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Instructions to follow while TYPING & HTML CONVERSION. 1.

Every line should match with the corresponding line in the IMAGE; hence the pages shall automatically match with the IMAGE file pages. 2. Font will be Times New Roman font size of 10 for the body text. 3. If the word cuts in the IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file. If a line ends in IMAGE file then the same should be done in text file. 4. New page data of IMAGE file should start from new HTML documents. 5. File name should be given as it is given to the image file. 6. Use tables instead of Column. 7. Type the text as it appears in the IMAGE file. 8. Flow chart, images, graphs, should be ignored. 9. Justification is not required even size if it is done in the IMAGE file. 10.Extra enters and different enter size would be considered as error. 11.The files should be saved in and it should be attached to the e-mail and should be sent on the prescribed date within 12.00 PM. After 12:00 PM the files will not be accepted.

PARAMETERS FOR SLOT COMPLETE REJECTION (100%) 1. File name given is wrong, title mistake, page no mistake, (including the zip folder name) 2. Incomplete file. 3. Type only in notepad file. 4. Only HTML files should be present in the zip file. 5. Total number of image files and notepad file are different. 6. Extra temporary files found or file not zipped. 7. Font size not in round figure. 8. Other page data found. 9. The files should be in notepad only, apart from that if any other format except notepad format; the whole slot will be rejected. 10.The file should be zipped by using only WINZIP software. Each job work should be sent as a separate attachment and is separate e-mail.

Termination Criteria (100%):

1. 2. 3. 4.

File not submitted for any 2 times, job work has been rejected for any 2 times. Incomplete file submitted for any two times. Duplication of data found in any page. Any 2 times not achieved the accuracy in overall 12 slots. Any conversion software used, Slots will be cancelled without prior notice.

If you achieve above 99% accuracy continuously for 6 months, the per page price will be revised.


HTML Tagging to be used for the Notepad:

1. Before starting the page type <START> and end of the page type <END>. 2. The given file name should be typed within <TITLE></TITLE>. For Ex: <TITLE>4406a1124</TITLE>. TITLE tag must be placed after the START tag. 3. In the starting of the Paragraph or Paragraphs type <BODY> and at the ending of Paragraph or Last Paragraph type </BODY> 4. Use only single space in between the words. 5. Starting of the paragraph <P> and ending of the paragraph use </P>. 6. Every line ending in the paragraph should be ended with <br>.
7. Every line ending in the paragraph should be ended with <br> without giving enter and space.

8. Each paragraph of the image file should be aligned in one line of the notepad. 9. While saving the text in the notepad please save the file followed by the file name.HTML, ex 4406a1124.html. 10. Zip all the html files and give the same file name as it is given for the zip file. 11. Zip the files using only WINZIP software.

Some of the useful hints for Q.C check follow up

Open note pad File Ctrl+A (Select) Ctrl+C (Copy) Open MS word Ctrl+V (Past) Word Count- Ctrl+Shift+G (You Find the Line Missing)Ctrl+Shift+8 (Show Paragraph)Ctrl+F (Find)Ctrl+R (Final Replace) Check Before & After Space - <br>/--/. /-,/-. Total Lines of 48 Note Pad File Size Must 5Kb
Percentage deduction list for the errors. Line missing/Extra Line Each line Improper text alignment Each page Spelling Error Each 3 error Extra line enters Each line enter Text missing/Extra Text Each word Extra enters Each 10 enters Extra Space Each 10 space Other line data Each Word Double space Each Double Space Grammar error Each Three Errors Extra symbol/Symbols missing Each Three Symbols HTML coding not used Each Page Wrong HTML coding Each Page 10% in Slot Accuracy 10% in Slot Accuracy 10% in Slot Accuracy 5% in Slot Accuracy 5% in Slot Accuracy 5% in Slot Accuracy 5% in Slot Accuracy 5% in Slot Accuracy 2% in Slot Accuracy 2% in Slot Accuracy 2% in Slot Accuracy 1% in Slot Accuracy 1% in Slot Accuracy