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The Declaration of Intent to Form a Greensboro Citizens Interim Police Review Committee

Consistent with our national governments declared purpose, state and local governments were established, among other things, to promote justice, ensure equal application of the law, and to provide for the general welfare of the people. In Greensboro, over a long period of time, we have witnessed a sanctioned pattern and practice of misconduct by sworn officers individuals who were sworn to uphold the law and apply it fairly. ver the years, these patterns and practices effectively constituted an entrenched negative sub!culture within the Greensboro "olice #epartment $G"#%. It is our conviction that the single strongest factor contributing to the establishment of the negative sub!culture, which has harmed a number of people and tarnished the image of the City, is the concentration of power within the police culture without adequate oversight. &his is a violation of our nations well established democratic principle of government of the people by the people and for the people. In the last '( months alone, the City of Greensboro has paid well over )*,+++,+++ in legal fees and civil lawsuit settlements related to police misconduct. ,ome of these settlements include )./,+++ to an 0/ year!old 1frican 1merican woman, a bystander during a police arrest procedure, who was physically ta2en to the floor by a police officer and suffered a crac2ed wrist. )/,+++ to a former 1frican 1merican police officer for improper actions ta2en by Greensboro City officials related to an incident in which that officer, though accused of improper actions, had, in fact, followed proper procedures. ).0+,+++ to a current 3hite female police captain, who complained of discrimination against her as a woman )/++,+++ to *0 4atino and 1frican 1merican current and former police officers to settle a civil lawsuit, which alleged racial discrimination and a hostile wor2 environment. )',*++,+++ in legal fees that continue to accumulate every wee2.

1ll who have brought civil suits have alleged that they endured some form of misuse of power by members of the G"#. &here has been no ac2nowledgement by the G"# of wrongdoing in any of these cases. In addition, several of the more outstanding officers have now filed civil lawsuits, alleging that they were wrongfully terminated primarily in retaliation for filing grievances about inappropriate behavior by their superiors. &he legal outcome related to these charges is still pending. &his pattern of abuse of power is not new. 1ppro5imately *+ years ago, several G"# officers were found liable for wrongful death in federal court, yet the G"# persists in alleging that they committed no wrongdoing, despite the fact that the City of Greensboro paid )*/.,+++ awarded by the federal court. 1 number of citi6ens have filed official complaints with the City of Greensboro about improper behavior by police officers without receiving satisfactory responses. 7any others have refused to file complaints with the G"# because of a lac2 of trust. In the last ten years, various requests have come from citi6ens of Greensboro to promote a more effective oversight mechanism for our police department. 8ecently, there was even an internationally!supported, citi6en!led process of truth, reconciliation and healing, which was designed to help the City face its past and to collectively create more equitable, democratic policies and practices. 9nfortunately that process was rebuffed by City officials. In light of these historical patterns and practices, and in an effort to prevent the misuse of power and to protect the rights of all the people of Greensboro, we declare as our right and duty our intent to establish a Greensboro Citizens Interim Police Review Committee

Proposed Guidin! Principles

.. &he GCI"8C commits to conduct a thorough investigation of all allegations:complaints brought before it regarding the conduct of the G"# to our fullest capacity. '. &he GCI"8C commits to a high standard of honesty, integrity and, where appropriate, transparency. *. &he GCI"8C commits to carry out its wor2 in a fair and impartial manner. (. &he GCI8C commits to advocate for training that will help elevate the conduct of every member of G"# beyond reproach. /. &he GCI8C commits to cooperate with the established Complaint 8eview Committee $C8C% and any other relevant agency of the City of Greensboro. &his will include forwarding our findings to the C8C for its consideration. ;. &he GCI8C affirms that it does not view itself as a permanent body. 8ather, the GCI8C commits to function until the City of Greensboro develops an empowered Greensboro Citi6ens 8eview <oard that commands the respect of the entire community, especially the most marginali6ed among us.