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Global Literary Theory (LIT) Requirements for a Major through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty: Caroline Beschea-Fache (French and Francophone Studies), Keyne Cheshire (Classics), Scott Denham (German Studies), Irina Erman (Russian Studies), Melissa Gonzlez (Hispanic Studies), Rebecca Joubin (Arab Studies), Kyra Kietrys (Hispanic Studies), Zoran Kuzmanovich (English), Rizwan Zamir (Religion) The Global Literary Theory major through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies provides students with a theoretically informed, global and transnational understanding of literature and a firm grounding in major literary theories and schools from the classical era to the present. The major supports the study of literature, literary criticism, and literary and cultural theory beyond the borders of a single national or linguistic tradition or history. Such study requires not only that students study literary and cultural theory, but also that they study literature in more than one language in some depth, as well as literature of three additional literary and linguistic traditions. A key element of the major is the focus on literary translation as a global practice. Many institutions describe similar courses of study as comparative literature, but at Davidson the major title emphasizes the study of transnational, postcolonial, and global literature and exposure to literary and cultural theory. Learning Objectives: Students completing the major in Global Literary Theory through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies will: gain a theoretically informed, global and transnational understanding of literature and a firm grounding in major literary theories and schools from the classical era to the present; gain a thorough understanding of literary genre, history, and periodization in a comparative, global, transnational manner; gain competencies in reading, discussing, and writing about literature and literary theory and criticism in a language other than English; practice the creative work of literary translation; gain an understanding of the power of literary language and literary practices across languages, cultures, and nations over time; complete, present in a public forum, and defend before a committee of faculty a substantial written thesis that is the product of independent research over more than two semesters.

The major requires 12 courses, including the two-semester senior thesis. A student may count no more than one independent study toward the major. 1. Three courses required of all majors: ENG 391 LIT 360 LIT 432 2. Literary Criticism (normally to be taken before senior year) Literary Theory [first offered spring 2014] Theory and Practice of Literary Translation (normally spring of senior year)

One of the following: ANT 341 GSS 201 REL 301 PHI 216 SOC 372 THE 383 Globalization Theories in Gender and Sexuality Studies Perspectives in the Study of Religion Philosophy of Language Feminist Theories Contemporary Performance

Forthcoming additions to this list include:

LIT 392 LIT 393 LIT 395 3.

Postcolonial Theory [2014-15] Form and Theory [2014-15] Narratology [2015-16]

Six literature courses at the 200-level or above. Three courses must be from any single literary tradition taken and taught in a language other than English. Three courses must be from three other different literary traditions and may be taken in the original language or in translation. Of these six courses, o at least one must be on a specific genre, o at least one on a specific period, o at least one on a specific author; o and at least one must be a seminar. Literature courses that satisfy the Global Literary Theory major are listed under the Global Literary Theory (LIT) concentration in the catalog (also below).


Thesis (both required) CIS 495 CIS 496 Thesis (Fall) Thesis (Spring)

Appendix Literature courses for the purpose of Global Literary Theory Concentration are: ARB 321 ARB 340 CHI 206 CHI 228 CHI 405 CHI 406 ENG 211 ENG 220 ENG 222 ENG 231 ENG 240 ENG 260 ENG 261 ENG 262 ENG 280 ENG 281 ENG 282 ENG 283 ENG 284 ENG 285 ENG 286 ENG 287 ENG 288 A ENG 288 B ENG 289 ENG 290 ENG 291 ENG 294 ENG 295 ENG 297 ENG 340 ENG 342 ENG 343 ENG 352 ENG 353 A ENG 353 B ENG 355 ENG 360 A ENG 360 B ENG 361 ENG 362 ENG 363 ENG 371 ENG 372 ENG 373 ENG 380 ENG 381 ENG 382 ENG 385 ENG 386 ENG 387 ENG 388 ENG 389 Contemporary Arabic Literature Gender and Politics in Contemporary Syrian Literature Introduction to Traditional Chinese Literature Modern Chinese Literature in Translation Seminar: Topics in Chinese Cinema and Modern Literature Seminar: Topics in Traditional Chinese Literature Greek Literature in Translation (= CLA 211) Literary Analysis Roman Literature in Translation (= CLA 222) Young Adult Literature British Literature to 1800 British Literature since 1800 Modern Drama (= THE 261) Fictions of Empire American Literature to 2000 Literature of the American South African American Literature Short Prose Fiction Ethnic American Literatures Representations of HIV/AIDS (= BIO 263) Native American Literature Indian Literature in English Contemporary American Multicultural Drama 20th Century World Theatre Drama (= THE 285) Environmental Literature World Literatures Studies in Literature and Religion Studies in Modernism Forbidden Rooms, Found Bodies Caribbean Literature Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Literature Medieval Literature Chaucer Shakespeare Shakespeare and His Contemporaries Studies in English Renaissance Literature Milton Desire British Literature Since 1945 The Eighteenth Century British Romanticism History of the Novel Victorian Literature British Fiction: 19th and 20th Centuries Transatlantic Poetries Studies in American Literature American Fiction: 19th Century African American Literature Since 1950 Philosophy and the Narrative Arts (= PHI 385) American Fiction: 20th Century Modern American Poetry Contemporary Theatre Studies in Literature and the Environment

ENG 392 Studies in Literature by Women ENG 393 Studies in Literature and the Visual Arts ENG 394 Studies in Modern Literature ENG 443 Premodern Women Writers ENG 462 Romantic Radicalism ENG 472 Gossip ENG 486 Emily Dickinson: The Art of Poetry ENG 494 A Disability and Literature ENG 494 B Multicultural Literature FRE 220 Portraits of Women FRE 222 Literature and Revolt FRE 223 Childhood and Youth FRE 224 Innocence and Awareness FRE 225 Rich and Poor FRE 227 Games People Play FRE 228 Introduction to Francophone Literature Abroad FRE 229 Introduction to French Literature Abroad FRE 320 Husbands, Wives and Lovers FRE 321 Autobiographies, Journals, Diaries FRE 322 North Africa in Novel and Film FRE 327 Asia in Novel and Film FRE 330 French Drama FRE 340 Symbolist Poets: Drugs, Music, Revolt FRE 341 Poetry, Passion, Painting FRE 343 Cubist and Surrealist Poets FRE 361 Francophone Africa and the Caribbean FRE 362 Maghreb: Francophone Authors FRE 363 Qubec: Literature, Society, and Culture FRE 367 Vietnam: Francophone Authors FRE 368 France and Mtissage FRE 229 Introduction to French Literature Abroad FRE 287-288, 387-390 Studies in Civilization and Culture Abroad FRE 384-386 Studies in Literature Abroad GER 230 German Literary Masterpieces (in trans.) GER 231, 331 Special Literary Topics (in trans.) GER 232 Burning Books (in trans.) GER 250 Introduction to German Literary Studies GER 251, 351 Special Literary Topics GER 332 Modernism (in trans.) GER 350 Modernes Drama GER 354 Contemporary German Literature GER 380-389 Studies in German Language, Literature, Culture [literature topics] GER 430-449 Seminars (in trans.) [literature topics] GER 450-479 Seminars [literature topics] GRE courses numbered higher than 201 LAT courses numbered higher than 201 POL 353 The Latin American Political Novel REL 222 Tragedy and Comedy in Biblical Narrative REL 224 The Psalms and the Self REL 232 Parables in the Jewish and Christian Traditions REL 244 Modern Jewish Literature REL 320 The Genesis Narrative REL 321 The Exodus Tradition REL 347 Christian Latin Writers (= LAT 277/377) REL 476 Classics of Islamic Literature RUS 260 The Nineteenth-Century Russian Novel (in Translation)

RUS 270 RUS 290 RUS 293 RUS 294 RUS 297 RUS 320 RUS 401 RUS 410 RUS 420 SPA 241 SPA 244 SPA 270 SPA 320 SPA 321 SPA 322 SPA 330 SPA 331 SPA 340 SPA 341 SPA 343 SPA 346 SPA 347 SPA 350 SPA 354 SPA 355 SPA 356 SPA 355-359 SPA 375 SPA 401-410 SPA 405 THE 250 THE 261 THE 285 THE 371

The Twentieth-Century Russian Novel (in Translation) Russian Theater (in Translation) Topics in Russian Culture (in Translation) Topics in Russian Literature (in Translation) Russian Women Writers (in Translation) Masterpieces of Russian Literature Seminar in Special Topics (in Russian) Special Topics: Dostoevsky (in Translation) Tolstoy (in Translation) Latin American Literature in Translation U.S. Latino Literature in English Textual Analysis Spanish Literature Through the Golden Age Theater of Spain's Golden Age Cervantes Modern Spain Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Spain Latin American Literature I Latin American Literature II Contemporary Latin American Novel Latin American Theatre Hispanic Theatre and Performance Garca Lorca and His Generation Dying of Love in Medieval Iberia The Picaresque Novel Imperial Cities Seminar on Special Topics Latin American Women Writers Seminar on Special Topics [literature topics] Law and Letters in Viceregal Spanish America Play Analysis Modern Drama (= ENG 261) 20th Century World Theatre and Drama World Theatre History