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DEMONS AN EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT Howard O. Pittman ORDER FROM: TON BIBLE CAMP 16 6th Publication Spring - 1995 Printed in the United States of America By The Philadelphian Publishing House PO. Box 107 Foxworth, Ms, 39483 FOREWORD (On August 3, 1979, the greatest miracle of this age happened to me. That day I suffered what appeared to be a physical death as the result of a sudden rupture of an internal artery. While physicians worked frantically on me in an emergency room, my spirit was separated from my body and taken into the spirit world where | was allowed to see many startling things, ‘The details of this experience were reported in some depth in my book entitled Placebo. One area | did not cover as fully as | would have liked is the portion that deals with the demons. For this purpose, | am writing this book, It is necessary for me to cover in detail all that | experienced and all that was revealed to me regarding the demons and their entice operations in this physical world. It is not my intent to re-examine that portion of my experience which | related in depth in my first book but, rather, to cover in ‘greater detail the activities of the demons in this present, physical world, This must be done so that the Christians might be forewamed and forearmed. | was allowed to experience this event so that you might know.