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The Process

» Self-study committee formed

» Completed the surveys
r Conducted focus groups
r Completed self-study
ATHLETIC PROGRAM EVALUATION » Two-day evaluation team site visit
DERBY HIGH SCHOOL v Report submitted to
school/athletic administration
r Addressing the recommendations «
- two year follow-ups

5 Standards of an Exemplary
Major Committee Recommendations
Interscholastic Athletic Program

Standard One
r Program guiding principles
Develop a process for the regular review and revision of
•*• Program curriculum
the mission statement.
r Program resources and equity Expand the dissemination of the mission statement;
r Program administration make it more visible to all stakeholders.
» Program and player evaluation Standard Two
Create written documents that articulate sport specific
skill development
Provide all coaches with conditioning/training manuals
that are sport/gender specific
Provide teaching guides on sportsmanship, character
development, healthy lifestyles and leadership

Recommendations (Con't.) Recommendations (Con't.)

Implement a program whereby all coaches monitor Standard Four

athletes' academic progress Provide the athletic department with the resources
Standard Three necessary to address the committee's
Develop guidelines for all booster clubs to ensure equity
throughout the athletic program Develop a uniform student athletic contract
Initiate a Title IX compliance review to determine future Provide financial support for professional growth for
program needs coaches
Develop a standardized awards program to ensure Implement an athletic advisory council
consistency throughout the program
Reduce the dependency on gate receipts for funding
traditional costs of the athletic program

Recommendations (Con't.) Major Commendations

Standard Five Standard One

Collect data to be used in preparing a final report The importance given to the Athletic Mission Statement
available to the athletic community Standard Two
Implement post-season assessments for all athletes at The communication between the athletic department,
all levels of play coaches and parents
Provide needed clerical assistance to the athletic The initiation of a document which can be used to
director articulate a comprehensive athletic department
The efforts of the athletic department to promote multi-
sports athletes

Commendations (Con't.) Commendations (Con't.)

Standard Three The quality of the written policies currently available

The management skill of the athletic director in The efforts of the school to provide recognition of
operating a program with limited resources athletic successes, for individuals and teams
Thejiosrtive relationship between the athletic Standard Five
department staff and Parks and Rec. and Public Works The student-athlete surveys that give student-athletes
The high percentage of student-athletes playing at least an opportunity to share their perceptions of their
one sport athletic experiences
Standard Four The athletic director s meetings with captains
The athletic director and assistant athletic director for The wonderful school spirit so readily apparent
their dedication and positive interactions with all
involved in the athletic program

Two Year Update Acknowledgements

A review of progress made in addressing the Derby High School is one of the first schools in
committee's recommendations is requested in two Connecticut to have its athletics program go through
years. the CIAC Athletic Program Evaluation.
Indicate the status of addressing all of the A special thank you to Athletic Director Joe Orazetti for
recommendations: what has been completed, what providing invaluable assistance throughout the process.
items are currently being addressed and what is Our appreciation to the cooperative efforts of
planned for the future. Provide a brief explanation with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Stephen Tracy, Derby
each. High School Principal Fran Thompson and Assistant
A listing of impediments encountered in addressing Principal Greg Gailiarci.
recommendations should also be included.