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How to do Physical Inventory in SAP AFS
Introduction: Physical inventory process in a common warehouse function perform periodically (most of the cases annually) to count actual physical goods and update the book inventory (SAP system inventory). In SAP AFS it can be done in material, grid value, Stock category level (SKU Level). There are three steps in SAP physical inventory process.
Getting ready to do the physical inventory process Physical inventory document creation Block inventory for material movements

Taking the physical inventory count and enter in SAP system Post inventory differences in the system

Shown bellow is the test case Im going to use in this exercise. Current Stock in SAP AFS 70 60 20 Actual Physical inventory (Final to be inventory in SAP AFS after physical inventory count) 81 (Greater than system inventory) 53 (Less than system inventory) 0 (no inventory)

Color/ Material Size RED XS RED S RED M

Stock Category MCSA MCSA MCSA

Polo shirt

Before start the physical inventory process in stock overview report (tcode: MMBE) current inventory is display as bellow.

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Step 1: How to create Phy. Inventory doc

Please use bellow menu path or tcode: MI01 to create physical inventory document.

Enter Planned count date, Plant, Storage location. Posting block indicateor can be used if you need to block the postings to this material during physical inventory.

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Enter the material, batch you need to do the physical inventory as shown bellow.

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Once completed entering press [Enter] and click save to post the physical inventory document. Note down the document number.

Step 2: How to do Inventory count entry

Please use bellow menu path or tcode: MI04 to enter the inventory count.

Enter Physical inventory document created in the previous step and count date.

Press [Enter] to move to next screen Page 4
Enter the actual physical inventory count as bellow

Click on Edit Position cursor to move to the next line

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In my exercise line 3. Use ZC (Zero count indicators) to make the inventory count to zero.

Once entry is completed click on

to complete the physical inventory count entry.

Step 3: How to post differences

Pls use bellow menu path or tcode: MI07 to post differences.

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Enter the physical inventory document number and posting date as shown below and click [Enter]

Enter a reason for the differences as required as shown bellow.

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to post differences.

Step 4: Check inventory levels after Physical inventory postings

Go to stock overview report by using tcode: MMBE. New inventory levels will be shown as bellow

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Step 5: how accounts getting updated when doing physical inventory process
There are various analytical reports associated to physical inventory process is available in bellow menu path. In this exercise Im going to use the MB03 Material document.

Enter the material document and press [Enter]

Material document related to the physical inventory process will be display as bellow.

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Click on

to view the accounting documents

If you need further clarifications please feel free to contact me on . Ill be more than happy to assist you. Geshan Weerasinghe

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