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The beginning of the season is fast approaching. There is about 3 months until we begin fall camp. This manual is intended for you to be as prepared for fall camp as possible. The drills listed here are a supplement to your weightlifting responsibilities. To be the best you can be you should attend 4 weightlifting sessions per week! These drills should be done at least once a week but preferably 2-3 times per week. Most of the drills can be done on your own but with everything related to this team it would be more beneficial for you and your teammates to get together and practice these drills. The e pectations of the !ashington !arrior football program are very high for the 2""# season$ let%s do our best to be prepared and ready to claim our state championship!!! There is a checklist at the back of the manual that allows you to fill in the drills you did for each week in the preseason& these will be turned in at the beginning of fall camp so ' can get a better idea of how prepared we will be to start the season. (ot every drill needs to be done every time )e cept for the warm-up*. +hoose two or three drills from each section that you want to work on that particular day. These will be some of the same drills we will be using in practice so get familiar with them. This is going to be a great group of wide receivers this year and ' am looking forward to working with you. ,et%s get ready to dominate in 2""#!!!

"It's not the will to win that matters - everyone has that. It's the will to prepare to win that matters."

-aul ./ear0 /ryant


These drills focus on getting loose while at the same time developing footwork and speed mechanics. These should be done everyday before you begin the rest of the drills. High Knees
OBJECTIVE: To develop the muscles needed for a fast& long stride and to develop fle ibility in the hamstrings. Description: 1rive your knees high and forcefully. !hen one leg is lifted& the other leg should be fully e tended while bending forward slightly at the waist. 2rms should be driven forcefully back and forth. Try to get as many reps in a 3" yard area as possible. 4epeat coming back.

Butt Ki !s
OBJECTIVE: To develop strength in the hamstrings and active fle ibility in the 5uadriceps. DESCRIPTION: 6or a distance of 3" yards& alternately& swing the heel of each foot back to the buttocks. 't should be a 5uick and smooth swinging motion. Try and get as many reps as possible in a 3" yd distance. 4epeat coming back.

C"#i$ "
OBJECTIVE: To develop hip fle ibility and rotation as well 5uick feet. DESCRIPTION: Turn you body so you are facing sideways. 6or a distance of 3" yards& begin by stepping one foot behind the other while rotating your hips. 4epeat with the other foot and so on. 7o slowly the first time through. Turn and repeat facing the same direction. 2fter you have gone down and back repeat the same movement only trying to get as many reps as possible in 3" yards.

OBJECTIVE: To increase stride length and leg e plosion DESCRIPTION: 8 plode forward pushing off of one leg while driving the other up as high as you can. !hen you land e plode 5uickly off the other foot and repeat. -ump your arms in movement with your legs. 9trive for ma imum height each time for a distance of 2" yards. Turn and repeat.

St"#t &#$' ($u# st"n e

OBJECTIVE:: To increase e plosive ability from a wide receiver stance DESCRIPTION: /egin in a proper wide receiver stance. The inside leg should be up while outside leg split behind you at a comfortable distance. /egin by driving up leg into the ground and stepping forward with the back leg& make sure to not step backwards or false step while coming out of your stance. 1o 3" reps at a distance of 3-: yards each.

These catching drills are used to develop your catching abilities by catching passes at different angles and from different directions. They will also help develop hand eye coordination. 8very time you

catch a ball& you should look it all the way in& tuck it away& and burst up field if the drill involves running. Try to catch everything with your hands and not your body. ;ou will need a partner to complete these drills.

Right "t Me
OBJECTIVE: To develop the hands for footballs thrown directly at the receiver as well as from different angles. DESCRIPTION: The receiver should stand 3" yards apart from the thrower facing them directly. The thrower will start by throwing a pass directly at the receiver. The receiver will focus on the front stripe of the ball and make a triangle with their thumbs and inde fingers. ,ook the ball all the way in and tuck away. The receiver must catch 3" passes without a drop before moving on. 6rom there move on to passes thrown high& low& and off to the left and right side. The receiver should catch 3" passes from each angle without a drop.

3" yards

OBJECTIVE: To develop the skills necessary to make one and two handed catches over the shoulder. DESCRIPTION: The receiver is 10 yards apart from the thrower facing away from the thrower. The thrower will throw a soft pass over the inside shoulder of the receiver. The receiver will be running in place looking back over his shoulder to the inside. When he sees the ball he should reach out with one hand to catch the ball then tuck it away. Repeat 10 times then throw to outside shoulder. Do 10 times then move to two handed catching, doing 10 from each side.

10 yards

C"#i$ " Sn"*

OBJECTIVE: To develop footwork and hip snap while catching the ball. DESCRIPTION: The receiver will face the thrower and line up : yards away. <n command the receiver will perform a 5uick carioca for 3 yards then break into a route )out& curl& comeback*. !hen receiver breaks out of carioca he should be facing in towards the thrower. The thrower will throw the ball

in front of the receiver. The receiver should always be under control and balanced. Make sue to turn your head towards thrower when you come out of the carioca. 4un 3" times doing an out route& 3" times doing a curl& and 3" times doing a comeback. <nly do the last 2-3 steps of each route. )<=T* )+=4,* )+<M8/2+>*


C#$ssing S+u"#e Sh$u,%e#

OBJECTIVE: To be able to catch a ball while moving parallel to the 5uarterback. DESCRIPTION: The receiver lines up 3" yards away facing the thrower. <n command the receiver runs on a parallel line as the thrower throws the ball in front of him. The receiver should focus on s5uaring his shoulder to the thrower& e tending his arms& thumbs together& and cushion the ball on the catch )tuck it away*. 1o 3" reps with ball thrown directly at the receiver. 1o another 3" reps each with the ball thrown high& low& and at the back hip.

These drills are designed to improve our route running and overall receiver techni5ue. !hen making cuts plant hard and snap head back to the inside as if you are

running a route and the ball is coming at you. /y snapping the head back to the inside it helps you to accelerate out of your break and gain separation. P$stu#e D#i,,
OBJECTIVE: To push defender off and gain separation DESCRIPTION: 9tart on a diagonal and move forward : yards. Throw your shoulders forward. Make sure your head stays up and drive your arms. The stand back up completely and backpedal for : yards. 4epeat the drill in the shape of a !. 1o from hash mark to hash mark and repeat the other way.

F$$t Fi#e D#i,,

OBJECTIVE: To develop balance& arm drive& and foot 5uickness. Description: -lace four cones about 3-2 yards apart. Take as many steps as you can between cone 3 and 2& 2 and 3& and 3 and 4. Move your feet and arms as fast as you can& while staying under control and balanced. 2s you approach the ne t cone& make sure your eyes are up. -lant your foot hard into the ground to change direction. 4ock your head and shoulders opposite to simulate the top of the stem on a route. 1o :-? reps.

D"is( D#i,,
OBJECTIVE: To develop separation techni5ues while running a vertical route. DESCRIPTION: 8very : yards the receiver should emphasi@e hitting heavy with the route-side foot and coming to balance with the opposite foot. 2s the second foot hits the ground& the receiver should throw his head and shoulders up field as he bows down& giving the defense the illusion that he is going to

make an up move. 1o this drill at a slow pace and e aggerate picking up and slamming down the foot. 2lways keep your eyes up and focus on the defender. 1o : reps each way.

Ang,e Cut
OBJECTIVE: To develop hard cuts and breaks while running a route. DESCRIPTION: -lace four cones five yards apart at 4:-degree angles from one another. 9tart at cone one and drive towards cone two. 2s you reach cone two stick outside foot and make a sharp break towards cone three. 4epeat all the way through and do the same coming back. 1o : reps each way.

These drills are designed to get you familiar with the different types of routes we run in our offense. 'f practicing with a thrower or 5uarterback& focus on the last 3-4 steps )stem* of the deeper routes )post& post corner& dig& comeback and slant and go*. !ith the shorter routes run the full route )slant& hitch& out*.

!ith every route it is very important snap your head back towards the 5uarterback or thrower when you make your break or cut. This will allow you to get s5uared up and make a sharp cut. 'f there is no one to throw to you start out running the stem of each route then progress to running the full route. Aisuali@e what would happen or what it would look like against +over 2& 3& or man& etc.

Hit h
OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break of a hitch route. DESCRIPTION: /egin by focusing on the last 3-4 steps of the route& on the last step plant hard with outside foot& turn and face towards the inside. Make sure to catch and turn up field 5uickly. 1o 3" reps.



OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break of a slant route. DESCRIPTION: The slant route in our offense is a 3-step route. <n the 3rd step stick your outside foot hard and make angled break towards the inside. 2fter you plant snap your head to the inside to show the B/ you are ready for the ball. +atch the ball and carry up field. 1o 3" reps.



S*ee% Out
OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break for a speed out. DESCRIPTION: The speed out is a three -step route. <n the 3rd step plant with the inside foot and snap your head around so you are looking at the 5uarterback. This route is often run into the sideline so focus on making the catch with at least one foot inbounds. 1o 3" reps.



C$'e/" !
OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break for a comeback route. DESCRIPTION: This is a deeper route so focus on the last 4 steps of the route. <n the last step plant the inside foot hard and break to the outside working back to the line of scrimmage snapping your head to look at the B/. 't is important to push vertically before making the cut. 1o 3" reps



OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break of a post route. DESCRIPTION: This is a deeper route so focus on the last 4 steps. 6ocus on pushing vertically and on the4th steps plant hard with the outside foot and aim to split the goal posts. 2fter you plant and go snap your head back to the inside. 1o 3" reps.



P$st C$#ne#
OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break of a post corner route. DESCRIPTION: This is a deeper route so focus on the last three steps of the post and the break and subse5uent steps of the corner route. 't is important to push vertically and plant hard on outside foot to sell the post. 2fter making the post move take 2-3 steps and plant hard on the inside foot and run the corner route& snapping your head back to the inside.



OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break of a dig route. DESCRIPTION: This is a deeper route& which is divided into two parts. The first part you want to push vertically and plant with your outside foot and sell the post route. The second part of the route is the in cut that completes the dig route. 2fter you%ve sold the post for 2-3 steps plant on the outside foot and make an in cut& snapping your head inside to look for the ball.



S,"nt "n% G$
OBJECTIVE: To develop and focus on the steps and break of the slant and go route. DESCRIPTION: This is a shorter route that pushes the defense vertically. 4un the 3 st 3 steps Cust like a slant route )plant hard with outside foot on third step*. The e ception is after 2-3 steps out of the break push hard off of the inside foot and accelerate up the seam looking for the ball over your shoulder. 1o 3" reps.