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Order in the Court

Today, January 16, 2014 is another day that will go forward in infamy. As this writer has noted before, regardless of whether the people are attacked by weapons of war or by financial weapons the people will respond accordingly. As of this day another means and method of attack will be exposed. Violations of civil rights!!! Rights granted by God!!! By rules Summary Judgments are available, however when the rules allow for law to be buried below the sand, injustice has been done by man, not by an inanimate object as the court itself is an inanimate and incapable of violating law. Many of the rules governing the courts were written to aid the court but not for a man sitting in a colorable robe to abuse in violation of many of the states constitutions and especially not in violation of the United States Constitution. Will it be in the future that all humanity around the globe will have to build their house upon troubled sands? Many sitting in governing and legal capacity tend to believe that humanity exists of nothing but scum sucking ignorant fools there for plunder resource. Maybe those who sit are sitting in false judgment should wish upon a star that the mirrored minds of the people remain oblivious to the evils of those who sit on a respected throne of power and cast forward evil wicked and mean identities to those many of humanity that are children of the creator. As this writer has noted before, it is not government(s), courts, United States Department of Justice or the Federal Bureau of Investigation

which have errored, it is a group of individuals who control which have errored. Could it be that these illogical thinking individuals are absolutely convinced that humanity must remain in uncontrolled servitude for their benefit? For the benefit of readers, this writer is not Alvie Campbell. In actuality this writer is just another of Gods children that has awoken. How many children must awaken before those wicked in power realize the numbers of human soul outweigh any financial balancing of the scale. Whereas humanities net disposable income has dropped below a level to support intangible value, those sitting in position of power exercise illogical tools. Why, is it their belief that if the lie is told enough that the people will believe and allow the deceitful individual to remain in power. If one is a God fearing (trusting) person, pray that man can and will correct the evil wicked ways of the world for man may not like or appreciate Gods method and means to rectify evils presence. Many a man has noted that history repeats itself, so hope that before God raises the bar, those with the United States Government realize claims of civil rights and injustice are knocking on the door.

Choose what you will, for it was freely given.