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Electric Utility Grade

PACS PACS-clad Metalclad.

Distribution Switchgear
38 kV Class...
...for operation between 27 kV & 40.5 kV

150 kV BIL 170 kV BIL 200 kV BIL

For: Electric Utilities Wind Generation Industrials Distribution ...etc.

Including PACSafe Arc Resistant Switchgear Indoor or Outdoor

Since 1972

The Experienced Company

61 Steamboat Road, Great Neck, New York 11024 U.S.A. Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 E-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

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50 Hertz or 60 Hertz
ISO 9001-2000


Facilities in Great Neck, New York and Mount Vernon, Ohio

About PACS
PACS Industries, Inc., has been in business since 1972, and has concentrated on the manufacture of Medium Voltage Metalclad Switchgear in the range of 2400 Volts, to 40.4 kV, and to Standards of IEEE C37.20.2 and IEC 298. Our 220,000 square foot factory is in Mount Vernon, Ohio. PACS has been manufacturing 34.5 kV Class switchgear since 1983, having been an early developer of this class of switchgear. PACS Type Tests all new designs, and as required, Conformance Tests existing designs, in accordance with IEEE Standards C37.20.02. Short circuit tests are usually performed at KEMA. The PACS Laboratory includes a 230 kV BIL Impulse generator, a 9,000 Amp Heat run facility, Partial Discharge Test Equipment, Hi-pots, Meggers, etc. PACS is at KEMA a number of times per year, Type Testing new products. PACS manufactures a proprietary series of drawout, metalclad 38 kV Class circuit breakers , utilizing Vacuum Interrupters , or SF6 Interrupters . The PACS drawout cell includes all required ANSI C37.20.2 features such as metal shutters, automatic secondary plugs, automatic trip upon breaker movement, etc. Ground switches are available. Arc resistant PACSafe switchgear available.

PACS manufactures the widest product line in the industry. Circuit Breaker ratings are available to 4,000 Amps, 40.5 kV, and 40kA SC. PACS can build metalclad switchgear to 150 kV BIL, 170 kV BIL and 200 kV BIL Ratings.
Continuous Current Amperes 600 Amps 1200 Amps K Factor Interrupting Current kA
20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 40 kA

3 Second Close & Latch Basic Impulse 10 Cycle, Level Short Circuit Peak (BIL) kA
20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 20 or 25 kA 31.5 kA 40 kA 40 kA 54 or 68 kA 85 kA 108 kA 54 or 68 kA 85 kA 108 kA 54 or 68 kA 85 kA 108 kA 54 or 68 kA 85 kA 108 kA 54 or 68 kA 85 kA 108 kA 108 kA 150 kV 170 kV 200 kV 150 kV 170 kV 200 kV 150 kV 170 kV 200 kV 150 kV 170 kV 200 kV 150 kV 170 kV 200 kV 150 kV 170 kV

Power Frequency kV
80 kV 80 kV 90 kV 80 kV 80 kV 90 kV 80 kV 80 kV 90 kV 80 kV 80 kV 90 kV 80 kV 80 kV 90 kV 80 kV 80 kV

1.0 1.0

2000 Amps 2500 Amps 3000 Amps 4000 Amps See Bulletin

1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0

Why Specify PACS Switchgear?

As an independent company, we respond much faster to your requests for proposal, service, information, design assistance and delivery. We at PACS Industries, Inc., are proud to be able to design standard and special switchgear to suit a customers requirements. We provide designs and manufacturing methods that reflect the highest Electric Utility Grade switchgear. Change orders are pleasantly and efficiently handled, and are usually integrated into production, without extending the promised delivery date. During all phases of the order, you can directly contact the PACS engineering department to discuss various issues. After-order service is as important to PACS personnel, as is before-order promises.in short, we at PACS continually ask ourselves, Why should a customer purchase PACS products?....and we are continuously striving to develop new reasons for you, our customer, to do so.

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

web : pacsindustries.com

Standards & Specifications

Description of PACS-clad Metalclad Switchgear
This voltage class of switchgear is used to control discreet increments of electric power, generally at operating voltages of 27 kV through 36 kV. 50 or 60 Hertz. A typical lineup would include circuit breaker cubicles, and required auxiliary cubicles. Arranged for indoor or outdoor service. Each vertical cubicle is segregated from its adjoining vertical cubicle by 11 gauge sheet steel (3.5mm) , and within vertical cubicles, each compartment is further segregated by 11 gauge sheet steel partitions. All exterior surfaces are safe-touch, dead front. Standards: All ANSI switchgear conforms to IEEE C37.20.02, and circuit breakers conform to IEEE C37.20. 04, 06, & 09. IEC switchgear conforms to the standards of IEC298 and IEC56. Generally speaking, metalclad switchgear (see Fig 1) consists of segregated : A. Circuit breaker compartments. B. Draw-out circuit breakers. C. Potential transformer drawout compartments. D. Front door(s) containing required protective relays, meters, and control switches. E. Main bus bar duct within the switchgear. F. Rear connection cable or bus duct compartments. G. Required auxiliary cubicles. H. Optional Grounding (Earthing) Switches. Metalclad switchgear is further characterized by the following: All live parts are enclosed within grounded metal compartments. The circuit breaker compartment includes grounded metal shutters in front of the primary (high voltage) plug-in connection bushings. The shutter position is automatically operated by circuit breaker movement. Stored energy operation. The circuit breaker is mounted on a truck that is drawout. The truck may be connected or disconnected through closed front doors, via a racking mechanism. Also available are remote racking motors for operator safety. Interlocks are provided to insure safe circuit breaker operation, such as discharging all springs when the breaker is moved, preventing a closed breaker to be moved, etc. All bus bars are insulated. Copper, silvered connection pads. The circuit breaker control circuit (secondary), is automatically connected or disconnected, depending upon the circuit breaker position. Control circuits are segregated from high voltage circuits by metallic barriers, (except for short lengths of certain devices, as permitted in IEEE standards). Every circuit breaker has Disconnect, Test, and Connect positions, with visible indication. The control cubicle includes all necessary relays, terminal blocks, etc.. Current transformers include shorting terminal blocks. Control conductors are SIS type switchgear wire. Circuit breaker automatically grounded when racked into position.


PACS Universal IEEE & IEC Switchgear

Fig 1. Typical cross section of circuit breaker cubicle, with P.T compartment on top. Includes optional Grounding Switch, as required by I.E.C. standards.

Altitude Correction Factors Altitude To 1000 m 1800m 3000m Altitude 3300 ft 6000 ft 10000 ft
B.I.L. & P.F Correction Current Correction

1.00 0.92 0.80

1.00 0.99 0.96

Correction factors may be interpolated linearly

Ambient Temperature Correction Factors Maximum Ambient 55 50 40 30 15 (ISO) Correction Factor 0.88 0.92 1.00 1.07 1.18

Background & Services:

PACS industries, Inc., was founded in 1972, and since then has enjoyed growth commensurate with its service to large industrials , Gas Turbine OEM manufacturers, Contractors & Electric Utility companies. In addition to domestic business, PACS has a significant foreign business especially in the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. Our customer engineering and administrative offices are in Great Neck, NY. Our 170,000 square foot factory is in Mount Vernon, Ohio. It is a vertically integrated factory, including a metal fabricating shop, a Powder Coat paint facility, with ample assembly space Our test laboratory includes Impulse Generator to 250 kV BIL, a heat run facility to 9000 Amps, Partial Discharge testing facilities, etc. PACS field supervision services are available as contracted for. All drawings and documentation are by AutoCad and Promis-e programs. PACS drawings, bills-of-material, and instruction manuals constitute a complete record of equipment we build.

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

web : pacsindustries.com

Switchgear Details
metalclad switchgear utilizes components such as potential transformers, current transformers, etc., of the highest quality, conforming to the customers requirements. Circuit breakers are provided with 4 Normally Open and 4 Normally Closed auxiliary contacts as standard (MOC). Additional contacts available. DC ratings are 10 Amps @ 125 VDC. Cell contacts (TOC) are available as well. DC ratings are 10 Amps @ 125 VDC. All circuit breakers are furnished with Through-Door (closed door) racking provisions from Disconnect to Connect positions. Remote motorized racking is available. Manual trip provisions available on closed door. Interior cell lights and convenience receptacles available

Typical Front View

Through Door Breaker Racking

Following are recommendations regarding the selection of different BIL levels. 150 kV BIL. Ideal for indoor, clean atmospheres. IEEE standards for this voltage class is 150 kV BIL. 170 kV BIL. Ideal for outdoor use. Also standard by I.E.C. for all applications. 200 kV BIL. Ideal for altitudes over 1000 Meters, in order to maintain the same BIL level as at lower altitudes. Also ideal for environmentally challenging atmospheres, or where customer wishes to maintain the 200 kV BIL requirements of outdoor transformer & substations. Ideal for desert areas (as in the Middle East) with high salt atmosphere and high ambient temperatures .

Optional Bus Duct Entry

Grounding & Testing Accessories

Electrically operated, or manually operated Ground & test Devices. Three or six Primary connections.

Grounding (earthing) faultmake-switches. Manual or electrical. Interlocked with breaker position. Control Power Transformer to provide utility power to building. A 1/4 x 2 Copper Grounding Bus is carried through each cubicle. Ground Studs & Cables available as specified.

Zero Sequence Current Transformer to measure neutral currents. Cables will pass through CT (shield must be passed back through , and grounded).

Protective Relays & SCADA

PACS utilizes multifunction relays & controls manufactured by GE Multilin, ABB, Basler, Areva, Schweitzer, Siemens, etc. As required by customer. SCADA provisions or systems available.

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

web : pacsindustries.com

Switchgear Details

Typical View of 150kV BIL to 170 kV BIL circuit breaker & cell. Type H.

Typical views of 200 kV BIL drawout circuit breakers. Type A.

View of 200 kV BIL circuit breaker in cell. Disconnect position.

Circuit breaker cell, showing primary bushings and current transformers.

Same view as left photo, but with shutters closed. Shutters can be padlocked,

A better view of current transformers installed over primary bushings.

Drawout PTs available over circuit breakers.

Secondary connections on PACS Type A switchgear are located in the front the circuit breaker, for easy service.

Primary (breaker mounted) clusters are circular to avoid corona. Plugs into molded stationary (cell mounted) primary bushing.

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

web : pacsindustries.com

Power & Control Centers

Power & Control Center Summary
PACS manufactures all Power & Control Centers in our 170,000 Square Foot factory. As such, we can integrate all

Views of Outdoor 34.5 kV Switchgear

PACS-clad switchgear into the required building, under one roof. The PACS assembly areas can accommodate over 30- 36 x 12 buildings simultaneously. For larger switchgear buildings, we have accommodated 100 x 30 buildings with ease. Buildings can be equipped with climate systems, can be pressurized, and can include ancillary rooms for batteries, controls, etc. Buildings that need to be split for over-the-road transport, are first assembled completely, prior to disassembly for shipment. Customers are welcome to observe.
The PACS manufacturing process includes: Structural Underframes: The PACS structural welding shop includes 140 of 44 Feet x 30 Feet

welding jigs. Underframe skids are welded on these jigs by certified welders. Average beam size would be 10 to 15 depending on application. A steel plate floor is then welded to the skid. After welding is complete, the skid is moved to an adjacent sand blasting room, then to an undercoating room, and then to the shop floor.

Wall & Roof Types:

PACS manufactures different wall & roof types to accommodate various applications. Interlocking Panel walls utilize 16 to 18 gauge exterior walls, and 16 to 18 gauge interior walls. Generally freestanding and thermally insulated. Shelter-Clad type, is like the traditional switchgear buildings, fabricated of 11 gauge metal pans. May be thermally insulated or not. Generally integrated with switchgear cubicles. Monobloc panels are of sandwich, formed construction,. Generally outer & inner surfaces are of 22 gauge to 24 gauge construction. The interior of the panel is a minimum of 3 of structural foam. The thermal insulating qualities are superior. Requires an interior building structural framework. Building is freestanding. Various wall & roof types can be combined as required. Steel, aluminum, and stainless cladding available. Accessories: Rear removable panels, or doors as required. All required & exterior lighting, convenience outlets, etc. Required building utility step-down transformers, and circuit breaker panels. Required air conditioning, heating, venting, and pressurization systems..etc. 34.5kV

Interior View. 200 kV BIL

80 Feet x 30 Feet In Production

13.8 kV

Combined 13.8 kV & 34.5 kV Building

108 Feet x 34 Feet

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

web : pacsindustries.com

Dimensions & Data

High Voltage Cables
Auxiliary Compartment

Top View

Front View
Circuit Breaker

Sectional View
150 kV BIL Width 48 or 54 170 kV BIL Width 48 or 54 200 kV BIL Width 60 For width see data to the left. HEIGHT: 150 kV BIL . 98 170 kV BIL. 98 200 kV BIL 110 DEPTH 150 kV BIL 130 170 kV BIL 130 200 kV BIL 144

Dimensions are for estimating purposes only. See PACS for actual dimensions of your requirements.

Estimated Heat Loss per Cubicle Main Bus & 1 Breaker Per Cubicle.
1200 Amp C.B. & Main Bus 2000 Amp C.B. & Main Bus 2500 Amp C.B. & Main Bus 3000 Amp C.B. & Main Bus 4000 Amp C.B. & Main Bus 650 Watts 850 Watts 1100 Watts 1800 Watts 2200 Watts


Sheetmetal Finish Specifications

Data For Estimating Purposes And Subject To Project Requirements Bus Bar Size & Capacity. Based upon 65 deg C Heat Rise Over a 40 deg C Ambient. Over a 40 deg Ambient

1200 Amps 2000 Amps

1 each 1/4 x 4 Copper per ph. 1 each 1/2 x 6 Copper per ph. 2 each 1/2 x 6 Copper per ph. Based upon arrangement

2500 & 3000 Amps 4000 Amps

Interior switchgear sheet metal may be finished either in a galvanized finish, or a coated finish as described below. 1) PACS utilizes a Powder Coat finish to coat sheet metal. This is a heat cured process, utilizing a Polyester powder that is sprayed on, and then is cured at a high temperature to create a virtually indestructible finish, that has been tested to exceed 1000 hours of salt spray. Following is a brief procedure summary: A) Sheetmetal is cleaned and blemishes are removed. B) An Alkaline caustic cleaner is used to treat the metal, prior to preparing the Powder Coat process. C) The metal panels are preheated to a temperature of 450 degrees F. D) The metal panel passes by conveyor to the Polyester powder spray-on area. E) The coated metal is conveyed to a curing oven at 450 degrees F, and then to a cool-down area. F) Standard paint colors are ANSI 61 (grey) and Desert Tan. Other colors are available. G) Sheetmetal available in steel, aluminum, or stainless.

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

web : pacsindustries.com

Arc-Flash Avoidance PACSafe

Avoid Arc-Flash
The best way to avoid a destructive electrical ArcFault blast is through preventive means. PACSafe continuously monitors live bus bars for corona and voltage, and detects deteriorating insulation systems. Level adjustments include warning or shutdown set-points, allowing repairs, avoiding ArcFlash explosions. Can be fed to a computer for long time analysis & event recording. For retrofit of existing switchgear, or new switchgear.



In the event that an Arc-Flash does occur in switchgear, it is imperative that the fault source be disconnected as quickly as possible, to avoid or mitigate damage to equipment or personnel. The PACSafe Type Arc Detection system, immediately senses a light flash in a switchgear cubicle when an Arc-Flash occurs, and simultaneously senses for Rate-of-Rise of current. A signal is sent to targeted breaker trip coils, bypassing Protective relays, tripping in as low as 57ms, mitigating Arc-Fault damage. This compares to over 300 ms trip time in Selective Coordination relay systems. Damage to the switchgear is proportional to the time duration of the Arc-Fault. The shorter the duration, the less damage will occur. For retrofit of existing switchgear, or new switchgear.

PACSafe Arc-resistant switchgear is available, designed and tested in accordance with IEEE C37.20.7 standards. PACS has successfully tested single high and 2 high switchgear. IEEE Types 1, 2, 1C & 2C, at the KEMA laboratories. The PACSafe Arc-Resistant designs include available top mounted Collector Plenums, to safely duct the Arc-Fault flames, heat, pressure, smoke & debris out of the switchgear room, into a safe disposal area. For new & replacement applications. Contact us regarding Voltage ranges.

Additional Products Available From PACS

See our web. pacsindustries.com Outdoor Structural Substations to 230 kV. Arc-Furnace circuit breakers & switchgear. Railway catenary circuit breakers & switchgear. Single phase. 6,000 Amp Generator Switchgear per IEEE C37.013. Drawout 15 kV Metalclad switchgear through 6,000 Amps.


Station Class CB

6000 A Breakers

Tel: 516-829-9060 Fax: 516-829-9557 e-mail: sales@pacsindustries.com

Bull W Rev 1

web : pacsindustries.com