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usefull APG43 commands

! * * * * * * * * * * * * LAZY REPOSITORY - BETE EDD * * * * * * * * * * * !
! SHORT DESCRIPTION : usefull commands for APG43 and APZ !
! PA1 (2008-07-14) : eedtlin - Initial Version !
hostname& prcstate & date /t & time /t ! Basic System Info
cluster node

! Cluster node status

cluster group

! Cluster group status

cluster res

! Cluster resource status

cluster res mcs_adh_adm /off

cluster res mcs_adh_adm /on

cluster res | findstr /v /e "Online"

cluster netint
net start

! Cluster resource NOT "Online"

! Cluster network interface status

! list all running services

pstat | find "pid"

! list all processes


! list all running processes


! alarm list

! Everything below this line should be executed on the Active APG40 node !
mml -cp cp1 ! connect to SPX1
mml -cp cp2 ! connect to SPX2
mml -cp BCx ! connect to Bladex (BC0 - BC16 possible)
mml -cp cpx|bcx APAMP; ! Check STATUS - ACTIVE/PASSIVE
mml -cp cpx|bcx IOMSP; ! Check STATUS - ACTIVE/PASSIVE
mml -cp cpx|bcx DPWSP; ! Check STATE - "NRM B WO"
mml -cp cpx|bcx OCINP:IPN=ALL; ! Check STATE - WO

cpfls -cp cp(x) or bc(x) ! CP file list. FMS is OK?

mml -cp cpx|bcxSYBFP:FILE; ! RELVOLUMSW. FMS is OK?
ispprint ! In Service Performance
cpdlist -l ! CP device listing
stmotls ! STS working?
hwmls ! HW table for AP boards
hwcls ! HW configuration Table
hwmscbls ! SCB-RP/4 Table
raidmgr -m ! rebuild complete RAID
raidmgr -r diskA|diskB ! rebuild RAID
vxvolinfo K: ! check RAID on K:
vxvolinfo I: ! check RAID on K:

! preparation of MKTR !
mktr yymmdd-hhmm ! mktr (in C:\TEMP\MKTRBUILD)
! Process control and system states !
C:\Program Files\AP\Acs\sys\PRC_ConfigFile ! Process Schedule Config
C:\ACS\logs\cluster.log ! Cluster Log
cluster res ! Cluster resource status
cluster group ! Cluster group status
prcboot ! Reboot AP node
prcboot -s ! Shutdown AP node
hwmreset -n other ! HARD RESET "other" AP node
hwmreset -s slotnr ! HARD RESET on specific board
! Manual Stopping/Starting of Services !
net stop clussvc ! will automatically stop ACS_FCH_Server
net start clussvc
net start ACS_FCH_Server

! Check Billing !
mml -cp cpx|bcx SAAEP:SAE=500,BLOCK=CHOP; ! check size alterations
mml -cp cpx|bcx SAAEP:SAE=446;
mml -cp cpx|bcx SAAEP:SAE=600,BLOCK=CHVIEW;
mml -cp cpx|bcx SAAEP:SAE=601,BLOCK=CHVIEW;

mml -cp cpx|bcx APMSP; ! billing xfer OK? CP (issue twice)

msdls ! billing xfer OK? AP (issue twice)
mml -cp cpx|bcx CHOPP; ! Is billing interface STATUS = OPEN
mml -cp cpx|bcx CHOPE ! Close the billing interface
mml -cp cpx|bcx CHOPI ! Open the billing interface
! Networking & IPN !
ping ! Node A AP1
ping ! Node A AP1
ping ! Node B AP1
ping ! Node B AP1
ping ! Node A AP2
ping ! Node A AP2
ping ! Node B AP2
ping ! Node B AP2


-cp cpx|bcx DIRCP; ! Diagnostic CP events print
-cp cpx|bcx DPWSP; ! CP working state
dsdls -a ! AP Directory Service list

cluster netint /prop ! Network interface information

cluster netint /prop | findstr "Public.*Address" ! Get AP nodes IP addresses
cluster res "Cluster IP Address" /priv ! Get Cluster I.P. address
ipconfig /all ! NIC setup
netstat -e -s ! networking statistics
route print ! routing information
netstat -a ! all connections
hostname ! get host name
arp -a ! IP/MAC/ethernet addresses
c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts ! Hosts file
c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\services ! Services file
c:\Inetsrv\ftproot ! FTP server home dir
c:\Inetsrv\wwwroot ! WWW server home dir

Useful MML commands

------------------ALLIP; ! list all alarms
ALLIP:ALCAT=APZ; ! list APZ alarms (or APT, ALCAT=APT)
ALLIP:ALCAT=APZ,ACL=A1; ! list APZ alarms of class A1
ALLIP:PRCA=39; ! APIO related alarms
IOROP; ! CP alarm routing
ALCLP; ! CP alarm class PRINTOUT
IOSYP; ! Stand-By device
DPRTP; ! When does the CP run internal checks
SYRIP:SURVEY; ! System Recovery Information
IOMSP:AP=1,ALL; ! who is logged on the CP
IOSTP; ! what devices are logged on the CP
! check for SEIZED devices
IOAFP:IO1=ALL; ! where AF data is being sent in FMS
! Alarm Interface problems !

ALALP; ! ALI status

IOIOP:IO1=AD-1; ! Ensure AD-1 COMMATT is on
IOIOP:IO1=AD-2; ! Ensure AD-2 COMMATT is on
ALBLI:ALI=x; ! Block ALI (x=0 or 1)
ALBLE:ALI=x; ! Deblock ALI (x=0 or 1)
IODAC:ATT; ! Turn on attendance
! FMS commands !
SYBFP:FILE; ! CP Dump list
cpfls -ls -cp BCx/CPx
! check of transfer queues !
cdhls -l ! detailed Destination Handling
cdhds -l
afpls -l
! check Timezone !
mtzln -p ! current timezone links
tzls ! list of available timezones

mtzln <TIMEZONE from tzls output> 0 ! set new timezone

mml "CACLP;" ! CP date & time (SUMMERTIME)
mml "CACLP:ALL;" ! as above + with timezones

! STS !
stmotls ! list all objecttypes and status
! - those with YES under the INCL
! column will be captured.
! - RECORDING should be ON if
! STS is capturing info.
stmotls -l objecttype ! detailed info for objecttyppe
stmdbrt -p ! STS recording period
stmttu ! STS translation table update
! MAU (APZ) !
PTCOI; ! initiate CPT access
PTWSP; ! Print CP status from CPT
PTCOE; ! end CPT access
PTSES; ! separates the SB side of CP
PTCPR; ! reboot of CP (APZ21240&50)
PTSRP:REG=FWLIST; ! list the loaded MW (APZ21240&50)
PTCRP:REG=CPSTATUS,PRO=UPBB; ! check if reboot of CP is done (APZ21240&50)
! value had to be 0
! Cluster Resources (with description) !
ACS_ALH_Exec_0 AP Alarm Handler
ACS_ALH_Exec_1 AP Alarm Handler
ACS_ALOG_BufMan_0 Audit Log Buffer Manager
ACS_ALOG_BufMan_1 Audit Log Buffer Manager
ACS_ALOG_Main Audit Log Process
ACS_ALOG_ProcSpwn_0 Audit Log Process Monitor
ACS_ALOG_ProcSpwn_1 Audit Log Process Monitor
ACS_CHB_ClockSyncService_0 Syncs AP's Time-of-Day with CP's
ACS_CHB_ClockSyncService_1 Syncs AP's Time-of-Day with CP's
ACS_CHB_HeartBeatService_0 Heart Beat and CP object service
ACS_CHB_HeartBeatService_1 Heart Beat and CP object service
ACS_DSD_service_0 Directory & Communication Service
ACS_DSD_service_1 Directory & Communication Service

ACS_PRC_ClusterControl_0 Cluster Control

ACS_PRC_ClusterControl_1 Cluster Control
ACS_PRC_CountReboot_0 Reboot Counter
ACS_PRC_CountReboot_1 Reboot Counter
ACS_PRC_EventAnalyser_0 Event Analyser
ACS_PRC_EventAnalyser_1 Event Analyser
ACS_PRC_IspLogger In Service Performance Logger
ACS_SFC_Recovery_0 Soft Function Change Recovery
ACS_SFC_Recovery_1 Soft Function Change Recovery
ACS_SSU_Monitor_0 System Supervisor Service
ACS_SSU_Monitor_1 System Supervisor Service
ACS_SSU_SecMon_0 System Security Supervisor Service
ACS_SSU_SecMon_1 System Security Supervisor Service
ACS_USA_SyslogAnalyser_0 Systemlog Analyser
ACS_USA_SyslogAnalyser_1 Systemlog Analyser
AES_AFP_server AES AP File Processing Service
AES_CDH_server AES Common Destination Handling Service
AES_DFO_server AES Direct File Output Service
APIO_TFTP_Server Distinct TFTP Server for STOC Network
APM_DHCP_Server Microsoft DHCP Server
Cluster IP Address
Cluster Name
CPS_BUAP_filemgr CPS Backup/Restore File Manager
CPS_BUAP_loader CPS Backup/Restore Loader
CPS_BUAP_parmgr CPS Backup/Restore Parameter Manager
CPS_BUFTPD CPS Restore File Transfer Protocol Daemon
CPS_BUTFTPD_butftpd CPS Restore Trivial File Transfer
Disk Y:
Disks J: K: L: M:
Disks N: O: R: S: X: Z:
FMS_CPF_server CP File System Handling Service
FOS_FFC FOS Flexible Formatter Service
FOS_FTP_FileBasedDestination1 FOS FTP InitFTP1
FOS_Messagestore FOS Messagestore service

gthrmain STS Gatherer Service

Internal IP Address for SPOE
MAS_CPTASP_cptcentral Central Processor Test
MAS_CPTASP_cptheartbeat Central Processor Test
MCS_AIAP_ADM MCS Alphanumeric Terminal Information Server
MCS_ALDA_ADM MCS Alarm Display Administration
MCS_ALEC_ADM MCS Alarm External Collection
MCS_ALIS_ADM MCS Alarm Interface Services
MPS_ROS_RosService RosService
OCS_IPNAADM IPNA administration service
OCS_OCP_echo_0 Echo signalling of CP-AP lans
OCS_OCP_echo_1 Echo signalling of CP-AP lans
Share FMS
Share J
Share K
Share LOGS
Share MCS
Share N
Share O
Share R
Share S
Share X
Share Y
Share Z
stsmain STS Collection Service
stsopcf STS Output Configuration Service
stsprov STS Provisional Service
Time Service
! Backup and Restore !
burbackup -o -p ! backup C:\ -> D:\
burbackup -o ! backup C:\ -> D:\ and M:\

burrestore ! restore D:\ -> C:\ & reboot

burrestore -s ! restore D:\ -> C:\ & don't reboot
C:\bur ! Required directory for burbackup
K:\Images\Nodea ! Required directory for burbackup
K:\Images\Nodeb ! Required directory for burbackup
prcstate ! State of APG = active/passive
prcboot ! Reboot node
prcboot -s ! Shutdown node
! Function Changes & Software version !
swrprod ! Summary installed products
swrprint ! Detailed installed products
swrprint -l ! Long Version of swrprint
C:\acs\logs\sfc ! SFC log directory
sfcstate ! SFC - current state
sfcexec ! SFC - start
sfcend ! SFC - end
sfcfb ! SFC - fall back
C:\Program Files\AP\Acs\sys\fch ! FCH directory
C:\acs\logs\fch ! FCH log directory
fchstate ! FCH - current state
fchcommit ! FCH - commit
fchrst ! FCH - restore
fchend ! FCH