19 - The Prayer Secret of 3greeing and Praying in the S5irit....... !#

Chapter 1 The Prayer Secret of Praying According to God's Word

=e(+( i( o+r 'ediator, Interce((or, 3d8ocate, and o+r >ord. He (tand( 1etween +( and the 9ather. In no 5lace in the Bi1le i( it recorded that =e(+( told Hi( di(ci5le( to 5ray to Hi:. They were alway( to 5ray to the 9ather in Hi( Na:e. If we wi(h to 1e (+re of reaching the throne, we :+(t co:e according to the r+le( laid down in the %ord of ;od.
JOHN 16: !" # ! And in that day ye sha$$ as% &e nothing' (eri$y" )eri$y" * say +nto yo+" Whatsoe)er ye sha$$ as% the ,ather in &y na&e" he -i$$ gi)e it yo+' # Hitherto ha)e ye as%ed nothing in &y na&e: as%" and ye sha$$ recei)e" that yo+r .oy &ay /e f+$$'

Notice that =e(+( (aid, ?... in that day ye shall ask me nothing.? =e(+( (aid thi( @+(t 1efore He went away. He wa( tal2ing a1o+t the :ediatorial (e((ion at the right hand of the 9ather when He a(cended and wa( (eated. 3nother tran(lation read(, ?In that day ye (hall not 5ray to :e.? =e(+( (aid to a(2 the 9ather in Hi( Na:e. There i( no other way to 5ray. %e can tell =e(+( how :+ch we lo8e Hi: and a55reciate Hi:, 1+t when it co:e( to 5raying and a(2ing, we :+(t a(2 the 9ather thro+gh the >ord =e(+(. E5he(ian( /&1-,15 (ay(, "For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. ? It i( not i:5ortant what ch+rch yo+ 1elong to, 1+t it i( i:5ortant who(e fa:ily yo+ 1elong to. 'any 5eo5le 2now a1o+t 5raying to ;od, 1+t they 2now nothing a1o+t 5raying to the 9ather. They don<t (o+nd a( if they really 2now Hi:. He i( ;od to the world, 1+t 9ather to :e. There i( real @oy in 2nowing that the 9ather will an(wer o+r -

he !rayer "ecret of !raying #ccording to $od%s &ord


5rayer(. S:ith %iggle(worth wa( in(talling (o:e 5l+:1ing in a large ho+(e one day and the lady of the fa:ily ca:e in, watched awhile, and then left. 9inally, the wo:an ca:e 1ac2 into the roo: and loc2ed the door. She a(2ed %iggle(worth if he wo+ld tell her (o:ething. She a(2ed, ?%hat in the world i( it that ca+(e( that wonderf+l e*5re((ion on yo+r faceA Bo+ loo2 a( if yo+ are f+ll of @oy.? He then told her that at 1rea2fa(t that :orning, hi( wife had co:e down(tair( and infor:ed hi: that two of their children were 8ery ill. He (aid that 1efore they e8en ate, they went +5(tair(, laid hand( on their children, and they were in(tantly healed. %iggle(worth wa( @+(t (o ha55y 1eca+(e he had a(2ed and had recei8ed. Hi( @oy wa( f+ll. The lady then a(2ed %iggle(worth if (he co+ld 2now ;od li2e that. Standing right there, (he acce5ted the >ord a( her Sa8ior. She then a(2ed %iggle(worth if (he co+ld 2ee5 thi( e*5erience, and he told her that the only way to 2ee5 it wa( to gi8e it away. He told her to tell all her friend( a1o+t 1eing (a8ed. Bo+ (ee, %iggle(worth wo+ld ha8e loo2ed worried and (ad if hi( children had (till 1een ill. In(tead, he had @oy on hi( face. I 1elie8e it o+ght to 1e that way with all .hri(tian(. ?... ask, and ye shall receive, that your (oy may be full" C=ohn 1#&!-D. Bo+ ha8e to :aintain that @oy e8en 1efore the :anife(tation co:e(. 3nother ti:e %iggle(worth wa( facing de(5erate financial need. He wa( 8i(iting in the ho:e of a 8ery wealthy :an 1+t (aid nothing a1o+t hi( 5ro1le:. He had ca(t e8ery care on the >ord and wa( whi(tling and 8ery ha55y. The rich :an wa( not in good (5irit( and he told %iggle(worth that he wo+ld gi8e all he owned to ha8e the (5irit that %iggle(worth had. %iggle(worth told hi: that it wo+ldn<t co(t hi: anythingE all he had to do wa( ca(t all of hi( care( on =e(+(. So:e year( ago, I wa( 5reaching in a ch+rch clo(e to ho:e. 3fter I had 1een there a1o+t a wee2, the 5a(tor a(2ed :e to (tay on and 5reach longer. He a(2ed :e what (alary I needed. I told

!rayer "ecrets

hi:, and he re5lied that that wa( :ore than hi( ch+rch had e8er 5aid an e8angeli(t, 1+t that they wo+ld gi8e :e that a:o+nt. %e then agreed that :y need( wo+ld 1e (+55lied. )n Sat+rday, 1efore the (er8ice on S+nday night, I went ho:e and while I wa( there, I di(co8ered that (o:e e:ergencie( had ari(en and I needed (e8eral h+ndred dollar( :ore. I 2new when I went 1ac2 to 5reach on S+nday that the 5a(tor wo+ld 1e di(:ayed. I had already o1ligated :y(elf to (tay with hi: for a co+5le of wee2(E therefore, all I co+ld do wa( 5ray that the >ord wo+ld wor2 o+t e8erything. %hen I ret+rned to the :eeting, I did not (ay anything to the 5a(tor. He told :e later that they had not :et the 1+dget and that they did not ha8e eno+gh to 5ay the :ini:+: he had 5ro:i(ed :e. Then I told hi: the a:o+nt I wo+ld need to ha8e in order to :eet :y e:ergencie(. 31o+t that ti:e he 1eca:e +5(et. I told hi: I wo+ld 1elie8e for it, and he co+ld agree with :e. >ater on, hi( wife told :e that (he noticed that thi( financial tro+1le ne8er 1othered :e a 1it and that I (ee:ed to 1e @+(t a( f+ll of @oy a( e8er. %hen the :eeting wa( o8er, I had the :oneyF Prai(e ;odF Bo+ (ee, the need wa( there, and ;od :et the need. He ga8e :e e8en :ore than I needed 1eca+(e I had wal2ed 1y faith and not 1y (ight. E5he(ian( 5&!0 (ay(, "$iving thanks always for all things unto $od and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. ? Pa+l i( telling +( that it i( to the 9ather and not to =e(+( that we gi8e than2(. The Na:e of =e(+( i( the acce(( to the heart of the 9ather. %hen yo+ de(ire to get an an(wer, follow the teaching( of the %ord. Pray to the 9ather in the Na:e of =e(+(. If yo+ go to the 1an2 with a chec2 and a(2 the ca(hier to ca(h that chec2 for a friend, yo+ will 1e a(2ed if yo+ ha8e :oney on de5o(it to g+arantee it. Howe8er, if that chec2 ha( the na:e of a 5er(on who ha( an acco+nt at that 5artic+lar 1an2, there will 1e no G+e(tion( a(2ed. %e fail in o+r 5raying (o:eti:e( 1eca+(e o+r a55roach i( all wrong. Than2 ;od, =e(+( ha( a (tanding in

he !rayer "ecret of !raying #ccording to $od%s &ord

hea8en. He i( the only a55roach to the 9ather. >et +( +(e the :ighty Na:e of =e(+( that He ha( gi8en +(. He ga8e +( the 5ower of attorney to +(e Hi( Na:e. He (aid, ?... In my name shall they H1elie8er(I cast out devils" C'ar2 1#&1"D. %e ha8e a right to +(e that Na:e again(t the de8il. %e ha8e the right to +(e that Na:e to call o+t de:on( that 1ind :en<( (o+l(. Se8eral year( ago I wa( holding a :eeting in ea(t Te*a(, and we were (t+dying the (+1@ect of 5rayer. In tho(e :eeting(, two thing( too2 5lace that changed the whole co+r(e of :y life. I had alway( 1elie8ed in di8ine healing, 1+t there were (o:e ca(e( of which I wa( afraid. In 5artic+lar, the(e were :ental ca(e( or ca(e( of de:on 5o((e((ion. Then the >ord 1ro+ght thi( co:5ari(on to :e. It wa( a( if a 5er(on were going to hi( car to +nloc2 the door. He co+ld (ay that he had +nloc2ed the door, 1+t really he didn<t +nloc2 it, 1eca+(e the 2ey act+ally doe( the +nloc2ing. %hen he (tart( the car, a 2ey really doe( the wor2. 3 2ey (tart( the ignition. The 2ey i( the i:5ortant factor in the whole (it+ation. I 1egan to loo2 at it fro: thi( (tand5oint& I a: not going to ca(t o+t any de8il(. B+t =e(+( ga8e :e the 2ey to do it. =e(+( i( the 2ey to doing it. 'y fear of ca(ting o+t de8il( cea(ed. Secondly, a( I lay on :y 1ed and (t+died the %ord of ;od, I 1egan to (ee (o:ething el(e. >et :e enco+rage yo+ to follow +5 on the %ord after yo+ read it and :editate +5on it. )+r (5irit( need to 1e ed+cated and trained. =+(t 1eca+(e yo+ read the %ord of ;od i( no (ign that yo+r (5irit i( ed+cated. I co+ld (it down and read a great deal of (cientific :aterial, 1+t that i( no (ign I 2now what I a: reading. Bo+ can read the Bi1le and not +nder(tand what yo+ are reading. ;od<( %ord ha( to get down in(ide of yo+ +ntil yo+ get the re8elation of it in yo+r heart. Bear( ago, I read Ein(tein<( theory of relati8ity and did not +nder(tand a thing I wa( reading. %hen I fini(hed, I 2new le(( than when I had (tarted. It conf+(ed :e. I thin2 :any ti:e( when 5eo5le read the %ord, they do not

!rayer "ecrets

2now what they are reading. They are trying to gra(5 it with their :entality. Bo+ :+(t get the re8elation of the %ord in yo+r heart. 3( I lay reading, I 1egan to :editate on the Scri5t+re( I had read. I 1egan to (ee (o:ething that I had ne8er (een 1efore. I (aw that the de8il i( the a+thor of all that i( e8il and that he i( the god of thi( world. Satan ha( 1linded and 1o+nd :en. I 1egan to (ee that tho(e of :y own fa:ily who were +n(a8ed were 1o+nd 1y the de8il. No :an wo+ld dri8e hi( a+to:o1ile a h+ndred :ile( an ho+r and try to 2ill hi:(elf if he were in hi( right :ind. B+t a fellow who i( do5ed and dr+n2 will, 1eca+(e he doe( not 2now what he i( doing. No intelligent 5er(on will go thro+gh life wheeling and dealing and heading toward( hell if he i( in hi( right :ind. 9or e*a:5le, the Bi1le (ay( when the 5rodigal (on went ho:e, J... he came to himself, C>+2e 15&1"D. I recei8ed (+ch a re8elation of thi( that I wa( challenged. I had 1een 5raying for :y olde(t 1rother who had gone a(tray. B+t I di(co8ered that all of :y 5raying and fa(ting had 1een done in +n1elief. CIf yo+<re e*5ecting @+(t 5rayer to do it, it won<t wor2. Thi( wa( re8ealed to :e a( I lay there.D I ro(e +5 with :y Bi1le and (aid, ?In the Na:e of the >ord =e(+( .hri(t, yo+ fo+l de8il and de:on of hell, and (5irit( that 1ind :y 1rother<( (o+l, I 1ind yo+, in the Na:e of the >ord =e(+( .hri(t.? I wa( f+ll of @oy, for I 2new that it wa( @+(t a( good a( done. I laid :y Bi1le down and went o+t of the roo: whi(tling and (inging. 31o+t two wee2( later a( I wa( wal2ing into :y 1edroo:, I heard a 8oice (ay to :e, ?)h, yo+ don<t thin2 he<ll really e8er 1e (a8ed, do yo+A? I (to55ed dead (till, (h+tting that o+t of :y :ind and not e8en letting :y(elf thin2 a1o+t it. B+t way down in(ide, I wa( la+ghing. I told the de8il that I had clai:ed hi( (al8ation, and that I 2new it wo+ld co:e to 5a((. Two day( afterward( at the 8ery (5ot it had ha55ened 1efore, I heard that

he !rayer "ecret of !raying #ccording to $od%s &ord

(a:e 8oice again, a(2ing the (a:e G+e(tion. 3gain I (to55ed and (h+t it o+t of :y :ind. I told the de8il that I had clai:ed :y 1rother<( (al8ation and had 1ro2en Satan<( 5ower o8er hi:. 3 few day( later, I recei8ed a letter fro: :y wife which (tated that :y 1rother had 1een (a8ed. I wrote 1ac2 and told her that I had 2nown it for two or three wee2(. The Na:e of =e(+( 1elong( to yo+ too. That Na:e ha( a+thority on earth. Bo+ ha8e a right to +(e that Na:e. If the de8il can hold yo+ in the tho+ght arena, he will whi5 yo+. If yo+ hold hi: in the arena of faith, he i( the 8icti:. 9ight the good fight of faith. Peter (aid, ?... your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour. &hom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accom/lished in your brethren that are in the world" C1 Peter 5& ,9D. Bo+ ha8e to 1elie8e in yo+r heart, yo+r (5irit, that what the %ord (ay( i( tr+e. Bo+ (ee, the de8il fo+ght :e twice. He tried to get :e into the tho+ght real:& ?Bo+ don<t thin2 that yo+r 1rother will e8er 1e (a8ed, do yo+A? That i( what he 2e5t (aying to :e. 3nd that i( e*actly where :any 5eo5le try to (ol8e their (5irit+al 5ro1le:(Kwith their :ind(. Then, they get all conf+(edE they are worried (ic2, and ha8e frown( on their face(. B+t yo+ need to act fro: yo+r inner:o(t 1eingKfro: yo+r heartKyo+r (5irit. =e(+( (aid, ?... whosoever shall say ... and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to /ass0 he shall have whatsoever he saith" C'ar2 11&!/D. I wa( 5reaching that (a:e year in Port 3rth+r, Te*a(, and the (er8ice( were good, and there were :any healing(. 3 'ethodi(t wo:an ca:e to the :eeting(, and than2ed :e for the le((on( we had 1een ha8ing. She told :e that (he had 1een (ic2 for twenty year( and had not 1een a1le to do her wor2. She co+ld not e8en get +5 and fi* 1rea2fa(t for her h+(1and. She wa( in her fortie( and had two grown da+ghter(. The doctor( had not 1een


!rayer "ecrets

a1le to hel5 her. She had 1een to different healing :eeting(, 1+t had failed to recei8e her healing. B+t in :y :eeting(, (he (aid that I had ta+ght her how to recei8e her healing. So:e ti:e later I recei8ed a letter fro: thi( (a:e wo:an with an offering enclo(ed, for (he (aid that (he wanted to ha8e a 5art in hel5ing (o:eone el(e a( (he had 1een hel5ed. She (aid that (he had not 2nown the i:5ortance of the %ord of ;od and the Na:e of =e(+(. In the 5ri8acy of her own ho:e (he had loo2ed +5 the Scri5t+re(, rai(ed her Bi1le and (aid, ?Satan, yo+ who ha8e 1o+nd :y 1ody for all the(e year(, I 1rea2 yo+r 5ower o8er :y life and clai: :y deli8erance and :y healing.? She added that for the fir(t ti:e in twenty year( (he wa( doing all of her own ho+(ewor2. Si* :onth( had 5a((ed, and (he wa( (till healed. She (aid that (he had the 8igor and 8itality of a teenager, and that (he had not felt (o good (ince (he wa( (i*teen. Then (he told :e a1o+t her h+(1and who had ne8er 1een (a8ed. He wo+ld not go to ch+rch with her, altho+gh he wa( a good h+(1and. Thi( wo:an too2 the Bi1le and in her own ho:e (he (aid, ?In the Na:e of =e(+( I 1rea2 the 5ower of the de8il o8er :y h+(1and and clai: hi( (al8ation.? She (aid that it wor2ed li2e :agic. )8ernight, he 1eca:e a new creat+re. She (aid that they were the ha55ie(t they had e8er 1een in their lifeti:e. She told a1o+t her da+ghter( who (:o2ed and danced. She (aid that (he lifted her hand( to hea8en again and 1ro2e the de8il<( 5ower o8er the:, clai:ing their (al8ation. %ithin ten day(, they 1eca:e new creat+re(. They were deli8ered fro: e8ery ha1it that had 1o+nd the:, and hea8en 1eca:e their ho:e. %hen we will learn to 5ray in line with what the %ord of ;od (ay(, o+r 5rayer( will 1e effecti8eF

Chapter The Prayer Secret of As%ing The ,ather in Jes+s' Na&e

#nd in that day ye shall ask me nothing. 3erily, verily, I say unto you, &hatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. 4itherto have ye asked nothing in my name. ask, and ye shall receive, that your (oy may be full 5=ohn 1#&!/,!=e(+( (aid thi( @+(t 1efore He went to the .ro((. He wa( referring to the day in which we now li8eKthe day when He went to the .ro((, and the day when He a(cended +5 on High and wa( (eated at the right hand of the 9ather. He i( now o+r 'ediator, o+r Interce((or, o+r 3d8ocate, and o+r >ord. He (tand( 1etween the 9ather and +(. %hen He (ay(, ?In that day,? He :ean( the day of the New .o8enant. %hen =e(+( wa( here on the earth, the di(ci5le( co+ld a(2 Hi:& they co+ld tal2 to Hi: 5er(onally in the fle(h. 3 :ini(ter friend of :ine ne8er get( an(wer( when he 5ray(. Prayer i( a (tr+ggle for hi:. He 5ray( to =e(+(. I 5ray to the 9ather in the Na:e of =e(+(. I<8e 5rayed thi( way for :ore than 50 year(, and I<8e gotten e8erything I<8e a(2ed for. I +(+ally get it i::ediately. Howe8er, in the ca(e of :oney it (o:eti:e( ta2e( a few day( 1eca+(e it ha( to co:e in thro+gh 8ario+( channel(. If thi( friend of :ine were to a(2 :e to 5ray for hi( finance(, then he and I wo+ld ha8e to agree on it. B+t hi( will co+ld 1loc2 :y will and faith, for we ha8e a+thority o8er de:on( and e8il (5irit(, 1+t we don<t ha8e a+thority o8er h+:an (5irit(. If we had a+thority o8er h+:an (5irit(, then we co+ld :a2e e8ery1ody get (a8ed. In =ohn ;. >a2e<( 1oo2, "ermons on 6ominion Over 11


!rayer "ecrets

6emons, 6isease, and 6eath, he tell( a1o+t 5raying for a :an who had (+gar dia1ete(. They 2nelt to 5ray, when (+ddenly >a2e a(2ed the :an what thi( L5,000 wa( that 2e5t co:ing +5 1efore hi:. The :an an(wered that hi( 1rother and he had 1een in 1+(ine(( and hi( 1rother had died. Hi( (i(ter-in-law wanted hi: to liG+idate the 1+(ine((, and he did. B+t he had 2e5t L5,000 o+t for hi:(elf 1eca+(e he felt he de(er8ed it, tho+gh it wa( act+ally her :oney. He told >a2e that he had :ore than L5,000 in the 1an2, where+5on >a2e told hi: to write o+t a chec2 for L5,000, and then he wo+ld 5ray for hi:. The :an wrote the chec2, wal2ed to the :ail 1o*, and (ent it to hi( (i(ter-in-law. %hen he ca:e 1ac2 he wa( healed. So:eti:e( :atter( li2e thi( n+llify the effect( of 5rayer. So:e1ody :ay (ay that they 1elie8e =ohn 1#&!/,!-, but... 0on<t (ay ?1+t,? 1eca+(e there<( not a ?1+t? in that 8er(e. So:e1ody (ay( they 1elie8e thi( Scri5t+re, if... There i( not an ?if? in that 8er(e, (o don<t (ay ?if.? =+(t ta2e =e(+( at Hi( %ord. =e(+( (ay( in =ohn 1#&!-, "4itherto have ye asked nothing in my name ....? $5 to thi( ti:e, no one had e8er a(2ed anything in Hi( Na:e 1eca+(e He wa( on the earth. Praying in =e(+(< Na:e didn<t do any good +ntil He 1egan Hi( :ediatorial interce((ion at the right hand of the 9ather. ?... ask, and ye shall receive, that your (oy may be full" C8. !-D. Bo+r @oy cannot 1e f+ll with yo+r need( +n:et. Bo+r @oy cannot 1e f+ll if yo+ cannot 5ay yo+r rent or yo+r 1ill(. Bo+ cannot 1e f+ll of @oy if yo+r children are (ic2. %e were holding a (er8ice, and the 5hone rang a1o+t (i* o<cloc2 in the e8ening. It wa( :y :other-in-law, who wa( ta2ing care of o+r children, and (he (aid that :y (on, Ken, had the :+:5(. He had 1een (ic2 all afternoon. So (he 5+t Ken on the 5hone, and he (aid that he had told hi( grand:other to call 1eca+(e he 2new that I wo+ld 5ray to ;od and ;od wo+ld heal hi:. %hen Ken h+ng +5 the 5hone, we 5rayed. She told +( later that he lay down and fell a(lee5. 31o+t forty-fi8e :in+te( later,

he !rayer "ecret of #sking he Father in Jesus% 8ame


(he wo2e hi: +5, told hi: to get hi( 5a@a:a( on, and go to 1ed. He had no fe8er, the (welling wa( gone, and he wa( fineF 9ro: that ti:e on he ne8er did ha8e the :+:5(. ;od doe( hear and an(wer 5rayerF Too :+ch of the ti:e 5eo5le @+(t :a2e a little (ta1 in the dar2 and call that 5raying. They @+(t ho/e that (o:ething will wor2 o+t. >et +( call attention to the difference 1etween 5raying for =e(+(< (a2e and 5raying in the Na:e of =e(+(. %hen yo+ go to ;od and a(2 Hi: to do (o:ething for =e(+(< (a2e, yo+ are a(2ing that it 1e done to hel5 =e(+(, on yo+r credit. That (o+nd( fooli(h 1eca+(e =e(+( doe( not need the hel5, and yo+ don<t ha8e any credit to g+arantee it, if He did. %e need the hel5, and He ha( the creditF 9ro: now on, don<t 5ray, ?9or =e(+(< (a2e.? If I ha8e a (to:achache, and I a: 5raying for healing, I don<t want it to (to5 h+rting for =e(+(< (a2eE it i( to hel5 :e. I a: the one who i( h+rting, not =e(+(. If I owe L100 and I a: 5raying for it to co:e in the offering, I do that to hel5 :y(elf. I 2now that ;od ha( hel5ed +( on a lower le8el when we did not 2now any 1etter, 1+t we o+ght to 1e a1le to grow in 5rayer. The Bi1le teache( +( that there i( a (i:ilarity 1etween 5hy(ical and (5irit+al growth. No one i( 1orn a f+lly grown h+:an 1eing. Peo5le are 1orn 1a1ie(, and they grow +5. %e o+ght to 1e a1le to i:5ro8e +5on o+r 5raying @+(t a( we i:5ro8e +5on thing( 5hy(ically. %hen I wa( a yo+ng 1oy I +(ed to 5ray, ?Now I lay :e down to (lee5....? B+t I do not 5ray that way any:ore. %hen (o:e were (5irit+al 1a1ie(, they :ight ha8e 5rayed certain way( and ;od :et the:, hel5ed the:, and it (+fficed for that day, 1+t ;od want( +( to grow (5irit+ally. %hen yo+ :eet ;od on Hi( le8el, it :a2e( a 1ig difference. He reG+ire( :ore of yo+ a( yo+ grow. %hen light co:e( and teaching i( gi8en, ;od reG+ire( yo+ to wal2 in that light. "In my name... they shall s/eak with new tongues" C'ar2 1#&1"D. E8ery 1elie8er o+ght to 1e (5ea2ing in tong+e(. Bo+ can


!rayer "ecrets

do it in =e(+(< Na:e. "In my name ... hey shall take u/ ser/ents" C'ar2 1#&1",1 D. That :ean( that if yo+ are accidentally 1itten 1y a 8i5er, yo+ can (ha2e it off and clai: i::+nity in the Na:e of =e(+(. 9or e*a:5le, when Pa+l the a5o(tle wa( (hi5wrec2ed on an i(land, he 5ic2ed +5 (tic2( to 1+ild a fire and a 8i5er fa(tened onto hi( hand. The 5eo5le tho+ght he had done (o:ething terri1le, for it loo2ed a( if @+dg:ent had co:e +5on hi:. They e*5ected hi: to fall dead. They watched hi:, 1+t he did not get (ic2 and did not fall dead. They tho+ght he wa( a god. In ea(t Te*a(, a :ini(ter friend of :ine and (o:e friend( of hi( were o+t fi(hing in one of the ri8er(, and a cotton:o+th :occa(in 1it hi:. It frightened the other :en 1eca+(e they were not (a8ed. 'y friend (hoo2 it off in the Na:e of =e(+( and went a1o+t hi( 1+(ine((. Hi( friend( watched hi:, and (aw that it ne8er had any e8il effect on hi:. Thi( i( not e*tre:e 1eca+(e it i( Bi1lical. The Bi1le (ay(, ?... if they drink any deadly thing H5oi(onI, it shall not hurt them...? C'ar2 1#&1 D. Thi( :ean( that if yo+ accidentally ta2e 5oi(on, yo+ ha8e the right to clai: i::+nity in the Na:e of =e(+(. So:e year( ago, the (+5erintendent of the 3((e:1lie( of ;od in the Te*a( di(trict related thi( (tory to a gro+5 of :ini(ter(& 'any year( ago, the Te*a( di(trict had a con8ention in .or5+( .hri(ti, Te*a(. The :ini(ter( did not ha8e a great deal of :oney to (tay in good hotel(, (o they were occ+5ying a1o+t a third-rate hotel. The hotel didn<t ha8e r+nning water, 1+t there wa( a 5itcher of water in the roo:. 3ll the :ini(ter( had eaten their :eal( together in a coo2 tent. 3fter they had fini(hed eating, (o:e of the: 1egan to get (ic2. 9inally, a1o+t twenty or thirty of the: 1eca:e de(5erately ill, (o they 1egan 5raying for one another. 3( they 5rayed, (o:eone had a re8elation that the water in the hotel wa( 5oi(oned, (o they told the re(t of the gro+5 not to drin2 it any:ore. E8ery1ody wa( healed. Then they too2

he !rayer "ecret of #sking he Father in Jesus% 8ame


the re:aining water to a near1y na8al (tation and had it te(ted. The e*a:ining officer( told the: that there wa( eno+gh 5oi(on in that water to 2ill a regi:ent of :en. So:eone had tried to 5lay a cr+el @o2e on the(e :ini(ter( 1eca+(e e8eryone 2new that thi( gro+5 1elie8ed in :iracle( and healing. None of the 5arty had to ha8e :edical aidF They had a right to clai: i::+nity in the Na:e of =e(+( 1eca+(e they had accidentally 1een 5oi(oned. Thi( i( not e*tre:e teaching, 1eca+(e it i( in the %ord. The Bi1le (ay(, ?... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" C'ar2 1#&1 D. Notice that =e(+( (aid, "In my name ... they shall s/eak with new tongues... they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" C'ar2 1#&1",1 D. Bo+ lay hand( on 5eo5le in Hi( Na:e. Bo+ do the (5ea2ing in tong+e(, and the Holy S5irit gi8e( the +tterance. Bo+ ha8e a right to do that in the Na:e of =e(+(. Thi( i( @+(t a( (trong and legal a( it can 1e. The ordinary child of ;od ha( @+(t a( :+ch right to +(e the Na:e of =e(+( again(t the de8il a( a :ini(ter doe(. So:eone (aid to :e that if he had eno+gh faith he co+ld do what thi( Scri5t+re (ay(. =e(+( ne8er (aid a word a1o+t faith in thi( Scri5t+re. He (aid, "4e that ;<LI<3< 4... In my name ...? C88. 1#,1"D. Bo+ already ha8e faith. If yo+ 1elie8e in the Na:e of =e(+(, then +(e it. It i( not (tr+ggling for faithE it i( @+(t (i:5ly 1oldly ta2ing o+r right(, and +(ing what 1elong( to +(. In the 1+(ine(( world, yo+ ha8e a right to +(e what i( yo+r(. Bo+ don<t thin2 then a1o+t ha8ing eno+gh faith. That doe( not enter yo+r :ind. It i( when that 5er(on who need( healing act( +5on what 1elong( to hi:, that he get( hi( healing. Too :+ch of the ti:e fol2( do not 1elie8e a( they (ho+ld in di8ine healing. They are :erely :entally a((enting that the(e thing( are (o. %e ha8e 5eo5le (itting in the ch+rch, te(tifying that they 2now the %ord of ;od i( tr+e, 1+t they (till don<t get their healing. They are not acting in faith and +(ing the Na:e of =e(+(. %hen we act on the %ord, it wor2(. =a:e( (aid, ";e ye


!rayer "ecrets

doers of the word, and not hearers only...? C=a:e( 1&!!D. It i( @+(t a :atter of 2nowing what 1elong( to +( and acting on it. It i( ta2ing yo+r legal right. =a:e( goe( on to (ay, ?9or if any 1e a hearer of the %ord, and not a doer, he decei8e( hi:(elf? C=a:e( 1&!/-!#D. The :argin (ay( that he ?del+de( hi:(elf.? %e ha8e :any (elf-del+ded 5eo5le. 3ct a( 1oldly a( yo+ wo+ld in the 1+(ine(( world. The Na:e of =e(+( 1elong( to :e @+(t a( :+ch a( :y hand( and feet 1elong to :e. I @+(t go ahead and +(e the: 1eca+(e they are :ine. Bo+ will find that the de8il will (ee2 to conf+(e yo+. He will (ee2 to with(tand yo+. B+t the Na:e of =e(+( i( yo+r(K(o +(e itF %e ha8e 5lenty of 5eo5le who 5ray, 1+t the re(+lt( 5ro8e that their 5rayer( are to no a8ail. If yo+ do not get re(+lt( to yo+r 5raying, then yo+ are a 5rayer fail+re. If yo+ are not e*5ecting re(+lt(, then there i( no need to 5ray. Pray to 5rofit. ;reat 1+(ine((e( do 1+(ine(( to 5rofit. %e :+(t :a2e a 1+(ine(( of 5rayer. The fo+ndation of thi( great co+ntry i( .hri(tianity. The 1a(i( of .hri(tianity i( a li8ing religion that ha( to+ch with a li8ing ;od who hear( and an(wer( 5rayer. %e (ho+ld 5ray for re(+lt(. If we 5ray, and re(+lt( do not follow, then we (ho+ld (ee2 to find the tro+1le. The 1ig thing( of .hri(tianity are all (+5ernat+ral. If there are no re(+lt(, then it (how( that we ha8e the for: witho+t the 5ower. 3ll the thing( that ;od ha( are offered to +(Kif only we 5ray. If we don<t ha8e the:, then it i( 1eca+(e we ha8e not :ade o+r 5rayer connection. ;od i( (till in the (a:e 1+(ine((. Thro+gh the year( I ha8e gone to ch+rche( where not a (ingle (o+l ha( 1een (a8ed for year(. %hy don<t we @+(t get down to the 1a(ic 5rinci5le( and find o+t what i( the :atterA ;od i( not +ntr+e. 'iracle( can (till ha55en. In the early day( of the 3((e:1lie( of ;od :o8e:ent, there wa( a 5reacher 1y the na:e of I. =. =a:i(on. He wa( for:erly a Pre(1yterian :ini(ter. In hi( te(ti:ony he told that he wa(

he !rayer "ecret of #sking he Father in Jesus% 8ame


lect+ring in a we(tern city a( a Pre(1yterian, and there wa( a fore(t fire raging in the area. 31o+t ten in the :orning, he wa( down at the 1ar1er (ho5 getting a (ha8e when a fellow ca:e in with a telegra:, a(2ing the 5eo5le in a near1y tent :eeting to 5ray for rain. The :en in the 1ar1er (ho5 all 1egan tal2ing a1o+t the tent :eeting where there were 5eo5le who 1elie8ed in thi( 2ind of thing. B+t they were afraid to ta2e the telegra: o8er to the tent. So 'r. =a:i(on agreed to ta2e it and he handed it to the :ini(ter. He (aid that the :ini(ter G+ieted e8eryone and read the reG+e(t, where+5on e8eryone 1egan 5raying. 3fterward, they than2ed ;od that there wo+ld 1e rain. The :ini(ter ga8e =a:i(on the telegra: and told hi: to (end one 1ac2 (aying that there wo+ld 1e rain 1y ten that night. It (hoc2ed hi:. =a:i(on went 1ac2 to the 1ar1er (ho5 and told the :en what had ha55ened. They all la+ghed a1o+t it and read the weather re5ort which (aid that there wo+ld not 1e any rain for at lea(t fo+r or fi8e day(. =a:i(on went on to hi( lect+re, and then went ho:e to 1ed. Hi( wife had wa(hed (o:e clothe( and had left the: o+t on the line, (o he tea(ed her a1o+t 1ringing the: in 1eca+(e it wa( going to rain. They la+ghed a1o+t it and then a1o+t 9&/0 they fell off to (lee5. 0irectly, they were awa2ened 1y th+nder and lightning. It wa( rainingF Thi( really :ade =a:i(on wonder. 3fter hi( own lect+re( were o8er, he 1egan attending the tent :eeting. He wo+ld (it down at the 1ac2 and ta2e note( on e8erything. He co+ld not +nder(tand why he had not (een all the(e thing( 1efore. He (aid he 2new that there wa( a wo:an in the ch+rch who(e da+ghter wa( in(ane. He had heard that thi( wo:an and (o:e of the 5eo5le were going to :eet at the a(yl+: to try to ca(t a de8il o+t of her da+ghter. The :other wa( ta2ing a doMen wo:en with her. =a:i(on a(2ed if he co+ld go along. He :et the: at the a(yl+:, and the attendant (aid they co+ld not go in 1eca+(e the girl wa( 8iolent and :ight 2ill the:. They were (to55ed 1efore a


!rayer "ecrets

5added cell, where there wa( a yo+ng wo:an in(ide who loo2ed li2e an ani:al. She hi((ed and (5itE her eye( were a1laMe. 3ll thi( ti:e the attendant wa( telling the: that they co+ld not go in(ide the cell 1eca+(e if they did, he wo+ld lo(e hi( @o1. Ne8erthele((, he +nloc2ed the door. The :other went in, and the doMen wo:en fell on their 2nee( and (tarted 5raying. =a:i(on and the attendant (tood 1ac2 and watched. The da+ghter (te55ed 1ac2 and cli:1ed halfway +5 the 5added wall. She :ade a lea5 at her :other li2e an ani:al, and the :other (ide(te55ed her. The girl fell and then (tarted to get +5. The :other held her down and (aid, ?.o:e o+t of her, de8il, in the Na:e of =e(+(.? =a:i(on (tood there and watched (5ell1o+nd. 9or ten :in+te( the :other (aid thi( o8er and o8er again. S+ddenly, the da+ghter rela*ed and a(2ed her if it wa( (he. She threw her ar:( aro+nd her :other<( nec2 and h+gged and 2i((ed her. I. =. =a:i(on witne((ed it and (aid that he wanted the Holy ;ho(t. He (aid that he wa( a candidate for that 2ind of 5raying. That :other 1elie8ed, and (he recei8ed what (he wanted.

Chapter ! The Prayer Secret of Praying for 0es+$ts

#nd in that day ye shall ask me nothing. 3erily, verily, I say unto you, &hatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he will give it you. 4itherto have ye asked nothing in my name. ask, and ye shall receive, that your (oy may be full. K=ohn 1#&!/,!-

%e are to 5ray in the Na:e of =e(+( to the 9ather. %e are to 5ray for re(+lt(. If re(+lt( do not follow, then o+r 5rayer life i( a fail+re. I re:e:1er reading a1o+t 0r. .harle( Price. So:eone had 5honed hi: and a(2ed hi: to co:e to the ho(5ital. He ordinarily did not go 1eca+(e of lac2 of ti:e, 1+t the 5er(on calling had 1een clo(e to hi: in day( 5a(t, (o he agreed to go. Thi( wo:an had 1een con8erted +nder hi( :ini(try. %hen he arri8ed, he fo+nd that (he wa( dying of cancer. The doctor ca:e while he wa( there, (o 0r. Price told the wo:an that he wo+ld go ho:e and 5ray for her. The doctor told hi: that it wo+ld 1e @+(t a (hort while 1efore (he wo+ld die. The doctor tho+ght it wo+ld 1e a good idea to 5ray 1eca+(e it wo+ld (oothe her ner8e(. B+t 0r. Price told hi: that he wa(n<t going to 5ray for her (o that her ner8e( wo+ld 1e (oothed. He (aid that he wa( going to 5ray that ;od wo+ld heal herF The doctor loo2ed a(toni(hed. He 2new that it @+(t co+ldn<t 1e (o. B+t 0r. Price did 5ray for her, and (he wa( healedF He wa( 5raying for re(+lt(. P. .. Nel(on, who wa( a :ini(ter, wa( r+n o8er 1y an a+to:o1ile and the doctor( (aid that he wo+ld lo(e hi( li:1, 1+t he wa( healed. He then held healing :eeting( acro(( the nation for different ch+rche(. Nel(on wa( holding a :eeting for the Ba5ti(t(, and he wa( 19


!rayer "ecrets

5raying for the (ic2. 3 :an who wa( 5a(tor of another Ba5ti(t ch+rch in 3r2an(a( and had gone to (e:inary with Nel(on, heard that he wa( holding the(e (er8ice(. Thi( :an attended and wa( 8ery :+ch o55o(ed. He tal2ed a1o+t Nel(on at ho:e, and hi( fa:ily decided to go to the (er8ice(. He too2 the: along and hi( :other who wa( li8ing with the:. The ne*t :orning they were tal2ing a1o+t the (er8ice at 1rea2fa(t. The Ba5ti(t 5a(tor didn<t thin2 it wa( right to 5ray for (o:eone 5+1licly, 1+t hi( :other (aid that (he wo+ldn<t criticiMe Nel(on. 9inally, their yo+nge(t child who wa( a1o+t fi8e year( old (5o2e +5. He (aid that the only difference he co+ld (ee wa( that hi( daddy 5rayed for fol2( on S+nday :orning, (aying, ?>ord, 1le(( the (ic2,? while not really e*5ecting anything to ha55en. Nel(on 5rayed a( if he e*5ected ;od to heal the: right then. Thi( ca+(ed the :ini(ter to (tart thin2ing. He decided to coo5erate with the :eeting(. He al(o (aw that he o+ght to 5ray for re(+lt(. There i( no +(e 5raying if yo+ are not 5raying for re(+lt(. ;od doe( hear and an(wer 5rayer. He want( to hear and an(wer yo+r 5rayer. ;od did not 5+t all the(e (tate:ent( in the Bi1le a1o+t 5rayer @+(t to fill +5 (5ace. They are there for o+r 1enefit.
*SA*AH #!: 1" 6 1 *" e)en *" a& he that /$otteth o+t thy transgressions for &ine o-n sa%e" and -i$$ not re&e&/er thy sins' 6 P+t &e in re&e&/rance: $et +s p$ead together: dec$are tho+" that tho+ &ayest /e .+stified'

Notice that ;od (aid, "!ut me in remembrance.? Tho(e who ha8e 1een :ighty in 5rayer ha8e alway( 1een tho(e who re:inded ;od of Hi( 5ro:i(e( and 1ro+ght Hi( %ord 1efore Hi:. .harle( 9inney i( 5ro1a1ly the :o(t o+t(tanding e*5onent of 5rayer. He i( 2nown a( the :an who 5rayed down re8i8al(. He had the greate(t (+cce(( and hi( con8ert( were the :o(t con(i(tent (ince the day( of the a5o(tle Pa+l. It i( co::on

he !rayer "ecret of !raying for =esults


2nowledge that 5N of hi( con8ert( re:ained tr+e to ;od. 'oody wa( a great e8angeli(t 1+t only a1o+t 50N of hi( con8ert( re:ained faithf+l. %e ha8e had a :ighty :o8e in the 5a(t fifty year(, 1+t it i( co::on 2nowledge that not o8er 50N of the con8ert( ha8e re:ained tr+e to the >ord. 9inney had the greate(t (+cce(( n+:1er(< wi(e a( far a( 2ee5ing the fr+it of hi( la1or, (ince the day( of the a5o(tle Pa+l. %hole citie( were (tirred. 9or in(tance, I read in 9inney<( a+to1iogra5hy that in 1 !9 he went to the city of 7oche(ter, New Bor2, where he cond+cted a :eeting and 5ractically e8eryone in town wa( (a8ed. 3ll the grog (ho5( clo(ed down. C%e now call the: hon2y-ton2( and 1eer @oint(.D There wa( not a 5lace left in town where one co+ld 1+y anything to drin2. The only theater in town clo(ed +5. There wa( (+ch a re8i8al that when a circ+( ca:e to town, only two 5eo5le went to (ee it, (o it had to clo(e. E8ery1ody wa( intere(ted in ;od. The re8i8al wa( on. The 5eo5le were @+(t not concerned a1o+t anything el(e. I al(o read that 9inney went to hold another :eeting when he wa( a Pre(1yterian. He had 1een tal2ing a1o+t fifteen :in+te( when the 5ower of ;od fell on hi:. 31o+t fo+r h+ndred 5eo5le fell off their (eat( onto the floor, and it wa( a Pre(1yterian ch+rchF He didn<t 2now what wa( ha55ening, 1+t he (aid that he fo+nd o+t later that they had all 1een (inner( and had @+(t gotten (a8ed when they fell +nder the 5ower. 9inney 5rayed for re8i8al. He wa( a real :an of 5rayer. He (aid that he had (o:e e*5erience( in 5rayer that indeed alar:ed hi:. He added that he fo+nd hi:(elf (aying to the >ord, ?>ord, Bo+ don<t thin2 that we are not going to ha8e a re8i8al here, do Bo+A Bo+ don<t thin2 that Bo+ co+ld withhold Bo+r 1le((ing(A? He fo+nd hi:(elf re:inding the >ord what He had 5ro:i(ed. ;eorge %hitfield, another :ini(ter, ca:e o8er fro: England and 5reached on the (treet(. He wa( (5ea2ing in the 5+1lic (G+are in Bo(ton, 'a((ach+(ett(. %hen he 1egan to 5reach,


!rayer "ecrets

fol2( cli:1ed +5 into tree( to 1e a1le to (ee 1eca+(e the crowd wa( (o large. %hitfield told the: to co:e down, 1eca+(e when the 5ower of ;od ca:e they wo+ld fall o+t of the tree(. S:ith %iggle(worth (aid that ;od delight( in Hi( children ha8ing the a+dacity of faith to (ay, ?;od, Bo+ ha8e 5ro:i(ed it, (o now do it.? Bo+ (ay that in faith. Thi( agree( with what ;od (ay(, for ;od (aid, "!ut me in remembrance." They were 5+tting Hi: in re:e:1rance of what He (aid. If ;od want( +( to 5+t Hi: in re:e:1rance, then let<( do it. I(aiah -/&!# (aid it. %e are certainly facing great need( e8erywhere. Peo5le are dying for the need of .hri(t. The (ic2 need healing. The wea2 need (trength. %hat i( yo+r 5artA 3re yo+ in Hi( willA 3re yo+ doing what He want( yo+ to doA I( yo+r life right with ;odA 0oe( yo+r heart conde:n yo+A If (o, get right with Hi: now. Than2 ;od that doe( not ta2e 8ery long. %hate8er yo+ are 5raying a1o+t, (tand yo+r gro+nd +ntil 8ictory i( :anife(ted. ;od want( to (end yo+ the an(wer. Thi( i( a (5irit+al warfare again(t the ho(t of dar2ne((. The Bi1le (ay( (o in E5he(ian( #&1!.
2PH2S*ANS 6:1 1 ,or -e -rest$e not against f$esh and /$ood" /+t against principa$ities" against po-ers" against the r+$ers of the dar%ness of this -or$d" against spirit+a$ -ic%edness in high p$aces'

;et down 1efore the 'ighty )ne and 5er(i(t in 5rayer e8en tho+gh the ene:y :ight try to hinder yo+. %e ha8e wea5on( with which to fight the de8il. )+r wea5on( are the Sword of the S5irit, which i( the %ord of ;od and the :ighty Na:e of =e(+(. The de:on( cannot (tand the(e. Bo+ can defeat the de8il e8ery (ingle ti:e. Pray to 8ictory. If yo+ are 5raying for the (ic2, clai: their deli8erance in =e(+(< Na:e. =e(+( (aid, ?... In my name... they H1elie8er(I shall lay hands u/on the sick, and they shall recover" C'ar2 1#&1",1 D. >ay yo+r hand( on the: and clai: their deli8erance in the Na:e of =e(+(. Bo+ ha8e (olid gro+nd

he !rayer "ecret of !raying for =esults


on which to (tand. If it i( :oney, 5ray that it 1e loo(ened. Thi( i( 1eca+(e the :oney i( here in thi( real:. ;od i( not a co+nterfeiter. He i( not going to :a2e any :oney and rain it down fro: hea8en. ;od 5+t all the (il8er and gold and cattle on a tho+(and hill( here for yo+ and :e. He did not 5+t it here for the de8il and hi( crowd. He 5+t it here and ga8e 3da: do:inion o8er all of it. Then 3da: co::itted high trea(on and (old o+t to the de8ilE th+( the de8il 1eca:e the god of thi( world. 3da: wa( the god of thi( world in that he had do:inion o8er it 1+t he (old o+t to the de8il, (o now the de8il ha( the do:inion. B+t, than2 ;od, =e(+( ca:e and defeated the de8il. He ga8e +( the right to +(e Hi( Na:e. 3t one ti:e I wa( 5o8erty-(tric2en and had :y no(e to the grind(tone. Then I 1egan to (ee (o:ething. The >ord told :e ne8er to 5ray for :oney. He (aid for :e not to a(2 Hi: to gi8e :e :oney, for it wa( down here. He in(tr+cted :e that in the Na:e of =e(+( I (ho+ld co::and the :oney to co:e. %hate8er I wanted or needed, I (ho+ld clai: it. He (aid that He wanted Hi( children to ha8e the 1e(t. In ;od<( %ord He (aid that He wanted Hi( children to eat the good of the land. Hi( %ord declare(, "If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him" C'att. "&11D. %e need to realiMe the 5rinci5le( 1y which ;od wor2(. ;od ha( gi8en +( the Na:e of =e(+(. He (aid that it wa(n<t He who wa( holding finance( fro: :eE it wa(n<t He who did not want :y children to ha8e the right 2ind of food to eat. If it were, He wo+ldn<t 1e the right 2ind of a 9ather. He re:inded :e that any old (inner co+ld 1e a father who wa( concerned a1o+t hi( children, and that e8en an ani:al co+ld 1e concerned a1o+t hi( off(5ring. He (aid that there ne8er wa( an earthly 5arent who de(ired to do :ore for hi( children that He did. He (aid that the 5ro1le: wa( that Hi( children did not coo5erate with Hi:. He told :e to co::and the de8il to ta2e hi( hand( off the finance(.


!rayer "ecrets

If yo+ 5ray to ;od to gi8e yo+ L100, yo+ are 5+tting all the re(5on(i1ility +5on Hi:. B+t the re(5on(i1ility i( on o+r 5art 1eca+(e thro+gh =e(+( .hri(t deli8erance ha( already 1een :ade for +(. I i::ediately 1egan to do what He (aid. 9ro: that day to thi( I ne8er 5ray any:ore a1o+t :oney. I @+(t tell Satan to ta2e hi( hand( off :y :oney. I alway( (ay that I clai: (o :+ch :oney. I alway( (ay that angel( are :ini(tering (5irit( who are (ent to :ini(ter to tho(e who are heir( of (al8ation. ?To :ini(ter? :ean( to wait on or to serve. %hen yo+ go to a re(ta+rant, a waitre(( co:e( to (er8e or to :ini(ter to yo+. Thi( i( the ill+(tration the >ord ga8e :e when I wa( 5raying in the S5irit. 3ct+ally, I had a 8i(ion and (aw an angel. =e(+( infor:ed :e that that wa( :y angel. =e(+( (5o2e to :e a1o+t the ti:e He (aid in Hi( %ord& ?S+ffer the little children to co:e +nto :e? C'att 19&1-D. Then He al(o (aid, ?Their angel i( e8er 1efore :y 9ather<( face? C'att. 1 &10D. =e(+( (aid thi( when the di(ci5le( were re1+2ing the 5eo5le for 5re((ing aro+nd Hi: when He wa( tired. =e(+( told :e that @+(t 1eca+(e I grew +5, I did not lo(e :y angel. The >ord told :e to tell :y :ini(tering (5irit(, or angel(, to go and ca+(e the :oney to co:e. I ha8e 1een doing that, and it ha( 1een wor2ing e8er (ince then. 3( we 5ray, we recei8e the an(wer( we need. Prayer i( the life of the ch+rch. I 1elie8e that we<re only in the 1eginning of the 5rayer conG+e(t. I feel that there i( a great deal :ore that ;od i( going to do in the(e la(t day(. I 1elie8e that we are only in the 1eginning of the 5rayer fight that i( to end thi( di(5en(ation. >earn the (ecret of 5raying for other(. Pray for :en and wo:en 1y na:e. 0on<t @+(t l+:5 the: together and 5ray for the: a( a gro+5. 0on<t @+(t 5ray for ;od to (a8e (o+l(. 'ention their na:e( (5ecifically to ;od. In the la(t ch+rch I 5a(tored we had a +niG+e 5rayer :eeting. I told the 5eo5le I wanted the: to co:e on Th+r(day night and write on a 5iece of 5a5er the na:e of the 5er(on they wanted

he !rayer "ecret of !raying for =esults


:o(t to (ee (a8ed. If it were a h+(1and and wife they were to write 1oth na:e( down. It t+rned o+t that the weather that night wa( 8ery 1ad with a great deal of (leet and (now. E8eryone wa( in(tr+cted to (tay off the (treet(. %e were not +(ed to thi( 2ind of weather, neither did we ha8e the eG+i5:ent to ta2e care of it. Ne8erthele((, nineteen 5eo5le ca:e to the :eeting. I gathered +5 all of the na:e(, 5+t the: in the offering 5late, and :i*ed the: +5. Then we 5a((ed the 5late aro+nd, and each one too2 a na:e. I too2 one and (aid that I wa( going to 5ray for that 5artic+lar 5er(on to 1e (a8ed d+ring the co:ing re8i8al. I told the: to li(ten to what I (aid and then agree with it. I fini(hed :y 5rayer and then we lifted o+r hand( and 5rai(ed ;od 1eca+(e that 5er(on wa( (a8ed. I told the 5eo5le not to 5ray for that 5er(on any:ore, 1eca+(e we had already (ettled it. %e went right down thro+gh the li(t and 5rayed for each one. 3ll the 5eo5le for who: we 5rayed e*ce5t two, were (a8ed d+ring that :eeting. I had ne8er had that 2ind of (+cce(( in :y life. Preaching at a ca:5 :eeting in 195-, I :et a wo:an who(e h+(1and had 1een one of tho(e we had 5rayed for. I had heard that he had gotten (a8ed. Bo+ (ee, all tho(e 5eo5le we 5rayed for, e*ce5t two, were (a8ed within a :onth<( ti:e, and the other two were (a8ed 1efore the year wa( o8er. %hen the :eeting concl+ded, thi( co+5le ca:e +5, and the h+(1and (aid, ?Brother Hagin, I want to h+g yo+r nec2E yo+ 2now that I a: yo+r 1rother now.? He (aid that he had gotten (a8ed that year, after they :o8ed 1ac2 to .alifornia. I wa( glad to 2now that 5rayer (till wor2(. %hen we 5ray for re(+lt( according to ;od<( %ord, ;od<( %ord doe( not fail.

Chapter # The Prayer Secret of Agreeing and Praying in the Spirit

3ATTH2W 14:15 15 Again * say +nto yo+" That if t-o of yo+ sha$$ agree on earth as to+ching any thing that they sha$$ as%" it sha$$ /e done for the& of &y ,ather -hich is in hea)en'

%e are tal2ing a1o+t 5rayer (ecret(. Here i( the (ecret of agreeing.

0o not 5+t any li:itation( on that. >et<( @+(t ta2e Hi: at Hi( %ord. It i( li2e the (tory we were told a1o+t a little girl. Her 5a(tor 2e5t (aying, ?That doe(n<t :ean that,? and ?Thi( doe(n<t :ean thi(.? She finally a(2ed, ?If =e(+( did not :ean what He (aid, then why didn<t He (ay what He :eantA? That i( a 5retty good tho+ght. If He didn<t :ean what He (aid, then why didn<t He (ay what He :eantA I 1elie8e =e(+( (aid what He :eant and :eant what He (aid. Se8eral year( ago I wa( 5reaching in we(t Te*a(, at .hri(t:a( ti:e. 3ltho+gh I had 1een there for three wee2( the 5a(tor wanted :e to (tay three :ore wee2(. I (till had another :eeting 1efore .hri(t:a(. The 5a(tor then infor:ed :e that he had a 1ig 5ay:ent e8ery year on the ch+rch 5ro5erty, and each S+nday night in 0ece:1er he too2 an offering for thi( 5+r5o(e. He (aid if I wo+ld (tay, he wo+ld ta2e +5 an offering for the 5ay:ent fir(t, and then ta2e +5 :y offering later. He (aid he realiMed that I wo+ld need e*tra :oney at .hri(t:a(ti:e (ince I wo+ld not 1e in :eeting( d+ring the holiday(, 1+t he wa( not (+re if hi( 5eo5le co+ld gi8e any e*tra. Nonethele((, I agreed to (tay, 1elie8ing that I wo+ld recei8e (+fficient offering(. I wrote :y wife telling her that I wa( going to (tay on, and that I wanted !#

he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit


her to o5en her Bi1le the ne*t S+nday afternoon to 'atthew 1 &19 and agree with :e for (o :+ch :oney. I a((+red her that I wo+ld do the (a:e. %e clai:ed half again a( :+ch a( we had 1een getting each wee2. That ne*t S+nday night the 5a(tor too2 +5 hi( offering for the 5ro5erty and then :ine. I recei8ed three dollar( :ore than what :y wife and I had agreed +5on. The ne*t wee2 I wrote :y wife telling her to do the (a:e thing again on the following S+nday afternoon and that I wo+ld do li2ewi(e. %hen the wee2 wa( o8er, we recei8ed L1.-9 a1o8e the a:o+nt we had a(2ed for. The S+nday night 1efore .hri(t:a(, the ch+rch had a little .hri(t:a( 5rogra:, and I 5reached only fifteen :in+te(. 3fterward(, the 5a(tor too2 +5 an offering again for the 5ro5erty and then one for :e. 3fter the (er8ice, we went to the 5ar(onage, and the 5a(tor a(2ed :e how :+ch I had gotten for that wee2. I told hi: that the deacon( had not yet told :e. Since the deacon( were 1+(y, the 5a(tor and I co+nted the :oney. The offering wa( a1o+t L!0 (hort of what :y wife and I had clai:ed. I (+gge(ted that we co+nt it again, 1eca+(e the :oney had to 1e there. I told hi: what :y wife and I had done, and I (aid that if it were not there, then I wo+ld ha8e to go to e8ery ch+rch where I had 5reached and tell the: that =e(+( wa( a liar and that the Bi1le wa( not (o. If it did not wor2, I wanted to throw it away. I a: @+(t that hone(t. I do not :ean that thing( will co:e to yo+ li2e ri5e cherrie( falling fro: a tree, 1eca+(e yo+ ha8e to (tand yo+r gro+nd. Bo+ ha8e to (tand yo+r gro+nd again(t the de8il. In anything el(e in life, 5eo5le will fight for their right( and what 1elong( to the:. They will lo(e (lee5 and 5+t forth e8ery effort. B+t when it co:e( to (5irit+al thing(, they will roll o8er, (h+t their eye( and 5lay dead. %e need to get down to 1+(ine(( and find o+t where the an(wer i(. ;od<( %ord wor2(. 'any ti:e( in 5rayer I ha8e


!rayer "ecrets

gone right o8er the (a:e gro+nd again and again. If I had a 8ery 8al+a1le ring and fo+nd that I had lo(t the (etting o+t of the ring, I wo+ld go o8er the gro+nd caref+lly where I tho+ght I had lo(t it. I wo+ld get down on :y hand( and 2nee(, crawling aro+nd, if nece((ary, loo2ing for it. %hen it co:e( to (5irit+al :atter( I do the (a:e thingKI retrace :y (te5(. So I told the 5a(tor that the :oney had to 1e there. %e co+nted it again and we were (till (hort. He co+nted half the :oney, and I co+nted the other half. Then he co+nted the half that I had co+nted, and I co+nted hi( half. %e (till arri8ed at the (a:e fig+re. I told hi: that it @+(t had to 1e there. %e decided to co+nt it again. He (aid that we wo+ld co+nt all night +ntil we got it. S+ddenly, I re:e:1er that the 5a(tor<( wife had 1o+ght a Bi1le fro: :e 1efore ch+rch. She had 5aid :e for it and had 5+t the L".50 in an en8elo5e. She told :e at the (a:e ti:e that there wa( a 5er(onal offering that (he did not want to go thro+gh the ch+rch. She told :e not to tell e8en her h+(1and. It wa( a L!5.00 offering, and I had forgotten all a1o+t it. Then I told hi: that I had a L!5.00 offering, 1+t I didn<t tell hi: who ga8e it to :e. Therefore, I had L5.00 a1o8e what we had clai:edF Stand on ;od<( %ord and (ay that it ha( to 1e. >oo2 the (tor: in the face li2e Pa+l did. =e(+(< %ord i( :ore (+re than the word of an angel. Pa+l (aid, "For there stood by me this night the angel of $od, whose I am, and whom I serve" C3ct( !"&!/D. He concl+ded (aying, "&herefore, sirs... I believe $od, that it shall be even as it was told me" C3ct( !"&!5D. ;od<( written %ord i( e8en :ore (+re than the word of an angel. >oo2 the contradictory circ+:(tance( in the face and (ay, ?%herefore (ir(, I 1elie8e ;od that it (hall 1e e8en a( it wa( told :e.? Bo+ will find o+t that the de8il and de:on( will relent in their o55o(ition, and the an(wer will co:e. Stand yo+r gro+nd and ;od will hear yo+. >oo2 the fore1oding clo+d( in the face

he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit


and (ay, ?%herefore (ir(, I 1elie8e ;od that it (hall 1e e8en a( it wa( told :e.? Bo+ will find o+t then that the de8il and de:on( will relent in their o55o(ition, and the an(wer will co:e. Stand yo+r gro+nd, and ;od will hear yo+. In order for the 5rayer of agree:ent to wor2, there ha( to 1e two of yo+ and yo+ ha8e to 1e on the earth. That fit( +(. The (tronge(t a((ertion that yo+ can :a2e in the Engli(h lang+age i( to (ay, ?I will or I (hall.? Bo+ cannot :a2e any (tronger a((ertion than that. =e(+( (aid, ?... it "4#LL be done for them of my Father which is in heaven" C'att. 1 &19D. I wa( 5reaching in Sale:, )regon, in 195" d+ring a rece((ion that wa( then on in the nation. )regon wa( one of the (tate( that felt the rece((ion de(5erately. 3n +ne:5loyed :echanic fro: the ch+rch 5+t (o:e new 1ra2e( on :y car o+t at hi( ho+(e. He had wor2ed for a co:5any for nineteen year( a( a :echanic, 1+t the 1+(ine(( had to clo(e down. 3fter the :eeting, thi( .hri(tian :echanic and hi( wife and :y wife and I were eating together, and they related what had ha55ened to the: after I 5reached on 'ar2 11&!/& ?%ho(oe8er (hall (ay and not do+1t in hi( heart, 1+t (hall 1elie8e that tho(e thing( which he (aith (hall co:e to 5a((, (hall ha8e what(oe8er he (aith.? I had in8ited 5eo5le in the :eeting to co:e forward to (5ea2 in faith for whate8er they wanted to (ee co:e to 5a(( in their li8e(. That night a( thi( :an and wo:an were going ho:e, the wo:an a(2ed her h+(1and what he had (aid. He then a(2ed her the (a:e G+e(tion. They had a lot which they had 1een trying to (ell for (e8eral year(E (he told her h+(1and that (he had a(2ed for the lot to 1e (old. He (aid that he had a(2ed the 8ery (a:e thing. The ne*t :orning at the 1rea2fa(t ta1le (he told her h+(1and to go 1ac2 to the real e(tate :an and li(t the lot again. He went to the real e(tate :an who told hi: that the 5ro5erty @+(t wo+ld not (ell. The .hri(tian :echanic told the real e(tate agent that he wanted to li(t it anyway. The agent agreed and (+gge(ted that he


!rayer "ecrets

(ee a :an who had tried to 1+y the lot 1efore at a lower 5rice. The .hri(tian :echanic fo+nd the :an and learned that he wa( (till intere(ted in the lot and wo+ld e8en ta2e it for the 5rice that the co+5le had a(2ed for it. 9or two year( thi( co+5le had needed the e*tra :oney and co+ld ha8e had it, if they had only said it. In(tead of 1elie8ing with the heart they had 1een 5raying that $od wo+ld do (o:ething a1o+t it. &e ha8e o+r 5art to 5lay too. Thi( .hri(tian :echanic al(o wor2ed in the fore(t( when weather 5er:itted. The :an who 1o+ght the lot owned a fleet of tr+c2(, and he a(2ed the :echanic if he wo+ld li2e to ha8e a @o1. He acce5ted the @o1, which wa( year-ro+nd e:5loy:ent and the (alary wa( L100 :ore than he had 1een getting. Hi( wife (aid that they had alway( 2nown 'ar2 11&!/,!- wa( in the Bi1le, 1+t thi( wa( the fir(t ti:e they had e8er really acted on it. It i( a (ad thing that S5irit-filled .hri(tian( go thro+gh life and ne8er act +5on the %ord. ;od<( %ord i( tr+e. =e(+( did not (ay that it might 1e done or that there wa( a 5o((i1ility that it could 1e done. In(tead, He (aid that it shall 1e doneF If yo+ agree on anything, it (hall 1e done. In(tead of arg+ing with the Bi1le, why don<t yo+ @+(t (ide in with it. Bear( ago when I wa( a Ba5ti(t 1oy, a friend of :ine wor2ed for hi( 1rother in a little garage that had hardly eno+gh roo: to get one car in it. It wa( d+ring the de5re((ion day(. Hi( 1rother 5aid hi: L/.00 a wee2 and fed hi:. Be(ide( thi(, 1oth 1rother( tried to hel5 their 5arent( who were 8ery 5oor. I re:e:1er I (to55ed 1y to (ee :y friend, and he wa( wor2ing on a </- .he8rolet. Hi( 1rother had @+(t left. He told :e that he wanted :e to 5ray a1o+t (o:ething with hi:. He had 1een going with a yo+ng lady, and he wanted to get :arried, 1+t he co+ldn<t on L/.00 a wee2. He wanted :e to 5ray that he wo+ld get a good @o1, 1eca+(e he did not e8en ha8e any dre(( 5ant(. He (aid he had a55lied for a @o1, 1+t the :en who too2 hi( a55lication told hi: that there were !,000 ahead of hi:. He wa( going to a55ly for another @o1 at a cotton :ill, and he wanted :e

he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit


to agree with hi: that he wo+ld get it. E8en tho+gh there were hardly any @o1( aro+nd to 1e had, he 2new ;od wo+ld do (o:ething a1o+t it. I told hi: a1o+t 'atthew 1 &19, and we agreed that he wo+ld ha8e that @o1 within ten day(. )n the tenth day they called hi:, and he went to wor2 for L10 a wee2. In a little while he 1o+ght hi:(elf a co+5le of (+it( of clothe(, and in a1o+t nine :onth( he got :arried on L10 a wee2. He (tayed there +ntil he wa( 5ro:oted to 1e one of the 1o((e(, earning a good (alary. Then ;od called hi: to 5reach, and he went into the :ini(try. That wa( :y fir(t e*5erience in acting +5on thi( 8er(e of Scri5t+re. It will wor2 1eca+(e it i( ;od<( %ord. Bo+ can 1e :ighty in 5rayer alone, 1+t yo+ can 1e :ightier with (o:eone @oining yo+. I re:e:1er S:ith %iggle(worth telling of an Engli(h Pre(1yterian lady who had co:e to hi( little :i((ion and recei8ed the 1a5ti(: of the Holy S5irit. CBo+ :ay ha8e e*5erienced that yo+r(elf when yo+ fir(t recei8ed, yo+ tho+ght e8eryone wo+ld 1e ha55y for yo+ 1+t yo+ fo+nd o+t later that :ay1e they were not (o thrilledFD Thi( lady went 1ac2 to her ch+rch and (tarted (5ea2ing in tong+e(, where+5on they threw her o+t. Her h+(1and wa( on the 1oard, and they told hi: that he wo+ld ha8e to 5+t a (to5 to it, or el(e they wo+ld ha8e to e*co::+nicate her for good. He went ho:e angry and infor:ed her that (he wo+ld ha8e to choo(e 1etween the Holy S5irit and hi:. He wo+ld gi8e her ten day( to :a2e +5 her :ind. She (ent word for %iggle(worth to co:e to 5ray for her. %hen he ca:e, he (aw that her face and eye( were red fro: crying. She told hi: that he wa( too lateE nonethele((, %iggle(worth a((+red her that ;od ne8er (ent hi: anywhere too late. She related the (tory and added that it wa( the tenth day. 3t the 1rea2fa(t ta1le that :orning her h+(1and had a(2ed her what her deci(ion wa(. She told hi: that (he co+ld not gi8e +5 the Holy S5irit, (o he had 5ac2ed and left. %iggle(worth told


!rayer "ecrets

her that if they agreed in 5rayer, her h+(1and wo+ld 1e 1ac2. She re5lied, ?Bo+ don<t 2now :y h+(1andF? He an(wered, ?No, I don<t 2now hi:, 1+t I 2now :y =e(+(.? She infor:ed hi: that her h+(1and ne8er went 1ac2 on hi( word. 3fter a little ti:e %iggle(worth (+cceeded in (howing her what the %ord (aid. He told her that all they had to do wa( to agree on earth. 9inally, (he agreed to agree with %iggle(worth. They 5rayed and a(2ed that her h+(1and wo+ld co:e 1ac2. %hile they were 5raying, (he 1egan 5raying in the S5irit. %iggle(worth told her that when her h+(1and ca:e 1ac2 that night Che didn<t (ay ?if?D, (he (ho+ld 1e 8ery nice and act a( if nothing had ha55ened at all. He added that after her h+(1and went to 1ed (he (ho+ld go to another roo: to 1e alone, (tart 5raying in the S5irit, and when (he wa( in the S5irit, (he (ho+ld go G+ietly and lay her hand on hi: and clai: hi( (o+l. %iggle(worth left, and the wo:an<( h+(1and ca:e 1ac2 that e8ening. She coo2ed hi: hi( fa8orite (+55er and later when (he wa( 5raying while he wa( a(lee5, (he laid her hand on hi: and clai:ed hi( (o+l. The :in+te (he to+ched hi:, he @+:5ed o+t of 1ed and a(2ed the >ord to (a8e hi:. He then confe((ed that he wa( a 1oard :e:1er of the ch+rch 1+t wa( not really (a8ed. He wa( con8erted and in a few :in+te( he wa( filled with the S5irit too. Thi( all ha55ened 1eca+(e %iggle(worth and thi( wo:an had agreed in 5rayer.
0O3ANS 4: 6 6 6i%e-ise the Spirit a$so he$peth o+r infir&ities: for -e %no- not -hat -e sho+$d pray for as -e o+ght: /+t the
Spirit itse$f &a%eth intercession for +s -ith groanings -hich cannot /e +ttered'

0r. P. .. Nel(on affir:( that the ;ree2 tran(lation (ay( that the S5irit :a2e( interce((ion, ?with groaning( which cannot 1e +ttered in artic+late (5eech.? 3rtic+late (5eech :ean( yo+r nor:al 2ind of (5eech. Thi( 8er(e incl+de( 5raying with tong+e( al(o. That agree( with what Pa+l (ay( in 9ir(t .orinthian( 1-&1-&

he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit


"For if I /ray in an unknown tongue, my s/irit /rayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful.? he #m/lified ;ible (ay(, ?... :y (5irit H1y the Holy S5irit within :eI 5ray(....? %e 2now not what to 5ray for a( we o+ght. Bo+ cannot 5o((i1ly 2now in yo+r nat+ral :ind what to 5ray for a( yo+ o+ght. 9or in(tance, if I a: 5raying for (o:eone I 2now, and I a(2 ;od to 1le(( hi:, all I a: doing i( (al8ing :y con(cience (o I can (ay that I 5rayed for hi:. Bo+ can @+(t (ay what yo+ want to, 1+t we 2now not what to 5ray for a( we o+ght. Than2 ;od, the S5irit hel5eth o+r infir:itie(. That doe( not :ean that thi( i( (o:ething the Holy ;ho(t doe( a5art fro: yo+. That wo+ld :a2e the Holy ;ho(t re(5on(i1le for yo+r 5rayer life and He i( not, 1eca+(e the Bi1le teache( that you are re(5on(i1le. The Holy S5irit i( not (ent to do yo+r 5raying for yo+, 1+t He i( (ent to hel5 yo+ in e8ery a(5ect of life, incl+ding yo+r 5rayer life. The(e groaning( co:e o+t of yo+r (5irit and e(ca5e yo+r li5(E that i( the S5irit hel5ing yo+. So:e thing( co:e o+t that @+(t cannot 1e e*5re((ed in word(. The(e groaning( are in(5ired 1y the Holy S5irit, and they co:e fro: within yo+. )ften 1y 5raying thi( way, yo+ are interceding. The 5rayer of interce((ion i( 5raying for another. .harle( 9inney 1egan hi( :ini(try a( a Pre(1yterian and later on 1eca:e a .ongregationali(t. He 2new (o:ething a1o+t the Holy S5irit. He i( 2nown a( the :an who 5rayed down re8i8al(. 9inney wa( holding a re8i8al :eeting in a certain city. The wife of one of the leading doctor( of the city wa( a wonderf+l .hri(tian wo:an and leader, 1+t the doctor hi:(elf wa( an infidel. He wo+ld :a2e f+n of hi( wife. She felt that 9inney, who had 1een a lawyer, wo+ld 1e a1le to hel5 her h+(1and. She 2e5t in(i(ting that 9inney co:e to her ho+(e on one of hi( day( off. He agreed to co:e on a 'onday for the noon :eal. Thi( doctor had a 1rother who wa( a far:erE he wa( a 8ery religio+( :an and had co:e to attend the :eeting(. Thi( far:er 1rother wa( (taying in the ho:e with the doctor and hi( wife, (o


!rayer "ecrets

at the ti:e a55ointed, 9inney ca:e and e8eryone wa( (eated at the ta1le. The lady a(2ed 9inney to 5rayE a( he 1owed hi( head, he wa( chec2ed in hi( (5irit and felt that the >ord wanted the far:er 1rother to 5ray. The 1rother 1egan 5raying, when (+ddenly he too2 ahold of hi( (to:ach and (tarted groaning. He then @+:5ed +5 fro: the ta1le and ran to hi( 1edroo:. The doctor tho+ght (o:ething wa( wrong with hi: 5hy(ically, and @+:5ed +5 to follow hi( 1rother. 9inney followed. 3( 9inney went into the roo:, the doctor wa( co:ing o+t to get hi( 1ag 1eca+(e he tho+ght hi( 1rother had (o:e 2ind of (to:ach cra:5(. 9inney 2new what the :atter wa(. He (to55ed the doctor, infor:ing hi: that there wa( nothing wrong with hi( 1rother. 9inney told the doctor that hi( 1rother had the (5irit of tra8ail and interce((ion and that he wa( 5raying for the doctor<( lo(t (o+l. The doctor @er2ed loo(e fro: 9inney and (aid that he did not 1elie8e it. The doctor left and 9inney went into the roo: and 2neeled down 1y the 1rother, and 1egan to 5ray. Bo+ can hel5 lift a (5irit+al load @+(t li2e yo+ can a 5hy(ical load. 9inney (aid that within a few :in+te( he co+ld feel the 1+rden co:ing off on hi:. 9or forty-fi8e :in+te( they (tayed there wee5ing and groaning. %hen yo+ do thi(, (o:eti:e( yo+ feel a( if yo+r own (o+l i( lo(t, 1+t really it i(n<t. Beca+(e yo+ are ta2ing (o:eone el(e<( 1+rden +5on yo+r(elf, yo+ act+ally feel on the in(ide of yo+, a( if yo+ are lo(t. So:e ha8e had thi( (5irit of groaning and did not 2now what it wa(. It i( interce((ion for a lo(t (o+l. If the S5irit of ;od co:e( +5on yo+ and groaning( (tart welling +5 fro: yo+r inner :an, go ahead and groan and 5ray it o+t. 3ltho+gh yo+ do not ta2e it +5on yo+r(elf to @+(t groan in the fle(h, there i( a groaning of the S5irit when the Holy S5irit ta2e( hold with yo+ in 5rayer. 9inney (aid that after they had 5rayed, they (tarted la+ghing. Bo+ (ho+ld alway( 5ray +ntil yo+ ha8e a feeling of 5rai(e. He (aid they re@oiced and la+ghed for awhile. 3fter 9inney ca:e down(tair(, he 2noc2ed on the doctor<( (t+dy door. He told hi:

he !rayer "ecret of #greeing and !raying in the "/irit


that he had a word for hi: fro: hi( 1rother. The doctor o5ened the door and a(2ed hi: how hi( 1rother wa(. 9inney told hi: that hi( 1rother had 1een 5raying for the doctor<( 5oor lo(t (o+l. He added that they had 5rayed it all thro+gh and that he wa( @+(t a( good a( (a8ed. 9inney (aid the doctor dro55ed hi( head and (tarted crying. Then he fell down on hi( 2nee( and wa( glorio+(ly (a8ed. Be(, there i( a 5rayer of interce((ion. Be(, there i( a :ini(try of interce((ion. 0o not 1e afraid to yield to it. Pa+l (ay(, "For if I /ray in an unknown tongue, my s/irit /rayeth ...? C1 .or. 1-&1-D. 'y (5irit i( not co:ing fro: :y :ind or :y head. The Holy S5irit i( hel5ing :e. I do not 2now e*actly what to 5ray for a( I o+ght. So I 1egin 5raying in the S5irit, and I often get a re8elation of what I a: to 5ray for. %hether or not yo+ ha8e a re8elation, 5ray that way anyway 1eca+(e yo+ 2now it i( Bi1le and it i( Scri5t+ral. 3 yo+ng Te*a( :ini(ter wa( hit head-on 1y a dr+n2. %hen hi( father arri8ed at the ho(5ital they told hi: that hi( (on<( nec2 wa( 1ro2en and that he wa( 5aralyMed fro: the wai(t down. 0octor( ga8e hi: little ho5e of reco8ering. The father went 1ac2 the ne*t night, and fo+nd hi: +ncon(cio+(. He told the doctor that he wa( going to (tay all night and 5ray. The father 5rayed in tong+e(, and at :idnight he wa( (till 5raying in tong+e(. He 5rayed altogether a1o+t ten ho+r( in tong+e(. 3t (i* o<cloc2 in the :orning, he went o8er to hi( (on<( 1ed and (aw hi: lying there with hi( eye( o5en. The (on a((+red hi: that he wa( all right 1eca+(e ;od had healed hi:. He (aid he had feeling all o8er hi( 1ody. The two 1egan 5rai(ing the >ord. The doctor ca:e in, and the 1oy told hi: that ;od had healed hi:. He a(2ed the doctor to re:o8e the ca(t, 1+t the doctor (aid no, 1eca+(e hi( nec2 and 1ac2 were 1ro2en. 3fter :+ch 5er(+a(ion, they *-rayed hi: and (aid that they co+ld not e8en find where hi( 1one( had 1een 1ro2en. They 2e5t hi: there for a day or two


!rayer "ecrets

to chec2 hi:, and finally told hi: that he co+ld go ho:e. He wa( :irac+lo+(ly healed and i( (till 5reaching the ;o(5el. The father got the @o1 done when he 1egan to 5ray in the S5irit. He got the hel5 of the Holy S5irit in 5raying. Bo+ can increa(e yo+r 5ower in 5rayer 100 5ercent 1y 5raying in the S5irit and in tong+e(.

0ear 9riend, %e tr+(t thi( 1oo2 ha( 1een a 1le((ing to yo+. %e ha8e endea8ored to o1ey ;od and 5re(ent the :e((age He ha( gi8en +( in the 5rinted word. %e are li(ting (e8eral 1oo2( fro: o+r 9aith >i1rary which are of the (a:e (iMe and ty5e a( the one yo+ ha8e @+(t read. ;od<( :e((age in the: will ena1le the 1elie8er to fill to the +t:o(t hi( 5lace in the Body of .hri(t. 7OO8S 79 82NN2TH 2' HAG*N
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7OO8S 79 82NN2TH HAG*N J0'

7eca+se of Jes+s Ho- To 3a%e the :rea& God Ga)e 9o+ Co&e Tr+e The 6ife of O/edience

If yo+ wo+ld li2e a co:5lete li(t of all the :aterial( a8aila1le C(t+dy co+r(e(, gro+5 (t+dy 1oo2(, :ini1oo2(, ca((ette(, etc.D 5lea(e write o+r office and reG+e(t the Faith Library Catalog.

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