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The Holocaust

Yaya Qu Junior Division Individual Website

Process Paper
In fourth grade we were introduced to the Holocaust. Our class watched a documentary on the specific topic, and we did a unit on it. Since then I have always been interested in the Holocaust. This years theme, rights and responsibilities in history, has given me a chance to choose the Holocaust as my topic, linked with the right of religion, and research more about it and make it into a presentable project. This project will help me answer my many questions I have developed over research on the Holocaust. I believe the Holocaust is an example of a right and responsibility of religion in history. Adolf Hitler and other Nazi officials, as well as soldiers, treated the Jewish very badly. I went on a quite few websites to conduct my research, and found one called The Teachers Guide to the Holocaust that gave me documents and many primary sources such as speeches. I also used books to help me with information. One of the most important was The Diary of Anne Frank, a primary source written by a Jewish girl in hiding during the Holocaust. I am still doing research now that will be added on to my bibliography. I will be interviewing the Division of Senior Historians at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum over the phone. I had also found a website with a collection of interviews that a man named David Boder had spent working on, called The Voices of the Holocaust. With these sources and many more, I will be able to freely conduct my research and answer my questions. This year I was debating between an exhibit and a website. In the end, I chose the website as my presentation category. I think it is appropriate for the topic that I am doing, and I believe it will allow me to present my information clearly. I did an exhibit last year, and this year I would like to branch out on my ideas and topics. A website provides

access to videos, audio, and documents on the spot. It also has a larger word limit than that of an exhibit, so I will be able to put in more information that will help the reader understand my topic. This years theme is rights and responsibilities in history. My topic clearly relates to the theme. The Holocaust is related with the rights and freedom of religion, which are both a right and responsibility in history. Only those of Jewish religion, homosexuals, and gypsies were sent to concentration camps and extermination camps and killed. Some criminals were also sent to camps to work. The majority of the people killed were Jews, and Hitlers original plan was to wipe out the entire population of Jewish religion. The Holocaust is clearly both a right and responsibility in history.

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