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Chapter 1

Magnetism and Electromagnetism

Section 1: What is Magnetism?
Magnetism: the ________________________of a ______________________ for another

The force of _____________________ or ___________________ between


Magnet: A material that attracts ______________________and materials that

____________________ iron.

Can ___________________ or ________________________ other magnets

One part of a magnet will always point ________________________ when

allowed to _____________________________freely.

____________________________: natural __________________________ with attractive

Magnetic Poles: the ___________________ of the magnet where the ___________________ is the
( __________________________and____________________________)

Like poles _________________________

Opposites (unlike) ______________________

Magnetic Force: The __________________________ or _____________________________

between magnetic _____________________________
Review: a force is a __________________ or a ______________________________
Magnetic Fields: the region of the ___________________________________ around the magnet.

Magnetic Field Lines: lines that spread out from one ________________,
_____________________around a magnet, and _______________________ to the other

the _______________________ of the field lines is always from the

____________________pole to the ____________________________ pole.

The __________________________ between the field lines indicates the


The ______________________ the lines are together, the

____________________ the field.

Closest together at the _______________________ where the magnetic force is

the __________________________.

Draw the magnetic field lines on the magnet below.

Combined Magnetic Fields: When two or more magnetic fields


Draw the magnetic field lines on the magnets below

2: Inside a Magnet

Atom: ___________________________________________________________________
Element: one of about 100 basic substances that make up all ______________________.
Nucleus: __________________________________________________________________

_________________________: a __________________________ charged particle

_________________________ a particle that carries _______________________________.

__________________________: a __________________________charged particle that orbits the


Electron Spin

A _____________________ electron produces a ________________________ that makes

the electrons behave like a tiny _________________________ in an

If electrons are __________________, their spinning ___________________ each other out=

no ____________________________________

If not ___________________________ = _________________________ magnetic properties.

Magnetic domain: a cluster of billons of _____________________ that all have

__________________________ that are
_________________________ in the
___________________ way.

In a _____________________ material all or most of the

___________________ are arranged in the

Ferromagnetic material: materials that can form _________________________ magnetic effects.


_________________, ______________________and

Making Magnets
1. ________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________
Either way causes the domains to _____________________ and causes the material to become
Destroying Magnets:
1. ________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________

Breaking Magnets:

If you break a magnet in ______________________________, each half will

still have a ___________________________and


Section 3: Magnetic Earth

Compass: a device that has a magnetized needle that can spin freely.
- The needle points _____________________________________
The Earth has a __________________________________ around it, just like a _______________
The earth's magnetic field:
- the ______________________ north pole and the _______________________ North Pole are
__________________ in the _______________________________place.
- the magnetic north pole acts as if the south pole of a huge bar magnet were inside the earth.
- You know that it must be a magnetic south pole since the north end of a magnetic compass is
attracted to it

and opposite poles attract.

Earths magnetic field affects the movements of ____________________ charged

_________________ in space.
- __________________________: regions that contain electrons and protons
traveling at very high speeds.

___________________________: a stream of electrically charged particles

flowing at high speeds from the sun. They push against the Earths magnetic
field (magnetosphere)

___________________________: a glowing region caused by charged

particles from the sun. Also called Northern Lights or aurora borealis.

Section 3: Electric Current and Magnetic Fields

Electric Current: the ______________________ of _________________________ through a

produces a __________________________________________.

Electric Circuits: a complete ____________________ through which

electric __________________________ can ______________________.

Basic Features
1. _____________________________________________________
2. _____________________________________________________
3. _____________________________________________________
Conductors: material through which electric currents move __________________________.

some of the electrons are only _____________________ bound to their

atoms (able to move creating an electric


Insulator: material through which electric _____________________________ cannot move freely


electrons are bound _________________________to their

_______________________ and do not flow freely.


Electrical Resistance: the ___________________________to the

___________________________ flowing through a material.
Resistor: uses electrical ________________________as it interferes or resists the flow of charge.

__________________is a metal in a light bulb that can get

________________enough to __________________without

Section 4: Electromagnets

creates a ________________________ that can be turned on and off by

_____________________ the ____________________________on and off.

Electromagnet: a strong magnetic that can be turned _________________and


the __________________________magnetic field produced by the

________________________ in the ________________________ and the

A junkyard is one place to see an electromagnet in action. A crane holding a huge
electromagnet can be used to pick up scrap metal when current flows through it. When the
crane operator wants to drop the scrap, he or she will simply shut off the current to the