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MAIN HEAD Software for shipbuilding DECK HEAD Aveva, a leading co pan!

a"ing software for designing offshore structures, recentl! ac#uired $ribon, the leading shipbuilding software co pan!, in a ove both co panies hope will give the ore one! to put into develop ent %&D' Aveva, a co pan! which produces software for designing software for offshore structures, ac#uired $ribon, probabl! the leading shipbuilding software co pan! in April this !ear( $ribon notes that the ac#uisition should be beneficial to its custo ers, because there will be ore one! available to develop the software and eet custo er de ands( )ennart &lson, for er president of $ribon Solutions, now head of sales at Aveva, sa!s that $ribon had hit a wall in its develop ent, because there wasn*t enough one! in the shipbuilding I$ ar"et to build the co pan! further( +$he ac#uisition provides a,or advantages fro the erged solutions( -h! have one technolog! for offshore structures and another one for arine design./ he sa!s( S0%HEAD Merging the software Aveva plans to release a erged product line under its 1antage brand in 2334, ta"ing the best fro both the $ribon and Aveva software pac"ages( $he erged software should co bine the technical advantages of $ribon*s M5 with the user interface of Aveva*s 1antage software( Aveva has reassured $ribon custo ers that e6isting solutions will not be affected in the short ter , although it sa!s there will be so e rationalisation of Aveva and $ribon offices that are close together( Aveva will still produce service pac"s for $ribon M5( All a,or develop ents will be a part of the new, a alga ated product( It underta"es to continue to support the e6isting versions of $ribon M5 and the website $ribon(co +as long as the custo er base re#uires it(/ +Aveva and $ribon have e6actl! the sa e angle on base technolog!7 using data to build a co plete pro,ect odel and e6tracting deliverables fro it,/ sa!s Mr &lson( /%oth Aveva and $ribon had a need for ore base technolog! if either $ribon were to e6tend into offshore structures or Aveva were to e6tend into hull design(/ Aveva is reassuring custo ers that legac! infor ation built up using $ribon applications will be co patible with the new s!ste (

+1antage is probabl! the ost open s!ste available and its users find that it can handle infor ation of nearl! an! sort,/ sa!s Mr &lson( 0sers will also still be able to use all of the services available at $ribon(co with the new software( S0%HEAD $ribon M5 service pac" Service 8ac" 9 of the $ribon M5 s!ste end of :une this !ear( was released to custo ers at the

Additional features include an i proved pro,ect cop! odule that allows better re;use of e6isting design data and features an archiving function( $he initial design pac"age, which was released with a,or new features in $ribon M5, has also now been supple ented and i proved with new functions for the patch and curve editor and a co part ent odule with ore efficient wa!s to odel si ple bo6 t!pe co part ents( S0%HEAD 8la#ue of appreciation A1E1A was recentl! presented with a +pla#ue of appreciation/ b! Daewoo Shipbuilding(

AVEVAs remarkable contribution to the successful completion of the CAD Unification Project deserves recognition, said !ung, "ung#$eep, CE% and President of D"&E' +(he project )as implemented si* months ahead of schedule' +

S0%HEAD NA8A Shipbuilding software co pan! NA8A was involved with the develop ent of SafeHull E6press in con,unction with A%S( $he software involves the first integration of a co plete initial strength assess ent s!ste into the ship!ard production process, using the sa e 5D odel throughout the initial and structural design stage and the production process( $he 5D odels can also be directl! i ported into the NA8A s!ste further refine ents( for

NA8A followed this up with the release of version 233<(9 of its core Naval Architectural 8ac"age =NA8A>, in Ma!(

&ne of the features that defines NA8A is its Manager applications, which ease the e6ecution of co plicated processes b! providing a self; contained tool for the tas"( 0sers can bu! the applications the! need separatel!, with e6isting odules including tools for probabilistic da age stabilit! and freeboard calculations( NA8A Manager organi?es co ple6 tas"s into a hierarch!, where each tas" can be bro"en down into s all sub;tas"s with well;defined input and output data( $his eans a co ple6 tas" can be defined as a te plate and then subse#uentl! @plugged in* to the overall ship design process( A new user interface, with graphical access to operations, ob,ect definitions, control data and results ensures new users can use the s!ste #uic"l!( In this version, the Manager itself has been upgraded and the available tools have been e6tended( Co pletel! new Manager odules have been introduced for contract design, MAA8&) studies and da age generation, bul" carrier inner;botto design, grain cargo space design and calculation, longitudinal strength =IACS> anal!sis, stud! of flooding angles, tonnage calculation and ballast e6change se#uencing( &ther enhance ents include the NA8A roo editor that provides tools for a s ooth creation of co part ent odels, and a new CBD wave resistance subs!ste , including functions for calculating the cal water resistance due to wave for ation( $he latest NA8A version 233<(2, which was released in Nove ber, also includes a selection of new additions to the s!ste ( According to the co pan!, this includes a Manager application for fast evaluation of the subdivision inde6 for passenger and cargo ships in accordance with the new draft of S&)AS Chapter II;9, 8arts A, % and %9 as decided at the S)B <C eeting in )ondon in Septe ber 233<( S0%HEAD &nboard NA8A Napa has released an upgraded user interface for its shipboard &nboard; NA8A tan"er version, for anaging loads and anal!sing da age onboard( $he s!ste handles onboard load planning, da age stabilit! anal!sis and decision support, and can be used for cruise, passenger and ro;ro vessels( $he new version is now read! for deliver! for che ical, product and crude oil tan"ers(

$he sa e 5D odel used to design a ship in the NA8A s!ste can be used in the &nboard;NA8A loading co puter, in the fuel econo ! software and in the decision support s!ste onboard the ship( It features a da age stabilit! odule for e ergenc! conditions, with esti ation of outflown cargo and possible counter easures, to help officers onboard to a"e well;infor ed decisions about possible courses of action( $he new upgraded version for tan"ers includes a new wa! of onitoring cargo operations while si ultaneousl! allowing the planning of new conditions( $he new balancing features provide the user with a wa! of finding the opti u solutions for co ple6 cargo and ballast operations while ta"ing into account the restrictions pertaining to stabilit! and longitudinal strength( According to the co pan!, +&nboard;NA8A is in fact uch ore than a loading co puter co pl!ing with the statutor! regulations( It is a s!ste that reall! shortens the hours officers need to use for their dail! wor" of planning the loading of their ship(/ S0%HEAD I%M and Northrup Dru


$he 0S Nav! has announced plans to renew their fleet using 8)M =product lifec!cle anage ent> Solutions fro I%M and Dassault S!stE es( I%M won the contract to provide shipbuilder Northrop Dru an with product lifec!cle anage ent =8)M> services for the 0nited States Nav!Fs 29st;centur! surface co batant progra , the DD=G>( $he solution was developed for I%M b! Dassault S!stE es, a leader in three;di ensional 8)M solutions( Northrop and ore fighting e6isting ar"et

Dru an will lead a develop ent consortiu of si6 co panies than one hundred suppliers in the develop ent of future ships, as well as technolog! to be retro;fitted into the fleet of Aegis;e#uipped cruisers and destro!ers(

$he total contract is over a four !ear period, with detailed design starting in 233H and with the lead ship entering service in 2399, and is worth I2(J billion( +-e have a uni#ue vision and strateg! that will ulti atel! transfor ship design,/ said Dr( 8hilip A( Dur, Northrop Dru an corporate vice president, and president of the Corporation*s Ship S!ste s Sector( +As with our counterparts in the aircraft business, we needed the tools that would enable a better wa! of designing and building ships( $he group will use CA$IA 1H, a 5D product;develop ent application, and EN&1IA )ife C!cle Applications =)CA>, for product data and lifec!cle anage ent and decision support, and is considering using DE)MIA for

digital factor! and support(

anufacturing processes develop ent, and operations

+Northrop Dru an*s adoption of 1H 8)M is a ilestone for the shipbuilding industr!,/ sa!s %ernard CharlEs, president and CE&, Dassault S!stE es( +Northrop Dru an understands the revolutionar! value that 8)M brings to shipbuilding pro,ects, which are uni#ue due to their assive si?e and co ple6it!( 8)M will enable NDSS to transfor its business and effectivel! anage the long operational lifec!cle of its ships(/ Aelevant websites www(aveva(co Ktribon www(napa(fi www(northropgru an(co www(ib (co www(5ds(co